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I have ~$2400 worth of crypto.
Is everyone here rich except me?

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poors dont browse here as much or are into the space as much or post here often

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No same

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I lost that much today lol

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$3600 rich boi here
eat shit dumbass

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I get that much money every 6 days of staking a crypto which will not be named. How does that make you feel Anon?

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I'm just under $1k started with $250

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yes n my dick is way bigger too

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started a week ago. i only had 350 but im up to 430 feels good man

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you will make it anon, I had 10k last month and now I have about 45k, but it took me like 7 months to get from 1k to 10k, but it can be done, just believe.

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i have like $40 in crypto and $130 in penny stocks. just started. i just invest what little spare cash i have after food and gas and paying for school.

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How did u do it annon?

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No you are not alone

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Started with $1000 this year, I now have $12,000, thanks /biz/

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I only have like $700
Only put in $300 but still

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We all start somewhere.

The goal being to work less as our money works for us. Every dollar counts because every dollar you've ever made came from your time.

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i bought maybe $900 in crypto and only managed to double it since april. this game has fucking stupid rewards for the amount of stress

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browse here long enough, and you're guaranteed to make money. just gotta learn how to weed out scams

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newfag and poorfag here. started 2 weeks ago with 250$, up to 530$. WAGMI

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lmao weak larp kid

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Crashed my truck back in December of 2019 (flipping it upside down due to road ice) only had like 5k in crypto at the time got 18k from insurance. Dumped it all in crypto. Now have 115k in crypto, 5k in pms, 14k in stonks. I thinks God is lookin out for me. Mind you I am poor fag college student, my truck was the only thing I was paying for from my min wage job, all else went to student loans. I went and bought a beater truck and just went all in. I believe we can all make it if we think about our decisions for a moment and deny ourselves of luxury for a little bit.

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10k here. Only a 2x so far.

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I have $24,000 worth of crypto. Is that styll poorfag status?

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Just started 2 years ago with 3.5k. At the moment I’m at 1.9k. Will sell when it hits $300.

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Started with 4k this summer so don't lose hope.

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A true /biz/raeli

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>started 200 up to 550
It'll take a while, but we'll make it bro

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well I don't know about you guys but I'm cashing out on june.

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I’m an oldfag retard. Not everyone here is a poorfag like you

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dude this is such a bad spread what are you doing? find low MC coins that havent mooned yet and consolidate to 3-4 token at most until you get some more to play with

check out $TRDL and ASKO.... $26 in SHIB? what's your plan there? just put that into something else that isnt a meme

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Good shit, anon. Keep it going

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I’ve never felt so bogged in my fucking life.

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i have less than that kek

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bought link at $6 and kept accoomulating, and gambled 1k on a shitcoin, made 14k off of that gamble, then gambled 5k on a second shitcoin made 25k on that now i have almost 1500 linkies

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>tfw had every reason to make it in 2017
lost it all on a few shitcoin and shit luck
went from 100 000 to 20 000 real fast

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Pls send $50 of any coin I'm hanging by a thread here

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retard here, i'm confused where to start bro.

Is it learning how to read charts, volume of shill threads, and market transactions?

Obviously the companies presentation has to be on point (most altcoin whitepapers and websites look like a template though)

Anyway, how can I follow in your footsteps bro? Like what do I need to do to make it

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$5000 from $1500 put in, I'm ready to gtfo of this crazy shit

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You're above average

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buy high. sell low.

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Yup, I think a lot of it is about mind set. I was gonna take that 18k and buy a new truck. It was super tempting too, had my brother talking about new 2020 body styles and everything, really wanted it. Realized all that is fleeting material garbage, took the Maria condo pill and just went full minimalist. Haven’t bought many things really, i really contemplate about purchases now before I buy them. I absolutely reject fast consoomer culture and all the plastic and polyester bullshit they throw at us from China/India. I want lasting items, I want rock and stone, wood and wool. I’m really striving for something real now. I really feel that this is manifesting itself out from that into something like an organization soon. That’s what I’ll devote my money towards. I’m drunk as shit rn btw.

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Why would you not share it with us? lmfao. I don't understand this mindset here. You already have your share of the coins, so you got in earlier than us. It's not like more people buying in is going to drop the fucking price. It will just make the token worth more and give you more money.

Not to mention, how many people do you think are actually in this thread? How much influence could we possibly have?

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yes anything under 6 figs is poorfag numbers

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what is so bad about a wide spread?
It is the r-strategy in nature. A lot off offspring, little care. At least one is going to make it

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Put in 850$ two months ago, I'm at 1790$ now. Not going up fast but it's going up at least. Need to learn how to gamble on shitcoins desu senpai

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It's less risk/less rewards, higher chance of something you have mooning/dumping, but you'll also be much less affected by it, be it good or bad.

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because the r strategy in nature is shit lol

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how can a beginner start?

what where somethings you wished you knew at the beginning of your crypto trading?

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Good shit anon and good luck. I was just thinking about this before I read your comment. We waste too much money on momentary pleasures.

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You're on the right track.

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>$500 two weeks ago
>now $550

Slow and steady wins the race i guess

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1 month salary

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Based fellow Huebro

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high IQ 21 yo brown guy here
Turned $3k into $500k in 7 months

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Put a 6 before & add a 0 to the end
thats where im at

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I too started low. Bought like 300eur btc, 300 eth, 300 link. And I added bit by bit with every paycheck. Went from 3k to 15k in 3 months, anon. I didn't buy the right coins all the time, I still have 40k rsr but even a retard can make money just by holding btc. Be patient and keep adding to your wallet.

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That buys a lot of tacos.

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Stfu retard is that your 1st 10% profit ?
don’t be a faggot who trashtalks here
tell me what bot u use for it
I am clever enough to realize how it works
Bot Ocean - that what u need

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I started with 300€ 4 months ago, now at 1200€ from daily trading.

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Actually what it can do is increase volatility.
>be you
>want to keep increasing your position
>option 1: find an exchange and trust them with your crypto and buy some kind of futures or options contract on it, if extant.
>option 2: buy it direct as much as you can

In option 1, you're correct, a futures contract on a crypto has massive earnings potential by getting people like you involved.
In option 2, you're wrong, getting people like you involved causes volatility such that
>when I want to sell, you're selling faster and harder due to scale of swingies/retards (I assume you're simulatneously the worst of both for me)
>when I want to buy, you're retard buying at the top, causing me to be priced out and having to sell and move onto something else

I'll be honest, I'm tired of having to do that already. I've made 10,000% on my money, I don't even want to think about taxes right now. And you, you won't help me at all. All I'll be doing is helping you.

So if you want a service, fucking pay me for it.

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i only have 10k
most of it is pumped from prq, waiting on the extreme parsiq moon missioon to begin, never selling

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you are rich
>T 2300 poor fag here

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started with 950
got to 2500
went all in on GRO after the dump
it dumped even harder and now I'm fucking stuck with this bag watching everything else moon
it will recover but holy shit how do you cope with this feeling

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>started with $4k December 2019
>now one month into 6 figure hell
>feel just as poor despite crypto paying all my expenses for 12 months, upgrading the computer and buying me a classic car.
the race doesnt have a finish line, the scenery just gets better the farther you run.

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You had 12 years

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What I look for is

>market cap
>active twitter
>active telegram (aka no bots)
>hasnt pumped

I generally have better luck on sub 1 cent coins. But I kind of have good instincts with crypto, also mistakes and small gambles will give you experience, also only gamble what you're comfortable losing.

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look away for a bit anon. ;_;

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are you me? started in august with 4k initial and my portfolio is sitting at 23k rn. I still feel like im missing out seeing all these 6 figure chads

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And then go all in on them

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You have to start somewhere anon. Buy good things and hodl, thats it. You will make a small mistake or two. Its ok. Just keep hodling. Btc, etc, link. Then a few shitcoins of yr choice. Any more diversification than that is bad.

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i started with 600 last week and i'm up to 1200...

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Same here, I put $800 and am now at $1600
My exchange only has like 30 coins so I'm not able to gamble on shitcoins, its only blue chips for me

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$26x10 is still just $260 anon. You miss out in what could be great gains with an East 5-10x because you’re not planting the best seed you can, just baby ones that won’t get you far. You should at least do a couple hundred per coin and if you can’t do at least that then don’t bother trying to diversify

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Idk anon, probably have as much knowledge as I do know about trading. I wish I didn’t try swinging as much as I did, I had to learn the hard way about swinging. I just buy and hold now. And am pulling out into different assets now like land and pms. I wish I knew about DEXs forsure back then. I’d probably have 2x as much if I knew how Uni and 1inch worked and got in early on a bunch of coins.
Absolutely, I think people are rejecting this culture more and more. It’s really only in the last 80 years this culture has really materialized into what it is. Before the 40s people, especially rich people, would spend the money to buy something lasting rather than something to throw away. People throw stuff away all the time now. My sisters buy these cheap rugs that look nice but then throw them out after a couple months, I think wouldn’t you want to buy a nice Persian rug or something equivalent and never throw it away, wouldn’t it be a better investment?

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A lot comes from experience, be careful, take some risks with small money and watch the charts. Try to guess where they’re going and why, watch the patterns of successive buys and sells, look at market cap and understand the relationship that has on value per share, and read everything you can about the coins you put money into.

>> No.28675042

what do you mean when you say you check at market cap, supply, shills..? can you be more explicit?
sry retard here, just starting

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Congrats don’t lose it bro

>> No.28675058

this. I've converged to rebalancing to 85% btc, 10% etc, 5% alts once a month (less than 3 coins at a time). fucking up a shitcoin call wont kill you. the rebalancing once a month helps you maximize staggered pumps, say if eth pumps you sell and buy btc. and having that shitcoin garden to fuck around with is really fun.

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My gf gave me 7k to start off with in the fall and I already doubled it but it still feels like such a small amount. FUCK

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Very nice good work

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1500 bucks here, XRP and GRT
Hopefully they 10x sometime in the future

>> No.28675210

another 6-7 doublings to go on that stack....

>> No.28675642

You an uphold bro as well? I don't mind not having shitcoins desu senpai, I'm in it for the long run anyway. But it would be fun to gamble a bit too

>> No.28675686

190 here and 55 still pending into GRT at 2.60


>> No.28675698

I have ten times what you do and feel like a poorfag here

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No. Lotsa new kids too.

I suggest you go all into something that hasn't mooned, set a target, and wait until it hits it.

UNN hasn't done more than a 2x yet. Should 10x within 90 days I'd think. Sell before then to be safe if you please.

stay out of the top 100 or you won't make it


>> No.28675811

trips of truth

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I made the 2k out of ~10-40 dollars in each listed coin. I think my original investment was less than 400 dollars. My main money maker is link, bought 12 at around 1.50...I could had made it if I had a real plan. Was just playing, next check I will dump it all in one coin, I unironically x3 all of my holdings

>> No.28676046

I have 20 euros.
I just put them to experiment with the shitcoins and learn the game.

>> No.28676175

Measure your wealth in API3 then you will be richer than most

>> No.28676339

If you think that’s bad well... why do you think so many pink wojak memes exist

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>rename it to 3 digits

>> No.28676660

find a decently shilled coin that people are buying. go onto uniswap and find large transactions on said coin. trawl through whales wallets until you find an obscure coin with good fundamentals that youve seen a few of them holding. buy.

>> No.28677966

on which coins u trade?

>> No.28678436

nope you are not alone. IT's a good start, you can be far in 3 years, don't be impatient

>> No.28678555

doesn't the bull run end this year?
Why shouldn't I sell in june and buy later?

>> No.28678619

Interesting strategy

>> No.28678659

>started with 1600 two weeks ago
>down to 1100 already
bros... should I just give up?

>> No.28678763

My long-term goal is to own 3 or 4 full Bitcoins and some ETH on the side. I'm not counting on crypto to make me rich. I just see it as a potentially great investment.

>> No.28678794

What did you buy?

>> No.28678836

Sir i....

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Rich faggot is a rich faggot

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File: 367 KB, 2335x2335, 65457ef44d02f8dc13fff209a090d7e036b533dd22c6a3c36d5316aa7abb0a92.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm at $2200 so no. But I only started like a month ago.

>> No.28679024

2/3rds in two speculative tokens
1/3rd on a shitcoin gamble

>> No.28679073

That's 26$ left of shib baby

>> No.28679099

either hold for the next two years or eat your losses

should have seen that pnk chart though

>> No.28679127

just experimented around some of the more popular coins on binance, always using stop loss to make sure not to lose too much but that just ended making me lose everytime since the coin would always dip, trigger the stoploss and then pump
I know I'm retarded but atleast it was a learning experience, now I don't freak out anymore whenever something dips -10%

>> No.28679317

Why stop loss? You can only lose money, if you sell lmao

>> No.28679412

top kek

>> No.28679415


3k in crypto and 12k in stocks. For an Eastern Europoor not that bad.

>> No.28679447

put it all in LTO

>> No.28679645

I just thought that it was a genius play, either it would pump and I would get some money, or it would dump and I would lose like 5% at best, but as you can see from my balance I managed to lose 1/3 of my money doing that
like I said, it was a learning experience atleast lmao

>> No.28679660

How do poorfag buy shittokens without getting raped on Gas fee?

>> No.28679696

you either put up with the gas fees or switch to bsc shitcoins

>> No.28679748

That’s how much money I put in grt when it was ~.30 cents still kind of a poor fag but at least entered 5 figures

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buy $2400 worth of of TRDL & you'll then have 6-8k worth, or more if you decide to hold longer

>> No.28679863

>trawl through whales wallets
Can you point me in the right direction?

>> No.28679962

No, anon, there are plenty of poor atm guys. I started couple of months back with 400 bucks, now 1200. Feels nice, high hopes for inj.

>> No.28680013

Bsc which Is lame, or just refresh transaction and hope for sub 50 eur gas.

>> No.28680017

I have like 75k and feel poor as fuck. But we all started somewhere.

>> No.28680081


It would make more sense to put your stop loss at like 50% of what it's currently trading at, no? That way the little fluctuations wouldn't trigger anything and you'll only sell if things were really headed down.

>> No.28680185

Bro I only have $200 wish I was smart/lucky enough to get to 1k

>> No.28680194

the amount of people that have more money than the average person is probably higher here than most places since we are part of the link cult but there's alot of normies just like yourself who are just getting into crypto and have come here to talk about it. Make the most of this bullrun good luck fren

>> No.28680511

Just go all in on Fantom it will be $100 in 5 years, ok you poor faggot fucks?

>> No.28680571

but then I would lose 50% of my money instead of 5% or 10%
I was just afraid of losing money too much, it was only later that I noticed that you can't win anything if you're afraid of losing

>> No.28680653


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>> No.28680963


>> No.28681034


Unironically invest in DEC. We're going from 0.4 to $1 EOM, and by April when main net release we'll probably reach $3-5.easy 10x in a month or two.

>> No.28681101

I am just above you anon, doubt we will ever make it, but at least we are trying... r-right?

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I don't understand how people say they started with like $300-500 pumping and dumping shitcoins,gas fees are like half of that on a good day. How do i make it bros? actual poorfag with $300 to spend on crypto though i could put more in soon

>> No.28681192

>I don't understand how people say they started with like $300-500 pumping and dumping shitcoins,gas fees are like half of that on a good day.
Because they’re blatantly lying anon

>> No.28681258

Explain staking to me

>> No.28681375


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>up 500% in 6 months
>missing out

>> No.28682448

>missing out
when you reach 6 figures youre gonna feel exactly the same as youll start comparing yourself to 7 fig chads

>> No.28682471

I only have $500.
Get on my level bitch.

>> No.28682555

I started with $2500 in October and added ~1k since. I think I'm around $30k right now + whatever 15m bao will be worth over the next 4 years (pls not 0)

>> No.28682571

I have $2400 sitting in GRT now but I’m fomoing hard into other coins with potential. Not sure if I should pull out while it crabs/dips, and if so, where.

>> No.28682584
File: 46 KB, 339x280, ECDEA683-88CD-4E39-9EA8-A3A1A4CCD385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I rode the doge train and got out at the right time, about +$400, but I’m hearing lots of FUD about the crypto market lately, talks about crashing etc. Is this the right time to start trading or should I wait for a bit? I just quit my shitty job to focus on studying and I’m hoping I can do $100 a month gainz to live comfortably. What should I do frens?

>> No.28682651

For 1 month I had 100% gain, If I didn't diversified I would lost half in doge. Crypto is not possible to guess in any way, so the best option is to play safe. I can't get what is your point here.

>> No.28682723

$2,700 here, I hope it gets better anon. everything is mooning and my coins just seem to crab endlessly, it's all so tiresome, and I'm really all in, I really want to make it but everything's just moving without me

>> No.28682786

I think I started with like around $700 or so but I'm not sure.
Still I would have made more if I would have held nano, dot, doge, dash, bnb,avax, etc...

>> No.28682816

I started with that under year ago. Now I have 60k

>> No.28683162

Guys, where do you watch graphs? Any apps, widgets?
What do you use for trading: smartphone or pc/laptop?
What do you use for wallet? You have many with every trading platform, or one somewhere else?
Can anybody explain, how to trade microcoins on uniswap?
What is crypto "locking"?

>> No.28683436

I get that much money during my daily fap session on onlyfans. How does it make you feel Anon?

>> No.28684132

Dextools, coingecko, blockfolio, etherscan, binance graphs for info in graph.
I dont have much money, and trade and store stuff on binance. Also. Have a metemask, but swaping shitcoins on uniswap Is fucking ridiculous now, the gad Is too high. For poorfags it Is unsustainable.
I also have a ledger hardware wallet for major coins and Erc20 altcoins.
If you want to traid shitcoins on uniswap, you have to create metamask wallet, use metamask browser to ipen uniswap, connect said wallet, add custom tokens you want to trade, unlock them for gas, swap them for gas. If you want to swing sub 500 Eur of coins, gas fee will fuck you over.

>> No.28684178

post onlyfans or larp

>> No.28684233

Ive got ~5000 dollars worth out of a 3500 dollar principal.

>> No.28684234

I have barely 2000 anon

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Am I too late to the party once again guys?

I've finally wagecucked enough to put money into crypto but feel like I already missed the boat just like in 2017.

>> No.28685708

don't feel bad. i'm at around 19k in crypto and it's basically worthless because anything less than middle 6 figures isnt life changing lol.

>> No.28685864

this unless you're living paycheck to paycheck or you're a neet anything under middle 6 figures won't change anything to your wagecucking routine

>> No.28686344

Started with 1400£ almost a month ago and now have 3800£, i'm pretty happy with myself, never thought i could make this much money shitposting on 4thchin.

>> No.28686459

i'm too much of a retard to get into crypto in the first place so you're better than me, anon.

>> No.28687060

Find something comfy and stable and hodl, can't lose.

>> No.28687212

I am happy for you mate, use every opportunity !

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sorry for being brown

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Is the main coins a good choice or I better do some research on lesser known one?

I'm a retard that tried to get in a couple years ago then left. I've fallen for the pandacoin meme if you remember it. I'm scared of shitcoins now.

>> No.28688528

I invested 13K in XRP just after the moon when it was at .47, it's holding steady at .60 right now but I expect to see smol dips and a rise over time

>> No.28689219

No, that's pretty much what I have. I put in 2500€, fell for 2 scams (LCX and RBC), decided to invest in ETH and ETH killers which made me my money back.

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