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Been shilling this on here since 25 cents
You had 3 years

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3.5 years lmao

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And now you seem to have moved on to OXEN, literally insane PA

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Fudding you mean

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so many years wasted on /pol/
i couldve been here

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just... why? you can say nigger here too. NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER. see? and we also hate jews here just like on /pol/. The only difference is, we aren't poor and stupid.

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this LINK chart got a nigga stayin up late...

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to be fair, /pol/ was fun as fuck during the 2016 election. i don't regret being there for that at all. staying from 2017-2021? big mistake, place is a dump and waste of time that will only lower your QoL. i was very lucky to stumble here mid-way thru the '17 bullrun.

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Damn, it was all true.
go one without me guys

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Holy fuck I miss this meme, it’s actually happening

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>You got lucky

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3.45 years

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/pol/ has never been good.

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did you not buy in satan?

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Been fudding this on here since 25 cents
They don't deserve those 3 years

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Thanks anon I bought 3 years ago because of the shilling and now I have $600k while I'm just 21.

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you will never be white

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Whatever. It was a good time, and I get a kick seeing people still posting my Trump memes 5 years later.

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neither will most of /pol/

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