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50k is the top

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major sell signal

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CNN the same outlet that said we are in a bear market a month ago?

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Don't forget Joe Beijing got elected. China doing good = crypto doing good

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the normie indicators are broken this season. everyone knows about btc now; the real indicators will be when your grandma FOMOs in with her pension

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It's over. Have been here since 2017. We have 1 2 weeks max

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I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.

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The richest and one of the smartest man fomoed into btc with his top 10 richest company. Your fuckin 6 year old nephew will know about btc and it won't be the top faggot

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oh boy time to tell

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>Major news channel is aware of Bitcoin
>This is the top
Hate to break it to you, but tweets like this have been appearing since 12k

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>media attention

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Always do the opposite of what CNN says.

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You're such shellshocked faggots lol

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Yes it is. I am bumping this thread because anything above $50k is preposterous.

BTC will be held to the same standards as FIAT and when it is, well there's better alternatives.

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>he thinks there's a top

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>BTC goes up 50 million percent
>now is the time to pay attention
the absolute state of normie media

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wow, im literally shaking. cnn is now promoting dat internet incel white angry men money, thats NOT okay.

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top is 250k+

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This. On monday we're going to see big pumps all across the board, especially coming out of the chinese new year

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Doing good by dumping on the whole planet within the next 2 weeks.

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I think Biden's entire presidency will be a never ending bull crypto market. Stocks will go to shit as soon as the Boomers realized they "elected" another bullshitting politician, though.

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Warren buffet also sold his airline stonks at the literal bottom during covid crash

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Difference this time is that people are still stuck in their basements getting government stimulus funds in an ultra low rate environment. I think there’s still room to run although we may see some pullbacks given all the weak hands entering.

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>”here’s what you need to know”
I want to murder these terrorists in Minecraft for always framing their narratives this way. As if we’re not allowed to know the facts and decide for ourselves.

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My Eastern European grandmother who hardly speaks English has been asking me how to buy BTC for the last 3 weeks. There’s your signal

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That's worrying

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>CNN one month ago

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Fuck I bought the top

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>Here's what you need to know

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How is this not good news? How is it bad that normies get in, itll just spike the price more no?

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what happens after the spike, anon

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He also said bitcoin is a bad investment
Pretty bullish for crypto

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first rule of crypto: never sell anything

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Still a lot of gas for the "plugged in" normies to invest and profit, brag to their circle, and get the low information ones to refinance their house into euphoria

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we have an incoming stimulus for the us population, this will be gambled on the crypto market so it will keep going at least until a couple weeks after this

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Don't sell but expect it to plummet. I think people who say $100k is the top this cycle might be wrong, the amount of money required to move the price is insane these days. i think bubble peaks will get lower over time

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>the amount of money required to move the price is insane these days
The financial institutions FOMOing in have insane money.

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too soon

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after the tesla announcement shouldnt we also expect a delayed retailer fomoing because now normies are taking 1-2 weeks to get an account and onramp their money to get into crypto? this will just accelarate like a dambreak after every new announcement of companies getting in

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Fuck your trips. Fuck china, xi, and biden. Fuck you faggot.

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They'll print a few trillions to get into the BTC market before this is over.

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Anyone see the article about Jay Z creating a bitcoin fund to help development in Africa?

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buffet is a boomer who has been out of touch with the market for the past years

there were years where berkshire smoked the s&p in returns but i think we will never see those again

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You know, at some point we are no longer doing the bubble thing but seeing mainstream investment adoption which is when crypto only ever goes up. That time might be now.

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based & checked

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buffet is literally the silent generation you fag, he's older than boomers

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This. CNN is literally elite propaganda. Everything they do is either FUD or SHILLING. They never report on anything. It's just manipulation.

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Ok, that all sounds reasonable but how do I know when to get out?

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I don't agree that we won't bubble/only go up but we are transitioning from a fringe to a mainstream asset class and that's why I'm putting much less weight on the normie signal than I used to.

anyone who was around at the end of 2017 knows the normie sentiment was much different anyways. right now it's "I should maybe get me some bitcoin" back then it was "I'm selling my fucking house to buy ripple"

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You never sell.

Don't buy an asset you would ever sell


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Bearish. The atl season can finally begin in ernest.

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well, noone really knows shortterm, everybody is just shitting out some number based on this and that mathematical modell. but for longterm you just look on the 10 years trackrecord of bitcoin. and you see 'number just goes up'. you dont put in money on bitcoin as a speculation, because in three months you need your money doubled for some important payment. no you put in the amount of money, that you are comfy with not touching for years. and then you wait and enjoy the show. be prepared for shortterm heavy up and downswings. but, the best proof to look at, is the ten years btc movement. then add the actual climate of infinite money printing, every year inflation fucks you up and robs you and all the rich people. gold was a good inflation hedge for the longest time, but bitcoin now is something just better. and people start realizing it and just get in. the thing with 'it has no inherent value': well nothing has any value from the look of an external viewer. gold is some metal thats propability distribution is somewhat determined by its position in the periodic table, but in the social construct of human society, we tend to project value on scarce things. and this is now bitcoin. there is longterm no stopping that. the fact, that big companies yeet in billions of dollars now publicly is all everybody needs as a reason for 'value'. a huge chunk of moneyrepresenters (companies, funds yadda yadda) believe in, to it is value. number go up (longterm)

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What if you see a better opportunity? For example you bought AAPL in 1995 and then you discover BTC in 2011. Is the idea to simply use work income to invest in the new opportunity?

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Borrow money against your Apple stock to buy bitcoin, never sell your assets EVER.

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and as somebody already pointed out. look at the michael saylor interviews on youtube. he just brings the point accross so well, obviously he is heavy biased, but just follow his reasoning and its just very convincing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ60ehVJYAs

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fuck. crash incoming. i'm out. see you in 6 months.

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everytime you reinvest in something momently better return yielding, you liquidate your bitcoin for example and put the money in stock x. NO. in most juristictions its a taxable event. try to avoid this. in one interview michael saylor very well describes, that in need of liquidity,you never liquidate your asset, you borrow against it (collateral backed loans, something like this). because the value increasement mostly overcompensates the loan interests. and because you are not liquidating, but taking a loan, its not something you pay taxes on it. im not comfy with having credits open, but in times of funny money printing, you just take the low interest loan, because in the end net, its cheaper for you and you dont need to touch your planed asset strategy.

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>Media attention is the top

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so my aave loans are tax free? Been thinking about taking like 10-15k against my link just to make my life a little easier at the moment rather than selling. I can live without it but itd be a nice boost

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although id have to borrow USDC on aave and convert to USD on coinbase so perhaps not

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I saw the Michael Taylor interview too,

NEVER sell an asset, just borrow against it.

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We also continue to be overextended on the s2f model, so it wouldn't be unexpected to see another pullback to bounce against it or even break through it to the downside for a time

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Kys chink

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year of the BULL my friends

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You mean to say we're gonna make it? naaaaaa no way pfffft that will never happen.
or will it.

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>Boomers realized they "elected" another bullshitting politician
Most already do

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S2F is bullshit.

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you might want to search around, there are now alot of companies that offer collateral loans, blockfi comes into mind. they also pay you interest, above the bank interests, for stored crypto. cant speak from experience, but its a kinda now world of opportunities for people in the know.

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FUCK YOU, ZNN - fuck you kikes.
Listen to based Max Kaiser

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your grandma might just be smart

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Cash was actually going to be king for awhile except Trump's administration weaponized the Fed via BlackRock as a special-purpose vehicle that could, in a round about way, be directed by the Treasury. Buffet had no way to know that the Fed would start buying assets to bump the market in targeted ways and had this not happened, he'd have had cash in hand to buy into distressed institutions.

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how long does coinbase take to transfer to other wallets?

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almost instantly if your funds have settled already

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here this article i was searching, there you go:

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it seems like "they" have finally bought bitcoin, we can only go up from here hahahahahahaha

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The "I'm selling my house" dude actually knew what he was doing. He bought Bitcoin at 3k but it was reported at peak mania.
In any case you can't call a bubble by WHO is buying, but you need to be able to read WHY they are buying. If they buy because they actually understand Bitcoin's properties then we only go up. If they buy because they are told it will make them millionaires, then we are in mania phase. Learn to read the crowd. We aren't even close to mania yet. Right now the big boys are just slowly dipping in.

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thats really cool, thanks anon

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what a pimp.
if anybody else said what he saying, they'd just sound like a delusional moonboy.

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Don't try and spread lies faggot. If anyone has responsibility for him in office it's the liberals and shills for stealing the election

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Michael Saylor reminds me of myself when I understood Bitcoin

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This is bullish in the short term, but I'm tethering up everything at exactly 2 weeks from now. I'll get back in after the crash

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>timing the market


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tell us about the crash in two weeks and why. also swingies get the rope:^)

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they know crypto tards will do the opposite, major BUY signal

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Why would it crash when everyone wants 1? Imagine it being 2021 and not having 1 btc. Buy now or be priced out forever.

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This actually does concern me. CNN has a 95% error rate when it comes to bitcoin.

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>this is the first time media talks about bitcoin

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If you have any money in crypto at all you're welcoming the Chinese overlords whether you like it or not, fucking hypocrites. You'll regret it in a few years, doubling and tripling up your lunch money is not worth the collapse of western society.

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You can never be priced out because Bitcoin is infinitely divisible dumbass.

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I'm already convinced that western society is done for, and crypto is what's rising from the ashes.

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Yeah, it's because I spent 1k on a shitcoin and not because Western governments are on a seppuku mission.

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Checked. Holy crap you're correct.

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