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Tell me exactly why I should buy another coin constantly shilled by /biz

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- Full Uniswap integration (get the best rates between the two automatically by using Rubic exchange) to be released March 1st
- Limit Orders for ETH/RBC to be released February 26th

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Can you point out another coin shilled enough and with enough energy to cause people to make shit like this? The last time this happened with a project it was LINK.

I wont even mention the aspects of rubic itself because while it is very solid, we all no that noone gives a shit in the bull market and things trend up based on psychology and memes.

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Wow! I'm sold.

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It's a decent project that hopes to eliminate gas fees. So far the tech has been solid and the team have consistently managed to reach project goals and deadlines ahead of schedule. They have 2 pretty big deadlines coming up in the next month as well. Could easily replace Uniswap if they can successfully implement L2.

In regards to users most of the biggest wallets held through the massive pumps and often accumulated more which is a good sign as it shows faith in the project. Low market cap and a mmax supply of 124m gives it potential to sky rocket in price as well.

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The bleeding hurts

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because we're at the bottom

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Literally just a worse avax and anyone with half a brain can see through the memes/shilling bought from a pajeet group

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I'll buy 100,000 rubics because of this. Thx anon.

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