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>tfw you realize literally every industry on the planet is saturated to shit
>tfw you realize that the population is increasing at a rapid rate
>tfw you realize 90% of zoomers are piling on mountains of debt for a piece of paper that will return nothing for most of them
>tfw they'll be priced out of literally everything
>tfw they're raised with a mentality that life is fair and that they're owed a living simply for existing
>tfw you realize there are literally no barriers to breeding
the oncoming nigger horde is actually going to happen isn't it bros?

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and now the true test of capitalism begins

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make money while you still can

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Wait till India is a 1st world nation. 7/11s on every street corner. A million scam texts a day from pajeet scammers. The future is very bleak frens.

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What do you mean "oncoming"
It's here friendo
Next time you think capitalism is the problem, ask yourself if government is involved

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the government is composed of and ruled by corporations. the west is what late stage ancap looks like

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They're all just systems for organizing human life

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this post just set off a chain reaction of realizations in my brain and i feel dizzy

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brainlet communist keep your drivel on reddit

pound your head against the wall to cure it, should make you smarter than you are now

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Only midwits think that if you dislike capitalism or have any complaints you MUST be a communist.

Why engage in topics you’re not prepared for?

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According to ron paul we're living under communism
Guess communism wasn't that bad uh guys?

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>Wait till India is a 1st world nation
Won’t happen in my lifetime
>it’s here
I haven’t personally noticed it affecting my life yet. That’s what I mean by “oncoming”, as in aggressively

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I'll just sell covered calls and earn minimum wage, while I perpetual backpack around South East Asia on $20 a day.

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>literally no barriers to breeding

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whats a covered call?
t.guy who lives in south east asia

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I've seen political/economic definitions abused to the point of absurdity a hundred million times, mocking retards who think they're redpilled on something is the only sensible response.

>the state controls basically every aspect of society and the economy... hurrr durrr free market capitalism (which I don't have a working accurate definition of outside of what some parasites on the public dole told me) did this... save me politicians! we need to vote for the right people and give them tons of power to reign in unchecked capitalism!

^it always amounts to something as dumb as this.. That sentiment has been around for over a hundred years or more and is infinitely more responsible for things being shit than the existence of private property (to the extent it's even real) and voluntary trade (to the extent it is even permitted).

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>live on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere
Euros and burgers are in for a hard few decades while their borders are overrun, but I'll be chilling

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why not give the workers partial ownership of corporations?
It'd be the same as unions.

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I had a similar realization whilst under the influence of weed, however that is just the tip of the iceberg

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be white
buy bitcoin
move to a super majority white small country

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Except if you're a decent young white male of course

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I 1/2 agree with you but there's no point in responding like that to people. Either respond earnestly with effort posting or don't respond at all, otherwise you just contribute to the dumb

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Workers should all be put to death.

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but then who will til the soil?

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He is not wrong in a sense that certain monopolies control the government. This issue is that we gave the state the power to enter the economy in the first place, allowing lobbying more profitable than producing the best quality product at the cheapest price.
Capitalism is just doing what is profitable, this works fine when the state does not have the power to keep competitors out or regulate shit. If lobbying is more profitable than competing, it makes sense to do so. IF you don't someone else will, and fuck you over.

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Fuck you normie faggots. I don’t give a fuck about the state of the world because I’m a friendless NEET. I spend all day inside on my computer. So the nigger cattle or whatever can go ahead and rape your society to hell and back. Fuck if I care.

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We are living in something called "interventionism" its a mix between the two. And arguably worse than both. It also leads to full blown socialism.
We had capitalism here, it is what the industrial revolution is based on and what made the US such a powerhouse.

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Even China isn't first world yet, more like advanced second world. But the the 1st itself is sliding into 2nd world tier too... So maybe there's just no 1st world anymore

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Basically if you have 100 shares of a stock, then you can earn money from that stock every week by selling the option to someone else to buy it from you at a higher price. You'll find hundreds of explanations on YouTube if you just search "covered calls"

Where are you right now Anon? I miss my girl in Cambodia

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how can you prevent the state from interfering in the free market, when it's an artifice created by it in the first place?

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i believe what you're referring to is something called corruption.
Corruption is a bitch.
Now you know that feel.

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For one thing don't give a private bank control of the money supply. Get rid of the fed.

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>Capitalism is just doing what is profitable, this works fine when the state does not have the power to keep competitors out or regulate shit
Except for when monopolies inevitably show up. When will you libertarians learn that free market doesn't work. And no you can't beat a monopoly with a better startup because the monopoly doesn't just control the market, it controls the supply chains, the distribution, the platform, the customers, the fucking everything. A monopoly can always destroy a startup no matter how great the startup is. Unless you're starting up an entire alternative industry where the monopoly has no power

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Can you explain to a brainlet in 2-3 sentences the difference between socialism and communism?

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In communism property is abolished and money doesn't exist. Socialism is just capitalism with a big government the messes with the markets and a lot of government programs

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socialism-terminator 4

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No, we really just have neoliberal corporatism and money printing. It’s not so bad if you like being a drone that’s getting poorer and poorer, while having your society and culture dismantled.

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That sounds fucking insane. True if big

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Pajeets will never be first world, they literally have a genetic based caste system.

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capitalism is the idea of profit and loss dictating where an economy should be going. economics means resources being put towards where they are most valued.
socialism is the idea that a centralized authority should control the flow of profit and loss. However without the flexibility of individuals in the market you end up with resources not being put towards their best uses.

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if you think that was crazy, watch this. you will ascend to the 4th dimension https://youtu.be/Ebq0iMcVpf0

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It's going to be way worse than you think.

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>bro money isn't real lmao
>buy shiny rocks they exist and therefore are fairly priced
Quintessentially midwit

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You mean banks not corporations and Judaism not ancap

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The government creates monopolies you communist retard.

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Orwellian Social Darwinism bitch

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And in a free economy no one company can become so big that it will be able to influence the supply and distribution chains? Why the fuck would that be the case?

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>Muh communism vs capitalism

Two hands of the Jew. One siphons wealth to the top slow enough to not cause a straight up revolution, the other tells the people that got fucked by the first one that the middle class is to blame, watches as the lower class kill the middle class, then rules over the lower class unchallenged.

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Even europe is too diverse in culture. Africa is struggling to get together.

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Why do.yoi think Elon musk and Jeff bezos are building spaceships lmao

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Corporations can't handle competition bros.
That's why general mills, general motors, jpmorgan, proctor and gamble.. went bust and got replaced by competitors.
Oh wait.

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Communism is still worse though because it's just evolutionary failures and genetic rejects ganging up on the successful and smashing society back down to a level they can operate at. Failed every time it's been tried and even when it was "working" it was only because of capitalism.

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>nearly TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND pages in the federal regulations register strangling innovation and blocking innovators from starting companies more easily

oh yeah, it's capitalism time

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zoom zooms gonna buy my bags and then said zoom zooms gonna sell it to xoom xooms

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A monopoly can only be in power for as long as they are best able to provide to the consumer.
A monopoly can only impact competitors if we allow the state to impact peoples choices. A monopoly could control every grocer and maybe the supply chain that brings in goods. But it cannot stop someone from bringing in a product for cheaper or better quality, if there is profit to be made by providing the consumer the best value for their dollar it will happen inevitable.
Socialism vs free market.
Slavery vs freedom
What we have now is socialism vs interventionalism.

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Kek idk why but that meme made me piss myself for 5 mins straight

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Communism kills the most productive people in society.

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So they can handle competition with government bailouts

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it's what plants CRAVE

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Well look at Russia.
According to your theory they should all be retarded.
But its filled with l33t hackers and chess masters.
What happened?

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>unironically thinking that its the government that is the problem, and not the massively overbloated corporations

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It's not, you're just not looking hard enough. For every industry that dies two new ones emerge. Look how much wealth was created around sending internet numbers to each other. It's actually fucking insane, a trillion industry.

Yes, the nigger hordes are coming, and they want to buy shit

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The government is just a corporation that owns a lot of land

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Can never get them all. That's why this time they're going to get rid of all whites and avoid risking any big brains falling through the cracks.

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Hoping a 4chan autist can Hitlerpill me, sorry if this sounds retarded: did adolf go after the Jews because he somehow knew they were problematic or did they become society controlling long noses after the Holocaust as some sort of revenge for the oppression? I know nothing about Jewish banking history. Also maybe point me towards somewhere I can watch or read more about this

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>be Am*erican in year 2030
>every company is owend by amazon/google/facebook
>only two classes: prime consumer / non prime consumer
>My google home subsciption is due today
>gotta pay on time or I'll get evicted
>easy, just put it on one of my credit cards
>on the bus reading my information ration provided by facebook
>"this year's redistribution fee for POC and trans women is just 2 days away, y'all!!"
>have to pay double because I'm a white male oppressor
>easy, just put it on one of my cradit cards
>get to my job at amazon pack station
>work 12h with 10min break.
>on break, eat healthy non-gmo insect burger and read my second information ration for the day
>"We almost reached 100% diversity with our prime customers"
>diversety just means non-white nowadays
>finish work, today is finally payday!!
>recieve 0.001% dept release for one of my credit cards
>recieve my 100 Amazon non-prime consumer funco-pop stamps
>recieve 2 personalized non-prime consumer pleasure stamps
>can finally buy the Iron-man funco-pop after 4 month of work
>finally have enough pleasure stamps for non-interracial porn
>can finally watch white people gay porn
>would love to watch white hetero porn but it has been forbidden under the toxic white male act in 2022
>take bus home and read my last information ration for the day
>it's the social media ration, which is always my favorite
>"top ten funny and brave tweets by POC and trans women"
>updoot the article and get mandatory non-prime + non-POC + non-trans woman vote fee
>easy, just put it on one of my cradit cards
>go home, finally able to yank it
>go to sleep thinking about what funko-pop to get next