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I haven’t seen a stock so overvalued since the dot com boom. Why aren’t people shorting the fuck out of this? Is anyone really buying the Tony Stark bullshit this guy is trying to put out?

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Hes a con artist pretending to be a genius. He just hires people to do shit, he is really good at conning people into business with him. Its not like hes building a tesla or a rocket himself hes just the figurehead. He probably has above avg IQ but besides that hes just a slob playing a char.

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SpaceX is pretty amazing.., I think half the people the people buying Tesla assume they’re buying SpaceX

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i honestly hate the guy but i know where it comes from - he's a dude with a lot of vision and basically infinite money to make them come true. Why can't that be me >:(

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More like Tony LARP.

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He must be a good enterpreneur to get where he is.
He has ideas and some of them are good.
But some of them are utter shit - the boring project, hyperloop and starship are absolute scams. I have to wonder if he's delusional or a con man.

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Musk reminds me of her (him)

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He's a good business man above everything else. He understands the engineering problems that his companies face though, which helps him delegate and steer the ship better. It's a big larp that he does any of the actual design or engineering though, which he tries to imply he does, but never outright says so.

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Lol boring project. Elon thinks it’s realistic to put underground single lane roads in LA when they’ve been unable to get a functioning subway system in place for decades

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Every few months he pumps Doge so I can dump my bags
Thanks Elon

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He's basically what would happen if one of us became the richest person in the world. I'd honestly be doing about all of the exact same things, and probably worse. I don't like him any more than I like myself, but I've gotta give him credit. He's got the right vision for the future.

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it's all a joke
electric cars are not ready until we can replace lithium batteries
spacex is a joke using rockets? people have been seeing TR3Bs for decades just their antigravity

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people are shorting the shit out of it, but theyve been squeezed, and tesla capitalized on the inflated evaluation to increase production.
squeezing more shorts.
they've been extremely lucky.

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He's still one of the most innovative ceos of our generation. Yeah he might larp as an engineer for his companies or overstate his over sight on technical implementation/steering of vision, but I'm sure he's not involved than most CEOs by a large margin. I think his success kind of just makes people seethe honestly.

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People are indeed investing in tesla as a proxy for space x hence the inflated valuation, but tesla has plans for being more than just a car company.

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When normies realise that Electric cars are a terrible buy and the battery technology is nowhere near ready faith will be loss and everyone will see him for the meme he really is

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>literally richest man on the planet with stock markets, military budgets and tech sectors living and dying by his word
>/biz/ weighs in: yeah he’s not a bad businessman in a manner of speaking...

Never change you guys, never change

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You’re assuming any of these people aren’t known for being dumbasses. Any investment into Tesla is speculative. What are they making and selling today? Buying 1.5 billion in Bitcoin made Tesla more money than the pat decade has combined

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Shorters all got killed months ago.
However michael burry is short

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Honestly thinking the same thing but it is Elon Musk

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Such as?

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Space projects are just big money sinks though.

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Buddy, if anything this proves all of us right that anything the government attempts to do is half assed and DOA most of the time, but when there is serious private money involved, things get done.

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You sound like my jealous co-workers. Yeah I got lucky! Deal with it normies! Fufufu!

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i want to short it but haven't found a broker to do so in yurop. i'm on degiro and all they have is shitty warrants with ridiculous premiums

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People feel like he's a scam artist because he keeps people excited when nothing exciting is happening. The truth is, maintaining enthusiasm during the boring parts of lengthy endeavors is exactly why he's so highly valued. NASA will never colonize Mars because they can't get funding after failing ten times in a row. SpaceX will because Musk can. Same goes for Tesla, and every other project he's involved in.

Leaps of innovation are really fucking expensive, it can only happen when a bunch of people are convinced to an arguably unreasonable degree that they're a part of something big. That's where WW2 advances came from, where Cold War advances came from, and it's what he's trying to replicate.

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