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This coin is for everyone who simply missed the last DeFi gems.

What is PLT?
PLT is the first privacy lending platform.
Right guys, a working unique DeFi privacy lending platform standing at 2.5M MCap. (Which is fucking insane)

Crypto Zombie reviewed the token (starting at 07:15):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&t=435s&v=491rjrmXqr4&ab_channel=CryptoZombie [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

Comfy bullpoints:
>-All-in-one DeFi Privacy Platform
>-DeFi lending platform (like ASKO, but in stealth mode)
>-$PLT holders will receive a split of all fees generated throughout the ecosystem.
>-A percentage of all the fees generated on ADD.xyz will be used to buy back $PLT on the market to remove them from circulation
>-Staking, swaping, mobile app and lending protocol coming soon
>-Partnerships: Uniswap, 1nch, AAVE, Sentinel, Changelly
>-Sitting at friggin 2M MCAP (x10-x1000 potential)

Team & Company:
-Fully doxxed team from UK.
-Established company based in London (Companyaddress: London, WC1H 9HQ, GB)
-Over 10 devs (no freelancers!)
-CEO (Arnie Hill) is from UK. He is also the Director of Jacked Supplements with over 50 employees.
-Lead Product Designer is from US: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-leal-6b6905168/.. (Previous experience in the U.S. Department Homeland Security).

>Fully audited code by Peckshield
>Result: Approximately 10 low to informational issues were raised and all were resolved during the audit and re-auditing process.
>One of the best reviews ever (only light bugs)

Forbes Senior Editor talking with Arnie Hill:

Where can you buy it?:
Address: 0x9fbfed658919a896b5dc7b00456ce22d780f9b65
Hotbit: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=PLT_USDT
Polonix: https://poloniex.com/exchange/USDT_PLT


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anyone got a picture of ole' Arnie?

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comfy AF. we might actually see ATH today, we keep breaking lines

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75k stack reporting in. Thanks OP for the early tip

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Curry edition.
Pajeets and spics coin.

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Both pakis

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More Investors than most Top 100 coins.
You can still join us

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Saw a lot of pajeets asking what's PLT and what it does, so imma gonna say it once and for all:
Take a read, than buy in or stay poor.

I know a gem when I see one, and add.xyz is fucking undervalued atm. That being said, it's your call Anons, but don't come crying when this shit is above 2$.

Have a great day.

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ok go back to your toilet and sniff some curry

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Nocoiner spotted

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Napalmstrike New Delhi KEK

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40c in one hour

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Hey look, a defi coin thats not a pile of rotting shit like asko

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love when a coin is fudded like that, reminds me of link days kek

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sososos comfy rn.

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Thank you OP. Bought at 17c, now at 23. 30 soon?

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huge news we got today

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>$ before Friday launch of the built in privacy mixer
>2$ after the token swap and burn
>3$ when marketing starts

All this above: less than a month

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defi privacy mixer is fkin insane.
tornado cash is a mixer only sitting at 150M MCAP.

bruuuuuuuuu wut

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anyone else remember when this shitcoin was called plutus

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every green candle accompanied by a red one


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help me

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it's always like that, swingers are putting pressure on the price, once we pass that we will moon hard

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Spics, pajeets, and niggers edition.
Took my profits, run out before the big rug pull.

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Like a clockwork. Fuck off pajeet monkey

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curry breath

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Niggers trying to create a "FUD"-scenario.
Same shit happened to ASKO.
They dont own any coins.

Dont fall for the FUD.
They got priced out.

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I doubled my 5k so I'm okay maybe I'll regret it but my greed has bit me in my ass before

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It's so fucking obvious. 10 of posts in multiple threads suddenly claiming "wow at least I sold in time" when literally nothing has happened. Actually KYS.

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this shits fucking bipolar

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yep, ransheet fudders trying to get in cheap.
hahahahahaha BAGS R MINE

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Trading bot to fake volume and sells. Classic tool for P&D’s.
Along with the /biz chilling with absolutely no advancement other than, MC 7 mil. Kek.

>rule number 76: stay away from nigger coins.

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You think this is a P&D? Anon I...

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god you stupid faggots i hate you so fucking much
where were you a week ago when it didn't get pumped like your whore of a mother did the other day

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it still hasn't started its proper run you retarded faggot

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did you sell early

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lmaoooo, /biz will never learn, /biz fud was big when plt dropped to 0.06$. It's like actually the biggest buying signal

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I bought this shit at 0.09 because of the gracious anon who made the thread.