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Why's it dumping?

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> Days since any tech update = 340

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Sir Gay is dabbing on us again

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It's not really.
I just sold my full stack, so I actually want it to dump to prove my right, but it's not dumping.

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Oh god please tell me you're joking

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every single time link reaches ath something bad happens to the market, impressive

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We got too cocky yesterday. Time for the ritual shame session.

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They crashed Bitcoin again to stop Chainlink from pumping.

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I sold at $35, 23090 LINK. I’ll buy back at $25

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the order books are ridiculously thin, just check binance. A few hundred k dollar for a 1% change. It's extremely volatile right now, don't care for the "dumps" atm

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test your might.

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Token not needed.

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So if you put what you owe to the tax man to the side you get less link than you had before?

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Everything is dumping

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Bitcoin is dumping.

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Because it's over. This is the end of the bull market and now it's going to 0, all of it.

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Because it's unironically over this time(for real)

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your pic related to your digits


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I’m so demoralized

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>69 69 69
>triple sex number

I check.

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monday gonna be a massacre
just thought i let you know

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you haven't seen anything yet... wait for monday when the chinese can dump their heavy bags after celebrating the chinese new year

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because sirgay sold

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This. Already sold my 3k stack a bit early at $31.
All the new fags with green wojaks over their 50 link stacks got to me. I'd be ashamed about announcing my pathetically small and inept stack, but the old fag with 20k+ are long gone. The last major parabolic upward trend had a start, 4 bounces, and the fifth fell flat.

Guess which bump were on guys?
Feel free to post me in a screen cap because you think the green lines go up forever, and then regrettably delete the screen cap once we have a correction and you feel like a retard for not selling.

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stock market is closed too

$10 difference, and taxes? kek

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That's a $231k difference, not $10.
You're going to get in some deep shit eventually if you don't pay the tax man. Do you really want that when you could just pay him and still make it?

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>but the old fag with 20k+ are long gone.
wrong. they and you are here forever. even after death.

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>That's a $231k difference, not $10.

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23100 times 10. But in reality he has to pay taxes for whatever his profits on that $808k sale was. We can assume that it's mostly profit.
If he buys back at 25 it's a $231k difference. Doesn't really seem worth the swing to me.

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I forgot, it's Sunday. Typical Sunday dip

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>why why why why
More than 75% of the Sunday mornings, since September 2020, the discords & bots & paid shills haves switched to this lazy, negative-toned flavor of shilling. They are just reinforcing whale songs that dump Sunday thru Wednesday.

You are coming across as a bot or a paid shill with these replies.

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Okay now I know this is just bait, good one anon.

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You have to pay taxes anon. You don't want to go to prison after making it, do you anon?

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So is it a bad time to buy in now? Should I wait until it dips more?

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>obvious bullflag


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what a powerful roll

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we know its going down retard, thats what swingies will never learn. its more profitable to simply hold link then it is to swing