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How ya holding up, /biz/?

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I'm a millionaire and I'm just as unhappy as ever

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You thought numbers on a screen would make you happy?

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can i get 1eth im a good boy i promise

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I've got 75% of my net worth in crypto right now as a last ditch effort to stay off the street. How are you?

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Broke, alone, and ready to spray my grey matter all over the wall tonight. Dubs and ill do it.

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What did you buy?

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I'm down 3k in the biggest bullrun of my life

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I'm alright, a little stressed about crypto. I want to quit my job so badly. My job isn't that bad since I am a software eng which can be comfy, but it can be stressful for me, becuase I am a brainlet and I'm not that good when compared to my peers. I really want to get that mil so I can quit and pursue my real interest. Also, been really lonely these last few years and it sometimes also makes me depressed that people can notice that I don't have friends.

How about you anon?

Start setting new goals anon. Build and create. Start improving your life. It's cheesy, but the best things in life are free.

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How the fuck did you manage that? If it's Rubic, Asko, McDonaldsCoin or some other pajeet PnD you probably shouldn't be in crypto.

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>I'm a millionaire
No, you're not

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i just want to break 5 figs

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Lost a good bit on the HOGE scam. I have $100 to throw into a coin but it's hard to determine value in a coin. Are they just based on an online project like PPAY?

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>tfw sold too early and stuck in 3 figure hell

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i did some "quizzes" on coinbase and got $32 of coins for free, i mean i assumed it would be a meme that wouldnt actually give you free money but it worked!

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Not too good

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i missed out on huge gains but overall i made some money and learned a lot recently. trying to find a new job where i dont work as much so i can devote more time to this crypto/stock stuff. im gonna make it bros. i just need to keep learning and finding different ways to save money

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Lost $500 on GME because I was a greedy retard. Made $4000 in the last week in crypto.

So I'm doing pretty good.

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I'm not telling you, BOG!

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I'm doing alright. Still a loser khv hikki NEET at the ripe age of 30, but I'm making millions upon millions. Can't complain.

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Thats the spirit anon, wish you well

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Pretty good. I'm gonna finish paying off one of my private student loans Monday and have enough stock/crypto holdings to finish off the other but Biden has federal repayment paused right now. There are much worse fates in life for a 24 year old right now.

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Dont sweat it I lost $4000 on GME, also made it back in crypto

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One one hand, my NW is at an all time high, and I'm on track to make it before 30.
On the other hand, I made foreseeable errors, ignored my own models, and didn't make it yet even though I could have by now if I followed directions.
Now I'm playing a little bit of catchup because I didn't really plan for this to take so long. But it's gonna. Probably looking at around five years
Rejected. You are meant to suffer.

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I'm up 120k

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What are 24 years old going through these days? Lack of job opportunities and shitty dating market I take it?

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>constantly smoking weed against extreme boredom
>housing bubble is FUCKING ME UP. I have 90k eur in crypto and 140k euro. Detached houses start from 500k euro.
>crypto tax is 30-50%
>getting afraid I'm ngmi if I don't accept I'll have to wage slave for at least 10-15 years
>I'm going to a be a factory cuck worker for the next 10-20 years

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Pretty good. Recently decided I'm sick and tired of being poor and wanted to make more money. Didn't realize the gig economy jobs let you cash out instantly. I've decided I'm going to work three hours of that every day now and get the fuck out of four figure hell this year and blow past five figures ASAP beyond that. This crypto shit is only going up and so far my investments landed me a bigger portfolio than my bank account.

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Oh you know, going insane from waging.

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Turned into about $300 for me recently with compound and stellar mooning

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we're living the same life anon. I hope you make it

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Same but I have not recovered my losses yet and I have serious FUD. I had an emergency dentist appointment, broke 3 computer parts that I had to replace, too. All just after I lost money falling for a rebbit scam. I learned my lesson. I lost a couple of thousand.
Right now, the most valuable thing I have is 3400 Dogecoins. I want to get into crypto again since I lost 3.5 BTC back in 2010.
I just...want...some comfy money. I'm not even hoping to be a millionaire or anything. I just want some passive income.

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Very inspiring post. I too hope to get started and learn about all this.

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Gig economy is great in food delivery now. Do $20 plus an hour. Been doing it 2 yrs wish I put a percentage into Btc weekly

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I regret this house purchase and can't get out before several years.

Link is green

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You're right anon.

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Lol yeah bro, I've tried applying three times to all services and they haven't gotten back to me because everyone is aware that shit pays super well. I'm on the waitlist, but I've done that before but too many people in my area are doing that.

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Same to you anon.

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Good, i have bao.

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Doing good. Approaching 6 figs. Happy but wish I had more. Focused on long term income with a sales job which prevented me from buying more Linkies in 2018. Was gunshy tho with the bear market and adding more income. Just a substitute teacher but they really like me and I enjoy the school. Want to make it and continue working there as a sub for flexibility.

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Not fucking good bud but thanks for asking

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Crazy. I was door dashing within a day. That and uber eats have been a godsend.

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How much did you start off with, friend? Is it possible for someone like me to turn 2k into 10k in a year or so? I just don't know how you people start off. What's the first move when you're starting from square 1?

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I'll let you know in 3 hours when Asko mainnet launches.

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I’m doing really well actually but the melancholia has set in and I just feel sad

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I had 2400 Initial and now have around 9k , although not all in one position but over time. Kept buying the ETH top since 300$ pretty much fren

Take the ETH pill

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Nice, that's the kind of realistic progress I'm hoping to make for myself. I know some people out there could turn 2k into fuckin 50k but they are obsessed with trading. I don't have the time to be like that. Your way sounds so good.
And I always see people shitting on ETH on here, what's with that? And should I buy it on coinbase?

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2017 summer fag here. Put in about 4K. Hold on and don’t make too many moves is my advice. Was decimated to about 300 dollars in some crashes. All coins have their day in the sun. Went crazy when Btc mooned after I sold it for fantom even if it was from august. Kept the faith and it 18x’d along with LINK iron hands. Projects have cycles. GL to us all

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Yeah. I'm really the only one of my friend group from HS or college in a career type job right now, most everyone else is either NEET, at bezos' facility on the eastside of town, or cobbling together part time gigs, despite doing things "right" like going to community college before doing STEM at a 4 yr university
I prefer to not even get started on dating right now. If you weren't already with someone before the pandemic, your only real options are pay to win dating apps now.

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Not so good, down like 2k too thanks to alpha
I could have held any other shitcoin fml

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6/10. Crypto is doing well; Mental Health (severe OCD) is not.

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Lost 1000 like a tard after gaining it for a week.

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You can come hang out with me anon.
We will live like we are poor but secretly have our 7 fig. Stacks

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I'm down a few hundred dollars, but I feel good about my other bags. Also my gf credit carded open the bathroom door in order to have shower sex earlier today, so im feeling fine.

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>four figure hell

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People will contest my thought of buying into a blue-chip with low capital, and I can agree but I'm risk adverse and I'm on Biden's unemployment NEET money currently. If you have income then continue to purchase into smaller coins but allocateo nly 10-20% of your capital in this case 40)$ max into Uniswap if you must. Or buy GRT /SNX/AAVE ect on coin base but try to use coinbase pro instead I believe it has lower Fees.

People FUD ETH due to its gas fees and the next "ETH killer" But you know who really will last into the next Bear market.

ETH will hit 2k MINIMUM

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Lost money during a bullrun cause im retarded

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i lost money on gme
all my choices of coins have crabbed or are dumping
im tired and depressed
realizing im ngmi

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Surprised dating is so bad now. Usually did well on apps. Now next to nothing. Must just be chads doing their thing. Granted I hit my 40s but thought some sluts would still be looking my way with daddy issues. Wish corona turned into a fuckfest. Finally Matched with a hooker who wanted to get married for financial stability last night lmao

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This is definitely possible anon, really depends how fast you want to move. If you want to move fast you'll inherit more risk and if you have patience you'll for sure get it. Learn to read signals on here.

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There's a 9/10 that you're weird and/or sleep with a daki, sorry anon no can do

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I was hoping, yeah

Checked and no-pilled

Yeah that's what I should do but it's harder than I thought

I wish I was LARPing. Being poor gave me an excuse to be depressed. Having money and being depressed makes me feel like an asshole.

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Thank you both very much for the sound advice. I wasn't expecting any serious replies. You have filled me with confidence and optimism. The main thing I'm heading is that being careful pays off.
I'm gonna make it, bros. 10k by the end of the year.

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Then spread the wealth to /biz/ and airdrop on these other niggas. I give away coins every now and then to my crypto acquaintances and it makes me feel a little good.

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Better! Still not great though.

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one guy gave me some algos once
then i was banned for a few days lol
felt good though

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I was terrified when I dropped a couple grand into chainlink in 2019 an now I'm sitting at $50k. Pretty stoked about it. Even got my brother and dad to buy a little so they are up too. So glad I listened to you autists. I love you all. We're all gonna make it.

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I just need one 100x to escape this nightmare of a life. Only have a few thousand to invest, too scared of losing the little money I have accumulated working my ass off 11 hours a day. Just been using Robinhood to flip crypto for 2-5% every few days

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Yup be extra careful

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Try to find something mid cap level that will 10x soon or a year. Don't shoot to make it this cycle. We'll have a few more, so just plan and be patient.

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Dont do it

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What's the best way to save money so far?

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>pajeet PnD
take it back

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And this is why you have no friends.
You immediately go to the negative.

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Sold most of my link between 12 and 15 dollars, so happiness about that is kind of tempered. Made 3k off of gamestop so that was fun. Gold and silver are eternally crabbing, feel like that will change once the level of how truely fucked the US economy is becomes more apparent. Mostly just stressed about whether to buy into the inflated housing market now or wait for the crash. Overpaying now, but not sure what the mortgage market will be like if things go tits-up.

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I'm trying to, believe me. I've committed 2k on going in on something. Have another 1k in Rubic. Just waiting for fucking Coinbase to let me send my eth to my wallet after 8(EIGHT) freaking days.

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I donate to XMR dev bounties and commission obscure fetish art. That's pretty much the same, right?

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Solid analysis

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eat home cooked meals, be careful with ETH fees when doing defi, plan your purchases careful and do research. if i could redo my whole portfolio i would have stuck with for example:
$500 ETH
$500 BTC
$500 altcoin
$500 altcoin
but i was stupid and invested small bags into scams or my money was lost to fees trading back and forth as i couldnt make up my mind about what i should hold. im a newfag so i dont know much. i hope some oldfags can offer more help

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Same about housing. I tried to find a small condo in socal since I'm stuck here for work, and everything that makes it to Zillow is sold in 2 days tops over asking price. I went to look at a shitty 2 bedroom condo for $360k the first day it was listed and there were 20 other people doing the same that day. Turns out it was in a purely Mexican neighborhood that had cars double parked on the street since there was no room left on the curb. There were crushed Modelo cans on the lawn and a car honked their "la cucaracha" horn as I walked by. I laughed so hard on the way out and some other person bought it the next day. So I'm gonna go ahead and say it's best to sit this one out for now and see what happens. Feels a lot like 2007 but worse.

Pic related. The parking situation.

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Actually spend that money on shit that is worthwhile and you will be happy. Enough stock dividends to account for all your needs, land, a nice home with room for expansion, REALLY good internet, and fuck you money for all your hobbies.

>> No.28661716

Yeah fuck it why not. As long as you splash it around and keep the economy liquid. Im currently at the level where my investment amounts are basically the same as my gas fees, so im only making money on x3 or better. Once I'm beyond that I'm planning to spread a little coin around.

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Please don't post my picture here.

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thanks friend
you can do it bro. you just need to get over that hill of "its too confusing" and JUST DO IT pic related

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Super lit. Got my wife an air fryer for Valentine's Day. Can't wait for her to make me french fries.

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>Just been using Robinhood to flip crypto for 2-5% every few days
Adding onto >>28660923 - most people who "Made It" on /biz/ have been doing this since 2017 or earlier. You're not going to Make It in an afternoon, if you have a +200% growth of your portfolio within a month that's fantastic, and for most poorfags that's going to go from $800 to $1,600. Not a lot in the scheme of things, but it's a start. Don't invest in anything outside of the blue ticket coins (LTC, BTC, ETH) unless you Do Your Research, because if they're advertised on /biz/ it's probably too late to get into the initial pump. Join Telegram groups dedicated to Crypto, and take THEIR advice instead of ours. Honestly, you should only be sticking around here for the occasional nugget of wisdom, the memes, and the Generals for the blue ticket coins.

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My life is nothing but pain

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you have more than me, friend. those bags also look very comfy

>> No.28661977

bro, you need at least $10k to play the uniswap casino. don't waste all your capital on gas fees

>> No.28662045

It's why I invest bro. I just wanna live the life, don't need to be rich, just want my wife stress free and my kids to have minimal problems, or solvable ones at least.

>> No.28662056

That's some advice I think people should give to more newcomers - or at least, the ones that are very obviously new; don't fucking get involved in anything outside of the "normie" coins until you've accumulated a quality portfolio. All that's going to happen is you're going to hemorrhage money, get dissuaded, and go home with heavy bags. Fuckin' buy LTC with that money.

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I held 100k pnk during this bullrun

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Trying to work my way out of wage slavery.

Trying to find ways to keep my mind off my mind.

Trying to continue waking up every day not thinking about the mental anguish I went through as kid.

Trying to really hard to accept that I may be on the spectrum.

Trying even harder to not think about the time I wasted trying to be normal.

Now at 31, just trying to one day find that peace and serenity.

Its tough but such is life.

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those look like canuk bucks tho.

>> No.28662274

Same here. Is this an everyday thing for you?

>> No.28662312

Same. Hoping my bags can grow a bit more before bear market, but when the bear market hits a lot of my favorite bags that i've been priced out of might dip enough for me to build some suicide stacks through DCAing.

>> No.28662320

If it means anything; life isn't the Truman Show, so just do you no pressure.

>> No.28662339

do it and post picture

>> No.28662363

i think thats australian. which makes it even more comfy imo. i wish i lived in australia

>> No.28662452

REEF just came onto my exchange and there is a flurry of activity, but I'm still waiting for my deposit to clear

I can feel everyone else getting in on it before me

>> No.28662460

I must not be ready yet, because there were several words in your post which I don't understand at all. I think I get your overall message though.
I will have a look into ETH now that I know this. I just signed up for coinbase earlier today, so I can hopefully get started soon. I might end up putting like $50 per week into it for a little while.
What are gas fees bro?

>> No.28662560

Thank you bro. I think I need to do a bit more research before I put any more money into investing, but I feel like I have caught the bug for real.

>> No.28662605


The only pressure I feel is trying to keep it together long enough to live through the inevitable passing of my grandparents.

I went into a silent haze for a year when my grandmother passed and I know It will only be worse this time around.

Hoping to somewhat make it to have a way out.

Thanks for the words, good movie also.

>> No.28662759

Mostly in fiat and afraid to buy the pump. Didn't buy the obvious usual NFT bull run pump like a schmuck. I want to die.

>> No.28663001

same lmao. honestly though i was breaking even the moment i decided to exit but the gas fees fucked me over.

>> No.28663052

Up to 50k on a 15k investment. But still feel like I wasn't quick enough to buy enough GRT. Just buying eth now and am going to try and find a ICO I like this year. Basically just waiting.

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Transferred ~$140 of XRP and XLM from my Binance to Coinbase
I'm also out of a job so if this shit rises in price I'll withdraw the money for sure

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Nobody here really cares but I ranting here helps because I don't really have anyone to talk to besides you guys

I'm 26 and 5 months sober as of yesterday. I've had a long, several-year run of chemical dependency and abuse, self destructive behavior, and somehow survived multiple hospital visits, psych holds, and attempts to kill myself. I didn't start saving any money till just 3 months ago when I started working again. I make about $4000/month at this job and I'm trying to put most of that into my investment portfolio after bills and such. I just can't stop beating myself up over how much time and money I've wasted over the years over drugs and making poor financial choices and buying things I don't need. I'm trying to be logical and conservative with the occasional small gamble on penny stocks and crypto, but I get stressed out knowing that it's going to take me such a long long time to get anywhere with how little money I make and am able to invest. I'm at the point in my life where a lot of my problems (now that I'm sober, healthy and fit again) would be solved by just having more money. It makes me realize that money really is our god, more than anything else.

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haha, i remember being 26. good luck man.

>> No.28663872

Dubs let’s go

>> No.28664002

Sell it right away guys

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I withdrew $100 worth of btc from coinberry and its being processed.
I'm terrified I lost it by some glitch in the system

>> No.28664353


Dubs!!!!!! >>28661744

>> No.28664457

How does that work? Is that the interest rate option in their wallet?

>> No.28664515

What meds are you on?

>> No.28664592

Can I show you my boobs?

>> No.28664607

>pic related, parking situation
>normal city parking
what did he mean by this

>> No.28664616

too much of a failure to actually invest. although I really was considering putting my life on the line for GRT but that turned out to be a flop. now I'm just left stranded and deserted wandering about for nothing

>> No.28665023

My portfolio hit a million USD today, yet I still feel empty inside.

>> No.28665058

Better late than never, and 26 isn't that late desu. Good luck bro

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A lot better since I left /pol/

>> No.28665142

finally hit $50k portfolio yesterday. $30k is in LINK and i really want to get to 2k LINK, thats one of my goals. im just debating moving 10k to link and keeping 10k for things like grt.
>and i want to tell my wife to stop worrying about our future while also not revealing my stack.

>> No.28665242


Got a little BTC, got a little ADA, I like my job, I've got my own place, healthy relationships, life is good.

>> No.28665298

Same bro. I like how biz has a purpose and actually help each other out instead of hyper focusing on tiny details about peasant level Jews and race.

I miss when pol had real discussions instead of the gongshow it is now

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My idiot buddy is trying to get me to invest in this shit coin. Should I through 100 bucks at it incase the normies find out about it?

>> No.28665746

Started with 3k two weeks ago. Was at 5k before the Sunday slip started. Considering I'm sitting on one thing for long-term, I feel like I'm doing okay.

>> No.28665770

youre gonna make it friend

>> No.28665893

look into hobbies. also dont forget youre comfy now. sometimes people forget that. start being comfy

>> No.28666008

Then kill yourself you shitty pig fucks

>> No.28666023

Finally hit six figs two weeks ago thanks to normies piling into GME and taking my bags at $300+

Newly single for the first time in many years. Its weird I feel like I have unlimited possibilities but I also don't really want to do anything.

Also get depressed when I see salary posts on here. I make $3000 Maple Leaf dollars every month and I work like 60+ hour weeks that are killing me in biz dev.

>> No.28666118

I'm reminding myself why I stopped coming here. I don't have right mindset for this shit.

>> No.28666436
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ahhh fuck i wanna be an overnight millionaire

i wanna buy some shitcoin, go to sleep, and wake up and see that it did a 100x or some shit

just let that happen to me for once please god clown world have mercy on my pathetic soul

>> No.28666504
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ok I guess. making some decent gains on crypto right now which is nice, everything else about my life is kinda weird though.

I'm 28 years old and have recently come to the conclusion that I don't really like my current friends that much. They're not bad guys exactly, they're just kind of lame I guess?

Since coronachan shut down my country, I've had to spend a lot more time with my roommates. They like to do stuff like go for walks, bike rides, try different sports, go camping, play music, cook. All we did when I hung out with my other friends was fucking drink. Don't get me wrong, I like getting drunk as much as the next guy but I enjoy it 100 times more if I'm like making pizzas with my roomies or playing guitar or going rock climbing or playing tennis or some shit at the same time, you know? I've had a guitar for 5 years and I've probably played it more in the past year than I have in the previous 4 put together.

I feel like my roommates don't like me that much though and once we leave the current place I won't get invited to hang out.

Also tfw no gf but that's nothing new