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I was here since 2018 and didn't even fucking manage to buy LINK below a Dollar. There is literally no fucking hope left for someone that low IQ, is it?

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Buy Statera.

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You have another chance with rubic. Don't fuck it up.

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Buy ADA under a $
you have 1 year left

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Read Walt Whitman. Buy and HODL. Move on.

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chill, been here since 2017 and never bought link, always thought it was some weird biz coin, but after more people started talking about it in 2018 i did consider it
took a break from 2019 to mid 2020 and cmae back august, found the best coins and did a 170x
pretty comfy desu

dont buy anything shilled itt jesus christ
kill yourselves

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This but unironically

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could be worse.. you could be me. Ive been fudding link since september 2017 just for kicks and never bought a single one. Not. A. Single. One.
>supercomputers in every city

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Stay broke

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i made fun of it with my friend when it went to 20 cents. kind of sucks but there's always another play. don't get too attached to a single stock/crypto

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you didnt even read my post, kys

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don't worry Chad, I had some since 2017 and sold it as soon as it jumped to a dollar. whose the bigger fool

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I didn't either, they had a literal porn star on their board get fucked on camera. It's a scam coin. I don't even feel bad about not buying. It's just funny to me, what a clown market.

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I bought around 30 cents and sold around 40 cents. It is in fact possible to be dumber than you.

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Madman, not sure if crazy or genious

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Don't feel bad. I only have 2700k and as long as the SEC doesn't fck link, this will reach at least 300 to 500. Possibly more over time. Its a cornerstone of the blockchain and will sit along side of Ethereum's massive DeFi ecosystem.

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Fck ada... its shit coin tier. They're as bad as the cult of XRP.

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buy now, its going to at least 100 this year

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Both will be on the winning side, anon. We might not like it, but it's just the way things are. You either accept it and make money along the way, or you will just stay poor.

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