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First DeFi Lending Platform with a big focus on privacy. (AAVE in Stealthmode)
Needs a x800 to reach AAVEs Marketcap.


>Not just privacy focus, it has a built in mixer protocol that will target mixing multiple currencies with ETH and DAI available initially. So it already does what TornadoCash does.

Source: https://medium.com/addxyz/plutusdefi-announces-new-native-eth-mixer-plutusdefi-bl3nd3r-1153d9b3b59e

They literally have their own mixer protocol built in. TornadoCash is literally just a mixer protocol and is in the top 200-300. The more I read about this shit the more I can’t understand how we are this early holy fuck.

>Arnie Hill, founder of ADD.xyz, a startup backed by blockchain venture capital funds like NGC Ventures in Singapore and Torchlight Ventures, Nabais Capital and Goldbaum & Partners based in Europe. Changelly.com and Bitcoin.com Exchange helped ADD raise $1.5 million in their decentralized finance endeavor.

Source [FORBES!]: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2021/01/26/telegram-gains-on-whatsapp-blunder-disgust-with-legacy-social-media/?sh=5cf3b0627346

Where can you buy it?:
Polonix, Hotbit, Uniswap or MXC.


APE IN, thank me later boyz.
This is a nobrainer and will moon like all the DeFi Gems we already had.

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I dont want to fomo, but I want to get in.

Is this good entry point?

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I want to buy this but I hear uniswap fees are expensive. You do suggest other exchanges, but people say uniswap is the best should I just bite the fee bullet?

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Fuck guys, I didn't buy yesterday because of fud, I am now researching and see the team is not anon, all publicly known, and it's still only 2.5M mcap? Can I ape in or better wait?

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6M Mcap. This is a very good entrypoint.
ASKO has 35M MCAP.
So a x5-10 is possible in the incoming days. [DeFi gems are in trend rn]

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it's so lowcap that there's no point in waiting for a dip, this will keep doing multiples every day like it already has

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Buy it on CEX-Exchanges.
Polonix and Hotbit are pretty good.

Or just take the fee my fren.

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wait /biz/ i need your help

I already bought at $0.10 and obviously I'm excited about $0.16 and the likely 100x we might see in the next couple weeks. So my bag is fine.

But honestly, I'm looking closely at this product and I'm starting to feel a little uneasy. Wtf is this. Do they have *anything*? Or at least can I trust them to release something soon?

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Bought yesterday, feeling comfy af.
2$ end of the month, screencap that

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Ok. I missed Asko and Rubic, so I want flip 2 eth on this.

I have faith on you

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>But honestly, I'm looking closely at this product and I'm starting to feel a little uneasy
<that my bag is too small
>Wtf is this
<I need to get these prices down so I can double

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PLT is a DeFi Aggregation Platform and the first Private Lending Protocol.
They are doing a rebrand rn.
Next releases are:
Stacking and Swapping on the platform.
+ New CEX Listing.

Add.xyz will also develop a native mobile wallet app, consisting of standard wallet functions, balance and portfolio features which are generally available through other apps, while moving towards integration of DeFi aggregation specific features such as lending, yield farming, CDP’s, mobile money credits, privacy features, mixer, visa card accessibility (in the future) and other defi features not yet revealed.

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thank god for mxc.com

gonna get a bag just like i did with asko

see you in orbit frens

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It literally can't stay at this marketcap, it's unironically impossible in this defi alt season run. Look at the fundamentals. After the token swap and rebranding this month, that's 2$ minimum. It's the first anonymous lending platform Anon, the first. They are targeting all the African mobile money this is ultra bullish long term. Has more than 10devs, and basically offers what ASKO offers but better. Wake up anon, it can't go wrong in this alt season!

If you're not convinced just sell me your bag fuck it

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not sure if we bounce back. got good momentum

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The only thing that can slow this down is discord PnD group, but this will moon hard at some point this year

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literally too many bullish signals, I hope /biz hopped onto this one cuz it's gonna be crazy ride to the top 100, mark my words.

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what pnd group discord? was it not rubic being dumped on by a discord group?

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Basicall a mix between AAVE (lending platform), Monero (Privacy) and Telcoin (Access DeFi Protocols in Africa with Mobile Money).

All 3 Projects have over 1 B MCAP.

>this is a nobrainer rn.

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This shit will rise https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/11/19/2129801/0/en/ADD-XYZ-partners-with-major-Cross-Border-Mobile-Money-Networks-and-banking-providers-in-Africa-to-introduce-Mobile-Money-Users-to-DeFi.html

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If this goes wild like RBC and ASKO like it kinda looks like it will this will be the third time I’ll regret being too conservative in buying in (scared of muh rug) but I won’t make the same mistake as I did with botH RBC and ASKO selling way too early. Asko I had to buy back in and ended up with a quarter of my initial stack fml I could have already made if I made the right moves

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Man, I was looking at this yesterday at 10c thinking I'd use my 1inch airdrop on it, the fucker's to quick to catch

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it's not too late Anon, just want you to know that Anon, it's not too late.

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Lost so much fomoing from coin to coin, finally something solid to stick to

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Yep, and they have big plans [from the latest medium article]:

Our development team is currently working across 4 different products on our V2 platforms
Mobile App Development
Staking Dashboard
Privacy Mixer Suite
Lending Dashboard
The development team is on track for completing our first version of our mobile app before the end of Q1 2021, staking dashboard, and full privacy mixer suite imminently.

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easy 10USD unironically.

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10USD is a FUD, rite anon?

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thats what i wanted to read.

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This project seems more legit than ASKO imo, and lower mc
Gonna try my luck with this one

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asko 2.0

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i think they both have massive potential

and they are solid project compared to the shit i get shilled here each day

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yeah i agree, asko is still a good project

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just hold both and youre good.

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asko is clearly taking a break while PLT's rocket program is being launched. Askofags can get another 40x eom if they join PLT

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Asko feels good, but this feels like I've just won a jackpot just by being here. I'm all-in with my crypto and only thing stopping me from liquidating my whole net worth for this is the fear of total economic collapse. Call me crazy, I don't care.

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wish i went in last night at 10c...hopefully it isn't too late?

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Depending on your capital, you might just have to settle with one private plane. Sorry anon :(

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No body told it could be this easy lmao thank you anon.

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>140$ gas
Can't afford it

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Got my wings at 7c. Who's ready for takeoff?

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might still dump 5 ETH on this, hopefully wgmi

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just like how litecoin is better than bitcoin right

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brainlet here - metamask showing number of PLT i have but no usd equivalent - have i fucked it up?

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same here

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No that’s normal

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Hotbit? Polonix?

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That's what being early looks like

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Probably not. You can always check the address to be sure. 0x9fbfed658919a896b5dc7b00456ce22d780f9b65

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Add it as a custom token.

Then you can see it.

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It still isn’t part of metamasks price api so you don’t get the usd conversion.

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fuck wrong,

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why tf would I buy a coin on a platform that literally charges me anyways if a transaction doesn't go throguh lmfao

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> In the case that the demand for ADD.xyz products skyrockets and Ethereum hasn't scaled, we plan to roll out our own layer 2 scaling infrastructure to alleviate these pains.


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Use Polonix or Hotbit.
Or just take the fees and set a higher slippage.
There is a IQ barrier for low cap defi gems, only high iqs gettin rich

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Also they will have their own swaps.

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I wanna smell her ass

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how do I buy this shit?

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I'm falling for this meme

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im gonna buy her with my future gains when the crypto space learns of this project

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I like blonde whores anon

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les gooo

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too late to get in

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You fags really excited over a lending aggregator? A wrap over the fucking protocols themselves. ngmi

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marketcap is only 3.7M actually.
Need a fucking x25 to reach BAOs MC.
Good entrypoint

get it on CEX?

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uniswap is not for the poorfag, but that's were most of the money is made

still low cap still early

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The lending aggregator is one small product PLT.
Please do a proper research.

>Aggregated DeFi Lending, Insurance & Privacy by combining Compound, DyDx, Nexus Mutual, Aztec.
>Fiat to Crypto Savings Bridge
>DeFi Lending -Mobile Credits to DeFi (M-Pesa to Crypto)
>DeFi Debit Cards
>DeFi Privacy - Tornado.Cash + ADD.xyz ETH Bl3nd3r (Blender), OpenVPN, Tor Network.
>DeFi-as-a-Service (SDK) for Exchanges

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god wtf is going on there, I enter but actually was scared to enter this shit

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So it's literally just using other services and combining them in one place. Might be useful for some but I'd rather invest in new tech. Thanks for the info though.

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Fucking schizos

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No, they have their own codebase.
Lending Platform + Swapping + Stacking.

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+They are already working on:
Mobile App Development
Staking Dashboard
Privacy Mixer Suite
Lending Dashboardtly.

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Little late but bought a few ETHs worth

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Right I get it, but they're outsourcing their lending to other protocols. Not their own. Evevn swapping is outsourcing to Uniswap and 1inch. This is the same shit that RBC is getting rn.

>Privacy Mixer Suite
Using Tornado, another outsource

Look there's nothing wrong with making a dashboard for multiple protocols but they aren't creating anything new.

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Ah you are talking about the Lending protocol?
They will have their own lending protocol soon.
(Already working on it)
They have their own mixer protocol built in.

TornadoCash has 100M and is only a mixer protocol.

This is gonna moon, rite anon?

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What a gem, 2 dollars EOM

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yo sirs how come etherscan shows price as 0.10 when price is actually 0.18 almost 0.19