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Link new ATH..again. God it's getting repetitive

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its not even $32

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stop triggering the sell bots ffs

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I agree anon. What a river don’t know is to climb out and heed a line, to slow among roses or stay behind.

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Based song reference

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why is it up? theres no staking yet?

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uhhh should I buy or will I get gaped

I can get a few hundred

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Check again

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is it weird that i don't feel anything anymore when chainlink breaks it's all time high?
It's just like normal or expected im not surprised or thrilled.
It's just like oh yeah another all time high for chainlink what else is new.

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who cares faggot? it will be 28 eod

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This is the worst part for old fags, I'm sure well lose a few of them selling before we hit 1k EOY

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LINK has been absolutely shit this alt run. wish I never bought

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Never selling. Haven't sold until now. Not selling ever. I will go to the grave with $1,000,000,000 in link while living on my meager wages. BECAUSE I AM NEVER SELLING

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yeah i remember i was fucking ecstatic summer 19 when we broke the bear trend independent of the rest of the market and we hit 4$. i went out and bought a big mac for the first time in years. now its just content indifference and a feeling of inevitability

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Same, can't tell if it's only cause I've been conditioned to expect massive dumps soon after. I mean it never stays up there - it'll dump back down soon and then take some days to get to a point where that ath is the floor. It's all pretty tiring desu

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I would not even consider selling a single LINK until $300, and my assumption is by that point staking will exist and I won’t ever sell.

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Almost as based as my based id

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I only have 500 Linkies. How much would I make a year if I join a staking pool once that time comes?

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These price levels are not supported by any kind of fundamentals, the "true" value of a chainlink token would be sub 10$, as the application of decentralized smartcontracts grows, chainlink will increase in value.
But as of right now, this is a crypto bubble being blown and there is nothing fundamentally supporting it, only fomo.

We are gonna cross 30$ at least two more times, one when we ride the elevator down this year, and a second time when we take the stairs up again 4-5 years from now.

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This bubble has like 6-8 months left.

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at $10 link would only have $4b locked in contracts, i thought the number was much higher than that already

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>the "true" value of a chainlink token would be sub 10$

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Ba5Ed anon

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Literally 0 FOMO

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Mr World Wide.

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Did the simulation just break again? Reality JANNIESSSSSSS!!!!!!

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I get more satisfaction just watching the numbers go up and down than I would if I cashed out

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>wake up from a cheeky nap
>have a feeling
>check /biz/ on my phone

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I would agree with you but money printer has turned $20 into $30 and we're in a bull market. Link is going to $40 this week.

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35 dollar waiting room

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That didn’t age well

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How about a new ATL?

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this is the top, im selling. you would be wise to do the same

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When's the next fucking dip coming I need to double down

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when do i get out im new

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How do you get interest on Cryptos on Binance? I bought in with the Doge meme but ive since gone deeper down the rabbit hole, hows this shit work?

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jannies deleting other link threads or am I mistaken?

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Thanks, just sold 100000

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>tfw the 216 numerology schizos end up being right

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You will never leave /biz and link .You are here forever.

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No reason to get out anon, your best bet here would be to get out once you feel a big move in BTC is coming. Until then it is mostly smooth sailing for LINK.

However BTC volatility will cancel this move and get LINK to dip a bit. So really if you wanna decide when to get out watch BTC and make your decisions out of that.

Also you should make up your mind where your exit price is at.

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LINK is going straight to #3 isn’t it?

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This has to crash now right? BTC, LINK all of it no? It's 2017/2018 all over again just a little delayed. It's gonna be a bloodbath. Anyone who says no forgets how great everyone felt at the end of 2017. This is gonna get ugly. Get out NOW

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You're also forgetting all the 2013-2014 veterans who got spooked and left in early 2017 because they said it "felt like 2014" even though BTC was only at 3k.
50k BTC is nowhere near the top. It's probably going to pop in Q4 just like the other super-cycles.

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You're right.

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probably after 50 or 60 bucks.

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except they said staking would be released today and LINK isnt $50, so yeah, they are right in the broadest sense of the word if you replace what they said with some minimalistic "numbers go up".
That said, $1000 eoy is fud.

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is it too late to jump on anons? i wanted to when it was 27$ but didnt have funds cleared

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That was a fake tweet from a shitposter sir

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This is what I think as well

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> Bought a stack for my cousin as a present
> Never transferred it over
> Family disagreement, not spoken for three years
> Now have a moon stack that feels dishonorable to touch
What do?

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>just a little delayed
are you fucking retarded? why do you retards not understand the market will top off during the holidays?

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just add it to your stack imho

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link is going to 1k eoy so no, not too late. this isn't even close to the big pump

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does he know of his supposed stack?

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fuck him

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not enough anon. you need some moonshots to get you that suicide stack. you will still be investing in rope soon.

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... I sold last summer

I have a small fortune and it’s not even mine.

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I just broke £2m

My initial investment in crypto was £3k and I'm from a working class poorfag family

Strange feelings. Think I'm too accustomed to constant dumps and being poor to enjoy the money.

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He knows.

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this honestly, if you told him about it and he understood it you should leave that stack until a time arises where he asks for it or circumstances change. If he doesnt know really properly that Link is good as yours

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What's the sell target?
IS $100 enough or wait for more?

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A suicide stack cost 34k today.

Let that sink in boyos

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Lurk moar
100 not even close cholo (you probably should take some profits there though)

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I bet the guy who sold ETH at 100 feels pretty foolish.

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I thought 10k was suicide stack...

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What coins made you buck besides presumably chain link?

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feels awful buying at ATH's but i said the same thing for GRT. i'll dump some funds into here

anons what do we think of the trinity of LINK/GRT/NU for info and info security? yall read into those as well?

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you don't sell LINK
you live off its' passive income

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1K is the suicide stack

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I remember being in awe when it first hit $4. This is just numb inducing. Can't imagine the feeling at $100 or $1000.

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By ancient laws it is his, until he releases it or dies.

You must kill him

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holy shit you dumb fucking pajeets, stop tricking people into thinking these shit projects are on par with Link, you don't even own Link yourself

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10k make it 1k suicide

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Even the idea about holidng $1.8M in binance makes me sick to my stomach. Like bro, please just keep your keys.

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>tfw only 22 links
Damn, I should get more, right?

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Nothing will feel as good as the first run to $4.
>t. OG holder of 28.7k LINK, or 2.87 original suicide stacks.

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>never check crypto because it stresses me out
>get about 300$ worth of DOGE from some guy early 2018
>check /biz/
>put it all into buying 620 LINK at 0.48$ a piece
>since then only check /biz/ when i get a notification of another ATH
>regret i didn't buy at least like a 2 or 3k stack back when i could every time
>know it will go up further
>still never buy more

this is what it feels like to be a brainlet

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Just FOMOed in with all my uni drop. Swinged link from 3 to 15 making my first 4 digits. Now this pumping when I have my first 5 digits.

>> No.28637730

goto the earn section.
Check regulary as they sometimes offer products as high as 30% apy

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It's all just numbers on a screen for me
Holding link had given me diamond hands
As well as the know how to find other solid projects to invest in

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So i want to buy some more link, but with its price going up so much in concerned it's gonna have a big dip. Now I know even if it dips it will still recover and go way beyond. I could just buy more coins if it dipped back to $20.

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I went all in on ETH and then all in on LINK

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Put that shit in a god damn wallet before it gets stolen from you by chinks

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Does he know the size of the stack? Or did you promise him an unspecified amount?

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Did you swing at all on the way up or just holding?I'm trying to work out a strategy as a approach 50k

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Sirgay is a numerology schizo himself it honestly makes sense he'd drop news on 2 16

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>t. seething nolinker faggot

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It is. Only newlinkers will dispute this.

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I'm listening to the latest Chico Crypto stream and he just said how evil and whale manipulated binance is lol

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so is 10K the suicide stack or is this just demoralization from keeping people to buy?

I don't usually see anyone claiming 10k is a suicide stack posting there wallet or anything.

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The suicide stack is and has always been 20k

>> No.28638269

1k suicide, always has been always will be

>> No.28638312

i think 10k was originally the price target of 100 usd but if you think we're going to a 400b mc then 1000 is the mc with current supply
or 1t with full supply
this doesn't take into account staking and link being locked in nodes.

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You know the ABC ? Always Buy Chainlink.

>> No.28638378

links is shit buy avax

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100 is suicide actually, no one here, except murricans with their 10k investments in everything had 10k as suicide stack.

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The thing for me is that if you want to do business in China the Chinese government has full access to your data.
There’s literally nothing stopping some Chinese government IT guys from going in and robbing the Gweilos blind

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Can't wait until sir gay dumps another 500k

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Check again he says. Not falling for that bullshit ever again

>> No.28638682

360mil crypto? How old is this

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Do you know why link pumps every friday when Sergey "dumps" the tokens? I'll let you figure that one out by yourself

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>it just keeps getting lower and lower

>> No.28638856


Billion and its not that old 3-4 months. Sergey recently showed an updated version a presentation he gave a few days ago. I need to get a screen shot of it.

>> No.28638857

it's from Smartcon 2020

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>happy when LINK goes up even when i dont own any
proud of you lads, hope to join you someday

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OG here.

1k suicide
10k make it.

You're lucky I'm being honest here.

>> No.28639002

Out of interest not FUD, within what time scale do you actually expect LINK to reach 3 figures? Judging by it's previous price action and knowing nothing else, I'd say it surely going to be another 3-4 years before we start to near 4 figs no?
I understand LINK and the role it will take in decentralised blockchain networks, but is it not in the best of interests of poorfags and sub 1k Linkers to get their gains elsewhere and pour back into LINK after this bull market?
Or am I missing something big? Is there something looming that is going to catapult price northbound?

>> No.28639125

if 1k really is feasible this year then 1k would be a million, anyone with half a brain going into the next bull run with more than million is set for life so long as they are not clinically retarded

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5 months lol

>> No.28639228

This year.

>> No.28639277

Triple digits will happen this cycle. That is inevitable.

Depends how this bullrun goes. But link might actually be the eth of this run. The patterns and moves are honestly identical. This slow climb and coil between 20 - 40$ is exactly what happened with eth, then 6 months of absolute mayhem.

>> No.28639309

You mean 2.87 suicide stacks....

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Why didn't i buy more?

>> No.28639473

They wont have a million going into the next bullrun. If 1k link happens then we know it's pretty much confirmed we are 1 cycle behind Eth. You'll have to have the will to actually sell your link and buy back in the $200-300.

The scary thing as a link holder is we know it's a bear market performer so do you really want to sell and hope for it to drop 60-70% (it wont drop 90%+ like the shit coins).

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fuck off nolinker retard

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Ah holy fuck lads I cannot ignore those dubs

>> No.28639507

Market speculation, hype, major announcements can all take it over $100, but $1000 comes into view when staking goes live. Once the large contracts come on board the token will have to meet collateral demands.

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No really i don’t, but i will try to work it out anon

>> No.28639576

$30 again before monday?

>> No.28639627

August was 7 months ago

>> No.28639651

I'm not excited because I can't retire off this ATH so it means nothing to me. I have 10k LINK and I can't do anything with it so it's the same as having no LINK. Until I can retire off my LINK stack I essentially have 0 LINK.

>> No.28639661

Also my what the fuck is my ID trying to tell me
Also if I am to convert my shitcoin eth into Linkies it will give me 333.33 LINK
Sweating slightly
kek I think you're trying to tell me something

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You’ve got a long road ahead of you, soldier. The Great Bull-Bear War is gruesome to most but if you’re smart, careful, and patient you can come out of this thing alive. Serve your couple of years and accumulate for the next bull. Every Link counts and remember, NEVER FUCKING SELL.

>> No.28639779

Based mindset. LINK is my lotto ticket, either I make it or I don't. It may take until next market cycle but I'm not selling in the meantime.

>> No.28639806

Yeah I do not doubt Link's abilities to reach past 4 figs on fundamentals in the slightest my only worry is the timescale.

My main goal is to accumulate more LINK and BTC at a 70-30% ratio, my main worry being I miss other potential big gains in other alts and therefore reduce the amount of LINK I could own

>> No.28639838

I posted 88888 related to link 2 days before 7777777 1k eoy happened.

>> No.28639901

checked. 216 start of $1k eoy

>> No.28640001

16th of the second month?

>> No.28640017

>Year 2031
>Guys a suicide stack has always been 10Link 100 is FUD

>> No.28640035

Same feelings here, I'm numb to it all. Also the dumps have stopped me relaxing & enjoying any of it cause most likely by next week it'll have crashed somewhat

>> No.28640060

I know I'll buried here for saying this, but desu staking doesn't feel ready, I'd surprised if it was fully implemented this year.

I'd be over the moon for a $100 link this cycle though.

>> No.28640071

This plagues me.
If I sell and it dumps I could nearly double my stack.
If I sell and it just keeps going I'll kill myself.

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I'm convinced it is guaranteed to succeed at this point so I'm just waiting for that moment. If you wanna see something interesting, I made a tax calculator. If you had a 10k stack of LINK and staking provided a 2% APY per year for your stack, you'd be able to sell 200 LINK a year. You'd be in long term capital gains tax brackets, so you'd be making 200k USD a year and only paying 9% tax on it since there's no social security or medicare taxes on long term cap gains.

This is assuming LINK is at $1000 per LINK though.

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thread theme

>> No.28640156

Am I priced out

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Many times seven is important as a symbol rather than as an actual number. Whenever you read seven, it does not always literally mean seven things or seven occurrences. It is symbolic of the whole or the completion or the ideal situation or even the perfect picture of things. Seven constitutes a complete cycle. In the Bible, numbers have spiritual significance. Of all the biblical numbers, seven is the most familiar because it appears about 600 times. Seven denotes spiritual perfection. It means divine fullness, completeness and totality. It should be understood that the repeated occurrence of the string of 7 in posts on 4chan should not be taken lightly. This far reaching website with the quarreling of hodlers, fomoers, atheists, pagans and Christians is a battle of truth and eternity.

>> No.28640199

Yeah this is what I'd kind of projected would happen if it continued at this current rate of relative undervaluing compared to fundamentals, minimal pump during bull but more or less ignoring the bear market and carrying on up anyway.
Have you got anything infographic wise drawn up to compare the ETH/LINK growth overlay?

>> No.28640236

Check your assumptions, I'm pretty sure LINK earned from staking would be taxed similarly to dividends. I know mining PoW cryptos treats it as regular income which forces you to sell some to meet your tax demands.

>> No.28640251
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And when you think about it, staking is likely not going to be a 2% a year APY. I'd say at least 5%. a 5% apy for a 10k stack would let you sell 500 LINK per year.

You'd be making after taxes, pic related.

>> No.28640257

10k suicide stack implies you don't believe Link will get above $100 or that you live in a shithole like California or New York.
Either way it's fud

>> No.28640330

You would have to ask 42 to confirm that.

>> No.28640365

Nope you are incorrect my friend. Use First in First out taxation method. The first LINK you held was the 10k you've been holding for years. All of that 10k is long term capital gains. You are selling off part of that 10k not the APY LINK you were rewarded if you use FIFO.

>> No.28640401

Didn't read, not selling.

>> No.28640406

everything has mooned except link, but you still want to hold your bags. i admire your loyalty.

>> No.28640415

Give him like 1/4th (or whatever you're comfortable with) of the stacks worth of gains and keep the rest for yourself. Hell be very grateful about something he had no idea about and youll get a lil somthin yrself

>> No.28640522

Incorrect. 10k stack at $1000 is 10mill. That’s enough to cash out, pay taxes on it, and still have plenty of money to do whatever the fuck your want. Or stake and roll in the perpetual dough. Suicide stack (1k link) would be 1 mil- enough to change a life but not enough to have “fuck you” money

>> No.28640527

I'm saying if you don't sell *any* LINK whatsoever. The LINK earned from staking should not be considered a capital "purchase," it's a payment in the form of a token. It has its own cost basis of course, and if you sold it at a higher price than the market value at the time the staking reward was paid out, you'd pay a long term capital gain tax after a year, but the initial receipt of the token still must have taxes paid on it. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that point.

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File: 751 KB, 1638x2048, B5B98ADE-207F-44A5-BB21-D676D8DC3630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Green Id +trip 7
It’s happening

>> No.28640598

Doubt it will correct like the other but I am both poor and late to the party. I am willing to roll the dice to increase my stack.
God I wish I'd listened to my schizo apprentice back in 2018 and bought throughout the bear market

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>the "true" value of a chainlink token would be sub 10$

>> No.28640727

Jesus Christ, checked.

>> No.28640729

I think you misinterpreted my post.
I was responding to anons who claimed that holding 10k Link is not enough to make it.

>> No.28640805

You lads seem awfully obsessed with paying your tax, is there actually any way for your authorities to track your crypto assets?

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LINK was one of the only projects that significantly increased during a Bitcoin bear market. We have not seen what LINK can do in a Bitcoin bull market because LINK was released during a bear market. Everyone knows that altcoins pump when Bitcoin pumps and they dump when Bitcoin dumps. LINK is the exception. This is only the beginning.

>> No.28640900

Ok I understand what you are saying now.

Assume you have a 10k stack you held for several years. You will pay taxes on any LINK given to you as APY in a given year. This will be taxed as normal dividends.The LINK you sell in the same given year will be taxed as long term capital gains.

I'm also not sure exactly how APY gains are taxed, so that's not something I can speak on.

>> No.28640915

How exactly do you expect me to explain to the IRS how I don't have a job and yet I can afford a house and make tens of thousands of dollars each year? It's not about tracking the assets, it's about getting audited and them realizing you are conjuring money out of thin air.

>> No.28640914
File: 16 KB, 563x294, 1612527863723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone give me a QRD on the numbers, what do they mean?

>> No.28641002

Different anon but that seems correct to me. Don’t you pay long term capital gains tax after two years in the US?

>> No.28641008

When my stack is worth 10 million dollars I'm not going to try tax dodging to avoid paying ~9% in taxes and risk getting anally fucked by the government. When I make it I want to be at peace without any reason to look over my shoulder.

>> No.28641010

Derp. You are correct. Carry on fellow linkmarine

>> No.28641026

No infographics from me might have some on my phone. I'll have to look. I'm sure someone here has something.

Go to coinmarketcap. Go to ethereums chart set the time frame from February to mid april.

>> No.28641044

I did some googling and it seems like there is no clear consensus on how coins/tokens earned from staking are taxed. My headcanon is that they should be treated as dividends but it seems like there isn't actually any clear guidance.

You only need to hold for 1 year for it to become "long term" gains.

>> No.28641090

I can generate plenty passive income with $1mill in link. Enough to generate a living wage. I can't live a crazy lifestyle but I could definitely say fuck you to whoever I want.

>> No.28641112

>1 cycle behind Eth
Didn't Eth also hit 30ish mid February like link is doing right now?

>> No.28641213

if you don't realize that's a good thing right now. You're dumb. Only people who haven't owned for 2+ years should be upset about this.

>> No.28641250

Dumping to outerspace

>> No.28641281

It’s already dumping

>> No.28641324

No idea how your tax systems work fren, just don't like the idea of anyone having to part with their linky gains.

>> No.28641375

1k is suicide. 10k is make it.

>> No.28641413

its gone up 30 cents in 30 mins ???

>> No.28641436
File: 81 KB, 584x292, abc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You stole my meme breh.

>> No.28641437

You are right
It’s 34$ now

>> No.28641469

Do it faggot I'll just buy more.

>> No.28641520


>> No.28641548

I just did pal, definitely some similarities but as LINK has no other historic data to go off, is it just rule of thumb for top 10 coins with reasonably small prices to do massive gains when BTC goes parabolic?
I still feel it but just wondering if there was anything more concrete to go off

>> No.28641658

It hit 34.77 now it’s dumping downward trend. We’ll most likely retest 30

>> No.28641770

Rolling for a sign from the numbers

>> No.28641782


I'm an attorney who happens to be very good at tax law though I don't practice in the area. But you've nailed it exactly.

>> No.28641803
File: 515 KB, 1045x801, LinkFace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From the moment you post it, it is no longer yours.
Here, you can take one of mine.

>> No.28641998
File: 27 KB, 517x246, 1610745590553.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fucking checked
3 more days frens

>> No.28642019
File: 830 KB, 1161x843, chainlink-pig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll even give you another one.

>> No.28642235
File: 28 KB, 779x448, 1613246041155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28642311


>> No.28642313
File: 166 KB, 2359x1390, 1613246020740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28642316

Pay your taxes anon. The IRS doesn't have funds to audit everyone but trust me that we are one of their main targets rights now.

We're a bunch of normal/poors striking it rich. They spend no time on the actual rich because they have the money to litigate them to hell and waste a ton of resources and resources.

We on the other hand who didn't want to spend money on taxes don't have 10s of thousands to pay lawyers just to get caught. You'll be asked to produce your transaction history from exchanges. If you want to actually do anything with your money in the US just report your fucking taxes and eat it. We're literally all going to make it. We may have to pay these fucks over a million dollars in taxes but at least you're walking away with 6 Million.

I've report every single fucking transaction I've ever done from every single exchange. $50 from coinbase then "sold" for 50.15. Reported. So that now this year when I report a long term capital gain of $50 - 10k with 9950 of realized capital gains I can literally point out the exact date I purchased that link.

>> No.28642365


>> No.28642398
File: 140 KB, 908x888, 1612789270432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.28642405

What am I looking at

>> No.28642451

i'm only happy if it's ath in both usd and sats

>> No.28642490

You beautiful bastard

>> No.28642519

Hey serious question should I call mr. Lamborghini to get a bulk buy discount? Just put in your colour preference.

>> No.28642562

> I've report every single fucking transaction I've ever done from every single exchange. $50 from coinbase then "sold" for 50.15
I know you're supposed to do this
but like 1% of crypto users have done this

>> No.28642646
File: 286 KB, 1024x683, 1612502426688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lambo's are nigger cars all my boys rolling in picrel

>> No.28642663

Thanks anon. My point is proven.

>> No.28642721

You stole my picture, breh.

>> No.28642728

I'm not US based so IRS is not of concern to me, but do you have evidence that they are after crypto fags?

>> No.28642749

Any swinging I did only lost me money ultimately

Swinging never stops. And at some point you'll get blown out overleveraging yourself.

More important than anything else imo is being able to separate the wheat from the chaff on biz, understand the technical background properly, and properly vet the people behind the projects.

>> No.28642870

dude just pay for audit protection from turbo tax, it'll be their problem after that

>> No.28642885
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>not having a 1987 Shitbox with a 1600 bhp Hennesey twin turbo V8

>> No.28642994

I know. I'm an attorney who got into crypto right when I was taking tax law in law school. So I didn't fuck around.

I saw and knew what link was from the very beginning and knew if I was going to make it, I didn't want to get fucked up by the IRS.

If you do make. Get an accountant and file a tax amendment for the last 3 years. Print out your transaction from every exchange and hand that shit to your accountant to figure out.

I did it myself the last 3 years because it's easier when you're doing it a year at a time. But if you don't have someone ahndle this you're looking at paying the short terms gains rate, paying an attorney, and paying a penalty for fucking this up.

>> No.28643006
File: 619 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210212-015313_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When people say "pay your taxes" its not a meme. The IRS will get you. Maybe not this year, but eventually. They always get their money (plus penalties and interest!).

>> No.28643090


For me it's the Acura SNX

>> No.28643093

Not if you misreport your transactions to turbotax. That only works if you actually have entered the data correctly into turbotax.

>> No.28643125

Wtf is pic related.

>> No.28643137

Schizo here checking those Holy 7s.

>> No.28643184

Woops meant NSX

>> No.28643210
File: 43 KB, 639x412, 1612810523347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

c-can we go on road trips round japan in our NSX's please fren

>> No.28643246

No one cares your turdcoin boomer, sergay will betray again in a couple of hours

>> No.28643248

I feel like paying interest and fees on some crypto if you get looked at is preferable to having that much less capital to gain off of.

>> No.28643276

Dumping upwards at a fundamentally vertical trajectory you mean.

>> No.28643283


>> No.28643316

doing it to the best of your ability isn't the same as misrepresenting. as long as you have the transaction history and audit protection its good the cpa repping you will just ask for all pertinent info and its their problem to deal with the IRS.I'm sure even though I did everything right I missed something because the IRS has more resources than me well audit protection is my resource. my boys at turbo tax will be better to protect my interest than me

>> No.28643319

I'm planning to do yearly trips to Japan when I make it

>> No.28643416

That's a Cantonese term. The correct term on the mainland for foreign devils is:

>> No.28643428

how retarded would it be to invest a few grand now?

>> No.28643590

As long as you have the original purchase date your not gonna pay short term. Of course get a good accountant for large amounts of money but you’re making this a bigger deal than it is. All that being said:

>> No.28643611

I just want to make it with frens :')

>> No.28643700

If this is going where the numbers tell us it is going this is the single best investment you can make this market

>> No.28643766

nice thanks for the advice, I agree sifting through biz is like a skill. So much bullshit. Anything you're keeping an eye on now that could be on chainlinks level one day?

>> No.28643814

More like 2 weeks

>> No.28643827
File: 50 KB, 540x1110, port.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons be honest please, poorfag here. Should I sell my AVAX for linkies? I've made some gains now, got em at $15

>> No.28643854
File: 572 KB, 900x599, 1613257978970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

three in a row all green

>> No.28643862

It's not about IRS or whatever. I'm saying that whatever country you are from the tax authorities are paying attention to crypto people right now.

It's a matter of knowing the resources of these public sector areas. They are not going to spend a ton of money auditing the rich because the rich will fight back with good attorney's that in the end it will cost more to get the tax dollars than it will charging them the appropriate tax.

On the other hand if you go after the "new" rich. They don't have the resources to litigate out 10s-100s of thousands in attorneys fees to defend the millions they under reported. If it cost your tax authority less than the amount to of the tax bill to fight you in court over it, they will go after you for the net gain.

>> No.28643885


Its everything you dreamed and more

T. Already here and made it

>> No.28643988

Lol trust me IM NEVER SELLING. I HAVE NOT SOLD A SINGLE LINK AND DONT PLAN ON IT. Just saying you should report the transaction that bought you every single link so that when you're in your grave with $1,000,000,000 at least you can't get fucked

>> No.28644031

YES! And Pontiac Firebird Trans AM seconds gen (I know it's a shitbox).

>> No.28644036


>> No.28644154

Guys, I have exactly 0 LINK because I keep thinking it'll go down. I've been doing this since 2017. Fuck.

>> No.28644172
File: 260 KB, 864x864, 1611056095321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28644237
File: 18 KB, 309x305, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>20 XLM

>> No.28644314
File: 157 KB, 528x321, 1611232226127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the powers that be will it
take my hand anon, it's never too late

>> No.28644364

based NSX Link bros

>> No.28644390


>> No.28644440

w-wait for me friend, I missed my chance to accumulate in 2018, I had a crazy apprentice who wouldn't stop talking about crypto and kept telling me how ChainLink would be like HTTPS for the next 100 years of digital infrastructure. I wish I had listened then. But I hope when we look back in a few decades even those of us joining now will be seen as the early ones.

>> No.28644496

it is the name of god

>> No.28644642

Green IDs as well. This means that a bull run is ahead.

>> No.28644683
File: 183 KB, 700x387, fetchimage[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28644728

what god? explain to me please.
I keep getting numbers
Is kek working his magic again?

>> No.28644752

Lmao I know, I had free XRP and traded them for XLM lmao

But what about swingies get the rope?

>> No.28644842

it seems like link is going to stick around anon. I don't know if avax will.

>> No.28644865


>> No.28644917

there's only one god friend. Everything else are spirits or demons.

>> No.28644981

Who else going for the Mc D tonight?

>> No.28645089

why get mad at the opportunity for more money

>> No.28645128
File: 100 KB, 1200x838, EuFCAAqVEAAhn13.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw the 216 numerology schizos end up being right

>> No.28645244

pls explain

>> No.28645536


>> No.28645571
File: 2.58 MB, 2048x938, 1573511851311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.28645614

DO NOT BUY THIS. it's just a JSON Parsor

>> No.28645752
File: 108 KB, 225x534, 1612447915574.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28645838

OCR rumored to release in March

>> No.28646374
File: 151 KB, 399x498, yamahaaaaaaaaaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sell link