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Holy shit this is just the biggest gem right (esp. now 5M MCAP.
Thanks again /biz/. I can always trust you degens.


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Thanks for this gem bro I will think of you when I make it.

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Let me ape in 1 eth, how long till 1$?

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max 1 week

we are super early

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PLT got good momentum I might buy some. Did all /biz went in or it's still early?

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This coin is a mix between AAVE + Monero + Telcoin someone wrote.
Holy fucking shit. EARLY AS FUCK BOIZ

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I'm just thinking what even is the point of these thread. Everyone who is in knows it's a hidden gem. Only actual gain is the "I told you so" -factor. It's going moon so hard after the token swap. I'd rather just chill for a while so I can max my pos. Or is this some shitty pnd to swing?

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The point is to help fellow anons make it with us.

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Sitting on 20k PLT and feeling comfy. Quit my shitty job if it hit 5 dollars

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What developments are waiting this coin?

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nigga be shilling link
niggas be shilling rbc
niggas be shilling asko
niggas be shilling plt

niggas gettin rich.

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winning at life ¢PLT

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Well of course. Didn't think about that.
Funds are so strong, shilling does really matter when it's effectively prelaunch.

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From their page:

Our development team is currently working across 4 different products on our V2 platforms
Mobile App Development
Staking Dashboard
Privacy Mixer Suite
Lending Dashboard
The development team is on track for completing our first version of our mobile app before the end of Q1 2021, staking dashboard, and full privacy mixer suite imminently.

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token use?
got 2 eth to potentially pump your bags with lol

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thank you to whoever shilled this yesterday lmao

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We are still at 6M MCAP, its just so fkin comfy.
Especially after seeing the investors LOL

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so its a dex/app but what is the token usecase
seems like a case of token not needed

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Bonding/Governanse, Staking, Burn, Network Fees.

Like any other Lending Platform.

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over 80% of uniswap liquidity has been posted by the team, so there isn't much risk of a rugpull. The team are early into their development and are well known in the DeFi/London space.

Aave and Argent took two years to dev fro m2017 onwards and only managed to break through in 2019. This team has been around shorter and building much faster than aave and argent.

Argent only has a wallet, ADD has a lending platform, mixer, aggregated governance and a mobile wallet in development.

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Unreleased Swap function on ADD v3 which was sent to a large crypto fund for feedback

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Some snaps of their mobile app in development.

I heard it's 90% finished, this will be the first app in history to combine lending, privacy, governance, portfolio management, RSS newsfeed, API into CEX balance, Debit card and fiat gateway

No other mobile app has done this because they got comfortable with multi hundred $$$ MC's so they chilling on island.

ADD ceo does not care bout money.

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lmao already making profits

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I like the design.
Black carbon theme is looking sexy af ngl

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alright sounds good 2bh

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majority of seed round holders not even sold or crossed the bridge. even at 19x with no bridge fee. 60% of seed round is still not moved the token after 2 years

They must know something we dont

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We saw what happened to ASKO.
It is undervalued rn.

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je flyin

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same, its fucking mooning already

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blasting to mars

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lol, I love this

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facebook tier meme but i feel good so ill let it pass

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you are the ass-guy rite anon?

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nice ass

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omg we are mooning

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oh my god this meme is fucking cancer can you cunts not make me regret buying this

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ass is good rite anon?

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no its fucking wack low effort coombrain trash that i see on every shitcoin shill thread

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sir tell me what do you like

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was all in rbc and sold just before the last crash because i saw it coming but rubic memes are the best memes, i made a bunch of them
hopefully this PLT project is good on its own merit because these memes are low energy as fuck and the PLT logo is not memeable or even aesthetically pleasing
whatever anyway i just want money

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make some memes sir

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im burnt out from it

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this lil chink