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Name one crypto currency shilled by /biz/ that wasn't a pump and dump scam

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GFARM2, leveraged trading on uniswap. Low mcap. On sale because the first version got hacked, has since been audited

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Grt wasn't a pump and dump if you didn't want it to be. It's a 2 year crypto that happened to get pumped and slightly dumped. It's on track for $5
One that I've never seen shilled on here is cosmos (atom) it's currently hitting ATH's but has room to grow. I got in early so just along for the ride but its new price point is for whales as they have a lot of incentive to go for a dip and hang around

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Lurk moar dumb ass

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undecided about ADA

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LINK is such an obvious answer that no one will say it because everyone already knows.

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Most coins you see are shills, because real people dont have time to keep posting trying to convice you to buy a genuine good project out of the goodness of their heart.
Like, buy JRT or XFT

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this board is so trash. it's mostly scam coins and the jannies ban all the funny content. idk why I keep browsing

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BTC, ETH, LINK, but they're the exceptions that prove the rule.

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I'm between atom, INJ and LTO. Can't decide which to go all in on.

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uhh the dump part has just begun, same with this
and this
just on a longer timeframe

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this is still some of the funniest shit to ever happen on this site. then the next day after the dump someone came in trying to shill the Bigmac coin that's tethered to the price of a big mac i'm crying how the fuck do you fall for this

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tornado cash

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The jannies are scammers too.
I womt be surprised if they're part of a pump and dump discord.
Think about it, they control the info flow on here, and there are a lot of people with money in these parts as well as whales, they can control a huge part of the crypto economy by deleting coins they dont like while allowing the coins that they do to be promoted.
Many people fall for the hype omfrom thread spam and join in to get success or get dumped on.

What happened to the mcdonalds coin threads?
What happened to the amc threads?

Of course, no one will take their threatening position seriously because of the "funny frog man beating up janitor" memes (which are fucking hilarious I admit).
They're ok with doing it for free because they are secretly the bogs.

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shh careful fren

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We get it. You're a broke fag who has nothing to do but fud everything.

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This one is idd a pump and dump scam but you are very early

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Link is a pump and dump

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they archived my LTC thread after someone has bumped it. abolutely bullish

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i was going to buy algo when it was literally 0.02, after i read anything under the sun on them
then i saw it mentioned here
you fucks cost me a million

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Each and every single time someone on this board says "you're very early", you're actually very very late.

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they're 100% in on it. i hope there's an FBI agent undercover on here, so that the scammers can be locked up like they deserve

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>the standard

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LINK and ETH. Those are the only two.

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you got me

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VThor. and it still has room to grow.