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wtf are you waiting for? this shit is gonna be insane for the next couple years....im 2000 shares of suncor and im holding till i fucking die

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heres my proof, i will be buying another 22k of SU or 1000 shares soon

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buy uranium instead. Its been heavily fudded, follows oil and is green energy

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although it will go up, how do you think biden's policy will affect the price of oil stocks/etfs

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Do yourself a favour and buy it on NYSE. Options volume is garbage on TSE.

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Who the fuck is gonna use oil in ten years?
The green meme wave is already here Anon

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the oil lobby is strong and local governors want to get re-elected so we can always assume nothing changes, or he bans US new drilling and the keystone pipeline stays closed...this would mean that gap in supply would need to be filled by other producers, alberta will supply the oil that america has to cut down on to meet Biden's promises to the enviornmentalists

JPM strategist is predicting a SUPERCYCLE for oil and has a y/e price target of the SP of 4400....its gonna be incredible bro, the mania has only just begun....im waiting to see what berkshire did with their SU holding on feb 22, hope they bought more

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buffet is going to dump on you if you are that into SU. BP, XOM, Schlumberger, Pioneer and ETF futures are better bets.

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i hold this in a tax-free savings account, if i held the NYSE shares my dividendss would be taxed by the IRS.....im going to hold this for quite some time

you're <22 arent you? china lays 8000km+ of highway a year, what the FUCK do you think powers that process alone? or the ships that move your consoomer crap from china to where you live? fuck off

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>ending the trade war will end manufacturing recession
>"roaring 20s" because some boomer's 401k is rising with his boomerstocks
>implying there won't be a fuckhuge crash in the next 2 years that takes 20 years to recover from, if ever

Who the fuck made this retarded garbage?

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I'm thinking of investing into more UCO. Would you recommend any other oil etf that would be considered more "safe"

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lmao who are you? a fucking anime poster, stop your fucking brain in if i could

ill wait and see what happens but he keeps buying SU and has a higher average cost than I do, feb 22 is when berkshire will release its updated 13F and ill see what he did with SU....management has declared buy backs and i think im gonna be sitting pretty with this stock

any war tension with china or iraq will just MOON this stock too hehe

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he liquidates fast man. look at what happened to the financials and banks he held. gone in a week, then announced it. They will slip out, announce they did, and then price will crater. thats how he operates.

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i dont want to advise people on leveraged ETFs....if you're bullish on oil just buy a basket of oil stocks if you wanna be safe, i like SU for its free cash flows, share buy backs, likely div appreciation, selling of oil to ASEAN and other emerging economies thrugh TMX expansion as well....also will just ship its oil on buffets and Bill gates CN rail trains and so it makes sense that buffet bought suncor and trains

america would be stupid to burn its own hydrocarbon stores, in the case of a protracted war with china in the east the US would want to have as much domestic shale reserves as possible and so is likely to continue to import foreign oil and CAD is forecasted to strengthen against USD

so i like SU a lot

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Saudi Arabia owns like 3% of suncor, and they announced a domestic price cut...im really not worried about institutional ownership in the stock

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anon you would make a fantastic analyst because you just shilled me into buying more oil stocks. i will rip out your foreskin if my money plummets in the coming months tho

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fidelity reported and did not buy or sell and SU in the last quarter, hype

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Literally I work at suncor base plant what a cluster fuck

People actually think this is the future of energy Lmao, this is what the future will look like. Oil skyrocketing and all this talk of electric cars that never seem to arrive. Fracking was a meme because the wells deplete 90% in like 3 years. Basically if we don't develop miniaturized nuclear reactors RIGHT NOW we're fucked and I support the long uranium argument

I WORK AT SUNCOR AND IT IS FUCKED pic related I'm literally here RIGHT NOW

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Welcome to 4chan, everyone actually from here is an animeposter my sad oil shill friend.

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The work from home meme means that my mother bought an electric car in 2019 and now she never uses it because her job made her work from home and now she complains it's harder because she's a boomer who doesn't know her internet password.

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nuclear is a fucking meme. Not because it doesn't work but because it is way too efficient, the big boys wont make much money by going nuclear so we are stuck with oil and "green" energy

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basically JPMs macro guy who is highly regarded is saying oil is strong in 2021, and he posted that pic on his twitter...if i ever meet you in real life ill slap you around like the bitch you are

hype post badge for proof, how are operations? I heard you're all gonna get fired cause we dont need any more production and the capital set up is enough....basically i think youre fired and i gonna get richer cause of it

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If you wanna be cool invest in lithium instead

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in the last two years my friends have bought M2s, bmw 328is, subarus, audis etc....all gas, the world has sold over 60million cars a year and 99% of them run on gasoline buddy, its going nowhere fast

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ill use the gains from oil options and invest them into lithium

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Why not buy XOM? Low debt ratio, downstream/upstream, natural gas, literally can invest billions into other projects. + talks of merger with Chevron.

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cause i think SU is undervalued in its peergroup, hasn't recovered at all really and the market has mispriced it....it should be easily a 30$ stock by now with current oil price outlook

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Lol butthurt OP mad af that suncor employees like me are rugpulling on him and buying tesla shares hahaha I bet OP doesn't even own any chainlink(LINK) tokens what a loser

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yo FMR bought 26 mil shares of SU in the last quarter thanks for selling to us

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Good luck anon. Been holding XOM @$34 since the 2020 crash. Boomer dividends are the best thing about this stock. I do think once travel begins to open up again there will be potential for oil to go to $100 a barrel and xom target price $90. If there is another market crash don't see Xom falling below $30.

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shipping industry is moving to other fuels, in my comapny they already modified one wessel to run on lng, on my vessel we are testing biofuel made from used cooking oil with good results, IDK, doesent seem bullish for oil. many comapnies are testing and implementing diferent measures to reduce oil consumption its

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bro ur probably the janitor what would u know about the big world

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I did, feeling comfy
And retards like this is why it's a good investment

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Yes I'm sure some manual labor retard will rugpull the oil market

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Look at current prices anon, oil companies are still trading at about march prices. I don't expect oil to moon but expect it to go up significantly

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higher mpg regulations means less demand :)

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You should corner the oil market, I heard it's going to have a bad harvest this year.
Also, the end of the pandemic will be the end of the insane money printing, which will lead to market collapse. Even if they keep printing like they are now, it will have less and less effect.

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Okay Suncor fudder. Tell me in details what is going on right now instead of posting pics. Why is Suncor going into the dumps?