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WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!?!


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>Forgot I had limit sell at 0.05
>Get blip as I see it break thru wall and fly up

Fucks sakes

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whales moved sell wall?

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My lil reef stock doin sum

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we broke through boys, thankyou coinspot

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i wanted to swing at 0.05 cause sell wall was like 15ml but then i remembered that never ever i will swing my reefies

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how do i buy this coin

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Just Bought 40k. Am I gonna make it?

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5.5C MINIMUM IN THIS PUMP. we're about to break ATH

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Yesterday we were stuck for the whole day at 0.041, and 2 days prior we were stuck at 0.031
We'll probably stick around 0.051 this time and so forth.

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it doesnt show up on buy crypto

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Yes - check the litepaper. Solid project, doxed team, audited.

Built on Pok with a solid goal. Think of it as the robinhood (minus the gayness) of crypto. They bring liqudity together for dexs. Uniswap liquidity is a huge issue and Reef solves it.

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0.051 stablecoin piece of shit

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Here fellow newfriend https://www.binance.com/es/trade/REEF_USDT

You first buy at least 10 USDT and then buy REEF with that

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The fud yesterday was insane. I hope none of my reef bros sold.

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10c or broke

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That mentally ill schizo fudder was pretty insane. I also hope no reef bros sold.

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How to stop being affected by FUD? I didn't sell but was on an emotional rollercoaster.

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fucking btc dumping and pulling everyone with it

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Thanks I think I'm getting closer and closer to understanding, but does it not work on binance.us?

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I'm trying not to panic sell but I feel like it's going to dump again

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my hands were pretty weak at one point, but then I realized it's one guy who keeps fudding

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well song contest kind of cringy. but overall i believe in reef. backed by dot and binance and denko today in tg said he working with dubai investors(or something like this)

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I think it's always weird when someone tries to push their opinion so fucking hard. Also I was in the green so no need to worry right ?

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won't go below 4.5c ever again

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reef just got listed on coinspot, .06 soon

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it took me so long to get funds transferred as i was fomoing in on thursday i bought at 0.049, been biting my nails for 2 days with all the fud and pajeet marketing but we did it bros

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I’ll admit. It got to me. But I kept my 100k reef and feeling good about it now

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What are we looking at eom/eoy?

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I was the anon laying into him. It sucked the life out of me, but now can sleep happy with reef mooning.

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close your computer and go play a sport

stop obsessing over it every minute, wait until next week to take a look disregarding the ups and downs until then

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Based af

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appreciate it anon

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Don’t have paper hands and don’t invest more than you are not willing to lose.

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I fucking sold my 10000 stack at 0.047, KMS

I need a price point to -re-enter

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If on binance just set stop loss and relax.

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Good Fud is always highly emotional even if there are valid points made. Yes, the song contest is bad marketing cringe, but does it affect the development of the coin or any of the points that made you buy in in the first place?

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I had to go hard when I realized he really was mentally ill.
This song gave me the strength to battle schizo fudder.

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.053 now lads

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Respect it's showing no sign of stopping I might buy back in not too butthurt because did well off BNB moon

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7c EOD?

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Not on Binance, and I know it’s kinda retard brain but I like doing all my trading manual. I never drive cruise control

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dunno sell walls are fucking huge

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Holy fuck boys we are mooning

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We go up to 5.3 cents and this shitcoin drops back down to 5c immediately there is no hope for this

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Can someone sell me some their reefies for 0.049

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No, you are priced out now, buy at a loss

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stop crying we're at 5.2 cents

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pump eet
I'm excited to see all the missed reef threads next week when we break 20 cents

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I was saying the same thing at 2.9 and sold my bag now look at it

Get back in this has that link magic

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how is it going up? the circulating supply went up by 1.7 billion in the last 2 days... and it was so heavily fudded yesterday with that huge correction so i sold at 0.042... i guess some of you might think it's funny, but really, how am i supposed to know what is a good investment and what isn't? the thread yesterday was full of people talking about the admin in tg changing the circ supply numbers every time he was asked etc... i was so scared ... didnt you guys read it??

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Stop listening to /biz/

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idek what this shit is but i got 2k from binance staking, should i get more?

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use your own brain retard. if you in doubt go to tg and ask yourself dyor ffs

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Feels good man.

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I sold 50 BNB last week at $42, its now $130

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Done posting till schizo fudder returns so I don't sound like I'm shilling this shit. In denko we trust.

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i did. i asked yesterday and today. yesterday it was 8.7 billion. today it is 9.7 billion. no joke. it was just like the fudder said, so i sold and now it's going up... i just dont understand crypto anymore........

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Just about under 5 again I'll back on the Reef again

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Ouch it was actually $145 for an hour or so I only didn't sell then because I thought it was gonna replace eth

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>meeting with key players and big investors

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This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. Unless you're otc trading millions of dollars there is no reason to not use an exchange like Binance for everyday trading. You're missing out on so much by being autistic on this.

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>yesterday it was 8.7 billion. today it is 9.7 billion.
yeah checked myself right now. i will hold anyway i lost grt to fud not gonna lose reef. i bought at 0.034 so i feel comfy

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yeah lets just hold and either make it or eat shit and die. but yeah the market cap is already 300 million + ... if it did a 10x it'd be in the top 50, so it really has to succeed to get major gains for us here. i've got a 120k stack of extra beefy reefys. wbu pal?

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I sold after this message. Denko sounded like a conman and provided no real answers.
What about the supply fud? When I bought it was 4.7B and it increased 5B since. Can someone explain to a retard why it doesn't matter?

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I buyed the top

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i bought some as soon as i got the email. coinspot is based

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It’s an abstract kind of autism and I keep making money. I use exchanges I just mean I don’t use Binance because I’m a burger. I just mean I time my sells in the moment manually

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Time to sell, its dumping

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nothing much 27k. 50% reef 50% 1inch. should've gone all in reef desu 1inch kinda disappoints me atm

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fudder-sama... pls... be gentle... these bags are heavy...

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Denko I kneel

Not selling till 20 cents

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It's not going to dump hard before ~58c or so

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Take the stoicpill. You need ice in your veins if you want to play in this market.

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Any chance it goes to .040 again?

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that was just the cup, we're forming the handle, expect a slow dump and then a moon.

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I learnt something today, thanks anon.

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nah this will correct to like 0.046-7 and then keep breaking thru price wall again. This next push thru .050 will stick

>> No.28587757

this is going up. finally I picked a decent one knock on wood

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Why would I sell my key out of poverty?

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Anon above knows what hes talking about

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Sorry. I was one of those fudders. Welcome to /biz/ nu faggot.

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Denko is not trying to hype the coin just yet. He’s trying to get investors to buy low before the eventual pump. The more investors, the bigger the pump.

>> No.28588194

They are changing things for the better, seizing whatever background opportunity they got to improve and expand from what is already an insanely ambitious project. Denko is too much of an autistic tech geek to pull a proper con. Either you trust in his autism and the overall vision of the project, or you don't. Whitepapers and partnerships and backings count, but shit like that can change quickly and has done so before with many projects- just look at Fantom.

If you invest in this, what you ultimately do is invest in Denko and his vision, and the people backing him since it seems they see something in what he offers too. We know nothing of the team or details, so trust in Denko or go put your money somewhere else. High risk, HIGH reward.

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The whole reason people fud is so idiots like you sell and they can buy in cheap.

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my lil reef stocks doin some

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comfy bros

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Just broke $0.06 CAD, next up USD

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you're the newfag. /biz/ used to be a team. if you were here in 2016-2017 then you know a lot of posters were genuine and out to help their fellow anon make mad dosh

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So much stupidity on this thread. Thinking you are experts on supply impacts. This is a phenomenal long term project that has so much value. The fact this coin is under $1 is kind boggling.

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>get excited
>check binance
>still $0.04
>reread your post

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The large supply isn’t fud at all. In fact it’s hyper bullish. The scale of this project that they’re trying to achieve, I would be surprised if they don’t do a coin split (increase total max supply) like polka dot did. A 3 - 6 year hold, a successful product, and adoption will bring this to $5 - $10 easily. There’s risk of course, that it will all go to shit, new competitors, crypto dies, quantum computers, rug pull by Slavic pajeet devs. Invest what you can afford to lose. If you can lose all, you can win all.

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>The fact this coin is under $1 is kind boggling
at the current 9.7 billion circulating supply we would have a higher market cap than dogecoin if we hit $1. we would be in the top 12 coins if we hit $1. it's not happening, lets be honest with ourselves

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Reallistically, at what point would you get out?

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I remember when DGB, Reddcoin and ANT(NEO) were shilled, people helped one another. But when it came to LINK, the game changed people started looking for their own gains to real projects. Guess which one of those projects arent dead? Faggot.

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this shits fun to swing especially if you're a poorfag

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This, I just upgraded my stack from 1033 to 1037

>> No.28588684

And? Dogecoin is a pile of garbage. Quintessential curry coin.

>> No.28588694

There was like 5 words in my post are you retarded

>> No.28588760

Holy shit Guys
I have 850k am I going to make it?

>> No.28588773

Reef will be a top 20 coin before end of Q3.

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Dogecoin is shilled by the richest man on earth, reef is shilled by a literal who nigger

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Just read the FUD text in a nasal nerd voice

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You have 17 mill cash out

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nice fud rajesh

>> No.28589197

Wtf this is kino

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I am not making a song anymore, fuck you, this is too good

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Danko is a very smart guy. Lets do this. 0.50c End of week

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well i made a mistake earlier

sold 9332 at 0.047 because wasnt sure i should hold

then immediately pumped to 0.53

then i rebought in at 0.049 to have 9055


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>Danko is a very smart guy
based on what

>> No.28589480

Hold it guys best is yet to come

>> No.28589504

This is my life

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I fucking love REEF. I only bought 100k because I'm semi-poor, but it's doing well. I wish I bought more, but that's what they all say huh

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Why would you swing without insider info?

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27k stack holding

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someone pls post the chart with REEF ranks

>> No.28589770

Glad you sold, you don't have the mental capacity to even be investing in crypto.

I've asked before and am yet to get an answer - please explain how you're calculating the total supply and I'll happily make you look like an idiot by dismantling it. Let's see how long it takes for "they told me in telegram".

>> No.28589931

Crazy theory here, but I pointed it out in another thread that he mentions that supply increase did not have any type of effect on the price(which it didnt). We saw reef listed on an aussie exchange a few hours ago, what are the chances that a big ass portion of the supply is going to coinbase? It seems logical with the app on the way in the next month. He also specifically said he cant talk about it, which means he is going to let an exchange like coinbase release the news. Am i on crack or does any of this seem logical?

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Sounds like Heart Shaped Box era Cobain based

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Why the fuck is REEF mooning so well boys?
I've been out of the loop 5 days, I normally hide away when bitcoin goes up since it makes my alts drop half the time. Not this fucking time though woooooooo.

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Yup. Certified retard that tried to swing. Learned my lesson and took 300 damage to my poorfag reef stack

>> No.28590409

Okay, needy zoomer

t. 514m portfoliofag

>> No.28590536

you got off pretty lightly. That will only cost you $300 EOY which could be worse

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Absolute reef god

>> No.28590651

Please educate me on how to calculate it

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>> No.28591047

it just appeared on coinspot, must be showing up more places

>> No.28591090

stick around for some time you will get used to it

>> No.28591236

Fuck, I should have been watching biz but this shit was gonna give me a breakdown if I didn't have a holiday.

We still on for $1 EOY?

>> No.28591368

This is a very new project, nothing is even close to working yet, so getting out now is premature

>> No.28591372

I predict 0.8, $1 seems unlikely with supply factors considered.

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I would buy a new car and put half into XMR
Is it even possible to turn $25 into $8000?

>> No.28591526

What are your price predictions and what are the make-it / suicide stacks?

>> No.28591848

Not really. I turned 250 into a grand though

>> No.28591849

Anyone saying $1 is retarded. Thats a 20bn marketcap on par with BNB

Something near Uniswap, $6bn, is still unlikely but closer to the ballpark. Price would be $0.3

>> No.28591922


>> No.28591981

so reef is gov token, so I imagine any fundamental changes should be decided by community (denko even pointed us to DNT which truly is a nice project, albeit a bid slow). without notifying the community they released 50% of supply instead of 20% as it was planned. from business point of view i understand they are vague, as you cannot do much when you have NDAs all over the place. i wonder what consequences will this token release have in the crypto community (not talking about pajeets and youtubers). is the platform more like cefi? denko also seem to have no problem to get Sun on the board which is not understandable to me. all things considered i think reef will be very successful from price point of view because they are going for aggressive marketing (although army of scammy yt comments doesn't help imo), but the project communication is handed horribly. i converted my 7fig stack -> 6fig stack just in case because all things considered i got an odd vibe.

>> No.28592044

Odd vibes will start at end of the month

>> No.28592178

so we just need to be better informed than an army of 16yo-s so we drop our bombs on them

>> No.28592337

this is it, just don't check until payday, then on payday put the fiat in, then don't check again.

Also FUD is a buy signal

>> No.28592453

lol i've watched this interrogation vid before. did he really lean back that far, or is this shopped?

>> No.28592883

Vitaliks friend

>> No.28593036

Where is that fud fag from yesterday

>> No.28593043

Why would they even pump out so many coins, as some anons claim, when they want to unload their bag on us ? It seems to me like he is trying to hold the price down for potential investors to load up their bag before this thing goes parabolic. What keeps them from starting to burn coins next year for example to lower the cap ?

>> No.28593085

a man can only take so much hopium

>> No.28593115
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I waited until Kumar went on lunch break

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Feels comfy, Reefbros

>> No.28593288

I am stupid newbie can somebody help me? If I buy Reef on binance and it dips way below can I end up in debt or lose my other crypto since Reef has 3x sign next to it?

>> No.28593327
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no, that just means you can also trade it with leverage. make sure you are trading 'spot'

>> No.28593583

Tried swinging, sold at 40 for good profit, BOUGHT BACK AT 55 due to FOMO, lesson learnt. Swingies get the rope. NOT SELLING.

>> No.28593675

yeah this shitcoin got me into 3 ETH debt already and now my binance is locked. fucking 3x scamcoin piece of shit dropping like a brick from 0.056 to 0.040 in an hour because the kid keeps increasing the circulating supply by 1 billion daily.... i heard tomorrow the market cap will be 10.7 billion.... admin talked about it. fucking hate this pos shitcoin

>> No.28593922

we get it, you're Australian

>> No.28593945

nothing can stop the inevitable $20 eom

>> No.28593956

Fuck man... almost sold yesterday due to the heavy fud. Why do people do this? Why do they want my bags so bad?

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yeah mate

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Because it has huge upwards potential, /biz/ caught wind of this coin early and it's making the people who didn't buy at 0.01-2 very unhappy.

>> No.28594054

Cause they missed out on this, 0.5$ ath EOM $0.1 EOW

>> No.28594067

this announcement is so unprofessional it's a major sell sign. why do people keep buying coins made by silly uni grads

>> No.28594093

you're on ticking clock reef, I have 100k in reef since 0.3 and I will sell now to all in into GRT if GRT ever dips to 1.80, but for now you're alright

>> No.28594117

Thanks men, I was scared since before when I was buying coin/tokens that had 3x or 5x sign next to them Binance was never asking me to confirm that I am familiar with the risks so I thought in this case it might be different

>> No.28594169

>and now my binance is locked

>> No.28594223

I bought at 0.035 and fell for the 200m fud yesterday. Is it too late to get back in?

>> No.28594286

Just bought at 0.4
Now im a reefer what are the ranks?
In addition i feel im gunna hold this for years looking at the road map.
Might 10x this year but over $1 isnt outrageous in a few years

>> No.28594302

Well, we are about to get a new ATH

>> No.28594334

It's not too late. We haven't even broke to all time highs yet. I suggest you move quick though. I suggest in the next couple hours we will break it moving on to 6 cents.

>> No.28594374

Right now you lost 32% of your original position. It's up to you

>> No.28594421

$1 will happen this bull run bro. Maybe even $2.

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>> No.28594508


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>didn't buy when it was sitting at 0.028 for a week cause I didn't want to pay the gas fees

>> No.28594624

I didn't get it. And I'm Australian.

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>> No.28594685

Everything dipped, not just reef

>> No.28594745
File: 356 KB, 495x556, 1613050551749.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The absolute state of the pajeets on this thread.

>> No.28594857

I’ve been fomoing in and out since 0.19

>> No.28594958

I think the tokenomics are liable to change. Denko has said something about validator nodes.

>> No.28594968

4,9C seems to be the new bottom.

>> No.28595347

Feels bad bro. Maybe if it dips get it on coinspot

>> No.28595362


>> No.28595434

...the song contest wasn't a bad idea after all

>> No.28595490

No need. Bought at 1.6c and feeling comfy asf

>> No.28595497

the bottom is always 0

>> No.28595594

i dont like red :(

>> No.28595618
File: 171 KB, 536x481, 1613134773986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28595656
File: 507 KB, 1070x601, 33481015d04b3974f9ed7acf616592901b13507ebdabf48ee1d6d09d63acc2c4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welp, I should have sold at 0.05, I guess I will have to get the rope now

>> No.28595666

:( Same. But i doubt it will go below 4c

>> No.28595735

grampa btc pulling everything with it

>> No.28595778
File: 21 KB, 128x128, 1598114208519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it happening?

>> No.28595787
File: 577 KB, 591x666, REEF1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You did bought the dip, didn't you?

>> No.28595788

brehs, your memecoin is doing to hell

>> No.28596094

I bought at 48

>> No.28596485

Based, when i heard about reef I put in 15% at 0.025, put in 65% at 0.035 and the rest at 0.043
53k REEF is a suicide stack really

>> No.28596585

reef partnership with kleros when

>> No.28596974

Sold at 50, bought back at 47.

>> No.28597114

Please enter this into the contest.

>> No.28597179

Sounds like Nirvana. I like this, mate.

>> No.28597347

What is happening my queefers. its over isnt it?

>> No.28597573

Scam is done and dump has started. Time to move on anon.

>> No.28597725

Waaaaa waaaa waaaa, you guys say this every time. Have fun with your rubic and bao dug pulls fgt

>> No.28597807

Be really careful, anon. Threads are full of swingers from around 0.026 USDT who lost out. Never play with your base stack. Have a little extra for swinging that you're willing to lose.

>> No.28598164
File: 167 KB, 700x700, Untitled-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This coin just keeps getting better and better.

>> No.28598834

I am trying an experiment with this one which has just been to wake up and buy 50 aussie dollaridoos every day for the past week or so.

>> No.28598949
File: 223 KB, 500x483, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine not owning reef this late in the game.

>> No.28599187
File: 52 KB, 413x634, 1613219719390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love you reef bros, first time I’ve ever been early to something and it isn’t a total shit coin.

see you boys at 10c

>> No.28599958

27.5k stacklet
Am I gonna make it?

>> No.28600028

You will not eat ze bugs
You will not live in ze podz
You will not take ze shwab!
You will own lambo
You will be happy

>> No.28600782


>> No.28600946

I got 80k reef stack, when will it stop dumping? Why do the shitskins have such a passion for violently dumping this coin?

>> No.28601074

How does 2.7 million dollars sound?

>> No.28602093


>> No.28603182
File: 147 KB, 750x546, 1608170724791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28603266

>this late

>> No.28603967
File: 568 KB, 1920x1080, reefers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heres my TA Anons

>> No.28604014


>> No.28604066


>> No.28604103

What the fuck so there is no point in buying this unless you have thousands of dollars to put in?

>> No.28604154

Morning reefs bros

>> No.28604231

0.3 is still almost 10x from now

>> No.28604237

coin sux i go to bed

>> No.28604488

Why is everything dumping bitcoin isn't even hardly moving?

>> No.28604527

oh no no no

>> No.28605070
File: 139 KB, 720x482, scaredyet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's my TA reeftard

>> No.28605376

What's so special about reef? Is it just a memecoin that is being pumped or has it got anything cool like grt?

>> No.28605603

Pancake swap m8

>> No.28605633

we've entered a bear market. this is becoming increasingly clear over the next five days. screenshot this.

>> No.28605660

DYOR, I'm tired of spoonfeeding you dumb asses

>> No.28606039

hey hey heeeeeeeeey

>> No.28606068

Maybe wages increased to $6 per day

>> No.28606341
File: 718 KB, 461x738, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What's so special about reef?

Never gonna make it

>> No.28606482

I don't know either but i have half my folio on it

>> No.28606540
File: 566 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-02-13-15-58-57-220_com.android.chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28606639

i don't feel so good reefbros...

>> No.28606861


>> No.28606902

Wait, Uni?

>> No.28606910


>> No.28606993
File: 403 KB, 618x718, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28607016


>> No.28607134


>> No.28607156

The fucking video is full of grammatical errors...
>one of the biggest ecosystem
>can you guess which one is it

>> No.28607278

You just don't know how to read dumbass, sell your REEF and get out of here.

>> No.28607321

Fuck I was going to sell at 5c and didn't ugh

>> No.28607365

I replied

>> No.28607377

No need to be so defensive. I really like reef and I hope it does well. Watch the video and tell me you don‘t see the errors

>> No.28607466
File: 62 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8031-07a4da3f313f (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry bro, I love you.

>> No.28607479

also its support* (not it's). its fucking Kumar isn't it

>> No.28607642

Big partnership announcement with a Defi project coming soon

Load up

>> No.28607701

kek.this whole thing is a fucking scam and it gets more and more obvious. Cope the rest of you queefers

>> No.28607722

If reef ever hits $2 I'm using my coins to put a ransom on kumar's head

>> No.28607760

I have to admit their not doing the best with managing whoever is doing marketing. This is still an early project, so Im hoping they can get the proper help and team they need to polish things up. CZ isn't going to let this fail so I'm guessing the calvary is on the way.

>> No.28607860

Lol the contrast between the production value and the grammar is stark, they need to get their shit together asap

>> No.28608084


>> No.28608723

I bought this. Am I getting scammed?

>> No.28608841


>> No.28608868

How do I stake this shit

>> No.28608893


>> No.28608926

Got a 100K of these shit tokens

>> No.28609122

What the fuck is partnership anyways? Does that mean they just beat each other off?

>> No.28609584

.50 tops

>> No.28610148

I'll hold my stack because I don't give a fuck about my money, but let's be honest, if we make a good profit, it was purely based on blind faith, because these fuckers didn't give us any good news and just keep the shitty marketing team, making annoucements of the next announcement.
Jesus, they really need to get their shit together.

>> No.28611076

Ding ding ding!

>> No.28611228

I am NOT comfy, I do NOT feel good about my investment, I am LOSING FAITH in Denko daily

>> No.28611263

my prediction is $5 until end of 2024. easy.

>> No.28611349

Ehm.. has anyone else noticed they don't even have any project on their Github besides two out-of-date forks?

>> No.28611430

newfag question, how do you know how much is the sell wall?

>> No.28611559

Shopped though he does lean back a bit

>> No.28611569
File: 41 KB, 258x259, Untitled-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is 42k enough to make it?

>> No.28611658

Enough to go back to the fucking flax fields after this kiddo is going to scam us (I own 100K)

>> No.28612219

You just made the contest awesome and not cringe

>> No.28612263

select "depth" in the binance interface

>> No.28612468

They're private you dip. Don't speak on software engineering if you don't understand it.

>> No.28612540

then fucking sell, we don't need pussies on this train