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> Website

> Coingecko

> Dextools

> Uniswap

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500k corporal reporting for duty. This shit is going to fly to $1

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30k stacklet reporting in!

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Did the team really lock up their allotted tokens for 6 months!? Picking up a bag!

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Staff sergeant reporting in. WE ARE GOING TO FKN MAKE IT

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I knew I should have bought in earlier fuck

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This is going higher after Stanley promotes. $1 - $3 1 - 3 months

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I'm not buying on a run.
I'm not buying on a run.
I'm not bu... ahhh fuck is this the next GRT!? The Facebook of crypto!????? Let me in

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Only 2 sell orders in the last 4 hours Anon

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1.1c, no signs of slowing. Stanley FUCK ING Hudson is on board retards, get in NOW

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It fucking keeps going up!!!

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I just bought! About to buy more! This coin is about to do big things and I’m not going to miss out by waiting. Have you looked at the fundamentals? solid as fuck

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Price goes up, pajeets go down.

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1.5m 1LT here, sir. We're ready for takeoff when you are.

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my thoughts exactly mate. christ theres no fucking way im missing this one

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Team is verified on LinkedIn and Stanley Hudson from the office backing. It’s only .01. $1 is only 205 mil marketcap. That’s so low for the value. Honestly $1-$3 by end of the year is realistic.

Anddd Stanley from the Office is hosting the AMA soon.

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ive literally never been this early

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Literally? Literally not true cuz you're here now

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Feels fucking good. If this goes to $1, my little stack will be life changing.

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soon brother. this is the one

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Master chief reporting in. Kill all fudding covenants

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corporal reporting

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The Facebook of Crypto. Based on the white paper. This can be promising. Even for this pump, this is really early for this project. Impressive team on LinkedIn.

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Under 3m marketcap, we are unbelievably early

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Whats causing this pump? Its just been slowly declining with miniscule volume the last few days

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Where is the COR whitepaper at?

Anyone have a link?

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>facebook of crypto
>police of blockchain
>principle of defi

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What’s special about this shitcoin?

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Based thread I’m so glad I aped in this morning with 330,000 my only regret is I didn’t shift some funds around to get 1 million

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the IDO whales dumped after the last pump, now we're seeing it climb up to the coins actual value

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This is the shitcoin sheriff.
It's a platform for evaluating the legitimacy of crypto projects so that nobody falls for pajeet rugpulls ever again. This is the Better Business Bureau for crypto.

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That does sound kinda good... time to do some research

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>shitcoin sheriff

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This is gonna police the crypto space and give credit where it’s due. And it’s only under a 3 mil mcap. There’s also gonna be a social media aspect to bring ppl together to one platform. Idk how this is not over 50mil mcap after launch in march.

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do you think all the crypto influencers will embrace it?

>> No.28580678

Crypto influencers that are willing to put their money where their mouth is will love this platform. People need a trusted platform for crypto news, projects, and prices, and this is just a few features offered by COR. Anything under 50 mil mcap is fud.

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Thought launch was march 2022? Or was I just listening to pajeet FUD

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COR going to $2 Tonight

>> No.28581193

COR is gonna launch their platform, by end of March 2021. Gonna be a new space for crypto ppl to interact on. Don’t be late.

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stupid idea for a crypto, complete rug pull

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Even the shill in this thread is practically word for word same as yesterday's ASKO. Looks like another pump&dump.

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Yeah I'm dumping this now, complete shitcoin

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I like this coin: family founded, get in early and dump on normies
Dreams do come true.

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>up 2500% in 30 days
>in early


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Supposedly it will also have a way to analyze twitter and YouTube

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Retards....see you on the moon

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why are retards still falling for this pnd?

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yeah pnd is why the dip started getting bought immediately...

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