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Let’s say I have $6k after an easy 2x on GRT. I want $2 million after tax by the end of this year. After this year I’m heading to Asia with my gains, so taxes will all be short term.

To all of those who’ve made it, what’s the best plan to make it this year? My current goal was to get to 20k on Coinbase so I have enough leverage to move into riskier plays in defi. Live in the US so unfortunately binance is problematic

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the first 6k is the hardest, 6k to 2m is easy. you can literally invest in anything and get there by eoy.

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All into xmr for the inevitable surge when tether pops and the grifters move into untraceable blocks with no survivors

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Keep that 6k in grt. Sell in October. Transfer to btc.

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So you're saying you have 3,000 GRT
If you holded you'd have $30M EOY
Swingies get the rope

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I love your optimism. Is there a certain percentage I should aim for with each gain before I move to the next coin, or signs to look for before a pump? I’m relatively new to this, just generally a lucky person

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I’m still holding actually, I haven’t seen a major sell signal quite yet. But again I’m quite new

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>risa nito
Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

Don't count your chickens before they hatch, anon. Put your money into whatever assets you believe in, and are severely undervalued, and hodl, and you might bet wrecked anyways.

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unironically this

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Hold for 4 years and enjoy being a billionaire.

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why would you both switching to another coin? just pick one and throw 6k at it, then sit back and let your money work for you.

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take your fucking foot out of the drinking fountain you actual whore

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You both think it’s going to pump that much? Or is this just shill

Yes she’s the make it type for me. Interesting, do you support taking profits along the way and jumping to the next project with more momentum, or long time holding?

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Too many scams in crypto, especially now. You're seriously better off with stocks right now. I would invest in Goldfinch.finance though. Coinbase is what pumped GRT initially, just like how it pumped AMPL. Coinbase is also invested in goldfinch.finance. Wait for it to launch and then sell within the first ~2 weeks for a nice 5x. Then put at least $1000 of that in Haircomb to forget about it for a year. Use the rest of the profit however you want, but I would buy TLRY or SUNW.

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And then transfer to eth at the end of december before cashing out around a year from now

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Simply because pump and dumps exist and I’m new. What are the signs you look for for what’s a good hold and what’s a pnd?

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You're a retard faggot. Sell your GRT and then look at the price in a year, see that it passed $1000 per GRT. Then blow your brains out.

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Actually this could be good too. I made some really great returns recently from RUN since solar is having a grand old time now. I’ll look into goldfinch though, what makes it good?

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>Sanjay Raveendran
>Staff Engineer

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Appreciate the help, kek

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We're in a bit of an altcoin spring right now. Try to scalp and swing trade as aggressively as you can here and then refinance your holdings into some stable coins. I'm putting a good bit of money into layer 3 stuff (Dot, reef, etc) atm but I will consolidate all of it into Dot and BTC soon. Keep an ear to the ground and maybe risk 10-20% of your capital for moonshots - but you'll need to get lucky there as most projects that we're going to 40x already have and the ecosystem is very crowded now. Don't make the mistake of being diversified when all this corrects, you wanted to be in Apple, IBM and Microsoft when the .com bubble popped, and the story remains the same here with crypto.

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you need to stop thinking like a poorfag. your mentality is what caused people to diversify out of bitcoin when it hit any new high. now i'm not necessarily recommending bitcoin (although it will get you to 2m with ease), just that you stick with whatever crypto you pick for maximum gains.

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I want to hold UNI until at least october. Thoughts?

What are your IBM, APPL, MSFT analogues?

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This has to be bait but I’m bored so I’ll play along. You will be dead broke again before hitting 20k. You don’t want to hear this but it’s what will happen. You’re looking at all of this all wrong and want it all to happen for you too soon, and you’re going to fuck up and lose it all. Maybe it’ll be a rug, maybe just other bad luck, but you will be dead ass broke if you don’t settle the fuck down and realize that you goal is fucking dumber than you are, and you’re an actual retard. I eagerly await your pink wojak posts.

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Uni, 1inch, etc seem stable to me, although in the long term I think human psychology will shift towards centralized brokers and wallets like Binance (Human brain likes institutions.)

It depends on how much of your portfolio is represented in it. If it's over 30-40% I'd move some stuff around personally but I have a more aggressive trading strat.

Eth, BTC, AAVE, Dot, Ada, etc all seem to represent coins that will survive this bubble pop in my eyes.

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I'd also add that Eth right now is a $20 a week coin that goes into staking pools and sits there until 2.0 fixes the ecosystem. It's tautological at this point but gas fees are absolutely FUCKING the market for 80% of the population.

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It's basically AAVE except ran by two ex-coinbase guys. Coinbase Ventures' website has them listed as a project they're invested in.

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This is good, and I agree I want to eventually shift into stable coins for the upcoming bear market

Lmao you’re right I probably am still thinking like a poorfag. I should probably take a longer term approach, I’m just not very seasoned in this market hence my thread

Good reality check. Thankfully though I’m a retard but not that much of one, even if all my crypto earnings go to dust I still have $5k in stocks and $12k in liquid. I won’t ever invest something I can’t afford to lose completely

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This looks a lot like my wife

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Sadly this op, just hold the boring stuff even if it's painful you may even be able to cash out at 6 figs if eth reaches golden bull status at the end of this year.

You seem like a nice guy, don't want to see you swinging from a lamp post

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50x+ leverage on Binance and pray.

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>feed the CZ bots
kek, you'd have to be retarded to do that. whenever a retard takes a sizeable highly leveraged position on Binance a magical scam wick appears out of nowhere to liquidate his position

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Congrats, you’ve made it somewhat

I appreciate you anon. I might try into Eth, given all the stuff on the chain. What others would you consider “Boring” so I can do more research?

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Just buy XRP if you have the balls you will make it

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Checked. Sounds like you wanna get in something early to get to 2 mil EOY which is a fucking feat. COR is pretty new, has low mcap, has a usecase as a shitcoin killer and is being endorsed by fucking Stanley from the Office for some reason.

DYOR, it's been pumping for a few hours.

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I would say other "boring" plays with relatively low risk are other prevalent smart contract platforms like ADA, DOT and EOS. Also XMR

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I was unironically looking at COR before, only deal is I’m hesitant to go through the swap exchanges so I don’t end up in a rugpull like >>28578246 warns

Thanks. I definitely like DOT, that may be a good play. Like>>28577843 says it seems to have the potential to survive any crashes too

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I saw an anon in a previous thread post this, and it also has some sense to it. Does anyone consider this strategy to be plausible or is the long play really just much better?

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Sell signal

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I’m glad you think so, I’m tired of holding a stressful mega-hyped coin. I want to sleep

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>just time the market bro
it's been tried and failed for centuries

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Yeah there's a lot of sense in what he's saying.

Market core stuff will always trend upwards in the long term and if your sells produce realized profits then you've done well. Never ever feel bad that someone made an extra 15% on a bearish rally by recklessly holding a bag for an extra 30 minutes. Those people will gloat in the short term while they lose tremendous amounts of money to crashes. I've been in the markets for about 24 months now and have never taken a loss because I exit safely. No amount of technical analysis will tell you with certainty how high a candle is going to go, take profits safely and securely, don't ride the edge of the blades especially in such a volatile market.

Keep in mind though alt/shitcoin season can and will result in unrecoverable crashes on some coins in the longterm. So exiting your altcoin investments in a timely manner and analyzing from a distance is an important skill to learn.

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Why swingies get the rope is so prevalent

Makes sense what you say. It seems having an exit plan for alts is important, if I’m going to pull out. Of course then if it continues to moon afterward, it stings a bit. But you win some you lose some. You’ve clearly been in the market for a while, do you mind sharing what you started with/are currently at, or the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

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>GRT $10,000 a coin by EOY

yea bro GRT 'the google of blockhain' is gonna be worth 100x google by the end of the year

oldfags, tell me we aren't nearing a peak

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>I want to sleep
so sleep nigga wtf this is a casino not a fucking job

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You seen those even in bear market

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Oof yeah that’s what’s getting me to rethink GRT. At least for now. The volume is down. Though it still says 62% buy, does this matter, or is volume more important indicator?

Kek but I’m a NEET

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Started with 250 AUD of BTC, brought 100 AUD of Eth, and now hold something like 340K AUD in unrealized gains.

Manage your portfolio intelligently by really thinking about how much you can afford to risk comfortably, you trade like shit when you're nervous about losses.

For me my holdings have always been 40% stable coins, 10% wildcard might-maybe-moonshotters and 50% up and coming, so fairly aggressive but not egregiously so. I have taken a lot of riskless profits on my stable coins and up-and-comers by placing them into staking pools when I am able to and I also try to make intelligent long term decisions (Eg. Every week I put 7.5% of my paycheck into Eth and then place that into the 2.0 staking pool) don't listen to anyone telling you a coin is going to be worth 3000% of its value in a year, this is barefaced lying and time spent analyzing the analyzers reveals that most market analysis'; especially those in a space like crypto are 99% exit scams and crystal ball waving. This market has no intrinsic value as of yet outside of me being able to buy a tesla with BTC so anytime a coin surges its just because money magnetizes money. I have yet to see a fully realized long term implementation of any use case listed by any coin by a corporate or government entity that matters; we're all just holding bags of trading cards for the time being and it is important to remember that.

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The best market will be brutal for you optimistic retards. You sound soft.

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>So exiting your altcoin investments in a timely manner and analyzing from a distance is an important skill to learn.
how do i learn this? im absolutely new to cryptos, looking to learn before i start trading

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Damn, congrats man. Also puts me into perspective that maybe it’ll take more like 2-3 years to make it. I’m still happy with that though, better than slaving for life. The only reason I was trying to do this in a year is because I don’t want someone to steal all my shit when I’m doing trades on an unsecured WiFi in China.

And thanks for the redpill. So with your strategy as well, it seems you’re still doing a job. I guess I can’t be a NEET forever in this space.

I’ve always been a bit confused by the staking thing though. Are the returns really that worth it? I haven’t put my money to work for myself this way before, I’ve mainly just been in value growth.

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Staking is just making your money work twice at the same time for next to no risk. Unless you're day trading there's no point avoiding it, its just a locked savings account for your coin.

It's said so much its tautological at this point, but market cap and technical psychology (price walls etc) tell you when a coin is overvalued.

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Here's some advice from someone starting with 3k and going from there. You want a burst of income initially, and you got yours. 6k is a good amount. Invest in like, 3 good projects near a boom. Never stop looking for new good shit. When one starts peetering out, cash out, but do this knowing it will continue to grow and could boom again while you aren't there. That's fine. Once you feel more comfortable, start leaving half of your gains in those projects and keep investing in new ones with the other gains. There is an abundance of great stuff going down. Then, every so often, consolidate old shit that isn't going to do much more and put those into stronger but slower projects (so like GRT is a long-term hold, ADA, BTC, etc). When the market gets less bullish, it's really time to start pushing yourself into the best projects you can. There's some that are INSANELY good prospects, but REALLY long term. Always look to get in at the bottom floor.

Also, learn how taxes work.

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That totally isn't what the post is saying. It's saying be reasonable about the movement of the market and when there is likely a lull in your investments, try to find a solid alternative that is moving. It's not eggs in a basket, chase the pump type deal. It's more like your initial investments are so little that you'll miss the entire boom we're having of new projects. Also doing your research and not risking scams, even if you wind up being wrong and it's legit. I get bad vibes from ID and ASKO, so I didn't buy in even though I found them really early.

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Damn, that is actually super useful then to stake. Are there preferred coins to stake/places to stake them? ETH 2.0 does sound like a good one, but I don’t know where to stake that exactly

This is great to hear, as it’s kind of close to how I was planning to go about it, with a bunch more detail I should know. I’ll take this as a sign to keep looking for more things. I guess 2 questions then, 1 in hesitant with GRT, since that’s where I got my gains and I’m still holding as it’s dumping I’m teetering around 5.5k now, with your experience do you recommend just getting out and hopping in again later? And 2 yes taxes I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. If they’re all short term though, won’t the tax base be just based on my net profit regardless of how many trades I make? I know I have to record each transaction and all but that’s fine

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This feels based. I was thinking of maybe doing the same thing with my current investment into something like NU, just to keep the movement going. Money only is made when it’s moving

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I'm not giving you advice for when you exit or enter. While you can get back in, you'll have reduced gains and may feel priced out. You have to make the call. For taxes, yes, you will be paying net profits, though you need to have records of every transaction. It's nice that you can deduct the fees and shit as losses.

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Haha no worries. Thanks anon. I have a limit anyway so I’m still way in the green. But great, that’s fine, there’s probably a software for that right? Thank god about the fees too

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stable ones. I'm staked in ADA, Dot and Eth, ADA being the riskiest of those but the buyer confidence behind ADA is so high its almost a stable coin desu.

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Yeah, there's software out there that will do it for you I believe, but most seem pay2use or have transaction limits.

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Lmao good show, I’ll probably end up doing DOT or ETH for sure. I’ll look into ADA. Really appreciate it fren

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Ah ok, I’ll start recording my transactions now since I only really have 2. But my birthday is coming up, maybe I’ll ask my accountant uncle to pay for the service for me kek

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where in asia? vietnam? thailand?
some of the south east countries(like vietnam) have poor food regulation so you don't even know what the you're eating. you could be eating contaminated fruit or something

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China to start (I’m near fluent now, might as well put it to use as well as live cheaply), then probably Taiwan or Singapore, hoping to get a second passport eventually

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unironically true

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Imagine being this much of a faggot. Vietnamese food is way more fresh and healthy (not to mention locally grow) than American food.

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What kind of up and coming coins do you mean? Like DOT/ADA/LINK/GRT, stuff that has a good chance to go up but isn't guaranteed, and eth/btc for stable coins?

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Just started my make it journey, how am I going with this initial distribution? I initially started with 6k

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Terrible. You have les than you started with.

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absolutely terrible

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lmao get a fuckton of cosmos and stake

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>he read robert kiyosakis books
absolutely based

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something like ROSE

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