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Wish I could buy KYLEcoin

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Maybe 30k? Shit will probably go higher desu. In the long long term BTC is fucking dead anyway. Despite being a new technology with the promise of a new monetary system, it got corrupted and became even more Jewish than credit cards.

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would pay to see him bottom.

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If I was him I’d get the first fishing boat out of the US and go to Russia or some shit

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he didn't do anything wrong and will get to sue like sandman. He will be right here with us in a few years gambling on shitcoins with his millions.

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It doesn’t matter if he did anything “wrong” he obviously did something illegal. It wasn’t even legal for him to have a firearm of that type in that state.

If you believe in “law and order” start with yourself.

Also this isnt /pol/

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Imagine being this much of a dumb nigger

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Kyle did nothing wrong. Does his legal defence team accept Monero donations?

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>Also this isnt /pol/
yes, it is.

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The law literally has zero to do with “right” and “wrong”. If some fuckface was on my lawn armed claiming to save me from the big scary darkies when I didn’t ask I’d shoot his ass. Which is wrong and legal.

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He saved his own life from pedos and lefties. Clear to see from the other side of the world.

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>he obviously did something illegal
okay what did he do that was illegal?

>it wasn’t even legal for him to have a firearm of that type in that state
2nd amendment is pretty clear.

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hurting a jew requires death penalty under judeo valyes

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We go 60k next week. Screencap this

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What he did was fucking BASED as fuck and he is my hero.

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Kyle is a fucking LEGEND.
He killed a convicted PEDOPHILE.
Another felon.

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the fuck are you niggers talking about

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/biz/ i /pol/'s colony

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Whatever happened to my boy, Kyle?

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He did all this while being chased by a pack of feral NIGGERS and smelly communists.
He showed immense restraint and calm. He didn't kill anybody that didn't assault him and he even managed to beat the faggot that tried to quickdraw on him with a pistol after pretending to surrender.

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your retarded and sooooo wrong. he did nothing illegal.

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He's out on bail and CHADDING IT UP like a fucking BOSS.

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More like a graduate program after you've taken the blackpill. You start off with the redpill, but as you get older you realize nothing will ever happen and you'd best look out for yourself, so you come here. You graduate from being racist against black people, to being racist against poor people.

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I have to go now but remember guys, Kyle is a king. He saw that scum had arrived in town and he took it into his own hands and cleaned up the mess. We should all try to be more like Kyle.
When I make it I'm unironically gonna get a statue made of him in bronze and put in my front garden.
Oh, if you have the money please donate to his defence fund, I donated 200 dollars, but any amount will do.

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good thing he didn't break the law then

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What's up with all the dumb contentless fud posts recently.

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leftists are not human btw
maybe animal abuse

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dumb nigger

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Bitcoin will never be 20k again.

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