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This coin is for everyone who simply missed the last DeFi gems.

What is PLT?
PLT is the first privacy lending platform.
Right guys, a working unique DeFi privacy lending platform standing at 2.5M MCap. (Which is fucking insane)

Crypto Zombie reviewed the token (starting at 07:15):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&t=435s&v=491rjrmXqr4&ab_channel=CryptoZombie [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

Comfy bullpoints:
>-All-in-one DeFi Privacy Platform
>-DeFi lending platform (like ASKO, but in stealth mode)
>-$PLT holders will receive a split of all fees generated throughout the ecosystem.
>-A percentage of all the fees generated on ADD.xyz will be used to buy back $PLT on the market to remove them from circulation
>-Staking, swaping, mobile app and lending protocol coming soon
>-Partnerships: Uniswap, 1nch, AAVE, Sentinel, Changelly
>-Sitting at friggin 2M MCAP (x10-x1000 potential)

Team & Company:
-Fully doxxed team from UK.
-Established company based in London (Companyaddress: London, WC1H 9HQ, GB)
-Over 10 devs (no freelancers!)
-CEO (Arnie Hill) is from UK. He is also the Director of Jacked Supplements with over 50 employees.
-Lead Product Designer is from US: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-leal-6b6905168/.. (Previous experience in the U.S. Department Homeland Security).

>Fully audited code by Peckshield
>Result: Approximately 10 low to informational issues were raised and all were resolved during the audit and re-auditing process.
>One of the best reviews ever (only light bugs)

Forbes Senior Editor talking with Arnie Hill:

Where can you buy it?:
Address: 0x9fbfed658919a896b5dc7b00456ce22d780f9b65
Hotbit: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=PLT_USDT
Polonix: https://poloniex.com/exchange/USDT_PLT


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lets fucking go I can wait

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Can someone give a newfag a qrd on how to buy this?

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Are you using uniswap?

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Haven't used it before. I just have some eth in my coinbase wallet

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still only 5M mcap, i am aping hard into this one

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estimated eow (next) / eom / eoy ?

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Don't buy. Memes and community are racist.

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I have LINK vibes on this one, I think its easy 10$ this year imho

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I want this to be my gf how am i racist

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This convinced me anon thanks

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soon anon.

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Well, try to buy it on MXC, Polonix or Hotbit.
Or create a Metamaskwallet, send your ETH to the Wallet and get it on Uniswap

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all aboard faggots

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the smell

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PLT IS GOING TO MOON. Way better website then ASKO

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fucking A, that's one hell of an ass

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Ready for liftoff

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Bought a suicide stack, gonna forget about it for some months

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Just bought dont fuck me over biz

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People sold this at 0.07 for a loss like 2 days ago holy shit my sides

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This is the comfiest hold of the past 6 months. YGMI fren

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WAGM Chads.