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Now that's pretty clear that we are at the top of this cycle, are you just selling your coins or short selling with leverage?

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Whoever says shorts, post em

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Noone on /biz/ is smart enough to recognize this, majority are probably BUYING at these prices.

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Go back bear, two more weeks of bull atleast

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Holding XRPDOWN - down at 0.0017 atm from 0.005 a few days ago. Got a bunch of XRP I bought very early on so it's win win whatever happens.

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Zoomout and check log scale and tell me it's the top faggot

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You know the bubble is going to burst when SkyCoin starts to pump.

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Guys what do you mean we're at the top? These dead shitcoins getting pumped is a sign of a healthy market

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>Now that's pretty clear that we are at the top of this cycle
I don't think so, Bobo.

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Everything feels uncertain as always.
And as always, the people who will make the right choice come to /biz/ to gloat, while the ones who were wrong never come back.
You have no idea whether we are at the top.

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this and check'd

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Im selling my alts except reef or those where i was early, planning long term

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Just staying out

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I'm a bull and work at cern.
Sadly this happens next.

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Shorted BTC with 74.63x leverage.

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>was wrong
>didn't leave
>haven't posted since Jan '18
..is... is it safe yet?

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Do I really sell bros?

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Into what? The US market is going to crash harder than crypto.
How's the Chinese market looking?

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I'm prepared for the US market to crash, crypto I'm more uncertain about. It's close to the new paradigm stage

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Short ofc, I'm not a woman.

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