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Give it to me straight /biz/.
Am I getting to 1mil this year?

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this is around 600k EOY

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Dump the Btc

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If it were me I would dump 7 of those ETH in to lower cap alts.

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not if you HODL.
HODL is a good meme if you can collect cheap alts during a bear market, NOT during a bull run when you want to turn out as much profit as possible.

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into what, LINK?

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Monero will outpace ETH

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ngmi.. sad.

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Add AVAX and GRT

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x3 at most, only low marketcap do x10 easily

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Btc might hit 100k... Eth might hit 10k... So no you won't hit 1m this year with that portfolio

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you have a chance. a slim chance but a chance. I might recommend dabbling in web3 apps and stuff like API3 but that's just my opinion

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do the needful

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What about me anons

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what about LINK? with staking released it could get me close enough

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ah sorry, didn't realize you were just a faggot looking to gamble and not actually invest.

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Once you reach 200k, join the /biz/ Six fig hell club

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Tell me I’ll make it there by Summer. Been living like a pauper for 4 years to build this.

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>A hug group for retards

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I need a 4x

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you need to play alts to get to 1 mil. or dump most btc to eth.

I recommend buying a bunch of UNN and OPEN as they will be top gainers this year. both low marketcaps

also DGCL if you like nfts.

dyor of course

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Drop is all into Jarvis Exchange and have 1.78M by Mid-March. Thank me later

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Give it to me straight /biz/.
Am I getting to 1mil this year?

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Briefly, maybe.

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unlikely, if so not for long. youre better off all in link

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You will if the whole market goes x10.

In a bullrun like this it's easy to outperform the market, but you can't do that with top10 coins.

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Will I reach $100k this year bros?

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Go lower mcap, you'll get there faster.

Consider EXRD, will enter top20 this year.

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Thanks anon

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These two seem shilled as fuck lately. How much higher are they going

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When and if you do, tether up and let everyone else know to do so too because that would be the top

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God, I think about how it would be boss to have 100+ ETH. What was your average buy in?

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Haha no way dude.

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GRT is going back to sub 2 imo

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Get rid of scamlink

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Whats with all the low mcap shilling?
Just pajeets looking for pnd victims?

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Add GRT then that’s a solid portfolio, same as mine

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