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HBAR will moon and it will be in time.

There are many reasons why Hedera is still not widely known, among which are:

It is still only available on few exchanges.

It is basically a "destroyer" of blockchain technology which is why people who support blockchain don't want it to get attention.

It is meant for enterprise usage which is why the company markets the technology to companies and organizations. The founders couldn't care less if the "crypto community" embraces HBAR or not. They are not interested in "pumping" the price. This is a long term project.

All these things contribute to the fact that very few people still know about HBAR.

But this is really a blessing for all of us that DO KNOW about it. We get to buy it at a very cheap price before the "herd" comes in and skyrockets the price.

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100k is the suicide stack?

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yeah anon it's gonna moon like crazy, any day now...

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so many thread damn, delete!! still need to accumulate more

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It's fine, these autist won't FOMO into anything that isn't meme'd

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Kek this, after it gains some traction retards will ape in and then cry it wasn't shilled earlier when it dumps. It's always like this

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120k suicide stack reporting in

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>didn’t review GRT’s tokenomics

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Fuck you, no way in hell 120k is considered a suicide stack, I only own 5k. Please don't make me depressed

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7k stacklet reporting in

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I only have a few, 0.0.123078 but less than that even

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Most of the smart people bought 200k for 200$. If you have only 5k, you should consider if you are early adopter, or a late bag holder.

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Im looking forward to the pink wojaks once this moons. 4$ EOY

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Can someone tell me why a coin owned by LG, Boeing and Google isn't bigger yet?

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i remember seeing hbar in 2017 and they said they weren't going to do an ico. Said they stay a private blockchain. Just came back onto my radar and I scooped up 50k. Stop making threads I need to accumulate more.

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I may be a bag holder, I don't need it to do 100x. I will be content with a 2x, I don't have much in the first place so whatever

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>m-muh centralisation we're doing something against the elite and gubment!!! it goes against all this!!

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Kike coin!!!! Beware jews eat you

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Retard, it’s going to 1000x by 2025

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just bought 20k more it's on sale

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Anon, I don't know you, nor you I, but please check if you have this feeling of 'I will make it' or some version of greed or phantasy - and make appropriate adjustments based on conservative risk management.
I may be in earlier, but we both are far too late - I suggest that you cover your initial investement as soon as possible, then take out part of any gain for the time everything dumps and stays down for a while, and then buy cheap the most promising coins, and wait for the next bull cycle.

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1 000 000 000 MRC$ already LOL
They are gonna eat you...
There are better way to make money than suck the corporate cock, this is basically Enron.

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I'm not even sure what are you trying to FUD here. I've already multiplied the amount I put in and I'm not gonna be living on the street even if every crypto is going to literal $0. I've invested in few projects that seem promising and I can wait for it to go up even if I'm gonna be in red for some time.

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Not a FUD, but the tourism traffic of hapless investors makes me want to... Warn?

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Why is this relevant. AVAX reached #20 on pure dumb hype, this is more like #70

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Don't you worry, like I said I'm not investing money I can't afford to lose. I'm also aware that all of this can can vanish overnight, but so far I made some profit. Why shouldn't I invest it further?

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When release on jewbase?

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I’ll bite. In your humble opinion what kind of timeframe are we looking at for another bear market? Granted lots of new traders got burned on DOGE, ABAX, etc but most RSI charts indicate we’re still 1-4 months away from a widespread crash

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Week or two

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1.5k stacklet reporting in. I wish I could afford more

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In my opinion? Fuck knows, your guess is as good as mine. I just acknowledge the incoming correction and use conservative estimates of around a month or when we see the rollercoaster. Will coincide with stimmy checks and some other arbitrary BTC ceiling breaking through. I will exit most of my gains before that time, missing the top by 20%, if I don't fuck up this time.
t. IOTA bagholder since 2017 trying to learn my lesson.
But again, your guess is as good as mine, but I'd rather have something before the crash.

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I've got 400 and a pack of gum. Take it or leave it

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What's your take and plan, if you don't mind sharing?

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Will give you my exit strategy for IOTA since you brought it up, can be applied to most of my holdings.

Was there for the $5 -> $0.25 IOTA crash. Been accumulating since .30 last year once I saw we'd be going sideways for a few months. My line of thinking is:
>as evidenced on reddit and discord $5 bagholders do still exist (people who didn't sell)
>project will likely hit ATH for a small period of time followed by a violent correction.
>sold enough to regain initial +10% when we pumped from $0.3 -> $1.30
Now planning on selling:
>10% between $2 -> 2.50
>20% between $2.50 -> 3.50
>30% between $3.50 - ~4.32
>20% at $4.50+
>if we tank from there sell on the way down or hodl for next market cycle
The idea being cover initial as soon as possible followed by gradually taking gains on the way up while holding a set percentage of coins (20%) enough so in the event we pass the 2017 ATH I won't hate myself. There are calls for $20 IOTA this year (kek) so realistically wouldn't be surprised if we temporarily saw $6-7 before whales annihilate the market.

Projects that hit a new ATH I've been selling initial +30%. IMO we're witnessing the chinks and pajeets coordinate highs to siphon USD from the American market and working together to put whales backwards on their longs/shorts.
>with that in mind
>wait for crash
>buy back in with the 30% profit from initial on 30-50% correction
>sell 50% of entire holding on 2nd ATH of the cycle
Sorry if this is a bit long winded, basically typing out stream of consciousness. How about yourself fren?

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>HBAR dipping
>Buy the dip
>Easy money

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Okay faggots, where do I buy this shit? Do I need to use uniswap cause im sick of those retarded fucking gas fees...

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pick one you absolute mongrel

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dont buy this retarded shitcoin, its dead and dumping anyways

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This coin is in proud partnership with the shoah foundation, when they are going to make a statement, buy some shitcoins then dump them 4c higher from the hype.

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Everything is fucking dumping you absolute nigger as per usual on Sunday. Following your logic we should sell while it's dumping and buy while it's pumping

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shut the fuck up trying to get the newfag to be your bagholder

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>muh bagholder
Kek go buy some more hoge or mcdcoin

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Centralized corporate ownership with people paying into it to crowdfund companies with no return. This truly is the normie people's coin. After reading their sub-reddit. I fully believe in the retardation of normies. I keep dumping money in. It's the next GME. Get in before reddit goes full retard on supporting corps.

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don't be salty that you'll miss this train anon

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Thanks for sharing, might adjust my selling points for IOTA.
I work with far less money than you seem to do (my main investment is lowish risk), and am by personality risk averse; which is strange for me to speculate in such a volatile market. Having said that - this is my plan for gains/exit portion of the initial total:
10% - 10%
20% - 30%
30% - 20%
40% - 10%
50%+ - ride this as much as I can.

I am still relatively new and will adjust this strategy to match Kelly portfolio strategy for the next bullrun.

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>Closed source
>Shit tokenomics
>Investors given coins that they immediately wanted to sell, waiting to dump in a few months

If this shitcoin succeeds it makes me worried for crypto

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Globohomo is winning, anon, doesn't seem to be otherwise anytime soon.

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DOnt buy this crap, is like buying a facebook coin... dont give your money to private corporations that want to own and copyright the crypto space.

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Check the HBAR subreddit, they're fully supporting it because the corporate sponsored community is welcoming and friendly to them. Get in on this before they get their Biden bucks dumped into it and rug pulled out from under them. Throw a couple hundred in at it now. If lose it, token is cheap enough won't lose much with the gains possible. High return, low investment. You going to bet against reddit not going retarded?

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The tech is obsolete already

>> No.28700321

you mean state-of-the-art

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It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad for crypto. It's one of the thousands of projects, I just threw some money at it and I will wait for it to pump and then I dump my bugs onto glbohomo redditors. As long as it makes me money idc

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>dump my bugs onto glbohomo redditors
My nigger faggot nigger, wgmi.

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I have a smol bag like 5000 shitcoins give me the year I’ll make it

inb4 2070

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End of March 2021, see >>28700382 Dump when the Biden bucks start to go out and Redditors buy this corporate centralized coin with endless supply held by corporations as redditors give money to centralization as form of protesting centralization because controlled opposition told them to.

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It ain't about good or bad,centralized or not it's all about profit anons

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if you want /biz/ to accumulate you want to make memes. So don't do it. let these retards buy pajeeted coins and get broke for not doing research
>/biz/ unironically is holding DOGE, HOGE, SHIBA and other pnd crap

>> No.28700993

Could you explain your reasoning for this? It seems like blockchain alternatives are just starting to reach mature development, between hbar and iota.

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Fucking based and profitpilled wagmi

>> No.28701075

Damn, I'm happy to see biz is coming around to HBAR. Good stuff anons. HBAR IMO is going to be big

> t. all in

>> No.28701090

oh and fucking rubic. even REEF looks pajeeted as fuck

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study regarding self-driving cars using hashgraph

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Literally the only coin that will not die in 10 years is cardano because they have long term implementation of upgradeable systems from bottom to the top.

all other coins become oboslete after 2 years and cannot upgrade. Like ethereum and eth 2.0 which will never happen.

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Guys I have multiple shit coins stacks. Should I consolidate into Hbar. If I did I’d have 100k more Hbar, right know I have 80k

>> No.28701521

Buy the dip anon, thank me later

>> No.28701539

i need this shit on kucoin so i can finally move my £40ish of BTC trapped there

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So you do not think this bullrun is going to be as crazy as 2017? ~10x gains vs 100x gains that we saw in 2017.

>> No.28702514

bought another 20k HBAR just now :)

>> No.28702904

Some coins already did that, depends on when you define the beginning of the run.

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Sounds like a solid strategy for success fren! Funny to see so many others who were there for the IOTA crash, hoping reusable wallets will lower the common sense bar for new users. Very excited to see where we go this year.
Many coins will certainly go that crazy and some already have! Not yet confident enough to put a solid exit point on Hashgraph but wouldn't be surprised if we saw a 10x from here (30x from $0.03) by EOY ($1 - 1.30) depending on whether or not it catches retail interest / ease pf usability of their live platform. That's FUD to some investors but IMO Hashgraph is a multiple year hold to maximize profits.

We've still got a few months of parabolic bull run left potentially extending into October - December according to some charts. Just important to have an exit strategy in mind so you aren't caught in a panic if the market starts to correct. Might suck not catching the top of a 100x with an entire stack but nothing wrong with pulling some profit at 30x, 50x, 80x, etc.
>I'm also a lot more risk adverse than a lot of the traders on /biz/ because of 2017-2018 PTSD
>still like to play the shitcoin casino from time to time though
Don't let us discourage you from killing it this year anon, it's the fuckin year of the Bull!

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this is interesting thanks for posting anon


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Moon confirmed

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100k, 2nd month in crypto, in avax at 13-15, out at 45, 52k in the portfolio

>> No.28704982

This is legit the worst investment I could have made during alt season

what the fuck stop shilling this garbage IT SUCKS

>> No.28705007

>will ape
HAHA this piece of crap will moon... from 0.12 to 0.16, big gainz for a piece of crap like this

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I only have 34k

>> No.28705143

Any suggestions for coins to look forward to this run?

>> No.28705158

Should've bought more on todays dips anon

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if you want me to buy your memecoin then get it on kucoin or normiebase

>> No.28705345

Use Binance like a normal pleb

>> No.28705401

im a burger

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No worries ever fren

>> No.28705518

so am I, use binance.us, that's where I bought my stack. It is a separate version.

>> No.28705554

Holy shit
Imagine if hedera ends up as the network used to allow smart cars and smart traffic lights to all communicate with each other in unison because it’s so fast.
Imagine not being bullish

>> No.28705567

If it hits Coinbase we’re going .3-.4 easy lmao
Binance.us has it but requires KYC

>> No.28705700

Holding long term. See you in 10 years.

>> No.28705698

I’m thinking about getting rid of my E*TRADE portfolio and moving it into HBAR. I already have a 401k and a mutual fund account so I don’t know if I even need money in handpicked stocks anymore

>> No.28705766

yeah and they are really slow I have been hearing that, I got a message sent to me that showed up to 15 day waits for new users signing up for kyc.

>> No.28705770

Why would you dump at the beginning of the gibs?

>> No.28705810

Yeah but no coins 1,000x yet which happened in 2017

>> No.28705901

God damnit this place is full of shills from telegram .everyday a new coin pops up with promises that it's gonna moon ANY DAY NOW

fucking normies, just dollar cost average weekly to btc, eth, and ltc. You'll thank me a year from now when you've doubled or tripled your investment safetly and securely.

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File: 1.09 MB, 2048x1435, A45883D8-1BA0-4CCF-B264-EF24F4C929A6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HBAR threads are attracting shills like a magnet. They are copy-pasting this shit in every HBAR thread.

>> No.28706057

Nice good find anon. Somebody get Tesla on the phone with this.

>> No.28706059

we're all gonna make it HBAR chads

>> No.28706219

I bought 11K of these because of these threads and it keeps going down kek. 50 billion max token supply? How is this ever supposed to moon?

>> No.28706260

0.9 EOY easy with big names like Google

>> No.28706297

>copy-pasting this shit in every HBAR thread.
Check archive faggot.
>Why would you dump at the beginning of the gibs?
If you can't read historical comparative charts on rug pulls, not my problem.

But keep shilling this though. I get to profit from your work

>> No.28706302

>investing in literal bommer coins

>> No.28706411

Then be on the lookout, anon.

>> No.28706498

based retard

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>How is this ever supposed to moon?
Relax my son breathe deeply and focus on large breasted women. All will be well.

>> No.28707267

> You'll thank me a year from now when you've doubled or tripled your investment safetly and securely.

the fuck? I'm trying to make some life changing games. All in HBAR.

>> No.28707583

What is this scam coin?

>> No.28707764

Not-real-blockchain controled by google, lg, ibm, deutche telecom... With minimal fees and 100k tps BEFORE sharding.

>> No.28707866

>controled by google, lg, ibm, deutche telecom
sounds evil

>> No.28707914

instead of sticking it to hedgies to buy gme and have hedgies make bank from redditors post stimulus checks, it's sticking it to corporations to buy corporation owned "decentralized crypto" Get in while it's cheap.

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If it makes you feel any better Aussie bro on reddit has been DCA at a 20% market premium for weeks now lol

Some tokenomics
>7.1B circulating out of 50B issued
>200-300m issued per month for employee and advisor expenses
>top wallets (staff) have not been dumping their disbursements
>Community legitimately views this as a 5-10 year HODL (strongest sell imo)
>multiple users publicly DCA’ing thousands monthly into the project
>low exchange liquidity (can move the price 10-15% w/ half a BTC on binance.us)
Etc etc etc. Bit odd all around but gonna buy some more on the dip

>> No.28707990

Yeah, because the current economy is a fairy tale. Might as well make money during this ride to hell.

>> No.28707993

Evil makes money

>> No.28708045

If joining the side of evil corporation is going to make me gains vs smelly virgin muh decentralization neckbeards, I'll join the money hungry corps thank you very much

>> No.28708086

Avalanche would like to have a word with you anon

>> No.28708237

>There are many reasons why Hedera is still not widely known, among which are:

Algorand is the enterprise blockchain. It is the go to platform for companies. It has stablecoins, CBDCs coming, ...

Nobody fucking cares about fucking Leemon Baird and a blockchain's consensus distributed on 39 companies. HBAR is a concept that is going nowhere

>> No.28708447

a magazine luiza comprou... Hue niggas its your chance.

>> No.28708692

explain yourself.

>> No.28708961

that circulating supply tho

>> No.28709346

The held supply available to corporations. This is a pure evil coin. Get in on it. Redditors being played.

You got shills (>>28654582) using the 40k commisar as their memes cause they googled 40k and thought it was cool. It's perfect icon for this. Redditors will be the disposable IG pawns in the next wealth transfer when they throw out their stimmi, their wife's kids stimmi, their wife's stimmi, their wife's bf's stimmi.

>> No.28710117

step it up lads cmon

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File: 1.26 MB, 1000x1053, wtf-leemon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed it will moon. It's tech created by this alien monster called leemon.

>> No.28710306

It’s very bullish because if you actually DYOR you just know it’s legit. This is starting to feel like when link was fudded

>> No.28710471

He is a devilish person.. why would you guys trust him???? Did you read about him at all? He is just a monster

>> No.28710663
File: 1.51 MB, 425x481, 127378687678768716.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and? monsters make money

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File: 610 KB, 785x912, WHAT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28710853

wtf he's a nazi vampire

>> No.28711446

Fuck, I'm going all in on Nosferatu

>> No.28711612

Extremely BULLISH I'm gonna buy more this instant

>> No.28711627
File: 337 KB, 750x985, hedera_cocklord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28711694

this is a scam coin, you have been warned

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>> No.28711916

160k HBAR chad ready for liftoff

>> No.28711917


Expand on this?

>> No.28711940

I wonder how many people in /biz/ bought HBAR because of my memes kek

>> No.28712041

bought more today and this makes me feel vindicated, thanks anon

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File: 691 KB, 933x1301, DIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28712329
File: 241 KB, 740x454, HBAR MARINE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28712685

>google behind it
>lg and other big names behind it
>Memes becoming lit
I can sense it HBAR chads we are taking off..

>> No.28713085
File: 365 KB, 800x1051, pepe HBAR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will make many more!
We will have the best quality memes on this board

>> No.28713378
File: 121 KB, 220x220, 4E01B81A-A309-4F3F-9261-31ADEF4A46C4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based anon let’s fucking goooooo!

>> No.28713438

Kek, i wouldnt be surprised if some corp tried to contact you. They seriously lack in the memetics department

>> No.28713443

Nice, just out of curiosity, how much do you have? I figure several hundred thousand since you spent some time on making these. Anyway, keep the good work anon

>> No.28713521

I have 3142.. I'm a poorfag on a vacation

>> No.28713613

Wish so, kek, 400$ salary suuuuucks
Would sell myself to any corpo without a second thought

>> No.28713624

I know some anons hold millions of these, at least they did a few months ago when there were zero threads about it

>> No.28713677

Kek that's even more admirable, gotta pump those bags in some way

>> No.28713713

Still thinking about swapping some of my ADA for this shitcoin, any news on when the pump is starting?

>> No.28714024

I think ada is pretty much set for now, it's already $26bn and hbar has more room to grow. It's said that pump is expected after 17 this month since there will be a conference of Google and the guy behind hbar will be the main presenter

>> No.28714114

Feel like that's already calculated into the price right now and we'll just continue to see slow growth every few days from here.

>> No.28714197

supposedly coinbase listing coming soon too

>> No.28714412

Well I'm not saying that might be the case, I'm just repeating what other anons said in previous threads.
Also this >>28714197 they have completed their work on Rosetta API so that might indicate that coinbase will be interested again. However that might only come to fruition after the case with xrp and sec is resolved

>> No.28714728

When's the SEC shit going to be sorted? Any guesses?

>> No.28714818
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my sides

>> No.28714892


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Bought 956 HBAR, hope you faggots don't let me down, let's fucking go

>> No.28715276


This and this is tight but with the sizes of wallets you can bet your sacks after a listing pump this would be dumping fat stacks after the price doubles.

Paper hands that have watched everything pump while they hodled this

>> No.28715666
File: 22 KB, 334x506, cheers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome aboard fren

>> No.28716065

Stack up that HBAR chads

>> No.28716331

Bought 1k more

>> No.28716886
File: 2 KB, 500x500, 7BEC3146-B084-4A1A-BF26-C2BA0B9DC510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Swap my MIR for this?

>> No.28717010

do we have a liftoff?

>> No.28717294

140+ incoming hbarchads

>> No.28718259


>> No.28718395

Should I exchange my poorfag xlm stack for HBAR? I only have a few thousand hbar right now and I need more this is too good

>> No.28718438

Yes, pump it

>> No.28718440

I agree, but do you think it will go lower than what we're seein now though?

>> No.28718520

I snagged up 20k, hoping to take a nice little profit to buy more FLR later when it launches.

>> No.28718593

Yeah, I would swing into HBAR right now and see what happens on Wednesday. A lot of us are accepting a pump to happen.

>> No.28718702
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Let's do it /biz pump this week

>> No.28719261

This thread was a success the price went up from .12 to .13 holy shit /biz/ shilling actually makes a difference? Damn im gonna start making hbar threads maybe we can all PnD on each other (no homo)