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My friend and family are fucking jealous.
Like seething
Is that a good sign

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no because ultimately its sad when money comes between friends and family. money is just money, those people aren't replaceable. That being said, it does show you who your true friends are and who just wanted to use you in some way.

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>My friend and family are fucking jealous.
You told them?

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Ya baby ya

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New financial overlords. Watch out

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I told my mom, dad, sister, and her husband. With the exception of my brother in law the rest are quite happy for me and don't want anything. Brother in law's attitude seems a bit different lately. I'm at like 650K or so.

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thats when you sell

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This. Never tell anyone what your holdings are.

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Goddamn. Happy for you lads. Think it's still a good time to get a few linkies? Continued rise?

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No. This is why you never share your crypto gains with anyone unless they're also invested. People who don't understand it will resent you for having made so much money with almost no effort at all.
Boomers are especially resentful of it.

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The word spread I didn’t tell anyone but I’m glad they are mad

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>The word spread I didn’t tell anyone but I’m glad they are mad

Something doesn't add up here?

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What don’t you understand

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Ahh that's nice to see, congrats anons. It's nice to know some people do benefit from the 0.1% of posts that aren't curry and scurry attempts or FUD for the sake of buying the dip.

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It's a larp #45207595375839

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It is

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how did you know link would blow up like that vack then?

suggest any other good fundamentals? GRT? HBAR?

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If you didn't tell anybody the word could never have spread.

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>tfw racist incels become a playable faction in the next NWO.
Fan favorite.

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That was my thinking as well.

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charge your fucking phone

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I had the vision
Told my immediate relatives

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It’s going to be glorious

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dude give me 500 ill buy u a beer

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Thanks. Yea there is definitely legitimated information here to be parsed out of the mess of pump and dump shilling. I also found 0Chain here which I bought at .22 and it pumped to 1.20 then retraced and is sitting around .80. I haven't lost money. I do basically research nearly every project listed here though.

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Why the hell are they jealous?

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Holy shit stuff is getting crazy.

Gratz everyone really

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Glad you got 46,077, would have sucked to get stuck at 46,000 lol

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Even though GRT has just done 10x, I would get in on the dips, it was a coin I picked out a month ago as being promising and here we are, it still has legs

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I told my mate yesterday that I am now a millionaire.

He isn't even a super close mate. He just asked me and I didn't want to lie.

Then he was like: Well done ! you should sell it......... Fucking normies

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how did link grow so much while doge only now is like 50 cents

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I hear some rumor about it going to $1k at some point?

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$PAZZY next 100000x

consider yourself warned

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Lmao that’s a meme newfag

The top is $81,000, and it’s in 2026. It’s been confirmed by two astral projecting shamans and one time traveler

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post salt

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>two astral projecting shamans and one time traveler
i want to meet these aliens

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Number 1 rule, you fucking don't tell anyone your true net worth. Like maybe just grab a "believable" screenshot from here, and you show them that. Like up maybe a few hundred or thousand. Wtf is wrong with you.

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What is this post

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Someone at work told one of my bosses I have crypto and ever since he keeps asking me if he can "hold some money"

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If i have to trade crypto exclusively on android for the foreseeable future, which exchange and wallet should I use? I'm leaning toward kraken pro

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>Told my immediate relatives
you just shot yourself in the foot.

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Why? My mom has her own 6 figure portfolio and shes 70, my dad has a 6k per month pension, and my brother makes bank in singapore teaching vidya. I'm the poorfag in my family

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Pretty bearish for your personal relations.

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I told my boss about crypto back in the summer and he asked more about I told him more and bought in immediately now he has a couple btc, not sure how much eth, and at least 10k link.
I told him to start with those 3 and see where’s he at in a year.
He keeps texting me and asking me more about it. I’m going to teach him how to use uniswap next. Comfy times
>pic related he took me on a trip because he was so thankful

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Are you just telling them nonstop about your portfolio? Why would your family or friends know how much crypto you have or how much it's increasing by? You don't have any family or friends and if you did they wouldn't be "mad" that you're making money. Have friends, frencel.

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>'Here onichan drink this cup of tea. Oh it tastes funny? Nooo thats the peruvian brew, just drink it all up'
nigga u dead

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Post portfolios

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That sounds pretty nice :)

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Send us the picture of the alley you have to use your knees in four weeks after your boss gambled everything on shitcoins away and takes it out on you.

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Now that sounds like you have a great boss.
See one of mine is cool but normie and invests in doge and I can have conversations with him even if he doesn't understand what I'm saying. But the other one, that guy is known around the entire building as being a douche as it is and hearing him basically beg me for a loan is pathetic.

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seething how OP? give me examples

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noone knew retard.

There are an infinite amount of permanent bagholders here and my statistics some retards bought alot of chainlink and forgot about it for a couple years and got lucky.

Just throw your money on a couple of shitcoins and never sell anything ever.

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Stop flexing or telling them it will be bad karma the more they seethe.

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i wish

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stop telling your friends and family you retard
you will come off like an asshole
be humble

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Op is a loser and has to brag so his family doesn't think he's a complete waste

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didn't the shamans said $379 tho?

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>Brother in law
Ofcourse this guy would have an issue. You are fucking his sister.

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Dont show them you stupid fuck.
That way you are just attracting evil eye (jinx) on your life.
People are jealous from success you retard.
Keep your linkies closer than your fucking balls.

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It's luck and nothing else. Every altcoin starts as a cult and takes years to bear any fruit, if at all.

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link marines get a mythical genius status here but this proves youre just retarded

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C-checked anon fuck you man take it back

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>almost no effort at all
>got lucky
found the poorfags

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i told my best friend i have 70 ETH last year and recommended he invest, but he decided not to. now it's gone up 3x-4x since then. anyway he asked me for a favour the other day and when i said no he lost his shit, said i do nothing for him and called me a rich cunt. it's the first time hes ever said anything like that to me and it made me extremely uncomfortable. he must have been checking the ETH price regularly to check up on me and feeling resentment. I'm really annoyed I told him. even best friends can turn on you over pretty meagre sums of money. i feel like i have no real friends anymore honestly...

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We've been saying for years that you salty fucks would say we just got lucky. Well luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. I guess you just weren't prepared.

>> No.28640115

just wait until they guilt trip you into giving you some

>> No.28640141

Try getting successful friends. Thats what I did. One buddy owns a couple hundred grand worth of cars. The other owns a bunch of land. They couldn't care less if I make another $30-$50k in crypto.

>> No.28640191

Unfortunately this.

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This entire board knew link was gonna blow up. You had 4 years

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why do biztards always post screenshots of fucking blockfolio lmfao. I just assume it's a larp unless they post a signed message or at least a screenshot of their wallet balance. Idk why anyone who isn't a complete noob would use blockfolio (at least use delta) but in general usually only noobs use these portfolio apps.

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How long you been holding?

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>brother in law
or fucking his wife kek

>> No.28640452

>just post your actual address on an anonymous image board 50k people browse daily

>> No.28640472

you're a legend anon. Stay legend.

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kek he sounds like my brother except for no one really cares what he makes bc he thinks he's a trading genius for yoloing our dads inheritance money on Robinhood, dumb fuck is going to get cleaned out once his wife divorces him again (they already divorced once)

>> No.28640550

Did the same board also know Bitcoin was going to be 50k? If so why didn’t they 100% into Bitcoin?

>> No.28640602

You joined the local cultcoin and got lucky. Type the words.
Every fucking year you retards were all $1000 EOY $1000 EOY STINKY LINKY. You might at least make it to 50 after the bear periods, good for you.
Yeah, I'm seething but I can face facts. Can you?

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holy shit my best friend did a total 180 when he found out i had money last year too, before that the fucker had way too much pride next thing you know he's asking me for shit left and right. ppl have no shame. dude still owes me money too.

>> No.28640683

they could just post a screenshot of their wallet balance without the address in the image, but it's not like anybody can do much with only your address anyway

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are you the 21 year old? I have almost the exact same amount of LINK as you at 23.

Stop posting your wallet. Don’t let this new money pump your ego. Try to internalize that no one cares.

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A few of them are whales from a discord that chose link for its tokenomics, the fact 80% of it goes to the node holders which is the real scam. Theres no reason to buy it, no reason to hold it, its just an incentive token for people who have a lot of it already. Supposed to be the price of a coffee, its possibly the worlds most successful scam ever. Most these people wont sell but the ones who got in at 20 cents and have 800k, or 1.8 million must I assume have pulled off a few hundred k at least already. They did make it, even if its doomed. This shit is not a top 10 coin, its not worth 10 dollars let alone 30 or 50. The same whales who started this shit have ridden from the start, swinging it while they post anti-swing pro-hodl memes to everyone else. They increase their stacks when it dips, sending it into another frenzy.. and then they dump at the psychological barriers, like 30$ a few days ago.

The link memes dried up, you ever wonder why? Its so successful, where are the 8 gorillion link threads. It was totally non-organic.

>> No.28640767

>never sell anything ever.

>> No.28640770

anyone have the “they will call us lucky” screenshot?

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I only started a couple month ago, but once I've been in stocks and crypto for a year or two I plan to invest my friends and families savings for them. I'll take 5-10% from each of them and make a living reinvesting that revenue and what I already have. Build up the people I love with me while having fun trading crypto and stocks.

>> No.28641237

that's a terrible idea, do not do this

>> No.28641355

wtf why do you have this pic of me??

>> No.28641490

stupid fuck, don't mix family and money

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>> No.28641728

>fucking normies
t. losers that's so desperate for a crumb of validation he reveals his power level to an accquintance.

>> No.28641744

I hope you can afford a phone charger now.

>> No.28641759

RIP your chin/jawline

>> No.28641800

literally the social equivalent of throwing your life savings into a meme coin. family and friends aren't worth any amount of money, but if you lost their savings they would disown you

>> No.28641913

I don't invest in obvious pajeet scams like you guys.

>> No.28642116

in your own words you 'started a couple of months ago', don't act like you're an expert now. we're giving you good advice

>> No.28642151

imagine telling family and friends about your gains like some overexcited toddler

>> No.28642203

there is no safe investment or guaranteed return faggot. invest USDC into a 10% apy app and it could get decoupled from the dollar in a black swan event. entire stock market is overdue some major correction so your index fund/vanguard might lose their money. bitcoin is volatile as fuck and unpredictable. need i go on? you feel smart because you're in a major bull market.

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Like I said I will be waiting a couple years.
It always dipps but the good coins always come back and proceed to outperform the last run. Just look at btc history.

Pic is both you guys right now.

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A couple months ago this guy made a post about his uncle telling him how terrible it was to be in crypto and to sell sell if he had any still, while it was going up. Later said uncle offered his investment services, for a price of course, because hes a slimeball kike. Like you. It was a funny pasta for a while.

>> No.28642704

How is tht applicable to me at all?

>> No.28642791

maybe you can safe this by flat out telling: 'if you feel more comfortable, i gambled away all my ethereum, im flat out broke and now shut the fuck up you dumb ass nigger, how can you even bring me in the situation to have to deny you a loan? never ask friends for serious money, you do you, i do me, so are we cool, fucking nigger'
he is maybe willing to believe you, to make is insecurity and inferiority complex go away, poorer people hate facing the reality when friends do much more well, crabs inna bucketn sheeeet

>> No.28642860

I’m 24

>> No.28642890

no. they will become jealous. you have FUCKED up, my fran.

>> No.28643009

How much of your net worth does that represent? Seems crazy to put it all in crypto.

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>> No.28643042

not even sure what to say anon, I just hope that you come to realise that investing your family's savings is never a good idea

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Little babies

>> No.28643114

low-testosterone beta male detected.
remember that when he's a multimillionaire and you continue to "play it safe" with your 32k /yr job.

>> No.28643186

Go into more detail. I'm curious as to how they react when you properly make it.
I'm still in 5 figure hell so they're mostly just happy for me but I'm not sure what they'd be like when I'm 6 figures+

>> No.28643284

You seem pretty obsessed with men's hormones.

>> No.28643306

I unironically lost a friend after telling people I got the 400 UNI airdrop, now worth over 10k Canadian.
The joke is I never mentioned the rest of my portfolio which is up 100k+. Jealous fags seethe at the success of others.

>> No.28643445

blockfoliolet cryfags itt seethe harder copelets i have 1 mil sneedcoin

>> No.28643472

There was so much LINK shilling and FUDding, literally no different from any other shitcoin

>> No.28643478

My parents and other boomers have been telling me to sell since I was up about £50k

My older sister is intensely jealous

Other siblings don't seem to care

Friends don't seem to care beyond what my plans are for the future

>> No.28643564

DYOR faggot

>> No.28643601

You SHOULD sell a part and diversify.

>> No.28643624

They all want to use you, that's reality of wealthy life;
The rich have many friends
Poorfags have none

Being a poorfag and wageslave together turns you into a sociopath Bateman style

>> No.28643646

NEVER lend money.

>> No.28643648

Fpbp. Anon you shouldn't be proud of the fact that your family and friends envious of how valuable you are in terms of fiat currency. Those are shallow people. The idea of crypto shouldn't be to get rich, it should be to adopt a new, decentralized form of money

>> No.28643695

try cashing out

>> No.28643713

Doge is a fucking meme coin retard

>> No.28643761

>link is 12 cant go any higher SELL

>> No.28643792

Sounds more like his family are pieces of shit.

>> No.28643888

>Ofcourse this guy would have an issue. You are fucking his sister.

No he's fucking my sister. lmao She's pregnant with their first kid right now.

>> No.28643890

try coping less

>> No.28643968

I will forever be jealous of LinkCHADs. I couldn't buy anything when it came out because I was a broke student.

Now, taking loans to buy crypto is usually extremely irresponsible, but if I could go back to the past at least 1 year, I would 100 % do that.

>> No.28644081


>> No.28644185


>Actively buys the token being shilled the executive director of the WEF in 2017 and holds through multiple 50% price swings.

It wasn't luck you are just a retard.

>> No.28644220

HOLD anon, Hold!!!!!!
Link will 10x this year, finance anon said so >>27758758

>> No.28644227

My friends think I'm a god

t. 100k LINKchad

>> No.28644245

>My friend and family are fucking jealous.
>Like seething
why? what happened? you weren't dumb enough to tell them anything about your crypto investments, right?

>> No.28644301

why do anon need to debase himself to keep his nigger ass "friend". Find better friend OP

>> No.28644339

This. Literal children itt. Fucking pathetic.

>> No.28644398

>It wasn't luck you are just a retard

>> No.28644481

My step mom told everyone
Wasn’t me

>> No.28644526

youre very shallow -- empty inside. Imagine bragging about being ahead of your peers rather than wishing them good fortune. I wouldnt want you as a friend, no matter how much money you have

>> No.28644551

Let me tell you how this goes OP. It’s like a game of telephone

You tell your roastie sister
She tells her best friend
>OMG my brother made like half a million dollars on like bitcoin or something, and he won’t give ME any of it!!! Like what a creep!
Best friend tells her boyfriend
>you remember Roastina Anonberg? Her brother is a millionaire now because of the internet or something. I think she called it bits coins? She said he has like a thousand of them or something idk. Got any more blow?
Boyfriend tells his drug dealer
>hey yeah thanks my dude, $60 a gram is a steal. Oh hey do you know how much a thousand bitcoin is? That guy from high school Fagley Anonberg has like that much and is a billionaire or something now.
Dealer tells his criminal friends
>ayo hol up hol up now dis nigga has all sorts a efferiums an we gonna “persuade” him to part wit em, yanamsayin? Bring those pliers and that blowtorch, we gonna do a SAW 3 on this nigga and be rich as a mughfuga

>> No.28644626

I told my dad only because he asked. I don't talk finance to people.

>> No.28644858

this is psycho behavior ABORT ABORT

>> No.28644995

confirmed larp then

>> No.28645022

friends you grew up with, are hard to comeby. if the money thing was the one and only negative 'glitch' his friend had in two or three decades of friendship, id atleast try getting on and to make clear that money never ever is being discussed. he can still instadrop him, if he feels the resentment and jelousy of his friend. even though im mostly on the 'no-second-chances because-nothing will change train' , its a (former) good friend, so giving another one or two month testing in relation of approx. 360 months experience, this is just 25 base points.

>> No.28645152

>tfw you only have like 2x the amount of LINK as degenerate retards like OP
I hate this world

>> No.28645179
File: 924 KB, 1033x670, 1612798174656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ayo hol up hol up now dis nigga has all sorts a efferiums

>> No.28645194

>you are higher rank than me but at least I have my Moral Superiority(TM)

>> No.28645221

Don’t teach him uniswap. That’s a fucking money put for anyone not willing to keep their hand on the pulse of any coin they buy there.

>> No.28645247

Well that's fine then. But you never show your poorfag friends and poorfag family.

>> No.28645411

ayo my lil gas stock be doin sumn

>> No.28645527
File: 1.68 MB, 1042x1020, 1612930985509.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>teaching a normie instead of family
Ngmi with this nigger tier behavior

>> No.28645600

How is wanting to help the people you love psycho? If you don't believe in the long term progress of crypto currency what are you doing here? I'm not forcing anyone to do anything, I'll show them what I've been doing and if they want to invest I'll do it for them and take a very small portion of the profits to make up the time I spend on this.

>> No.28645843

psychopaths convince others to let them handle their money, it's a thing

>> No.28646055

>My friend and family are fucking jealous.

what a retard, you must be very stupid and insecure to actually tell ur family ad friends how much money you have

>> No.28646134

Absolutely based beyond belief department

>> No.28646151
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why? i am not disagreeing, but explain.

>> No.28646389
File: 201 KB, 1440x3120, ZAKBMrI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I told my family because we all YOLO'd together, and each of us made bank, because we all trusted each other and collaborated on our plays. The problem is never friends and family, the problem is shitty friends and family who you were never close with to begin with.

>> No.28646710

Here's the exact thread that made me buy.

There were so many breadcrumbs back in 2018, I had never felt so confident that a project would be absolutely necessary for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and Chainlink was far and ahead of everyone else when it came to oracles. I can guarantee you I wouldn't have tried accumulating like I was if I was just hoping for a scam pump. Much less been able to hold for that long.

>> No.28646832

377% is not impressive

>> No.28646880

We have a family saving where all the siblings pitch in together to save for an emergency and this fund is now over 20K but it is sitting in a credit union earning a money market account.

No one is listening to me to put even 5K or 10K into one of the stable coins....it's all it's too unstable, you can't cash if you need it, etc...

I'll just continue on this lonely road of mine...

They said it's all p

>> No.28647055

Where did you get your psychology degree?

>> No.28647127


>> No.28647158

>$1M in a week isn't impressive

>> No.28647304

awesome, shame the government wants almost half of it

>> No.28647319

He didn't make $1M in a week retard, do you know what taxes are? He made AT MOST $600k.

>> No.28647574

fucking retard

>> No.28647676

>you don't know what the tax laws are in his jurisdiction because you don't know where he lives
>you don't know what if any of his activity constitutes taxable events because he might not have cashed out or traded since his bags mooned
>you are a faggot and probably coping hard for still being poor

>> No.28647913

my favorite fud.
welcome, newfriend! cash out your gme, market buy link and be glad you're this early.

>> No.28647960

He lives in USA since RH is only available in USA. Federal tax for $500k+ is 37%. The only way he can avoid paying short term capital gains tax is by holding for a year. He probably lives in a state with income tax since most states have income tax.

>> No.28648014

I don’t even want to check the price or my portfolio. I don’t want to see it.

>> No.28648214

>He made AT MOST $600k.
Oh no. Anyway.

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Holy shit, this is what the average redditor thinks, huh?


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File: 317 KB, 852x850, Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 9.34.26 pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28649400

> Having some strange fucking my sister while I exist

>> No.28649750

The rich often have many "friends". Poor people often have many actual friends.

>> No.28650164

pretty much. threw a few hundred at what I thought we're shit coins in August. Now ZRX, MATIC, RSR, ADA, and ALGO are pumping so hard I regret forgetting about them and not buying more back then.

>> No.28650665

>t. a criminal psychology class and knowing one irl that had convinced an absolute chump into giving her all of his money because she could handle it better

>> No.28651084

HBAR and LTO are actually being used in the real world. LTO just happens to still be around the 100mil mc range

>> No.28652189

Bitch we are family

>> No.28652239


LINK mooning?
Bear market confirmed.

>> No.28652416

Good on you for making profits, but people need to realize that you put down tens of thousands of dollars. Not everyone has that. So don't get too jelly, folks.

>> No.28652482

yeah but most of those friends are shitheads

>> No.28652594

He was gonna to throw you off the boat.

>> No.28652627


>> No.28652822
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>do you know what taxes are?
No but I know what Monero and TORN are

>> No.28652824

No fucking joke, one if my exes thought "I had money" and I kinda regretted being with her.

I was fucking 17 and worked at McDonalds. Fuck off and get a job.

>> No.28652874

Psychopaths want to control others money ≠ everyone who invests other people's money are psychopaths. You should have paid more attention in class. You should look up the term False Equivalence.

>> No.28652935

Evil eye jinx? Explain. I'm scared.

>> No.28652962

anon I never said he was a psychopath. I was simply presenting that psychopaths want to control money and that it could in fact be a psychopathic behavior to those that may have not known such a thing existed.

>> No.28653470

I'm the original anon that posted it. I said I love my family enough that I want to make them rich along with me, and you psychopathic behavior. Now you're trying to move the goal post because you're a psuedo intellectual retard, and you got called out for it.

>> No.28653545

I'd have never told them but grats on the gains, fren. Happy for you.

>> No.28653647

They are both white and have been together for like 15 years. Met in high school. He's cool just been acting weird about the gains.

>> No.28653695
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Why not hold some Steel?


>> No.28653724

no retard someone replied to you saying abort abort, you said how, and i said that it is a thing (in case people didn't know).
Someone needs to be aware of the consequences of handing your money to someone, family or not, and to think that an actual psychopath wouldn't say whatever they needed to say to make that happen is naïve.

>> No.28654134

>no retard someone replied to you saying abort abort, you said how
What? I think you're getting confused with another anon because I didn't ask how.
>Someone needs to be aware of the consequences of handing your money to someone, family or not, and to think that an actual psychopath wouldn't say whatever they needed to say to make that happen is naïve.
Now I'm lost because this isn't the conversation we were having. We weren't discussing if that is what psychopaths do we were talking about the assumption that my original comment had anything to do with psychotic behavior.

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