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Get in before muricans waking up.
Comfy bullpoints:

>PLT entering Cardano's Fund4: https://twitter.com/adddotxyz/status/1360972662277832707
>PLT mentioned in a forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2021/01/26/telegram-gains-on-whatsapp-blunder-disgust-with-legacy-social-media/
>PLT code audited by Peckshield: https://medium.com/addxyz/add-xyz-partners-with-peckshield-to-complete-full-v2-platform-audit-634778a49ad6
>PLT has 11 devs working from the office in London:
>PLT reviewed by Crypto Zombie (Famous youtuber):

I can't believe it.


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We just broke two lines of resistance. We're going uuuupppp.

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11 devs for microcap project I cant wait to see the market cap after their products fully working

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AND NON ANON TOO. And not freelanced

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comfy af

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Damn nigger I figured you were lying, but I actually might grab some of this.

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actually based

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No amateur asko shit this is pro tier

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we fucking told you wtf, this one gonna be huge, what's else do you need to get in

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Niggerbrofriends I have been asking in like 3 threads but if I'm on MXC and not fucking Uni is it better to just transfer ETH from my current exchange/wallet to be able to buy PLT?
t. THIS fucking new

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look at this promo video.
so fucking sexy

these devs are insane

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i might be brainlet but i dont understand what youre asking
yes, transfer eth to whatever exchange sells PLT or swap from your wallet through uni

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Yeh this what I was asking but I am not really very experienced with MXC and have been using normie exchanges (Coinbase, Bittrex).
Only reason I have MXC is for smaller cap coins like ASKO (offloaded my bags in time thankfully)

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told everyone last night that it'd rest at 13c for a few hours before blasting straight through 20c. I sincerely hope you got your wings, anons. This is quite literally guaranteed money at this market cap.

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HOLY SHIT, THIS ISN'T A SCAM?!? I thought I got scammed by you faggots yesterday when you convinced me to buy this shitcoin at $0.18!!!

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legit project.
legit audit.
legit ceo.
legit roadmap.


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PLT gonna explode! Wait till we reach in surplus of $500k hourly volume

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im glad for you. and fudders can drink liquid curry poop

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you're already in profits after 24h while the market was red today, wtf you want more? Your patience will be rewarded

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Just aped in, what the fuck is this and how high will it go untill we dump?

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>priced out
ransheet, go feed your cows

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x100 at least

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>what you wish you could have

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lol, calm down.
you can still enter the spaceship.




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what happens if my coins are on poloniex when they issue the new add coin to existing plt holders?

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> aped in
> didn't check the fundamentals
That's the way to go. And you're lucky you bought a good one here anon. Chances are high that it will skyrocket after the token swap and token burns.

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correction when?

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take the 1m dollars and use it to buy plt

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cardano omg i can't believe this is real

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so i will get them even if they are sitting on poloniex exchange?

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>weakest fud on biz

ransheet I am gonna milk a cow if u dont stop

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fake fud kek kek kek

ASKOBAR is overvalued. PLT is undervalued.

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wtf is this? a random defi project? please give me a quick rundown somebody, is we ponzing

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wait for the dip but not too long you might get priced out

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This hasn't even started yet.

Only fuelling at this point.

Will ignite mid to late next week.

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we still keep breaking resistance patterns so not as of yet

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>pepe op
PLT filtered

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what is this pattern called

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you know she put extra effort into ramming those leggings into her ass crack just for that photo. lol. fucking roasties man, and those retard "hd" eyebrows

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it's early afternoon in ameristan
>is we ponzing

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it's called a moon mission Anon, I hope you're in it

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degens waking up at 5,
so we good

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With what I salvaged from my Asko bag yes

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its called the "wish i didnt buy at yesterdays peak and waited till this morning pattern.

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Hi again, any new estimates on EOD?

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0.37 is my best guess

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Why is the price on etherscan 0.1 while on coinmarketcap and coingecko it's ~.23?

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Its called condom and lube at the ready.

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Answer my question

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CK and CM are slow as fuck.
Check the price on dextools anon

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Ok thanks

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its just an update issue, etherscan tells me the coin is priced at 0.00000 eth

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how is this not a rug lmao? random name, token has different name, website looks like a flash game from early 2000s? sorry if im a newfag and this is how it goes, in which case Id like to ask you the signs or where to get on the inside of these things to know when to exit and enter? are these all just popping up like crazy because some elites need to launder coin pls someone tell me this market makes no sense and the fact that 90% of you dont understand shit and cant code how the fuck is this market real where are the billions coming from help me please guys so lost, leave your tg if you don't wish to discuss it here, thanks!

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I ain't selling bro, it's only at $0.24. I've seen this movie many times before, it's going past $2.40 in the near future.

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>its a rugpull, I dont like the name

you fkin brainlet, they are doing a rebranding rn.

CEO spoke with the Senior Forbed Editor.
Expect some normie pump later on.

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Rugpulls are getting more elaborate, but this one you can tell isn't one because

1. The code has been audited
2. The dev team isn't anonymous and they're London based
3. The CEO has had a Forbes interview in which this is mentioned, so there's going to be quite the backlash if there's a rugpull
4. Working product with features coming out next week and the week after that

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Should do easy road to 6 dollars within next month

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CEO was also in a Netflix doc!

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we literally just had a correction

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copy pasted from og thread:

What is PLT?
PLT is the first privacy lending platform.
Right guys, a working unique DeFi privacy lending platform standing at 2.5M MCap. (Which is fucking insane)

Crypto Zombie reviewed the token (starting at 07:15):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&t=435s&v=491rjrmXqr4&ab_channel=CryptoZombie [Embed] (embed) [Embed] [Open] [Embed]

Comfy bullpoints:
>-All-in-one DeFi Privacy Platform
>-DeFi lending platform (like ASKO, but in stealth mode)
>-$PLT holders will receive a split of all fees generated throughout the ecosystem.
>-A percentage of all the fees generated on ADD.xyz will be used to buy back $PLT on the market to remove them from circulation
>-Staking, swaping, mobile app and lending protocol coming soon
>-Partnerships: Uniswap, 1nch, AAVE, Sentinel, Changelly
>-Sitting at friggin 2M MCAP (x10-x1000 potential)

Team & Company:
-Fully doxxed team from UK.
-Established company based in London (Companyaddress: London, WC1H 9HQ, GB)
-Over 10 devs (no freelancers!)
-CEO (Arnie Hill) is from UK. He is also the Director of Jacked Supplements with over 50 employees.
-Lead Product Designer is from US: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-leal-6b6905168/.. (Previous experience in the U.S. Department Homeland Security).

>Fully audited code by Peckshield
>Result: Approximately 10 low to informational issues were raised and all were resolved during the audit and re-auditing process.
>One of the best reviews ever (only light bugs)

Forbes Senior Editor talking with Arnie Hill:

Where can you buy it?:
Address: 0x9fbfed658919a896b5dc7b00456ce22d780f9b65
Hotbit: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=PLT_USDT
Polonix: https://poloniex.com/exchange/USDT_PLT


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What the hell is this dumbass doing? I don't get it.

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swingtrading like a faggot LOL

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a rugpull is a coin that some makes, pumps, and "rugpulls" out of uniswap meaning they reduce the liquidity so people can't sell and the coin becomes literally worthless. Projects with actual teams are not rugpulls. Their careers would be literally over if they tried it. Cynicism is healthy but rugpulls are typically really obvious and acting like they're all over the place is a total meme

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He just sold at a loss again ROFL. It has to be an out of control algo, there's no other explanation.

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accumulating probably, it's a small mc, people like to play the whale

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is he doing any profit?

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In most trades he's straight-up losing. The few that are favorable, minus the gas fees? No, not even close.

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Who is the CEO? He's still anonymous, isn't he? So you're just trusting some anon when they say they were in Forbes interview and Netflix doc?

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mfw i get priced out of this because it took too long to figure out how to exchange without ridiculous gas fees

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still early.

Its arnie.
Look what he said in the AMA.
bullish af

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his name is Arnie Hill

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Where has he said who he is? Why are you just taking his word?

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DOYR faggot nigger


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dude same, i figured something out but cant do it cuz my bank is cucking me right now

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Explain to a retard step by step how to get in.

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This is being pumped by the same people who pump and dumped ASKO. Beware.

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trade to mxc -> get plt

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oops, my filthy easter european fingers betrayed me

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register for Binance and buy ETH with your card there, register for Metamask and transfer your ETH to Metamask, go to uniswap.org and use the swap feature to swap your ETH to PLT (you have to add PLT to the available coins because it's not there to begin with, but when you write the name it appears and you have to enable trading for that)

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To buy PLT on Uniswap with MetaMask wallet:

1. If necessary, buy ETH with fiat (likely coinbase in US, binance elsewhere).

2. Withdraw/send ETH to MetaMask wallet. If this is new to you, google how to download and use metamask wallet.

3. Watch first half of 10 minute youtube video titled: “UniSwap Tutorial 2021…”

4. Connect MM wallet to Uniswap.

5. Go to coingecko, search for PLT, click "etherscan", copy the contract address for PLT from the etherscan page — should look like "0x9f…9b65”. While here, scroll down to markets and take note of how you might look for where to buy other tokens/currency in the future. Normally you'd copy the contract address from the coingecko page but it isn't on it yet.

6. Paste the address into the “select token” search on uniswap.

7. Buy the token.

8. You won't immediately see the token in your wallet, you must scroll to the bottom of your MM wallet screen and click “add token”

9. Click “custom token”, paste PLT address, click “next” and then “add tokens”.

10. Collect and post PLT memes and complain about gas fees.

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lol their exchange has to be the most dogshit buggy site i've ever seen

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you haven't been on biki...

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Thanks for your input.

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same here, my bank won't let me buy eth on metamask for some reason. Guess wyre is blocked or something.

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Are you on Unswap?

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Fuck this I want in but want to buy with cash where can I do this?

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My savior

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lol somebody listens to biz alot