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Bottom was 15c, now mooning to 0.5c.
Screencap this.


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gonna either thank you or hate you
but fuck it bro im buying in. that ass doe.
is the best place on uniswap?

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Yeah probably. You can try to swap on metamask if you can get a better price.

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Want more Asses?

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Loool PLT passed ASKO. Asko scam?

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send me all you got fr

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The prediction yesterday was 0.3 EOD and we almost got there so I hope you're right again this time OP

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trust me, this shit is undervalued as fuck.

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yo boy send me more asses

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what's the target sirs?

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I will masterbate to this nigger

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1$ EOW.

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you wanna see more senpai?

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>that logo

5mins in inkscape, 1st try?

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Ouch, this shit just dumped HARD

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$0.3 EOD.
bookmark me

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you could buy now and actually double your money

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ASKO was audited too and look how that turned out. This is constantly marketed as "the ASKO killer" and shilled in every single ASKO thread. That does not bode well for this project's legitimacy one bit.

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ASKO might be decent project, but the team is so amateur. Thats not the case with this.

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Ah yes, the old doubletop rugpull, nice nice
The ceo of this coin bought all the followers on twitter for the coins account
10k followers and between 0-30 engagement on his posts
also calls people cuck and says that the coin is going to moon on the coins own account

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Its a literal rugpull scamcoin, they do that.
Hard luck to all the faggot newfags getting rekt and scammed through this stinking shitecoin
Do better