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friendly reminder that no one will ever give a fuck more about your meme internet currency than the US dollar and therefore crypto's only purpose is to be pumped and dumped, it serves no other purpose whatsoever

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weak bait
a thread died for this

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Reminder: Crypto is not your mom.

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Nocoiners are new slaves

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Can someone tell me what the context of this gif is

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Friendly reminder that the US dollar will cease to exist within 3 years

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someone told him crypto serves zero function in the real world and he was too retarded to comprehend it

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Post this on reddit buttcoins so we can laugh in five years

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even if the dollar dies (it won't) it certainly won't be replaced with any digital memecoins
>"one latte macchiato coming right up"
>"that'll be 0.00010427724 bitcoins sir"
>what the fuck

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Nice to know that you don't understand crypto. Do you pay for your macchiato in gold or silver? Does it not have value? You are a retard, and I'm not gonna supply you with more information so you stay that way.