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Quick rundown:

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain with two layers that operate independently. The private chain facilitates automated live contracts between private networks; the public layer is optimized for "anchoring" and sharing information on an immuateable decentralized ledger.


>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

>~100k Tx/day (rising)
>99.9% Tx's from actual usage
>used by United Nations (land registry in Afganistan)
>used by Dutch gov
>GDPR compliant

>50% circ. supply already staked
>deflationary: 0.1 LTO burn/Tx
>unique "LPoI" network economics incentivizes clients to buy, stake LTO
>100% of staking dividends derived from network fees


>LTO in 1.5min:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obj9GhhgE8M [Embed]
>3 min:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4B5w0j4IQQ&feature=emb_logo [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMa4HwgoeMI [Embed]


>ARTICLE: "An Obj. Look at LTO"
>ARTICLE: "LTO's Valuation"



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what price do you think it will reach in this dip? made a good profit on avax and planning to go all in on lto

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Shitty stablecoin dont buy they partnered with the scammers vidt the shit coin id finallu failing ahahah

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My testes are telling me we aren't going lower than .32

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I am financially ruined.

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Reddit ama on Monday. Get in to sell your bags to plebitors

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We are all gonna make it, how many corporate partners now? 80? Volume is low cause half the coins are owned by corporate nodes, when this puppy hits a burger exchange.... easiest 10x ever


You guys ever heard of Benzinga?

How about Forbes?



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Hey guys, ~6month newfag here. What does an exit strategy look like in crypto? Currently I'm up ~5K (Listening to someone whose been in the space 6 years before aping my money, but mainly holding BTC/ETH/TTT/SNTVT/LTO), and while I don't have enough for my financial goal (a house), I don't want to end up with nothing when the bear market hits.
Is it just as simple as transferring to USDC and just waiting it out? Should I reinvest profits into BTC?

Thanks bois.

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Our time will come.

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Lto is a hold IMO, but I would expect a 20% correction my plan is to pull into tether and buy the dip for LTO.

LOok at charts from 2017/18 til now map has way more than doubled your real shot at making it wouldn’t be exiting the market this dip, it would be investing during the dip...

Short if tether exploding the market or a coinbase hack I also don’t think we’re gonna see years of darkness with the amount of institutional support in crypto now either.

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You have to go back.

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>selling LTO

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0.25 isn't unreasonable at all

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What is the make it stack frens?

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Don't be stupid, anon

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Never selling

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Poo id
One last comfy pic and im out

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i think we'll hit 0.20

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Comfiest hold in crypto. My only regret is not accumulating a plantation stack (100k) when I could have.

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it's true though, we've been due for a correction and plus btc just shit the bed

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Weiner weiner pumpkin eater

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Things can pull back but continue upwards, it's healthy. Don't be a raging nigger

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I just DCA'd at .39 fml

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This is still one of my favourites

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.t sold , waiting to buy back in and priced out

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Anything less than $1.00 EOM is FUD

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Checked and please god, please let us see $0.20. Only brainlets would get shaken out of LTO if it crashed to $0.20. If you don't throw fiat into LTO @$0.20 like its a whore you're unironically retarded.

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Das rite

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So how long until /biz node has more LTO than binance wallet?

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El Tío will punish swingies with vengeful fury.

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Literal pajeet caste system....


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Based pajeet tiers

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Sold 2 ETH to buy LTO at 0.46 recently. Nice dip. Should have DCAd. AH well. BUY THE DIP.

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How the fuck did you buy at 0.46 when it's never even got that high?

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podcast behind pic rel


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Sorry, pic related.

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Do the needful.

Dump it.

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Lto wants to become market leader when it comes to these decentralized ids , and verifiable credentials.
Now that we've discussee the tokenomics quite a bit,
We should move on to discuss the main develolment of lto in 2021
Sphereon is supposedly and integrator that has several clients lined ip for decentralized ids

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Lto wants to become market leader when it comes to these decentralized ids , and verifiable credentials.
Now that we've discussed the tokenomics quite a bit,
We should move on to discuss the main development of lto in 2021
Sphereon is supposedly an integrator that has several clients lined up for decentralized ids

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Well played.

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What a comfy hold, bros

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Never been this early bros. just bought 30k stack:)

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if this goes down below 30 cents I will literally take out a loan to buy more

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If you guys are liking the fact that LTO has real world use and is most likely a guaranteed profit over time i'd emplore you to look into two other coins which i feel good about and i'm currently holding

#1: GET Protocol (GET) is a token tied to event tickets with the goal of eliminating scalping. Was a 30 cent stablecoin for a really long time, but has recently shot up to 80 cents. This token is deflatiorary, and with the increased amounts of concerts and the like after COVID ends will be a more or less guaranteed profit for all holders. It's already been in use since 2019 and last year they sold over 200k tickets with a system using GET

#2: TRAC. I know a bit less about this one, read on the whitepaper yesterday. It's supposed to make it easier for the different stages of the supply chains of consumer goods to have oversight. Already in use in the food industry, as far as i can tell.

I might not know that much about things, but these tokens are at least used in the real world currently, just like LTO.

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TRAC Website: https://origintrail.io/
TRAC Whitepaper: https://origintrail.io/storage/documents/OriginTrail-White-Paper.pdf

GET website: https://get-protocol.io/

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I want to sell this stupid shitcoin but I'mg etting attached to it and the community, it's like betraying a friend wtf

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slow piece of shit

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Listen you fucking faggot, this is an lto thread only coin your allowed to shill here is lto and vidt if you love trannies like cees van dam.

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Let us have our 1 lto thread....

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sell then LTO doesnt need retards like you infact you are part of the white paper of the great shakeout

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Why would you want to sell it tho?
Pic rel is staking rewards compounding if you hold through
Not to mention the price in that time
So many pieces benefit the early backers, while ltos primary focus is business clients

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Fuck out of here.

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Hoping for new info tomorrow during ama
Previous amas have all had nice breadcrumbs

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I'm interested in this. Give me some FUD.

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Fucking crabcoin pajeet scam.

>> No.28712304

We havent found any yet. Not enough memes maybe.

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true moon potential not really there, but in this crypto cycle is should do a 10x.
I'm a stacklet with 2000 and I'm sinking another 2k on this.

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Math says its going to moon.

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Posting meme lines

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20B market cap is not infeasible. This puts it at a MINIMUM of $50 USD.
Don't forget token burn on transactions make this a significantly deflationary asset.

>> No.28713534

I'm not shilling, honestly don't give a shit if you buy it or not, both GET and TRAC have over 10k holders so it doesnt make a difference to me if you guys buy. I've just been made aware over time that coins like LTO are few and far between. Tohught you'd like to know

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Riddler was hinting at a $100 minimum for LTO and hes done more math than us as hes figured out sui and make it stack levels somehow.

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>as hes figured out sui and make it stack levels
We'll have to wait and see, Q3 something should be happening
Until we understand the reasoning, should be treated as larp

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Redpill me on riddler math thread

>> No.28715269

I did the math bros, I’m gonna make it

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- Clients and integrators are incentivized to run their own node, buy LTO, and stake it; the staking rewards offset the network fees they pay for usage of the network -- NET-ZERO, "get paid for paying the bill"

- However, what is to stop a client from buying and staking far more LTO than they are actually paying in fees, thus decentralizing the network -- which could be fatal to the entire platform? Enter: "Leased Proof of Importance" (LPoI)

- LPoI disincentivizes clients from owning TOO MUCH LTO **because staking rewards diminish exponentially relative to their actual usage of the network**. LPoI rewards clients and integrators to own just the right amount of LTO relative to their usage of the network, which ensures that it remains decentralized.

- LPoI therefore enables the economics of NET-ZERO to work without threatening to centralize the network. It is a sustainable, attractive economic model that is highly attractive to businesses.

- However, there is also an interesting logical outcome to the NET-ZERO model that LPoI enables: once businesses and integrators buy and stake LTO, that LTO can be effectively be considered to have been removed from the circulating supply...

- In other words, to the degree that the LTO network continues to expand and transactions grow exponentially, the basic laws of economics and common sense dictate that the available supply of LTO will be removed from the circulating supply in proportion to that network growth...

- Because there is an incentive to own enough LTO to be able to use the network on a NET-ZERO basis, the price will inevitably rise. Even at a double or triple digit token price, it will still make economic sense to buy enough to achieve Net-Zero, ESP SINCE CORPORATIONS CAN ADD THE LTO TO THEIR BALANCE SHEET, effectively making the purchase of LTO "Net-Zero" as well!

- In this late stage there will be only one primary source of LTO supply left...the remaining passive stakers who held with diamond hands.

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Attention Cees and Rick:
This is my final warning unban me from vidt and lto chats or I will dump.

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Based, thank you sir

>> No.28716488

You can unban this dick

>> No.28716633

Im the next hortler

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File: 2.40 MB, 3000x3000, 1612470837086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Checked, dick unbanned. Tri trips sage give me financial advice.

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dropping 200 EUR on LTO tomorrow. Looks very comfy. EOY predictions?

>> No.28717187

Go to your nearest casino and bet your life savings on black. Then put all the winnings into LTO, thank me later

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heavily optimistic, but i do hope you're right, anon. I think a coin such as this has a lot of potential but I can't help but feel that in the current crypto market, projects live or die by factors much smaller than whether there is good tech involved. anyways, I'm a stacklet from up north, so I'm rooting for you anon.

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$10 minimum

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This will happen fast tho, they have a policy for new clients to start their own node,
Some older clients are starting to run their own nodes
And finally theres also VIDT for anchoring as a service, for clients who dont want to run a node. I guess thats what they meant with front end from pic rel

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Fuck each and every vidt fudder who sold,
Vidt did a 2x since many of those claimed to have exited

>> No.28717812

A 10x alone would make me happy. Looking forward to this hold.

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>it's happening
It's happening
>growth phase starting
Growth phase starting
>clients SEEKING LTO

>> No.28718913

CEO says he is aiming for top 20 Market Cap, 20th place currently gives a MC of $4.1B, with LTO circulating supply at that MC it puts LTO at $15. CEO has done the math so he must be of the belief that LTO Market Cap will break $4 Billion at some point. Wouldnt be one bit surprised to see LTO in the top ten, stansberry research said themselves its the ethereum of the business world. Tenth place by MC would put LTO at $47. Havent included the deflation aspect either. wagmi

>> No.28719460

im gonna coooom

>> No.28719500

Its that kind of math.

>> No.28719567

What does LTO stand for?

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we're groooowing
it will take time tho, LTO is understaffed to deal with all the new clients coming in and the corp boomers are slow with proceedings,
but wagfmi eventually

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How do i run a node

>> No.28720815

lads, how do I lease to the biz node from binance without paying exorbitant gas fees? I know it's explained every second thread but I just finished my stack and will pull the trigger if a kind anon assists me with the information

>> No.28721025


Make a wallet, write down the keys etc.
Withdraw to LTO mainnet, you shouldn't need to do anything involving gas.

>> No.28721282

Are you a burger?
Have you already purchased LTO?
If not burger: Binance-->LTO wallet-->Lease
If burger:
Do you have access to BNB (e.g. Binance US)?
Yes: Use trust wallet, send BNB to trust wallet -->use its DEX to swap BNB for LTO (BEP2)-->BEP2 bridge (10 LTO fee)-->Lease
No: Suck it, you're paying gas fees. ETH-->LTO(ERC-20)-->ERC-20 Bridge (10 LTO fee)-->Lease

>> No.28721349

Gonna lease my stack til 1 LTO is either worth $0 or $50

>> No.28721497

So until the shakeout phase. Gets interesting after that i bet.

>> No.28721894


>> No.28721895

As other anons have mentioned, trust wallet is a scam. You get a lot less LTO than paying ridiculous gas fee on uni, the cheap fee is a bait. Burgers are better off using uni

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the shakeout phase is years away from now according to the team, we're just firing up
It's just about rewarding the leasers/stakers not the value of LTO, although it might stabilize at that point
Im guessing stakers will have reduced rewards, but at that point LTO will be worth so much it can be nice exit for us early backers with make it levels, that was the idea anyway.

>> No.28722238

Oh, if that's the case then that sucks. I used UNI when I got my stack. Looks like you're going to bend over and take it either way

>> No.28722546

thanks anons. I'm an eurofag so I should have it the easy way. Just sent a test transaction to see if it works

>> No.28722601

how much you guys think this will be end of q2?

>> No.28722603

Uniswap also rapes you in fees. Burgers should just VPN to Binance.

>> No.28723698

Who knows but this is a multi year hold anyway

>> No.28723743

can burgers stil use VPN? I thought binance started cracking down on burgers doing this and locking their accounts?

>> No.28723782

It all depends on us exchanges, it’s just gonna crab like a piece of shit and then die if it doesn’t get on some exchanges.

>> No.28723962
File: 714 KB, 583x582, 4567575745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A toast! to the growth phase!

>> No.28724021

clients fomo-ing in lmao

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>> No.28724313

The math shows its not retail buyers who will increase the price of LTO, were just the lucky ones getting in early as demand will ultimately be driven by clients.

>> No.28724412

Why does this coin feel like such a boring piece of shit? Where do I read about it to convince me to buy?

>> No.28724553

You need to do the math. Theres a pastebin somewhere with all the breads with the math being done on it, maybe another anon will help you out. Once you have done the math you wont think LTO is boring anymore.

>> No.28724616

Clearly wasn't paying attention in math class. Shoo

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This video is what cemented my trust in LTO.
Hopefully it can do the same to you anon.


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File: 157 KB, 801x448, vidt gainz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It just keeps going up
Eat shit LTOddlers

>> No.28725703

Liquid Task Orchestration

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File: 326 KB, 699x518, LTO-red-pill-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've unironically watched that interview a half dozen times

>> No.28725991

Now you don't have an excuse. If you miss the train you have no one to blame but yourself.

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"Our partnership with DREP will add extra forces to our technical side as they are experienced with the decentralized identity products.
As information is without doubt one of the most dear sources in our time perk, privateness of our consumer’s delicate information needs to be our high precedence.
Nonetheless DREP has a broad connection and has already established its name in Asia, I believe by partnering up with DREP we can create more business opportunities and possibilities for each other by becoming the bridge between Europe and Asia."
>Rick Schmitz - LTO Network CEO

"I believe our partnership with LTO Network will bring out the maximum potential of decentralized identities. DREP has gained 3-year experience of developing DID commercial applications for enterprises in Asia and Australia. With LTO’s rich network and knowledge in aspects such as private data sharing and linked data, we will be able to achieve impressive breakthroughs. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing our partnership bringing the benefits of DEFi to more people across the globe."
>Xiaolong Xu - Drep CEO

>> No.28726133

Been doing it for a month no problems yet. I transfer in BTC or ETH from coinbase, trade for the coin I want, then withdraw to a wallet immediately. Never leave any funds on my binance account.

>> No.28726155

"Our partnership with DREP will add extra forces to our technical side as they are experienced with the decentralized identity products.
As information is without doubt one of the most dear sources in our time perk, privateness of our consumer’s delicate information needs to be our high precedence.
Nonetheless DREP has a broad connection and has already established its name in Asia, I believe by partnering up with DREP we can create more business opportunities and possibilities for each other by becoming the bridge between Europe and Asia."
>Rick Schmitz - LTO Network CEO

"I believe our partnership with LTO Network will bring out the maximum potential of decentralized identities.
DREP has gained 3-year experience of developing DID commercial applications for enterprises in Asia and Australia.
With LTO’s rich network and knowledge in aspects such as private data sharing and linked data, we will be able to achieve impressive breakthroughs.
I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing our partnership bringing the benefits of DEFi to more people across the globe."
>Xiaolong Xu - Drep CEO

fucked up the formatting

>> No.28726209

Anyone know how Litentry relates to LTO? It's a coin I've just recently heard of.

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File: 236 KB, 771x606, AAAAAAAAAAeverything's fine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't keep getting away with this...

You were supposed to merge into us...

>> No.28726577

Debating whether to sell my REEF or Syscoin for this

>> No.28727517

Buying $250 first thing in the morning. Can't wait.

>> No.28728266

suicide stack?

>> No.28728335

the market is recovering, hopefully you don't get priced out by tomorrow

>> No.28728451


>> No.28728714

I don't get paid until tomorrow unfortunately. Would have bought today if I could've.

>> No.28728878

Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?

>> No.28729076

15k is the orthodox Riddler stack. The fact that people are now saying 10k is a cope indicative of where we're headed...soon 5k will be the suicide stack...then 1k...

>> No.28729101
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See you all when LTO is $10 gentlemen

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Sold 30k LTO at .37 cents to go chase some Pumps, will be back when alt season slows down a bit

Enjoy your moon overnight guys

>> No.28729561

Tfw want to invest in this but chasing pumps

>> No.28729602

So as I understand it this is something that has great potential as a long hold, but little potential for short term gains? So then the strat here would be to do what >>28729126 this anon is doing, chase pumps while they're still happening everywhere, then reinvest in LTO when things slow down.

>> No.28729657

Thank you for your sacrifice.

>> No.28729917

Oh no there is potential short-term, make no mistake...LTO has been chronically undervalued by the market relative to its fundamental value, and I think we're starting to see the market catch on. LTO could unironically reach $1bil mk cap EOY, easily. Doesn't even require hype and speculation, just a proper recognition that LTO is the equivalent of a micro-cap stock with 100x potential THAT ALREADY PAYS A 6-7% DIVIDEND FROM FREE CASH FLOW. If you don't understand what I just told you then you're NGTMI.

>> No.28729948


I've been sitting on my 30k LTO since 15 cents I bought at the ATH in December, I held through the dip to 10 cents
I have absolute confidence the coin will do well over-time and I have gotten 2.5x returns in two months which is good but mediocre for a bullrun (look at shit like BNT/SNX/pancake/etc)
alt season is really kicking off and I've been making a lot of money with my shitstacks and need more ETH to throw around to make gas fees worth it.
If LTO moons to 45 cents I'll FOMO back in since I'm up anyway, but I don't want to miss the action right now since LTO is a long term hold

No problem. 50 cents EOD when im sleeping and I'll buy back in at a loss, yw fren

>> No.28730375

I'm at 17k so not worried about that. My goal was always 20k.

>> No.28730681

Fuck I already have 65k with avg @ 23 cents and this price seems super tempting to get another batch in just for the sake of it. I have to calm the FOMO side of me by being rational.

>> No.28730886
File: 16 KB, 200x225, 4CCE68CE-7944-4EA8-9467-1F1D85C9C0A5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When are we going to stop crabbing? The bulletin will end before it’s our turn.

>> No.28731166

*Bull run

>> No.28731180

I'm new to crypto, just trying to understand best short term strat to take advantage of the crazy gains everyone's getting before transitioning into long term no bully

>> No.28731253

It doesnt

>> No.28731381

Isn't LTO going to do something related to decentralized ids in the future?

>> No.28731500

Yes but I‘ve literally never heard the combination of litentry and LTO. They are working with DREP and Chainlink for DIDs

>> No.28731564

I was thinking more in terms of potential competition.

>> No.28731578

Buy low, sell high. Simple as. Don't get greedy.

>> No.28731581

Bros, can someone tell me how to trade ETH/LTO on binance? It's my first time using binance and this shit is confusing as fuck. Can it only be done with USDT and BTC?

>> No.28731668
File: 326 KB, 425x404, 62545624562465654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i am a top 5 biz node staker. you may now bow

>> No.28731773

Eh, Right now we don't know how LTOs DIDs are going to work exactly, there's a litepaper but not more than that. So I can't really comment how they will compare

>> No.28732130

Ok, I was just a bit confused looking at Litentry's market cap compared to LTO. I'm surprised it's that high already.

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