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As Dr Craig S Wright proves himself to be Satoshi Nakamoto in court on Feb 16 2021. The insider group of BSV investors will simultaneously initiate a short squeeze on BSV. With BSV short interest at an all time high, it is projected to go up by 1000% within just a few hours. You have been warned Greg

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This short interest chart is from last year it’s now closer to 95 pct with most circulated coins off exchanges

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Explain what this means to a brainlet like me, and speak slowly please. Thanks.

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Where is the fastest and easiest place I can buy bsv ? Shit is not on coinbase
I'm in NY fml

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80-90% of traders are betting against bsv. They have to buy it back if the price reaches a certain level vs their trade and they get called for liquidation or their stop loss hits. Most bsv holders are die hard retards that will never sell so shorties are running out of downward pressure. There is gonna be at least a billion dollars in liquidations soon. And that’s just based on charts and trading, Craig is going to court vs Peter McCormick in 3 days to prove he is satoshi which could create a fomo event not seen in crypto before adding fuel to the short sellers fire

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VPN and kucoin. Perhaps robinhood? But you won’t actually have the coins in your possession on rh

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now why would u want to do that ?? fake bitcoin

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Or use VPN and FTX

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dont do that your account will get locked and theyll hold your funds

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Where should I buy?

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how high can this go realistically

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unironically, higher than BTC. It'll absorb a lot of the BTC market cap but also many of the alt's as it solved the scaling problem, offers superior functionality and makes them redundant.
Crime coins will continue to exist and will be unaffected by BSV's rise but everything else is on the chopping block.

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What's the long term on this ?

Say a year from now it hits 100K and never goes under and btc is bled out ?

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After some research, albeit brief, I dont think Craig is Satoshi. Does that affect the squeeze?

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Long term is going to happen over more of a 5 - 10 year period. But short term will be a fairly serious pump because there's a lot of people that will back BSV if the satoshi proof comes out publicly. If this does happen and Craig wins his case against Ira, he's got 1.1 million BTC to convert into BSV, or just dump. Think of it like this, if BTC had followed the original scaling solution and not had its usefulness fucked with by devs altering the protocol, it'd be worth a shit load more right now. BSV is like getting into Bitcoin in 2013 except the value rise will be more violent and rapid due to the more fleshed out developer ecosystem.

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Realistically an easy 20X when (not if) Satoshi news comes out
100,000 isn’t out of the question in 3-4 years

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bros BROS should I sell like 8000 xrp to get 5000$ and buy bsv on RBH ?
I know I know but I'm in NYC
I'm looking to get 21 BSV at 250 a piece
I think I have a few hours at best

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Not gonna give you financial advice but you already invested in a coin the general crypto market hates. So switching to Bsv is not really that much of a change for you. Trust in your own autism anon, you make the choice you need to

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well I gotten 3 BSV so far from the remants of the GME rush on RBH just now
maybe I'll get the other 18 BSV later if ever
I have my ledger out idk if this is a sure thing or not
no one does....

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Well at the very least you already have enough to be a janny in the Bsv citadel

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Kek that’s why the dude was making the buy $bsv buy $bsv bot shamboozlong threads .
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I want to buy $bsv I really like $bsv

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But Craig is a proven liar.

Non-retards know that Sergey is Satoshi.

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Where do I get an updated version of this chart?

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Good luck. Hope its not a rug rape.

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is a retrace to 225 viable or should i ape in on 5x margin

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Osho was actually pretty based