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GRT is bouncing off a freefall. It won't go up anymore. Sell sell sell

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>he doesn’t know about next 24 hours

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sold at 2.06 a few seconds ago. feels soo good not be scared anymore

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The second I posted this thread it dropped 50 sats. Trust me. It's over. Sell.

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Back to 2.40 Monday morning

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>feels so good that it's already worth more than I sold at

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Last night it was doing a 'bull pennant' pattern and 'ready to moon'. Today it's down 15%.
I'm still up 110% on it, so whatever, I'm holding.
I didn't buy into this one for 1 week's gains. This is a long hold regardless.

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pic related

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I hate this fucking tiny photo. It's only 348 bytes of information, you could have given a written description that would have more completely described this image than the actual image itself. Neck yourself

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Actually, fuck this. Looks like it's about to moon. How do I delete a thread?

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this is now the moon thread.

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Yeah I actually had a change of mind. No more troll FUDding GRT for me (for today). Looks like it actually might pump.

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Is that stupid frog drinking piss? Why is it yellow? God frogs gross me out so much. I can't stand anything green and slimy

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Nice try pajeet

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Suck my fat willy mate

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Aaaaand it's over. Sell everything.

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What is this? A red bar for ants?

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No pee comes out of their and I don't like pee.

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Pajeet FUD

Go away

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That’s right wagie, sell these dangerous assists. you don’t want to feel SCARED do you? You don’t want to feel anything at all! Don’t worry about all this money stuff, just rest up today and be ready for your shift tomorrow morning.

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i hate to get up at 6am to go to my stupid job
should i buy back in?

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