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DEX will only include XSN-BTC & BTS-USDT only on launch, i think.
put your buy orders at 10c if you are 120+ IQ

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thanks, just sold 55 masternodes

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That's already been released in last version of open beta

Care to move your fud goalposts?

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we know this already lol. there's not enough liquidity partners for anything else.

no one's really using L2 just now

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damn nobody knows when this shit will come out

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closed beta tester here, if i were to guess dex released end of q3 if lucky, most likely by christmas

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no body is moving gaol posts but the dev teams. kek

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I know right?

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Seconding this anon here. The devs suffer from feature creep and extremely slow progress. I wouldn't hold more than a MN and only if you're ok with a very longterm hold.

Personally I've sold most of my XSN for AAVE.

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dev are jumping to new feature sets while ignoring work in progress.

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Too late, how much you lost anon.?

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it's a scam.

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Eli5 to /Biz/raelis

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>dev are jumping to new feature sets while ignoring work in progress.
this is quite evident if you look at past roadmaps. It's a fucking desert of scrapped sideprojects.

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>Eli5 to /Biz/raelis
they develop the "thing of the day" for 6 months, never deliver, and suddenly create a new roadmap, all while leeching money from the community funded treasury.

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Cap this: they will announce before end of Q1 that they're pivoting into a lending platform.

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At best they will announce the release date in Q1

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hmmm a lending platform you say...but that's good right?
I mean Defi nd such

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What are the issues?

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It's in fact a bad thing: scrapping all previous "development" and starting from scratch to say relevant, subtly never delivering a finished product.

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no issues, just taking a long time since we had to totally scrap raiden and work on a new platform. im just hoping the competitors dont catch up. i sold half my bag, still in the green but not that bullish on xsn anymore

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how much should I sell then?
I have a couple of MNs

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what other projects are you looking for.?

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I've been very recently "enlightened" on this project, and feel fucking bad for holding it >6 months. Just think for a second about the communication the team was having with the community last summer/fall. The general consensus was that the DEX is 80-90% finished, and they're "polishing some minor bugs". Some people were fully expecting a december 2020(!!!) release, which was never fully denied by the team, although they knew this were fucked BIG time by then (e.g. knew that Raiden is going nowhere).

Tip of the iceberg for me was Yankee buying before the Bitfinex listing, and saying that "great thing are coming simultaneously with the listing", which 99.99% of people took as "release date is coming and/or release". Turns out NOTHING came after the listing. Now just lately we've been hearing news that closed beta isn't even testing eth trades, nor is the swap UI functional (read discord from yesterday & today). What the fuck? In the last AMA Kuosumi CLEARLY said that release will be in Q1, but now everyone is backpedaling and saying it's still buggy and not even close to being ready?

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exactly. the discord is full of absolute idiots that think tehy struck gold. i might buy back around 0.09-0.12 but idk

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that's what happens when you bite moar than you can jew

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>he believed the shill video with the fancy sparkles in the btc-usdt trade was real.

I told you it was a sony vegas video last year. imagine actually thinking the devs/closed beta group were making trades back then using a gui and even worse, a gui with fucking sparkles. I fucking told you guys it wasn't a real trade. But nooooo.

You are lucky that you're in the Discord though, because Stakenet goes through aggressive shill cycles and you can always get out with some money. Just sell whenever there's 10+ threads on biz for >72 hours. That's the shill pump in full swing.

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I did sell at an average of 40 cents, though I feel like I missed half of the alt bull. At first glance this project seems amazing, but there's a reason why no one outside of biz talks about it...

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so much faggotry on this thread brb am market buy 10000000000MNs

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>the shill cries out in pain as he strikes you

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do that niger and put me out of my misery

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I'm like 99% sure the devs of this coin are racist or redpilled as fuck, people will be explicitly naming the jew on their discord and at best they'll be lazily told to move to the offtopic channel and only if someone complains. Imagine even hinting at that on any other projects socials. You'd be banned faster than you can blink.
Probably the most explicitly pro white coin in existence, I know I'll be using my masternodes to fund the 4th reich once they're making a million a year each.