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I want to hold it, but you are so sexy CZ!

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>Daily reminder.
he is a criminal

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hold my bags goy

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Reminder that if something starts at 1 dollar, rises 2 dollars and drops a dollar every week, the person who swings makes double the money as the person who holds

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>retarded westerners lol

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Based CZ, saving people from becoming a new Greg

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Reminder that swingies get the rope.

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not wrong
t.liquidity chad

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This takes your full attention though
I rather develop myself and invest further into my carreer while hodling blue chips that being a screentanned schizo

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>knowing every single dip and rise
>not a psychic
You are losing money every time you swing, swingers get the rope fag boy.

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CZ will exit scam when Bitcoin crashes as XRP becomes #1. Screencap this faggots.

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If you can time the market perfectly then yeah, you can make lots of money swinging, but it's a lot easier said than done. You can spend a couple days on this board and see constant posts from people who lost money swinging, bemoaning how they could have been rich if they'd just held their initial investment

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If you can't hold (my bags), you won't be rich.

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I understand now Sensei. I'm read for moon.

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how likely is this? I want to start using binance card for purchases and leave funds on the binance exchange.

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limit sells/buys
market patterns
this occasionally is true but is mostly confirmation bias--people only bemoan failures

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Daddy CZ is the crytpo God

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itt faggots who don't even understand that centralized scam exchanges like binance and bitfinex make us all look stupid.
Some shitheads here literally trade dex tokens on cexs.
Seriously I want to kill you all.

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>just know the future bro

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Very unlikely. Dude is prob making so much bank from just being the biggest on the playground. Why would he smear his name and ruin a legacy for just more of the stuff he already has a fuckload of

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sell signal lol, CZ just gave birth to next generation of bag holders.

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He made a $408 profit. How fucking broke was he? Jesus.

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Based CZ.
Did you know he barely have any fiat money?

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If you hold on Binance, you will be left with nothing.

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>waaah how dare you not spend 60 - 80 dollars for every trade

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Burguerkikes dont like CZ just because he is a chink.
But being a chink means he knows more about survival in a oppressive environment, and values crypto more.

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>this occasionally is true but is mostly confirmation bias--people only bemoan failures
It's still a lot riskier than buying early and holding or even buying pumps and trying to exit before the dump. Crypto is insanely volatile and almost purely based on hype, and very hard to predict as a result. As an added bonus, the best place to swing trade on hyper volatile tokens also fucks you with gas fees.

Nobody cares about that dumb shit, son. I made $800 overnight on binance chain meme coins and I don't give a single fuck if it's "centralized" if it means my gas fees are ten cents instead of a hundred bucks.

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based chink
not surprised that bnb is being propelled to the fucking moon

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youre glowing

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He was just swing trading, bro. He's still waiting for the dip to buy back in.

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You just know people have tracked him down and spammed him with that screencap, too.
>Bet you wished you kept them even more now that they'd be $600 million, huh?
Poor fucker.

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I'm surprised that I actually managed to read this, it's like getting thrown into the ocean and suddenly being able to swim without you knowing that you could

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>10 ¥ have been deposited into your account

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Why would you trust a chink? Just get a Ledger or move your shit to a more reputable exchange like Coinbase and use Coinbase's Vault service. All exchanges holding BTC as their main asset + USDT are a HUGE risk.

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they are unregulated binance doesn't have licenses to operate, that is illegal. Also, they are routinely fucking over traders by manipulating prices and fuck over everyone on margin, they are also known for doing a shit load of washtrading
CZ is a scammer he knows people are on to him or he wouldn't be listing unaudited tokens and DeFi projects the same day they are released if he wasn't making a final cash grab.
Otherwise he would be more careful so nothing bad happens and had complaints against him. He's listing things like he knows he has limited time to get all he can before he has to hide.
Governments don't let random people set up major money and banking exchanges with derivative products and lending services and all that to random people and then watch them take billions out of each countries economy and into his pocket without them locking the guy up. He's a dead man walking.

>It is no secret that Binance's operations are borderline illegal. Binance is a key member of the crypto crime cartel that has been known to manipulate markets and launder money.

You know how even the sketchiest of criminal entities incorporate in cyprus or Caymans or some shit? Well, CZ said Binance was listed in Malta.


So, Binance is NOT incorporated ANYWHERE. Which means that they operate completely outside of any jurisdiction. For DeFi, that might be OK, but a centralized exchange?...
Also, be prepared for any transactions that you chain convert from Binance to fiat to be frozen or seized by the authorities of whatever country you are a citizen of.


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Easy to say when you own a literal money printer that wins no matter what happens to the market.

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>binance doesn't have licenses to operate, that is illegal.
Licenses from whom, you sperg? You think every exchange has to get permission from the U.S. or the E.U.?

Crypto is in an incredibly early stage and binance is set up to be the leading exchange. There's no reason why they'd throw that away for short term gains when there are billions to be made in the decades to come.

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When should I buy into bitcoin? It seems like putting in 100 bucks every now and then like DCA seems ineffective considering the prices rises. Am I better of just putting 1,000 right now?

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>100 ¥ have been deposited into your account
>Licenses from whom, you sperg?
from the countries they are operating it you dumb fucking chink, there is only one thing in the decades to come and that's regulation, and when that happens binance will be sold or shut down, after that the crypto markets will moon like never before
stop sucking chink dick

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Yeah yeah, rubic is still going to ten cents next week cope more

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>from the countries they are operating it you dumb fucking chink
That's not how the internet works, son. There are these things called VPNs, right? They're cheap as fuck and they let you pretend you're anywhere you want. Not allowed to trade on binance from the U.S.? Hit up a proxy and trade anyway.

You might not like it but China is where the future crypto money is going to be. You think they're mining all that BTC for fun? You better get over your hangup about investing in China or you're going to get fucked in the next couple decades.

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>“Strategic treatment of VPN use at Binance to minimize economic impact”
>Notably, the document explicitly calls for the “strategic” use of virtual private networks (VPNs) that obscure traders’ locations as a way to evade regulatory scrutiny by the SEC and the NYDFS. In addition to a guide to using VPN’s on Binance’s website, CZ has in multiple instances advocated for VPN use as a way to obscure a user’s location. In a June 2019 tweet he wrote that VPNs are “a necessity, not optional.”

sho sho cz

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>Just keep your money on Metamask or hacked ledgers

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He still has the tweet up and people reply to it regularly even though he's already talked about it in detail.

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He talking about BNB right?

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you need to go back to stocks bootlicking statist

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>1000 ¥ have been deposited into your account
you're right man i LOVE getting fucked by the chinks when trading!
fuck off retard

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Are you black or Mexican or something?
That’s not hard to read at all

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german fren, not native English speaker

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I don't see how you can read that quote in anything but a positive light. It is literally another layer of privacy and obfuscation in the way of the quest of governments across the world to curtail your ability to access and profit from crypto markets. If you think that the SEC is on your side then you're a fool.

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>evade regulatory scrutiny by the SEC and the NYDFS
Good. I can't wait for the chinks to nuke this fucking pozzed golem shithole and degenerate parasites like you

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He spams that in every Binance thread, probably one of those coinmetro/lcx retards who think we will join their exchange if they yap about licensing.

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>market patterns
Please don't tell me you actually think those work.

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No they won't, they'll lose all their money trying to time the market.

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Ah guten tag my fellow Bavarian brother!
I look Nordic as fuck too just like you! Oktoberfest aniright? Jajajaja

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actually I don't really like it here, people are not funny and sad
pic related not sure fren

you guys need to realize that it's actually beneficial to YOU if companies follow regulations, they can't exit scam and can't fuck YOU over
if companies don't follow regulations they will fuck you over.

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Stop being the thread sperg

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>you guys need to realize that it's actually beneficial to YOU if companies follow regulations, they can't exit scam and can't fuck YOU over

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You're missing out

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we need, good, regulations.
stuff like the bit license is unacceptable jew shit

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What is the benefit to binance exit scamming? One, it shouldn't affect you even if they do unless you're holding significant money on the exchange like an idiot, and two, they're making absurd amounts of money already and are very well positioned to exponentially increase their revenue as crypto adoption grows. If they wanted to scam then they would have done it already. They could do it right now and make hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars.

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The likelihood of them exit scamming is not high, sure like you said they could and that should be considered by not leaving coins on the exchange.
But exit scamming is not the only thing that they can do, it was just one thing that sprung to mind, they are wash trading, doing price manipulation, trading against their clients and god know what else we are not aware of, they are making millions on top of millions already.

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I would kill myself desu

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>Didn't hold

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This, time is the most valuable thing. Being at x100 is already enough to set yourself for live. Rolling lottery to achieve a slightly better ROI is not really practical, considering most of the market chaos is handled by bots anyway. If one wants to do short term speculation, it's better to learn programming and machine learning, since that's how most the reliable non-random gains are made.

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Yeah if you manage to time the market perfectly you can make more money than someone who just buys and holds.
The problem is that #1. you never know exactly when a coin will go up or down so timing is highly luck based and 99% of people who try to do it end up losing money and #2 it requires to sit at your computer and watch the chart all day which is boring as fuck and is time that you could spend doing something else that you enjoy doing.

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I don't think people realize how common stuff like this is, and even if he held longer he definitely would've sold in 2013-2014.

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yea i would just kill myself and hope my reincarnated self isnt as retarded