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>yo wassup homie? he bought?
>dump it my nigga

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Nobody thinks these posts making fun of Blacks is even remotely funny so you can stop spamming the catalogue with them fag

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>yo wassup my nigga?
>you want some crack?
>aight boy i'll leave it in your mail box once those monero be in my wallet, know what i's sayin?

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Not OP - I did laugh

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>Nobody thinks these posts making fun of Blacks is even remotely funny so you can stop spamming the catalogue with them fag

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Fucking kek

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I laughed

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you need to go back my nigga

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>i ain’t axin u again nigguh
>gibs me dat mufugn efferium

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>bitch you know them craka ass jew boys can see them efferiums rite nigga?
>get me summa dat monero in this bitch

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The domestic drug trade would be booming if niggers knew how to use crypto lol

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What makes you think it's making fun of them instead of accurately depicting how some talk and dress and their mannerisms?

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Imagine what happens when niggers find out about monero. $100T market cap within a few years.

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lemme fix that verbiage for you senpai:

"Bro copped? dump that shit."

>t. a real nigga

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Ayah...dis ouah tuff now gwailo.
You hand oval beetcoins now ayah.

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Copped? what?

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gimme summa dem monero NIBBUH

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Copped = bought.

tryna to get y'all up to date on the lingo, lol. Only old corny niggas say shit like "yo wassup my nigga" lol. A simple "sup senpai" will suffice these days.

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i find them very funny. making fun of blacks is funny. we're forced to put up with them we can at least laugh at them

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i'm gonna say this picture was taken around 2006
no one dresses like that anymore kek
what a ridiculous fashion trend

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Jesus Christ, do we not have *anything* better to do???

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>we posting
reminder that the red cross only reported something like 200K dead bodies

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This is probably about TRX too huh. also check em

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We cannot make fun of them irl so we do it here. Their antics are unironically extremely funny. Sort of like watching a clown car crash and burn.

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The fact you’re saying this is offensive, is an offense to blacks. This is there culture and we’re just celebrating it just like this lil nigga right here wanted us to with them jeans and them cauliflowers. faggot

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ayo hol up, this tread is fuck rycist

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Yo is GRT finna dip more or nah bruh?