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Seen many people shitting on HBAR here and was wondering why the case.

They recently partnered with Google and IBM, though no price movement yet.

Should i buy the dip?

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It should and it will be in time.

There are many reasons why Hedera is still not widely known, among which are:

It is still only available on few exchanges.

It is basically a "destroyer" of blockchain technology which is why people who support blockchain don't want it to get attention.

It is meant for enterprise usage which is why the company markets the technology to companies and organizations. The founders couldn't care less if the "crypto community" embraces HBAR or not. They are not interested in "pumping" the price. This is a long term project.

All these things contribute to the fact that very few people still know about HBAR.

But this is really a blessing for all of us that DO KNOW about it. We get to buy it at a very cheap price before the "herd" comes in and skyrockets the price.

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Capped, based knower of the truth.
Here's some more info for you OP

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Yes buy the dip before this rich pajeet pumps into Oprah's fanbase's teets

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Best response I have seen so far. So eloquently put

310k hbar chad reporting in

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Yes. This is NOT a traditional blockchain investment, it's more similar to ID or LTO in how it's applied, but it has real business use cases that are easier to implement than most blockchains that aim to REVOLUTIONIZE everything.
>>28651692 is 100% right.

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I have 3100, but provide HASHMARINES with the best memes among all other coins here on /biz/


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retard here considering buying stack, why does price go up if owners don't care about pumping price?

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I see you doubled your stack from yesterday from

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look at the pajeets shilling it daily.
look at the last few months everything that has been shilled from rubic to macdonals all lost money.

just do the opposite of biz

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Because Enterprises actually use it, they don’t give a FUCK if retail crypto investors buy it kek

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Cope, rubic literally went 100x

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>look at the pajeets shilling it daily
There's only like a max of two threads on HBAR on biz ever, quite frequently none. If you compare this to the coins you just mentioned that's fucking nothing. There are more threads on TAP than HBAR lol. This is the biggest sleeper on /biz/ and I don't understand why.

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Stop respecting it when he bashed on Ripple. This is retarded. Not only is Ripple going to win its case against the cunt niggers at the SEC, but it's already getting widespread adoption in Asia especially Japan

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are there any comfy groups for us hbar holders
just wanna shitpost with you lads

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And I will MAKE MORE

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So how many kikes are working on this? More heebs more pumps.

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There's lots on reddit. HBAR is popular there for being a warm and welcoming group thanks to centralized corporate sponsorship

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How exactly does it "destroys" blockchain?

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Its effectively the fastest and fairest concensus method theoretically possible

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i invested in this just because I think that guy has a funny face, will I be a millionaire?

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it's blockchain but actually works

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Is it? I've seen 10k transactions per second quoted. But I've also seen 100k+ transactions per sec quoted for etherium when it fully deploys the shards.

Does it have the security advantages of blockchain? Not trying to FUD you here, I've got 7k and I might buy more.

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That's how you invest in crypto!
Vitalik has a funny face, and look where are the early ETH investors here

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95k stacklet here. Worried I’m not gonna make it

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>fairest conensus
>Corporate holders
>all go woke on hbar with their HR departments
>sounds too much like heavy barrel AR
>consensus to rename it Floyd
>demonitize it amongst whites for redistribution to POC and the LGBTQDERP
>whites have to pay to use it and sell it, only coloreds gain profit
I'm colored, I'm going all in on this.

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just fuck off back to pol

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It’s only throttled to 10k tps for redundancy, it demonstrates 250k tps when u lift that artificial cap, with sharing that number goes to hundreds of millions and BILLIONS of tps

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I'm supporting your coin faggot. I've got 4k USD on it at $0.03

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Interesting. Yeah, that makes sense though, I suppose if etherium can shard than any crypto can. Now the issue is that etherium is a far more mature environment. Like there's so much amazing development being done on etherium and etherium tokens that I'm not sure anything can truly replace it.

But I think this is alright to go in on at most half of what I go in on etherium and etherium tokens.

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Kinda weird how identity politics get shoved into EVERY aspect of live, including business, but when you want to thematize it, you get told to go to /pol/. It's not /pol/ who brings this shit into other areas, it's the "woke" left and their messias complex. It's pretty disingenious to bring this shit into our space, but when we want to talk about it, get told "no, you can't criticize us here, out!"

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This is dystopian as fuck. Is this real? Can we have more delicious HBAR content like this.

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it's real

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Ur doing gods work anon

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god damn this makes me so bullish lmao

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The success of a crypto is based one how memeable its owner is

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Thanks bros, doing my best

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Its fast because it doesnt have any cryptographic security. Also its not even that fast, their advertised transactions per second is exaggerated a thousand fold.

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b-but i thought this was the coin of the chosen people

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No it’s not faggot , that’s for their smart contract service and that’s only temporary until they replace the even with their own in house smart contract platform, token service, Census service and all inter wallet transfers are at the listed 10k tps

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Sui stack size?

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Whatever you want, just...

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This man is unironically an actual, certifiable genius. What he figured out with the gossip protocol really is a blockchain killer, its not a meme. I own HBAR because it will probably become an entire layer ontop of the internet, when all is said and done, and on top of which all decentralized platforms build upon. And its still worth, what, a $1bil market cap? Screaming buy, and that comes from someone who accumulated his entire stack between 3 and 4 cents.

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This, Gossip on gossip protocol is literally the FINAL form of DAG dlt, it literally CANNOT theoretically get any better, he literally got the monopoly on DLT now

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isn't that only 30 bucks, ill send you that much nano right now if you start making us memes as based as this

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its 300

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I don't want them staying in power, I want them to wither away.

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suck his dick more faggot

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t geocities website owner and investor

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HBAR is a scam coin, im just waiting for this shit to moon so i can buy a real coin.
When this crap hits 0.20 im going to dump everything single hbar and you fuckers are going to hold my bags forever

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Haha, send me an email with some sources: mushroom4chan@gmail.com
Not a problem at all anon
I do it for fun and the community ikr, but getting a lil buck would be nice, 30 bucks is 1/14 of my salary
Would do it for free if i holded some NANO, but since you have mentioned it why not, worth a try

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Don't say you weren't warned, they are holding billions of tokens.

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So tell me more about this Headrash Harshgrope... what's with the retarded name?

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ill send it in this thread, post a nano address and ill send it your way. I recommend the Natrium wallet from the Google app store

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Memes will be coming tomorrow to NANO threads
I am engaged and deployed

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thanks bro, charging my phone now so it will be about 5 minutes, will post when sent

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People think just because it has a high supply is must be shit. fucking people man. they have no idea about what the coin does, or the partnerships/endorsements they have.

Would Google, IBM, LG and other tech giants be on their governing board if it was a shit coin? I'm sure these faggots in /biz know more than the most successful tech companies on earth.

I'm all in. This will be an easy x10 by EOY. maybe x100. But regardless, this tech is going to change everything. Google is betting on it. Im not selling before $4 Hedera is the future of speed.

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this guy gets it.

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It’s just seething kikes. Ignore them

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Based Hedera
Nonbelievers btfo

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This. I said it before but if something like avalanche with a crazy high supply can go up then Hbar being a way better coin can also

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just created a group for hbar anons
join up, i dont want to go to reddit to talk about hbar

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I'm in, nanomarine meme in production

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Just sent, you should have already received by the time this message gets posted. Check out how it works, Nano is pretty similar to HBAR in terms of speed and scalability. I liken them each to the next evolution of BTC and ETH.

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Wish I could get something like these more often from other coins holders lol
I love photoshopping stupid stuff
Ty based Nanomarine

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im a retard and created a fucking channel instead of a group
just retard things I guess

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Just bought in a 28K stack, this good enough for a couple of small islands when it moons?

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make a new one and post the name

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Doesn't that mean there are absolutely massive whales in this?
Maybe the biggest whales in all of crypto

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haha no, this shitcoin will hit 1 dollar in 5 years, in the next bull market

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Why yes, my portfolio is half Hedera half Iota, what gave it away

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lmao, good one

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will this dip more? i want to buy in

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>Whinges about identity politics and then engages with it
You just keep hanging onto your whiteness buddy, nothing illogical about that

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I don't really know what HBAR is, and I'm a little unimpressed with the shills here, but I had a spare $340 of fiat to spend, so I put it all on HBAR. So now I'm a 2.5k stacklet

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Why yes, my portfolio is 100% hbar what gave it away?

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They are already performing several times the number of transactions per day of ethereum

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He’s going to make us extremely wealthy buddy
There’s still time

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explain how hashgraph works I don't get it. Don't you still need proof of stake and basically the same algorithm as any other PoS blockchain?

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no homo but i would unironically suck leemon bairds cock irl just so i had the bragging rights, and could write a book about the experience.

>> No.28663561

No proof

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no they operate using virtual voting

>> No.28663621

> leemon bairds
lmao his name is fucking LEMON BARD
i feel even better about hbar now

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then what stops the chain from forking?

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I know they had early investors get on board, it doesnt really seem like a poompa loompa coin and more of a I got in early to get even richer kinda coin.

I dont give a shit if its loved by corps, deep state, trannies or wtv. All I give a shit about are its possibles uses, its ability to effectively be used, its rate of adoption and its possibility of growth. From what Ive seen, it tik toks all those boxes.

Wish I got in mich earlier but wtv, ill keep adding until 20k because i like even numbers, set it in my wallet, sell a few to cover my initial investment and let the rest marinate.

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If it has these backers who are into it, it will probably just gradually blossom over time, no pumps and dumps, and is probably a comfy long term hodl.

I'm chasing risks in shit like FTM and REEF, but all in HBAR and forgetting about it would probably be a good idea

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is there anywhere to watch the google conference live on the 17th?

>> No.28664433

the most globohomo coin out there

>> No.28664476

and thats a good thing ( for profit at least)

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Hashchads report.

I literally put my entire life savings into this. I'm a true believer 100%.

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its good for a hedge

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> Would Google, IBM, LG and other tech giants be on their governing board if it was a shit coin? I'm sure these faggots in /biz know more than the most successful tech companies on earth.

Me to anon. All in. Started shilling hashgraph back in August and would get FUD from retards who think they're smarter than massive companies. Got to accumulate cheap.

Wait til Paypal joins. Then the real FOMO will kick in.

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Oh what an absolude madlad!

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I'll only fomo in if it reaches .2 and I see /biz/ memes

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I did too anon. All in.

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Based but also be careful lmao

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im broke but just put 40 fiat into waiting on the next dip, should I buy at .01333? or hope for another .0125

>> No.28666396

Give me proof they partnered with them,

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Guys convincef me got 100k. Should i go back to avalanche this week?

>> No.28666609

What's KYC?

>> No.28666649

If I could sell my Avax I would have a while ago

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>900 mil market cap
>50 bil max supply
The tokenomics ain't looking too good.

>> No.28666994

you need to look closer

>> No.28667033

>supply roadmap

>> No.28667955

Sorry friend, first time im thankful for Voyager. I would've staked by now.

>> No.28669120

Shit, I'm buying.

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departamento basado

>> No.28670856

holy fuck ahhaha,
Hedera Hashgraph
how did i not see it before...

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Swapped 400 of my link stack to get 100k hbar. Could swap more link to get a few mill hbar, but not sure if it's worth the risk.