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Almost made me check lol

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And yet, the number of holders goes up every day. For a dead project it seems to get a lot of buy-ins.

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Well, the price chart looks really bad.

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buy now or regret it Monday

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lmao you still use this shit
I’m not a bastard who believes you and go for trash
I’m longing for bot ocean release to trade with safe

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i like your grammar

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>floor is double what it was 2 weeks ago
>looks really bad

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>what it was 2 weeks ago
Alt season is about to end, retard.
I don't have another month to make gains.

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To be honest Rubic is still small, the volume is very low and can be manipulated easily. However this seems to be a serious project. A team that delivers and a couple listings should be enough to send this beyond $5.

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Where can I find the holder number and see large wallets?

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alt season never started

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etherscan for rubic

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>alt season never started
>Rubic, Bao, Asco and shitton of other alts have made at least x10 and all the way to x200.
Yeah, sure.

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in fact, it seems we're due for one just around the corner, give it a month or two

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The 50th address only has 300k now last I checked that was around 500-700k

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Thanks anon

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wat dassit mein

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Yeah, retard, now look at your own link.

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He’s probably one of the retarded bot swingers. We enjoy watching them lose thousands of rubic and probably thousands of dollars of ETH every now and again.

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Whales are leaving. Unfortunately, Dicksword trannies are not and continue to shit the bed and scare normies off with their dumps.

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>Alt season is about to end, retard.
your pic is altcoin month retard

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You said season you peabrained subhuman. The fact that we haven't entered altcoin season means there's tons of growth left on the table.

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Well, if you look at the definition of "altcoin season" it becomes clear that it reflects the past.
When it shows 100, it refers to the previous 90 days, so it is literally 1.5 months behind the actual status and means that the alt season already happened and you are just in time to buy the top.

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i quoted his post because he said the season was over when it's not even started yet, we're just getting there

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who tf is in this still?

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The few that will end up making life changing money.

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I just bought 10k RBC

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yea except we haven't had more than one altcoin month in a row yet so clearly the season hasn't started. look forward mongoloid, it's going up

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i feel bad for you anon. you've been sitting there tearing your hair out of your balls for weeks watching this thing. Must be hard.
You could have been just cruising on dhedge while it manages your portfolio for you but hey, to each their own

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we have not seen the real clown market yet, an alt season greater than the last is coming

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where tf can I buy Rubic in Canada?!

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you can buy it anywhere. get some on rubic.exchange, uniswap, or metamask

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You had ever opportunity to get out of this literal scam and go read about API3.

you still do.

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Probit for the lowest fees

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i did this and it said 'gas price' was 1ETH. lmao what?????

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buy and hold. the FOMO will return sooner if you paper hands retards stop selling

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Zoom out

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Fudders keep saying this but I have yet to hear why it's a scam.
I'm confused why people are so deadset on spreading misinformation

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The way I see it, if I hold for a year or so I could either lose 2k or I could make 100k. The choice is pretty obvious.

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Okay we're in the delusion phase now

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Leaf reporting, don't pay eth gas fees and buy rubic on probit.

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Rubic is unironically hitting $5 this year and a lot of anons who got in at 2 cents are going to make a lot of money bros. Feels super comfy... This swinging back and forth with price drops is nothing to me. I laugh at the fudders knowing I have more rbc than them no matter what the price is.

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Let's not act like the people getting in at 0.30 or 0.40 are just making chump change. Honestly getting in at anything below $1 is guaranteed to make you a nice sum.

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>priced out

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>This swinging back and forth with price drops is nothing to me
this. rubic hitting 3 dollars is life changing money for me. its just a matter of when rather than if.

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how did the AMA go the other day?

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It was a pajeet disaster.

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it was unironically fine. the poo in loo guy from matic was actually smart and knew was he was talking about on a technical level. children like >>28671096 just spread fud and scream about muh pajeets

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>30% crash on the back of the AMA
>"This is fine!"

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Newfags that take our shitposts seriously saw a pajeet and thought this was actually a rugpull and tanked the price from 0.60 to 0.30.

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Does anyone else actually feel a bit guilty laughing at Rubic morons? It's definitely funny, but they fucked their life up because they were too retarded to read between the lines. They probably have families and dogs and shit. I'm laughin through the tears.

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This happens a lot. People hype it up, then sell hard when the news hits. I got knocked badly when the CRSR earnings came out.

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Wallets are at an ATH as well right now. Just crossed 6177 kek. Rubic is growing nice and steady... The huge red dildo are the work of about 5-6 whales manipulating the price which then start the frontrunning bot action....which unironically leads to small paper hands selling their stacks back into the whales. The cycle will continue and wallets will continue to grow steadily and once this gets listed on a big exchange, the price is going to fly. If those 5-6 whales are smart they will let the price rise to 2-3 dollars before dumping bags for profit.

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So... whales have been cashing out to the retail bagholders... got it.

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Don't cry for us, cry for dumb GME and AMC fags. They're the ones that got burnt. We're still playing with the fire, they're just smoldering corpses.

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And nothing will be learned, while the "muh village" and "good coin sirs!" shitposts continue.

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