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1. Privacy Mixer in 5 days!!!!!!:

2. Article:

3. Merch inc:

4. Swap incoming :

5. Exchanges inc after swap:
Dont have a link but admin wrote that in the telegram

6. Mobile app screens leaked

6. https://twitter.com/adddotxyz/status/1360972662277832707

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This gonna go to 40c today

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they better not fuck this up like asko or im gonna find arnie and bury him in a hill of shit

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nice counting kek

well asko had 1 anon freelance dev or some shit while PLT has 10 doxxed devs full time, and the CEO is in snopes and documentarys etc

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gentlemen's coin


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sniff her butthole please

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big assets big gains

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Im buying because of these asses XD

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This is a scam isn't it? There is no way i am getting my ASKO money back, is there?. FUCK

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My 10k stack is ready to moon
$2 EOM

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I ll leave this here.

for me its a nobrainer rn

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Pro tip. If a shitcoin is posted on an ass then it is likely a scam

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> t. homosexual

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this anon sucks dick for money

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deviant homosexual

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>imagine being so low on fud you just admit youre a faggot

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comfy as fuck in this one we bout the see the moon in 2weeks boys

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we r moooning KEK

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These are some of the very same asses used to shill ASKO
Make of that what you will

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ASKO jumped to 40M MCAP.
Ill take the x8 from now.

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People are really sleeping on the mobile aspect, normies want to do shit on their phones. This is a good project don't listen to the fake fud.

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Coin run by niggers and pajeets.
Pic related is one of their officials.

PLUS there is a bad whale living in PLT, he keeps on dumping hard on buy orders, the amateur doesn’t even know how to properly sell bunch of coins without affecting negatively the price.

You have been warned.
It will pump THEN it will dump HARD, and at night, tomorrow you would wake up on -35% from the dum whale.

>rule number 76: always stay away from nigger coins.

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Oh it’s gonna be way worst than Asko.
Check the big red dildos all last week, all that was one user, one big whale of asko, wonder who that can be?

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>forgot pic related

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They are in the UK, so they have to hire at least 1 nigger. He is a "community manager". I'm already up 2x since I bought in earlier this week! Keep the failed fud coming pajeet, keep it coming.

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I read Paolo Tasca was a adviser for add.xyz
Plus all the partnership. Made me buy. Can only go up in this alt season. Good bet, good move.

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It's going to happen, launches ALWAYS crash the price. Prepare yourself for the mixer.

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Fudding on community managers?
big fucking lold.
Look at the investors,
look at the peckshield code review,
look at the youtube review by crypto zombie.


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Im actually 3X bought at 0.06$ sold at 0.19$ all the time i was worried. The team is pajeets from UK and niggers from literal Nigeria. Go check their announcement on telegram, nigerian news and shit.

It’s your money man. I just dont do nigger coins.

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Look at the future swap with fucking ADD.
This is going to be AAADDDD CONNECT
You clearly didn’t notice the bad whale yet.

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You can LITTERALLY JUST DYOR and go to their site. Go to the site. Look at color of their skin, Jesus Christ.

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this is the lead product designer.
nigga leave the thread now

>you wont make it

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With a bunch of spics

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>6 posts by this id.

priced out ransheet

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>lead designer
Random white looking spics with pic from his surfing lessons.
Dude wake the fuck up.

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And Asko is back at 0.16$ glad i swapped that dirty PLT for asko.
Fuck nigger coins.

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GL when you fomo back into PLT

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-leal-6b6905168/.. (Previous experience in the U.S. Department Homeland Security).

ransheet, you never had PLT.
bagholding asko LOL (-70% drop)

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You cant see people starting to move their profits into plt? Hype around asko is dead

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>alright miguel

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Does this seem right to you guys ?
I swapped on uni on metamask and it's the address I got from coin gecko but it's displaying like this on my metamask.

It doesn't show me the price.

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just swapped my dft bags for this
this better not be the top you fucks

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yeah that's how it looks for me too. i think that's the old logo (add.xyz used to be plutus or some shit). not worried
also had to use fucking 1inch because uni wouldn't let the trade go through. fuck uni

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It still called plutusdefi rebrand will happen in 1-2 weeks. Then the ticker will change from PLT to ADD

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Thanks man, as much as I like getting shitcoins from dex's always get anxiety using them

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trips, forget about the anxiety anon, relax and enjoy being richer everyday

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Check your wallet on etherscan just to be sure.
This is the right coin.

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good luck with the pajeet shitcoin boys hope you make it

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Guise newfriend here.
Im on MXC.
What's the most efficient way to get on board?
Transfer ETH from other exchange and convert to USDT -> PLT?

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True. But the fundamentals make this billion mc token. If you just buy and hold you will get rich no matter if the pajeets run their pnd manipulation.

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jus to be clear: i'm selling as soon as this hits $1. memes are entirely cringe or coomerbait. not a good sign for longterm interests

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my precious gem

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Thanks for letting me know so I can sell at .95

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joke's on you loser, i'm actually selling at .90

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How do i stake PLT?

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I'll say this one time.

Coins that have less features compared PLT are valued at 200~ mil market cap. See FARM. PLT can do everything that FARM does, and more. PLT has less than a 15~ mil marketcap. It's free money.

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staking is coming soon

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mine too

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Seems like we found a new floor anyho

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we just broke the upper floor now

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and then some