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Sell while you still can

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiue it's not my wallet zogsama it's aave's just don't kill meeeeeeee

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all fake but nice try bobo

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It's not fucking over...

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Based Schiff fudding his own bags

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>those tweets

Next time try to make them at least feasible. Bait is too ridiculous. Remember, it's funnier of they actually believe it, not for the sake of appearing clownish.

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There is literally no way to prove that the wallet belongs to me. Sure I may have transferred coins into it, I just paid for a plumber he insisted I pay in btc.

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10/10 shitposting

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You need a girl mate.

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>he spent a lot of time doing this crappy

Cringe. Yngmi op

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Did a 12 year old write these holy fuck these are trash

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i lol'd

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Why isn't the market crashing?

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holy fuck a yellen just flew over my house

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Fuck guys, I cant believe it buts its all true.... im selling every coin I own

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it's realy


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can't tell who's the worst here... op who couldn't be arsed to edit out the trump tweet, or tards who think op put effort into posting someone else's pic

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Holy shit guys I'm literally shaking.

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you should update it since trump cant tweet anymore

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Who cares, Americans are like 10 procent of the marker, Just fuck off burgers, we dont need you guys

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Trump isn't on Twitter anymore you mong.

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Thank fuck we avoided that timeline.

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its an old pic newfag

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governments totally have made gold illegal lol lmao
schiff would definitely know that because the US confiscated people's gold and made ownership illegal

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go back

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you must be poor OP to have that much time to spend for making this. miserable rat kike.