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RBC did a 250X+ in only 4 months and it is an absolute garbage shit coin scam shilled by brainlets

Everest is a legit coin run by the most based team. It can easily do 250X or more by summer.

Load your bags under $1

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This is going to pump so fucking hard i have such a fucking boner

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My lil everst stock is doin some

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The thing with Everest is it’s as terrifying as it is profitable. The implications of such a technology being thrust onto humanity is troubling to say the least. Believe me, I would much rather Everest turned out to be a scam. But deep down… deep down I know that it isn’t. And I can tell you one thing for certain, I sure as hell will not live in a world where the Everest platform exists and I don’t have a massive bag of $ID to go along with it. Perhaps even more terrifying than that, is by purchasing $ID tokens, it’s almost an admission of defeat. Part of me prays I lose all of my money on this, because if I don’t, well… let’s try not to think too much about that right now.

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Shill me some more. Why should I invest? Why the comparison to RBC? What's the team like? Any audits? Already 100 mil cap so there's NO fucking way it will ever 250.

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fuck me cunt i dont want to be a part of this shit, but its gonna happen either way, im gonna pass desu, the gains arent worth my soul

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It's going to be a legendary pump.
>Staking= 3X to $2.50
>Alpha= 2X to $5
>FTX= 3X to $15
>Binance= 3X to $45
Coinbase= 2X to 90$

Times all that by 1.5 for FOMO.

$135 ID

Did you buy under 1$??

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In closer inspection RBC is STILL only 37 mill cap. You clearly have NO idea how market caps work

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That's a 25 billion Mcap you fucking retard

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It will be $4t mcap by 2023.

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Retard NGMI. No ID for you, you pajeet streetshitting faggot

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How do I stake this shit?

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My TA suggests 50 billion mcap for starters.

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Staking is going live next week, if they pull everything off they promised then Everest is going to be huge.
Don't know why OP is comparing it to RBC though. Completely different project solving a different problem.
Holder of both

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I also find everest to be an interesting project, and perhaps a bit scary too. But if it is really a NWO project, why would they let it be publicly traded?

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lol what do you mean? i thought it would just offer third worlders without banks economic opportunities or something

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If there ever is an global elitist Illuminati coin it’s this one. Yes you might be filthy rich with this but at what cost? Proceed accordingly

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You're all fucking niggers for suggesting this could go $250 by summer, are you fucking kidding me. I bought some, so there's no way in hell that it goes there

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>economic (((opportunities)))
yes, exactly.

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They have the fucking president of Estonia in their team
They are backed by ID2020, who are partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation, Mastercard, Microsoft, Accenture, Gavi,...
The technology will allow for biometric wallet verification. That is fucking huge as wallet security is one of the main concerns for cryptocurrency.

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Where do I buy this shitcoin?

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In all fairness, it takes a particularly blackpilled mind to see what Everest is building. So far the $ID token has gone over many peoples’ heads simply due to the fact they still view the world, and the opportunities presented by crypto, through the childish lens of naive optimism. Either that or they’re so redpilled they think that by not holding the $ID token, they are taking the moral high ground and not participating in global enslavement. The sad truth for them is they won’t have a choice. Everyone will be forced to participate. At least at this point in time we have the choice as to how severe our future participation will be.

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You don't get it

This is the new coin of the universe

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this, an even more whitepilled take would be to get rich off this kike token and use that money to fight against it in the future.

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THEY certainly seem to want us to think so

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There is no fighting what's to come, its millenia in the making

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Bob said in the AMA they aren't currently working with ID2020

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where can this even be bought?

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uniswap like every other baby coin
it's easy to connect your wallet to it

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He’s lying

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he means that he didn't want to reveal anything, and avoided announcing it too early, which is normal

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$50 fees though

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Every time this is shilled on biz it instantly dumps
>they're scared

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it's also available on kyber i believe. and if you're a big time investor 50$ is nothing compared to the price you gain (or lose) through an investment

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ok, then stay poor I guess?

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Kyber is out of liquidity

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I have a bag of 12.6k, just wanted to mention the fees for any fag who thinks he'll just throw $400 in it or something. Hopefully it goes on Binance or Coinbase soon.

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If you buy "fighting it" mean living a comfy life in a big cabin in the norwegian wilderness and not interacting with the outside world, except to order copious amounts of smoked salmon and cranberry juice dropped off at the nearest mountain-top once a month, you'd be correct.

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Im constantly torn apart between wanting cyberpunk life and enjoying quiet in nature and work

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thanks bro just sold 100k

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This I dropped everything because the former president of Estonia is just another globohomo.

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The man who will enslave me with millions of dollars

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i unironically live in the norwegian wilderness and there was this guy who used to live so far out and it was a long way up from the road so he and his sons built a lift to lift up bags from the convenience store
too bad he got so old he had to move out, but they even made a tv episode around his place
he's not exactly rich lol

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Come to Binance, pls.

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imagine not being blackpilled, couldnt be me

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ah, wrong anon :D

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cheers bro me and bob just sold our stacks

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Yeah that was two years ago retard. He directly spoke about working with them in Indonesia and went on to say they are no longer working together. Meds.

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is your fud that they were working with ID2020 for the past 2 years..but..no with them..currently? what?


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It's not fud you stupid fuck. They worked with them on the pilot in Indonesia. That's it. No current partnership. Why would I be fudding when I own 40k ID? There's plenty here to be excited about, no need to lie about partnerships.

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nigger, see >>28694216. they received financial backing from ID2020. who the fuck cares that their pilot program ended. it's a huge deal

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Fuck it, picked up a bag.

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knew you were a basedposter you faggot.

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Just put 4eth in, how new is this shit ?
Anything exciting in the future ?
I’ll take a 10x, it’s so new I can’t even track on the coinmarketcap app.

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Where do you buy it?

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I bought 60k ID because of ID2020, so now, what does this token even do?

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This coin makes it seem like charity but it’s actually fuggin sicko psychopath shit

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Picture says it all.

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Like 5 days old. It will 100x easy.

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NFTs are the future.
For that reason, you should buy TAP.
Micro cap at around 400k right now.
You're welcome.

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I know the coin is new but is there a timeline for any of this? When is staking supposed to happen?

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haha, lukta pengjane frå denne mynten du også ja.

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you're not alone, I have to use 3 apps to track different metrics. staking release next week.

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That's a lie. Everest is right there, on ID2020's website. Check under programs.

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verda er liten

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Anyone know when staking starts at what APR? Got a comfy 20k bag and can't wait to stake this beauty

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ID2020 and Everest worked on the pilot in Indonesia. They are no longer working together. We just had this discussion, fuck off.

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Staking starts next week. Up to 40% APY

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This coin is unethical

>> No.28701580

It's time

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>Why the comparison to RBC?
Because it's another scamcoin. They used to compare to ASKO too and look at ASKO now

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ASKO had a correction. This was expected to anyone who isn't a retard.

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Fuck me I'm ngmi. Put my entire risky shitcoin dedicated stack into fucking ASKO to gamble on earning a make it stack of ID before app/staking launch. Too fudded to put all my comfy safe holds into ID.

Gleder meg til å skatte av med nesten null skatt i utlandet om et par år. Håper dere er gode snille borgere og at deres 40% kommer godt til nytte for fedrelandet ;)

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Are you guys not seeing the chance here?
We pump it, get paid, then dump our bags on the NWO
It's literally the dream scenario /biz/bros

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It has to be for it to be as trustless decentralized network that incentivizes participants to play fairly

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Ja, steikje det, du burde sjekke ut wcres også.

>> No.28702588

>Gleder meg til å skatte av med nesten null skatt i utlandet om et par år.
Raudpill meg.

Og haha, kjøpte asko eg også, trur den går opp igen snart.

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Vart har du tänkt att casha ut för att undvika/minimera skatten?

t. nordbroder, även om ni hatar oss.

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speak english this is america

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hald kjeft skræling

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Jævla laban fittekuk.

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this is fucking bullshit

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nearly at Camp 1 on our summit to the top

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>not gaving auto translate on your computer

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Will we reach the UFO crash site?

>> No.28703432

Because anything that's actually NWO does not need to hide anything any longer

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So what does holding the chain gets me, stake based currency? What’s at stake?
This is basically a database of people who have nowhere else to go for corporations to exploit, from my understanding.

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this is scotland, retard

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Go eat haggis you sick fuck

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The NWO stuff seems like either fud or ignorance. This is why you DYOR. The whole point of ID is that the user is in control of who they share their identity with. This is giving me mild globalist vibes but you will have control over your ID and wallet, not Bill Gates. It should be beneficial to third worlders, but that doesn’t mean the wallet won’t be usable and highly functional for people everywhere. I guess we’ll find out soon, I think this will be huge.

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Kan bare si at jeg allerede bor og har oppholdstillatellse i et land med veldig lav skatt på krypto, og har rett til å bli statsborger dersom jeg ønsker det. Kommer 100% til å dumpe comfy norsk statsborgerskap hvis jeg tjener opp nok penger.

>> No.28704426

No, watched a few video and read the website and outside of what the papers say, you have to think about the ramifications of such a database in the hands of job needy people, the tool is still used by globalist megacorps

>> No.28704724

its a double edged sword like this anon >>28703559 said, it’s pretty morally grey but it’s happening anyway

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How is this a scamcoin? Nothing I have found has raised any indian flags. Estonian maybe, but Estonians are generally pretty based in my experience.

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Don't respond to fudders

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EOY for this?

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>you have to think about the ramifications of such a database in the hands of job needy people
I agree with your sentiment, but I think a main selling point of ID is that job needy people won’t have access to your data. Bob Reid has covered this already. I guess we will see if all of this is true when they go live. This is a good video for those who haven’t seen it.

>> No.28705607

Basert, tenker på det sjølv, men vanskelig å forlate famile og vennar.
>statsborgerskap hvis jeg tjener opp nok penger.
Kor mykje tenkjar du? Sitter på 12m NOK sjølv men klare lett å tene 0,75% til å betale formueskatt kvart år.

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boys we have liftoff

pic related: average everest FUDer

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bought 990 ID sirs

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the problem with this coin is that low IQ hype coiners don’t understand its purpose, how do you get the retards from biz to invest in this.

>> No.28706421

This is kind of a gamble at 90 000 000$ mrc but the documentation is great and Bob Reid seems articulated and intelligent from the footages that I’ve seen, I’m putting in 20 ETH if it dips.

>> No.28706476

I put $100k in just because of SoftBank whales

>> No.28706541

What SoftBank whales?

>> No.28706678

This coin and project behind it is extremely stupid.
The amount of shilling on /biz/ is unbelievable and very often cringe. Fellow anon reading this, I advise you to be cautious if you intend to trade any Everest.

>> No.28706873

>This coin and project behind it is extremely stupid.
Explain why.

>> No.28706912

kor gamal er du? eg er 19, byrja for tre veker sidan og hev no 100k, alt på ID. vil eg mekkja det?

>> No.28706923

No offense guys but almost every major corporation has lots of fucked up shit they are doing behind closed doors, hell, some do it out in the open. Atleast with this shit you can hop in early and fucking bounce. You aren’t signing a blood contract.

>> No.28706934

Hes a priced out pajeet thats beginning to realise he will miss out.

>> No.28706977

Er kinda poorfag med <200k atm, men er billig å leve her. Sikter bare på å ikke trenge å jobbe de neste 10-20 årene if første omgang og så vurdere hvordan jeg tar det derfra. Noen få mill blir mer enn nok. Started bare a trade crypto/stocks for veldig kort tid siden, men har allerede ca +50% profits, og har noen gode kontakter. Ett råd: hodl godt på link ut året ;) Du kommer ikke til å angre.

Kan forresten hende jeg ikke trenger å faktisk si opp norskt statsborgerskap og at jeg allerede har rett til å skatte her i stedet, men tar det også når det kommer. Har i alle fall en sikker last resort ved å bytte statsborgerskapp.

>> No.28707004

25, ja, fy faen ID blir vilt.

>> No.28707128

Lykke til anonsen, håpe du får dine mill.
Du har rett til å skatte i x land etter du har vært buande der i 3-4 år.

>> No.28707136

biz has been hitting multiple 10x and 100x gems lately

>> No.28707142

kor mykje hadde du på min alder? er det for seint for meg? eg gjekk frå 75k til 250k med gme men miste mykje etterpå fordi eg var dum med eit par kryptomynter

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Do your own research. Never listen to bots and mindless shills.

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>> No.28707256

Begynte når eg var 23.
Du har god tid mann, gå fullt inn på krypto nå, og gå til stable coins når oksen er over, så kjøp alt billig.

>> No.28707468

I really don’t understand how people can’t see, if this coin is to become global, it HAS TO STAY UNDER $5 MAX

Idiots on this board have such chaotic brains they can’t even see what they’re attempting to trade in. The simple fact and irony of crypto traders is
>any coin that can pump 250x would make a TERRIBLE currency
>any coin that you want to be globally adopted has to NOT pump ever

You’ve all been lulled into this bizarre mindset where you think volatility=good (because it makes traders money) even though literally for an actual currency volatility = bad.

>> No.28707478

Er 16 år å har bare en formue på 100 mill ahh bros... Ngmi

>> No.28707576

You do realise this isn't the coin itself that the chipped retards would be using right? That's a separate thing.

>> No.28707634

Det er over gutt...

>> No.28707652

Stop being a fucking drama queen sell the token, don’t kyc, and build your bunker in peace like the rest of us

>> No.28707763

Takker så mye. Håper du også lander på månen med dine ID selv om jeg kanskje blir værene igjen her nede.

>> No.28707864

Retard, you don’t get the use of this project, do you? Read the papers again, slowmo.

>> No.28707875

Then what value does ID have, why buy it?

>> No.28707958

So ID is just a non-productive share of Everest that doesn’t have any value except speculative?

>> No.28708030

If you're asking that you are NGMI and I won't spoonfeed a fag, you will be chipped, vaccinated & fed ze bugs and you VILL BE HAPPY.

>> No.28708306

So it’s just another PND, thanks

Btw if this becomes the global currency then it’s the only thing you’ll be able to cash out into, so it’s actually you who will be chipped and bugged

>> No.28708475

I'm only spoon-feeding after $5, if you want to make big gains you can do the research yourself the same as the rest

>> No.28708498

Refer to first everest thread with genuine mcap predictions of 10-20 billion by eoy

>> No.28708524

>durr what value is ID information technology and disenfranchisement of third world workers
This token is everything the mob has wet dream about

>> No.28708621


>> No.28708675

Youre gonna be sucking my asshole EOY, might let you out of the cage once in a while to give you your daily vaccine boost and a plate of bugs.

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File: 485 KB, 828x1379, A70ED00F-3EE8-4332-BBAB-0DB05763B1DF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone put this in telegram.

>> No.28708725

Why don't you fucking do some research retard? This half-assed fud isn't scaring anyone away.

>> No.28708751

Just grab a bag, we are finally out of the 65c/75c crabbing hell so the only way from here is up

>> No.28708799

>global currency
fuck off newfag

>> No.28708809

.91 cents...breaking resistance bros. $1 imminent

>> No.28708853


Take a look at this!

>> No.28709090

It’s not spoon feeding because I don’t want to buy, because it has no inherent value except speculation and none of you seem able to explain why it’s magically going to pump to enormous heights. You’re not buying he technology, or dividend paying shares of it. Just another token that has no value except a greater fool.

Ie you are low IQ hypers who don’t know what you’re buying.

>> No.28709244

It's supposed to become an easy to token to get with fiat. It'll serve as a fiat-in and fiat-out crypto for the whole everest digital ID system. That's what will give it utility.

That and being well integrated into the everest platform.

>> No.28709298


They have to tell you what they’re doing. It’s the rules.

They can wear a clown costume when they tell you they can flush toilets on the stream but they have to tell you.

>> No.28709486

Yes, but according to their website they want Azerbaijani Alpaca herders to use it to buy potatoes. If you need to stake one ID to send payments then it can’t moon or nobody’s grandma will be able to adopt it to buy her groceries.

>> No.28709617

Ie it’s a typical case of mooning being antithetical to the entire idea of the project

Real currency cannot be pumped to the moon or it will stop being real currency

>> No.28709696
File: 292 KB, 750x1624, 8C648BC7-ED2F-48F9-91B0-177F3AEDBEDF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, I never would have thought that I was gonna get rich by contributing to some Illuminati shit

>> No.28709971


This isnt a currency you absolute low iq brainlet. This token is staking/shares of the Everest network. You need to stake the token to operate as an financial actor/business on their chain.

The currency used on the chain as explained in the whitepaper is CRDT a stablecoin that is always worth 0.01$.

dumbass midwit

>> No.28710024

where is whitepaper?

>> No.28710029


>> No.28710042

This moon mission is hiding in plain sight, while street shitters are pumping garbage ass projects like REEF

>> No.28710124

stop trying to make this a thing fags. nobody wants this shitcoin

>> No.28710170

www everestlink org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/EverestFoundationPlatformTechBriefv320.pdf

>> No.28710202

It’s a utility token and the amount needed will decrease with price rises

>> No.28710224

>You need to stake the token to operate as an financial actor/business on their chain

Yeah, and the project is aiming to let Adewale pay for his rice in the middle of the Congo. So how is he going to do that when an ID costs him 3 years wages?

Answer, he’s not, because they’re going to control the price of an ID by making them infinite.

>> No.28710290

Nobody wanted Chainlink and panic sold after SIBOS too, so stop trying to FUD it. You are already out.

>> No.28710332

I got 10k. I can buy 10k more. Should I?

>> No.28710371

Wait until my TNX is confirmed, price dropped again. Then you are allowed, yes.

>> No.28710387


>> No.28710497
File: 435 KB, 750x1224, 121EE7BE-08C0-452D-ABC5-9C24DF3C6F5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s never going above a few dollars.

>> No.28710526


Absolute cope. read the whitepaper and dont try to use your brain for thinking.

Even if it doesnt get adopted, this is going 5x just from the speculation.

>> No.28710545

Look how many reach the billion market cap. It will happen again.

>> No.28710549

You just keep showing how stupid you are

>> No.28710602 [DELETED] 

The CEO has addressed this in interviews as well as (I think) in the AMA from a few days ago

>> No.28710659

hei gutar, her er det gull

>> No.28710664

Low-effort FUD, CEO addressed this directly in AMA and previous interviews. Price of $ID does not need to stay cheap, thresholds can/will be adjusted as needed taking into account higher token price.

>> No.28710696

The partnerships lend it credence, but the website is absolute dogshit, seems like a scam to me.

>> No.28710701

okay boys, let's shut her down. this guy just totally proved the project will never work. so much for all that brilliant planning and money spent.

>> No.28710754

Visa, Indonesia, Ethereum Foundation and more BTFO

>> No.28710777

yeah some anon just proved them all to be a bunch of dumb dicks

>> No.28710819

Of course the project will work, that doesn’t mean it’s staking tokens are worth 100x what they are now

>> No.28710936

Cope, seethe & dilate.

>> No.28710956

if shit like dogecoin can perform like crazy in this kind of market, this will be an actual honest to god moonshot once it takes off. there'll be a correction later, but the potential is huge. plus us dollar is becoming worthless very quickly...

>> No.28710984


What’s your exit price anon?

>> No.28711167

What does it fuckin do bro?

>> No.28711408

Is the website seriously not worrying any of you?
It’s worse than most pnd scam coins sites

>> No.28711523

Everest isn't a web design company

>> No.28711596


He said he wasn't working with the UN. Nothing about ID2020

>> No.28711640

Never looked at the eth website. Made huge amounts of money trading it. Who gives a fuck about a website?

>> No.28711729

That’s not the point, a supposedly large project with loads of backing should be able to afford a decent website.
I’m actually amazed how awful it is, you could get a uni student to do a better job for a few hundred dollars.
Just screams scam, not saying it is, but it’s certainly putting me off investing.

>> No.28711800

Because this is a new token and the website is the first place I’m going to go for info after coin gecko and I’m greeted by fucking stock images.

>> No.28711820

This is way too crazy, fucking delete all Everest threads and shut the fuck up boys.

>> No.28711965

Is it cheaper on Kyber? wanted to buy some TORN yesterday on Uni but these fees.. holy cow.

>> No.28711989

4 000 000 SENT
12 ETH
3000 RBC
5000 LINK
3000 ID
500 HBAR
650 GRT
Am I gonna make it lads

>> No.28712063


>> No.28712277
File: 22 KB, 400x400, 8388EEB9-6DFD-4AEE-A9EE-03D167ADBA39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice penny token blockfolio fren

>> No.28712526
File: 532 KB, 1410x1044, Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 19.48.50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck it solid


>> No.28712690

my sir? youve already arrived

>> No.28712706

Retarded Nigger
Everest is literally a function of id2020

>> No.28712831

nah there’s built in watchlists.
just look at the images in the gaming pdf

>> No.28713105 [DELETED] 
File: 105 KB, 1077x484, HFSP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28713229
File: 105 KB, 1077x484, HFSP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28713425

you’re already near 500 000 right? whats your destination anon?

>> No.28713922
File: 349 KB, 1870x1112, Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 20.33.06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


look at orderbook. Some bigger bot want to keep the price under 90c

>> No.28713960

okay I bough 2.7k of these and I paid $100 gas fee for it I hope it is worth it

>> No.28714352

Eh, okay for me. I will buy moar

>> No.28714425


>> No.28714426

Accumulation will never get as easy as now.

>> No.28714448

is this a coordinated pajeet pump and dump? why so many threads all of sudden?

>> No.28714535

Same faggot mcdc spammers preying on newfags as "bots" and "early whales" suck eth out of the system until it finally collapses. Many such cases!

>> No.28714572

No this project is legit. Just do some research

>> No.28714590

Yeah. Pajeet PnD's have advanced to the level of having presidents of 1st world nations on the advisory board.

>> No.28714678
File: 3.04 MB, 444x250, 1613058499672.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>b-b-b-but thats a schizo conspiracy theory!!!

>> No.28714705

because it has 4x in less than a week and has huge releases coming this week.

>> No.28714783

>it was the CIA newfags

>> No.28714941


>> No.28715229

wtf how do they already have so many connections, I thought this just launched?

nwo coin for real?

>> No.28715595

its literally nwo coin

>> No.28715628
File: 1.05 MB, 3609x1738, 1612838908077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based accoomer fudder.
I am getting sick of spoonfeeding though


Truth is, I have 2 adderall prescriptions and went hard into research the past couple of days. I did this because the FUD almost got to me. My gut instincts based off of this were right though

They didn't just launch, this is just a different flavor of Mojaloop it seems.
>but but they can't integrate into banks thats retarded
They are using the same software as banks. Mojaloop is fucking XRP too. The XRP schizos seem to be right about some things. However, its not going to be XRP taking the stage. This is XRP 2.0


>> No.28715650

Only came out the other day lad

>> No.28716128


>> No.28716191
File: 450 KB, 666x548, sergey betray 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28716340

i am so glad i didn't listen to fud

will this ever be below $1 again?

>> No.28716399
File: 67 KB, 1422x1106, diB7M2t6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys literally you did not see that fucking huge green dildo from $0.60 all the way up to $120?
Accumulation till $1.2 is over and after that we are going to top20 by may.

>> No.28716459
File: 1.08 MB, 1001x1100, 1598572833319.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats quite the correction you had there anon.

>> No.28716497

Is blockfolio broken or just slow as shit?

>> No.28716563
File: 39 KB, 400x282, 1611519591819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1 dollarino imminent!!

>> No.28716619

Pajeets and fudders on suicide watch

>> No.28716808

It’s bot. Someone bought 3 eth and the bot front run and he was like -50% as soon as his trade executed.

>> No.28716870

I'm not sure yet. I bought a stacklet at .50, and put in more around .70. I really do think there's sky high potential with this project, however, it's going to take a couple years to fully accomplish. So I'm torn on whether I want to try to swing this a bit as it's likely to moon relatively soon.

>> No.28717089

How to avoid shit like this? Low slippage?

>> No.28717133

use delta
blockfolio is slow as fuck and you do not have all coins. In delta you can add even stocks and metals

>> No.28717134

oh shit this shitcoin was in development for 2 years already?

>> No.28717183

Please explain to a brainlet the difference between this and a project like VIDT, that also had all these high profile backing but never really went anywhere

>> No.28717208

this shitcoin is running off of the same code banks do.
this shitcoin is the bank software

>> No.28717573

good digging mate.
This project is going places, I almost stop being even interested in uniswap shitcointrading anymore. If you have a bit bigger stack you can build business around this.

But what do you think its going so much under radar? you can not hear about that a lot and they seem like dont give a fuck about publicity. Also when they introduce whole dev team?

>> No.28717597
File: 4 KB, 141x115, 1587308692822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks just bought 5k suicide stack

>> No.28717656

can I have more details about that? what exactly?

>> No.28717703

higher slippage, like 1%

>> No.28717709

Why can’t this piece of shit hit a dollar?

>> No.28717766

Just bought more, have a 15,000 stack now.
Will it be easy to sell via metamask if it pumps?
I had problems trying to sell donut before and ended up losing like 5k.

It actually sounds like a potentially interesting coin and the fact it's a week old is pretty nice,
not sure why but I'm getting early rsr vibes,
do any of the twitter idiots know about it yet?
Surely once the big names find out it'll get to 2-3$ pretty sharpish..

>> No.28717784

people selling off around one dollar, give it a couple hours and we'll break through

>> No.28717862

HUGE wallets keeping price down, lots of wallets have run out of ID now and will soon fly, they will regret this day for sure

>> No.28717873

you're thinking about it backwards. a flashy website screams scam to me.

>> No.28718019
File: 100 KB, 720x720, 1587952191631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The memes just write themselves, don't they?

>> No.28718060


this. think about it.

if you're a scammer, you put all the money and all your time into making a website look really good and professional to get people to buy.

if you're a legit project with a smallish team (Everest), you're not gonna spend time perfecting your website when you need to get on developing your idea.

>> No.28718063

remember the backlash microsoft faced around covid? people were mad that they were trying to profit off of it and interject themselves into a health crisis as a tech company.
I think they did this as a facade, so they wouldn't face public backlash.
Maybe XRP really was supposed to be the plan for their global system like according to the schizo general. I don't know.
Yes, look at the Mojaloop link. I only know as much as what is in the links. I can't figure anything else out besides whats in the open like this. I have a bunch of other misc articles too, some of them aren't on topic or even related. I will dump them.
Wait until next week to see if there is a CEX listing. It should be going on FTX. It is all but confirmed, probably because of regulations/NDAs

Some of these might not be related:

>> No.28718434
File: 294 KB, 744x881, everchad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28718620


>> No.28718671


>> No.28718672

FUCK i cant find the etherscan account that was from Everest that sent 3600 ETH to FTX, probably for liquidity for a listing

>> No.28718772

fuck off

>> No.28718903

not very pog of you anon

>> No.28719070
File: 212 KB, 361x355, 1585081100589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28719181

we're gonna make it anons. We're gonna make it!!!!
The everchads were right and beta fudjeets were wrong. 1$ by EOTW

>> No.28719287

Where do you buy this?

>> No.28719360

uniswap or kybar


There will be a CEX listing soon though. I am still trying to track down the wallet that pretty much confirms it

>> No.28719395

Uniswap and kyberswap

>> No.28719399

If you dont know how to look that up in 3 seconds, DONT BUY EVEREST.

>> No.28719400

DYOR newfag

>> No.28719452
File: 87 KB, 326x305, AE0F5CFA-03EB-4F76-9F94-6AC259F53B12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28719492


>> No.28719493


>> No.28719517

Hugh, good luck homie.

>> No.28719558


theres even more than these, im goign to get like 2, any advice?

>> No.28719676
File: 112 KB, 940x1024, 1612562473392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found the 3600 ETH transfer from the day of the ICO

>> No.28719683

Get ID before it's too late
Shit is too backed to fail
When it hits Binance, it's top ten by default

>> No.28719886

i hold idle bro its too good but i keep looking at id too

>> No.28719952
File: 1.23 MB, 2880x1618, 86E3C8FC-4D41-41F9-A2B3-644185E761C2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is your portfolio nwochads?
2. Everest
4. NU
Shitcoin gamble:
5. BFI

>> No.28720030

I mean do you buy clothes or eat burgers? Those things are infinitely more evil than what ID are doing

>> No.28720111

someone screencap this

>> No.28720114

Do you want to live in the global elitist illuminati world with having made money off ID or without? It's going to happen anyway

>> No.28720133
File: 340 KB, 762x430, everestholders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everest holders meeting up

>> No.28720181

pretty good sir, please buy rubic, it stays rubic stays cubic sir

>> No.28720213


>> No.28720247

Are there stake rewards for this, what are they?

>> No.28720267
File: 3 KB, 125x120, winrar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine buying rubic instead of ID

>> No.28720312
File: 40 KB, 600x631, 1611499722943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bought ID and DGCL

thank you bros wgmi

>> No.28720615

based ngl, almost same as mine

>> No.28720890

investing in your own demise is feeling good (for now) bros

>> No.28720925

Imagine buying both and feeling comfy

>> No.28721085

Please let me know what suicide stack equals?

>> No.28721113

this. need to know

>> No.28721281


>> No.28721365

how does this confirm it ?

>> No.28721684



50 IDs for free

>> No.28721759

You had time to get in pajeet, just neck yourself now noone cares that you're getting left behind

>> No.28721913

ok buddy I am already in just asking how does that confirm it go have your tantrum somewhere else

>> No.28722016

$6.5m sent to FTX wallet

>> No.28722134

okay and how is it related to the ID token ?

>> No.28722197

This is legit anons

>> No.28722211

$6.5m worth of ID sent to FTX wallet, brainlet

>> No.28722908

cool so they are dumping it on listing?

>> No.28722961

You're fucking retarded

>> No.28722997

$40? lol you poor faggots are so desperate. "guys I put my entire 5k net worth into this coiyyn it needs to 50x so i can retire" not gonna happen retard. I am targetting $2.25 for a 5x then im dumping on you poor niggers.

>> No.28723001

there is no 3600 eth worth of ID erc20 token transaction it is just 3600 ethereum

>> No.28723028

thanks. just lost my house

>> No.28723049

They need liquidity to enable trading.

>> No.28723079

You think you dumping your poorfag stack is gonna have any effect on bill gates?

>> No.28723084

godspeed anons

>> No.28723150

if I had a chance to change anything I would like to shoot this pajeets who shilled here this trash
have already lost 1500$1700$ for their scam bot
who this nigger that made this fucking retarded bot
seems like it is better to wait for full-ecosystem release for Bot Ocean and their strategies
my purse is crying

>> No.28723216

When you realize Bob worked at bit torrent for three years in the early days and is basically a P2P OG

>> No.28723265

Brown people out.

>> No.28723268


>> No.28723351

yeah the bots are fucking shit
someone should go break their servers

>> No.28723520
File: 525 KB, 1248x2560, Screenshot_20210215-004615_Chrome_resized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no 3600 ethereum worth ID token transaction this random address just açsent 3600 ethereum to ftx exchange

>> No.28723523

speak english you fucking pajeets

>> No.28723568

3m rsr
20k everest

am i gonna make it?

>> No.28723695

Not sure about the rsr, but just the 20k everest should be enough fren

>> No.28723788

How does 6 bakjbfnwsfhakifwjuf dollars sound?

>> No.28723851

Når eg var på din alder voldtok eg eit reinsdyr og stappa 102 egg i ræva t eit sykt beltedyr. Vi kjem alle t å mekkja det.

>> No.28724079

2700 everest here, im ngmi am i?

>> No.28724108

I put 7k into rsr in 2019 and it's worth 225k now, feeling pretty good about holding, but looking for another low cap that will 10-20x...
maybe everest is my new baby

omg i'm cooming!

>> No.28724188

Guess that makes me redpilled then. Everest/ID is quite literally the mark of the beast I think. If they ever try to force 100% of people to use it, my goal is to get rich, innawoods and find out how to cash things out that way... in either scenario I will NOT be buying this shit

>> No.28724210

Anyway to buy it outside of uniswap? I am over eth gas fees right now....

>> No.28724236

trust me fren, it's 10$ by june

>> No.28724247

100mcap +++++ is nowadays low cap?

>> No.28724542

"A stock in a publicly-traded company with low amount of market capitalization. In general, a small-cap company has a market capitalization of less than $1 billion or $2 billion, but there is no specific definition".

I mean smaller, new. unheard of coins, which rsr was when I bought it.

>> No.28724800

Wow, his view from the kitchen window is pretty comfy. I dont understand any of what hes saying though seems like a cool guy

>> No.28724869

Get over that Bible schizo shit already!

>> No.28724951

I downloaded kyberswap to buy ID but why is the app in chinese?

>> No.28725077

You just got chinked

>> No.28725254

jesus christ what the fuck is this? Everest is partnered with ID2020 which is an NGO made up up Microsoft, Accenture, The Rockefeller Foundation, Gavi, and Ideo. They have Mastercard listed as a general partner as well. https://id2020.org/alliance

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