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How will you find a good woman after making it? Won't all of your crypto/money just attract fake bitches?

What if you get married and then she divorces you 10 years down the line. That's half of your crypto gone.

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that's a man, source?

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That the look of a satisfied woman

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Just don't get married, simple

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They are called side bitches fool

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I prob wont make it until my late 30s. I Lost my virginity to a girl in her late 30s when I was 26. I dunno what it means but it does joggin the noggin.

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I will go to India and get a trad wife

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just don't flex your money

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>half of my crypto gone
And how exactly would that happen you stupid fucking nigger?

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Don't tell women you date about your net worth

Go with the 6/10 with a great personality who makes you laugh, not the 9/10 with the ass

Meet women through friends/events/clubs/outings not Tinder (most important)

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I will need the source sir.

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>What if you get married and then she divorces you 10 years down the line.
Thats why you sign a prenuptial agreement you sperg.
I knew one dude who went as far as to move his gf out of his house just before they would be legally common law (3 months I think) for a month and then move her back in.
Fuck women, they are useless leeches who will suck everything good from you. Make sure to cover all your bases when dealing with them

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i want to build a schizo cabin and study bullcrap. i will pay her for her time and thank her for making me feel good.

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marrying exclusively for children, everything else is doomed to fail, even "Muh we love eachother sooo much you know?" humans are meant to reproduce after all.

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Name or initials? I think I know her

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here you go bro

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Been married for 21 years, so not too worried

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Jia lissa I think?

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Isn't she Polina, right?

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She's a porn actress.....

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What's she licking off her face?

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is there a vid?

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Jia Lissa blacked

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jia lissa

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Absolutely disgusting

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thanks senpai

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Polina has a nose piercing now

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>How will you find a good woman after making it?
You don't, until women's rights are taken away again. It will happen because people who let their women have rights have sub-replacement birth rates.

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You don't dummy. You play them, plate them, change one for another, never commit long term, never talk about your networth or gains and just ride the wave. You're gonna trust these hoes with your money? You're going to get married? Gtfo...

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I’m so mad right now

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whatever happened to that porn star with that emotional support lizard
did she finally break away from the jews?

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Never tell a woman how much money you have

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it's very easy, You go to an asian country. Everybody will think you're rich because you're white.And you are. But you just don't say anything about your crypto.

And that's it.

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I wish I could kiss those cum flavored lips...

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I got married before making it... (I still haven't made it)

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that bitch is nasty as fuck. why would you take a picture after a dicking. some women these days are hopeless.

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Eastern Europe, and if she tries to divorce her I'll toss her into the Pacific 30 miles off shore. Not rocket science

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look at dr dre. he signed a deal and got 400m in apple shares and its been making him hundreds of millions dollars a year andd his bitch wife is taking him for everything hes got after years or marraige and gave him a stroke and forced him to sign papers in the hospital taking millions of dollars from him.

women are shit getting married is reddit tier cuckold shit

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Does she have an Onlyfans?

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why did you crop out the Massive Finnish Schlong on the other half of that image, OP?

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is that a dick shadow? lmfao

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>How will you find a good woman after making it?

like this:
>pay a couple to breed
>have their daughter put through intensive combat training from birth
>supplemented by intense academic and social training as well
>by age 12 she will able to kill most adults
>by age 15 she will be able to kill trained adults
>by age 17 she will be Joanna Wick and become my wife
>at age 18 we will consummate our marriage
>one day she will "accidentally" discover what her life is, have an existential crisis and swear revenge on me
>she will kill me, i'll tell her how much i've always loved her and how proud i am of her as i die in her arms
>my butler will then hand her a briefcase >briefcase contains a USB with the will to my estate and a trust fund in her name
>she is now 23 and can do whatever she wants

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please tell me thats a fucking movie
i need to watch this

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Excellent troll ol chap

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You didn't come up with this shit. Namedrop the movie. hell of a plot

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Fund the movie holy shit guaranteed 1 millons billions in the box offices, I'm seeing a trilogy, netflix and amazon prime shows, and a tie-in broadway play

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This is why I don't care about getting rich, I just want enough money to support a loving wife and children.
I pray each night for that, and that alone. A wife, children, and just enough money to keep them happy.
I guess I'll go to church to try to find a good wife eventually, though I know it's far from a guarantee that it'll work.

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seriously if it is a movie i want to see it

literally the opposite
imagine legally creating your own daughterwife

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i probably shouldn't have posted it huh

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Church women have rights. You won't find a good woman there.

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It reminded me of Oldboy


If youve seen it you know why

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If I can't find one there, I can't find one anywhere anon.

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>good woman

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>Tfw you will never have a father who trains his daughter since child

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Plot of Old Boy and Hanna (both movie and amazon prime series) can fit this, except for the consummating marriage part.

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I plan on finding a good woman before I make it.
No reason to risk attracting a gold digger.
As we speak, an anonymous man from Nigeria has already told me that he knows of a good slim Nigerian woman who could be my girlfriend!
That poor girl probably doesn't know that I have less money than she does.

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That's right, you won't find one anywhere. Unless you join a fundamentalist community like the amish. You'll have to wait 50 years or so until the west is forced to take women's rights away or face extinction, or be replaced by people who don't allow women to have rights.

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because he fucks his daughter and doesn't know it, and when he finds out he asks to be hypnotised to forget so he can continue living blissfully fucking his new (daughter) girlfriend?
I assume you are talking about the original oldboy bc fuck american remakes.
the movie referenced sounds closer to Anna (2019) and Leon the Professional mixed

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kept putting off Oldboy even though i've known about the manga for years
guess it's time to watch it

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I will scout the local middle schools, then buy an ice cream truck

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>good woman
every woman on the planet and in the course of all human history, with no exceptions (none) is a worthless dumb piece of shit cum guzzling whore.

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I don't know man, I have a somewhat strange story. Girl with tattoos and emotional problems, but also a highly competent artist with other life skills from using her hands / building knowledge... and we met on Tinder. We plan on having kids and getting married within three years.

It's not perfect, she is moody and is very strongly attached which sometimes I hate, but it feels like GOD gave me her to protect and to accept and grow with.

I plan on fulfilling this mission, for which the reward will be a family and continuation. It is my contract with the universe because GOD gave me exactly what I asked for.

To quote Gene Wilder: "be careful what you wish for because you might just get it". I'm not trying to give it a dark tone, and I believe it will come to you anon. Think of it like having a kid, it's one of the most beautiful things in the world, but the fear that your kid could be hurt or killed is terrifying and shows what a living nightmare the world is. Of course, we face it head on, ready to die, anon.

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Yeah the original is legendary. Park chan wook. Didnt watch the remake because..why tf would you remake it with Spike lee direction? Clueless. They did the same thing with Suspiria

Watch it bro, its a mindfuck. The whole vengenace trilogy is insane

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why don't you start my improoving yourselv and also being yourself

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Buy a sexbot and have a son via artificial womb or surrogate.

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you can't be yourself if you're autistic

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Hagar was pretty good.

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all I'm gonna have to do is waltz into a cafe and stare uncomfortably at a girl. As she begins to pack her things and leave, I'll follow her out all while staring at here like robocop.
then i'll flash my bigass BOND stack and explain to her what it is while she starts running. Then I'll shout out a dollar figure and watch her shoes to some magic michael jackson shit and get back to me like with magnetism.
walla new girl friend

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She will win no matter what op...US justice for women

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polina is ngmi

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park is awesome. I totally forgot spike directed the remake. didn't watch it. I COMPLETELY memory holed that suspiria had a remake. genuinely forgot another classic was americanized and ruined.
since we are talking darker movies. I always like to ask people.
You ever seen the original martyrs? and there is a french horror movie called Inside?

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what is she licking

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also. whats your favorite of the vengeance trilogy? they are all incredible.

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its a doggy dog world out there anon, you better have a sizeable stack

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she's a ginger sooo...
>peach fuzz

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This is fucking abominable! I want to do barbaric shit to her father or the jew that tricked her into this.

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The Superior race always gets the better women
Your tears are delicious

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Go back to /pol/

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>"be careful what you wish for because you might just get it"
Lel this was me 3 years ago, I just thought day and night "I want a girlfriend now" and I got one that was basically all the shit things one could get

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Take the Leo pill

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>Girl with tattoos
Red flag #1
>emotional problems
Red flag #2

Run as fast as you can from that bitch

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She is going to cheat on you.

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autistic lives don't matter

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Maybe. I also have temptations as a human... but these are just trials people endure. The battle in your own mind.

As long as I can get some kids out of her, that's what matters. If she breaks the bond, I'll leave, but I'm prepared to give myself to it. Better for me to hold than to swing trade.

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Show the full picture lol

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How would she even get your crypto? Just tell the judge that you forgot your password.

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what a cuck
go fucking die

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More like choosing the wrong side in WW2 then having the media pump propaganda in to the heads of the youth to tell them that it's high status to fuck niggers.

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kek, worse than tinder. the most rabid cumgargling whores end up in clubs

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By using this


Mainly because normal chicks just bore the shit out of me and I don't think they would do anything exciting with a high baller life. A normal girl that likes you gets ridiculous as fuck over your little mistakes. An irregular one tends to hear you out and support you through a LOT of shit until you really and absolutely fuck up because they've fucked up a lot themself. A lot of girls who do prostitution usually don't have any kids either which is nice meanwhile the only girls who even approach a prostitute in attitude are the ones who have 2 little fuckers going around ruining mommy and daddies alonetime before the casualness of the sex can really pop off.

In my experience tattoo's aren't bad when they aren't on the face. When they ARE on the face though that's a major warning sign of a thug/ghetto life lover.

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The reality is that any relationship with any human is going to be shitty. It's just fucking nasty how needy we are... you need someone to rub your skin and accept how terrible you might smell or close minded you might be for a moment. The important things for me are shared vision, proof of care and loyalty. I'm not perfect myself, anon.

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If I can’t find a good woman, I will probably spend my money funding depopulation agendas desu

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kek imagine getting married in the year 2021 which is the current year and all years thereafter

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there is an easier way for you to start depopulating

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too based for this realm

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Are you kidding? Not even my own family knows how much money I have, and it's really none of their fucking business. All that matters is I'm taking care of shit, low-key helping them and making sure their lives are comfortable but never bragging, flexing or buying unnecessary shit that I don't need.

Most people that make it on here will flex their new car on social media and end up getting fucked one way or another in the long run. Either by getting robbed at gunpoint or by getting robbed in that divorce paper. Natural selection.

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Nah, she has a demonic edge to her, but she has far mire angelic qualities. Everyone has issues of some sort, but sometimes you take a chance on that funky idea or coin and you work with it. watch it moon.

>> No.28580509

Where would the fun be in that

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>Won't all of your crypto/money just attract fake bitches?

As opposed to what? All the women who like my personality right now?

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you sound like an emo faggot, whats your point?

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>emotional problems

Everyone needs to read this and see what an example of a future failed relationship looks like.

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is that the same girl

>> No.28580868

>married is reddit tier cuckold shit
Eh. Even if you don't get married that can STILL happen. All she has to do is either have your kid and/or I think share an address with you for some time.

That said I don't really personally intend to get married myself. At the end of the day to me marriage is just a waste of money. I'll buy a bitch a ring if it helps her remember she's supposed to be chained down to me but I don't care for a ceremony.

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There's no intelligent reason at all to get married.

>> No.28580960

I'll wear a diaper in public and cry like a baby, some lactating milf is bound to feed me

>> No.28580978

so die alone?

>> No.28580992

Who gives a fuck. Take the real tradpill. When you're rich find some good-looking women and keep them as your concubines, have 20+ (white) kids or however many you can feasibly support in your castle. This shit about needing "the one" is effeminate. You find them and turn them into what you want them to be. If they won't ever conform then get rid of them. Don't waste time trying to find le ebin redpilled gf since she's probably just doing it for attention (what do you think political views are for women?). Most women will change their political views just by being around you long enough.

>> No.28581057

Date any other race except white

>> No.28581103

>marrying a woman

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How is that based, you colossal fucking faggot? Oh, you're non-white, so whatever you think is "based" is irrelevant. Its sad that this girl whores around copulating with blacks for money, a testament to the truly degerated state of Western civilisation. Guess what faggot? Its ending soon.

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Why? White women are the hottest and not all of them are Instagram whores with onlyfans accounts, fag. Also I don't want my children to be mutts with black hair and black eyes. Blond, red or brown hair with blue or green eyes is much better.

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Now that the racist incel faction is OP from for the race war due to their link gains, the disgruntled spook who got you hooked on linky wants to do step two. Commercial surrogacy tourism. Hear my sales pitch
>You've made yourself a crypto fortune
>But you hate niggers, Jews, trannys, and most of all, the women who enable them
>maybe you've even been public when their bullshit got too much, and experienced the inevitable backlash society dishes out in response
>well, now there is nothing stopping you from fulfilling globo Jew whore homo nigger's greatest fear
>securing your legacy
>with commercial surrogacy you can bypass all the usual pitfalls that lie between the talented white man who is conscious; and the white women who threaten us with extinction for non-compliance.
>you may say
"But apathetic spook, I don't want to raise a kid, I just got my gains!"
>But think about this, in todays age of unofficial social credit scores
>Your child, your proof of procreation, raises your status significantly across every social metric
>Women will think, aww he's so cute and he's an inherently acceptable man, hence the child he had with another woman(they aren't like us not wanting to raise some bastard)"
>Niggers, kikes, and fags will react in their usual way, but make no mistake, what they want most is for you to either have no kids; or, have children only on the condition that you and them, are rolled into their system of your eventual replacement
>You effectively disempower every group of anti whites, and people who are powertripping all in one fell swoop
>blood of your own blood flesh of your own flesh
>and no deleterious influence on the boy to make him into a typical cuck, this son can be an ultimate race war chad

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supreme based

>> No.28581230

Financially speaking?

>> No.28581247

People didn't die alone before the marriage certificate was invented. You don't need a contract that says if the relationship fails one party gets half of the other one's shit and continual payments to have a long term relationship with the opposite sex. In fact it's healthier when there is no loaded gun with one partner always having to walk on egg shells.

>> No.28581267

What's the other option? Playing flip a coin on whether or not some girl divorce rapes you?

>> No.28581281

>just attract fake bitches?
you mean women? i thought thats what you wanted

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>fucking a girl with AIDS
Worthless. Absolutely worthless

>> No.28581363

Good luck finding a girl who can keep a place tidy, work full time, have a business on the side, doesn't parrot anti-whiteness, can think for herself and who has a fighting spirit. The problem with the submissive wife, which is a bit nicer to be around, is that your sons won't have the fight in them. I'll take talent and skill with manageable craziness (who wouldn't be crazy with menstrual changes?) over stability and a more ordinary approach. I mean... even the stable ones are neurotic.

I will bite though, and I would love to hear what your prediction is for our relationship right now, seeing as we've been together two years. And then tell me where you think it will go.

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>> No.28581467

>dominate the globe for tens of thousands of years bringing spreading superiority in practically every domain
You have nothing except bait.

Checked and based. Its tragic, I have no doubt that if our ancestors in ww2 could have seen what would become of London alone they would have reconsidered.

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If your woman cheats on you, just kill her. That's what my doctor did.

>> No.28581523

Simple. I will kill myself if I ever get fucked over like that.

>> No.28581569

Don't tell anyone about your portfolio. Ever.

>> No.28581581

Is that why 95% of all white women onlu fuck whitey? Makes sense.

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>barn animal telling me to seethe

>> No.28581662

Probably, but that top 10% of niggers has potent sexual intercourse with white women. Every white boy in the world is jerking off to Blacked porn in 2021. It's only natural to accept the biologically superior form of sex.

>> No.28581686

>divorces you 10 years down the line.
Lmao 10 years, they will do it within the first 2-3 years so they can get two settlements from 2 different suckers before hitting the wall.
t. My sister did this and she makes $15k/month in alimony from two different suckers kek.

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>White women are the hottest
Whites are like the bottomrung of slampigs. Hottest is Latinas.

>> No.28581783

You do realize that it's been proven that prenuptials aren't necessarily airtight anymore and you can still lose stuff depending on your location, right?

>> No.28581785

She's smart. Hopefully she has some cunning children.

>> No.28581788

men are so cucked these days

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Your sister is objectively evil

>> No.28581844

>literally making up stats
>projecting his shitskin bbc fantasies on others
>claims africans are superior in any sense except crime and stds
keep coping because you're not white

>> No.28581875

Theres a law that states if you are married after a certain point and make more than your spouse then you must pay your ex a monthly stipend for the rest of your life

>> No.28581932

Nope. Whites are on top in terms of looks by far. Sure you can have a personal preference, but that is not the point. The entire world admires the looks of white people.

>> No.28581969

Normal interaction with someone and not having a paranoid assumption they're raw dogging someone else when you're apart. To you that's cucking. I suppose you want me to keep her in the basement?

>> No.28582026

I dont need stat's to know that wwbm sex is the most potent type currently available. White boys are literally locking their cocks up in chastity cages and going pussy free for black cock. It's a subconscious biological admission of the superiority of black cock.

>> No.28582043

>Half my crypto gone
That's like a weekend of gains who cares.

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How do I short white women?

>> No.28582122

this is cope 101

>> No.28582149

Never, ever tell women how much money you have. Never.

“What is a crip toe, I’ve never heard of that” “A bit-what now?”
Just play fucking dumb and abort the relationship if she gets too close to the dragon hoard.

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>> No.28582172

Yeah you're pretty much cucked already since she's fucked at least 3 men before she met you. Marrying someone like that would have been unthinkable just 80 years ago.

>> No.28582194

I gave up on the idea of ever dating/getting married about five years ago, when I graduated from college. Acceptance has worked really well for me.

>> No.28582201

Theres no instrument, but longing Asian women has a similar effect.

>> No.28582212

With a saw

>> No.28582222

>it's very easy, You go to an asian country. Everybody will think you're rich because you're white.And you are. But you just don't say anything about your crypto.
You also get fit because you have much more free time.

>> No.28582252
File: 983 KB, 1200x1200, 1611711375325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm too ruined for normal relationships. I will probably fuck hookers raw until I get an STD and die. Crazy to think how my ancestors struggled their whole lives to ensure the survival of their offspring and now the buck stops with me

>> No.28582257

>projecting your cuck fetishes as if they were reality
You jerk off to jew porn 4 times a day while pretending to understand sex. I hardly need to emphasise how fucking retarded you are. And brown lmao. All women, particularly white (and asian) women, prefer white men. Keep coping, 3rd worlder.

>> No.28582272

dre is also one of them. Or one of their pawns.

>> No.28582274

Buy a bitch a ring? you won't get married because no woman would marry you

>> No.28582346

Stop judging them all based off of jewish porn and media, or the fetish images shitskins post with the intent to trigger you due to their inferiority complex.

>> No.28582387


>> No.28582421
File: 1.14 MB, 3024x4032, ka5feveitoj51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a theory that the reason interracial porn is so popular is because human beings are attracted to the most virile sexual aesthetic. When white guys masturbate to BBC porn, it's a subconscious admission that the off spring of that pairing is genetically superior. Interracial porn of any kind is always superior to non interracial and when you add black man, white woman the sexual euphoria is beyond words. That is why even other minorities love Blacked. Everyone subconsciously knows that wwbm sex is beautiful.

>> No.28582446

If my money attracts fake bitches then fine. I will use them as holes, and outplay them in the game. Getting married is a fucking meme. I'll have multiple girlfriends and even when I'm truly in love shell have to drag my ass to the altar.

>> No.28582449

Based. I'm going to live a great single life and then when I'm around 40 I will consider using my crypto gains to buy white euro eggs and then use some Georgian surrogates to give me kids that can't be taken away from me by divorce court. All my crypto fortune will go to them. Check mate roasties, check mate clown world.

>> No.28582461

There’s a reason the jews have to pay the jewess actresses (that’s right they’re not even fucking white women they’re fucking jews) almost 5x as much to fuck a nigger. Because the women hate black guys. Way to believe all the jew propaganda you faggot tranny, go back to your chronic masturbation session, virgin

>> No.28582474

Asian women are much more neurotic and money-hungry than white women. They are psychos who will not hesitate in considering having you killed.

>> No.28582477

They'd never have a chance anyway because i'd never offer to. Also on the off chance you're freaking about me calling females bitches then boy you need to get laid son.

>> No.28582481

White girls were built for BBC

>> No.28582498

Our dad kicked her out of the house when she was 20 for her antics, so I can understand where her resentment for men comes from. But her peers are no better, two of them are divorced single moms and one just got married. These were her friends since childhood and 3/4 are alimonymaxxing.

>> No.28582505

>work full time
Why is the mother of your child working full time instead of homekeeping and raising your children as you see fit. You did make it right.

>> No.28582561

That's actually not so crazy, considering that historically over 50% of men in your family tree did not reproduce at all. You just happen to be one of the offspring of those who did reproduce, and you will be one of the men who won't end up having children themselves. There's much more to life than supporting a dumb woman and making babies with her.

>> No.28582569

lol you go virgin hunting my friend. If you think the perfect utility for women is finding a submissive girl who (in your mind) will only be dedicated to you, I think you are failing to upgrade in the evolutionary game.

>> No.28582571

Stfu pajeet

>> No.28582585

>Because the women hate black guys
Many whores refuse to service black guys. Says a lot.

>> No.28582603

I'd like to have sex with myself, how would I got about doing that?

>> No.28582710


Don’t flex your money you
Don’t be socially retarded

>> No.28582725

You call it coping, I call it accepting the fact that picking a partner means selecting for the good and the bad traits. Same thing with hiring someone.

>> No.28582748

>act as a parasite
>your decent dad doesn't want to be associated with trash
>you think she's in the right
your dad should've disowned you too for being a cuck

>> No.28582797

Wow are you serious? I don't care about your mental retard theories, ape. The reason interracial is "so popular" is because jews put billions and billions into it and force it to the top of every porn site and force it in the algorithms while normalising it in other media. Meanwhile freaks like you are addicted to porn and need more and more extreme material to fulfill your addiction. It is the same as bestiality in concept, you could watch a woman fucking a horse and get the same "vibes".

If you think it is beautiful you should know that your soul is twisted and rotten, but given your race the latter is already implied. Keep jerking your tiny brown dick to porn, subhuman; I will have as many white babies as possible and save my sperm rather than blow it to jewish porn, you freak.

>> No.28582830
File: 70 KB, 800x600, IMG_2156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I make it I'm going for Sweet Anita.
>check em

>> No.28582846
File: 492 KB, 763x533, beta asian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28582878

Rolling for proper digits
>check em

>> No.28582882

It's not just in my mind. Men used to keep women in line, even in the west, until very recently because they knew women could not be trusted if left to their own devices. Women who weren't virgins had a hard time marrying anyone decent. Also, we've only had about a 100 years of feminism which you're trying to adapt to. That's basically an insignificant time for evolution. There are people alive right now who remember the time when women had less rights and weren't allowed to slut around so much or divorce without good reason.
Feminism is a meme which is not sustainable, and will inevitably go away. The only question is which races / cultures will be left standing. Will white men allow themselves to go extinct, or will they turn back the clock on female 'empowerment'?

>> No.28582927
File: 200 KB, 1879x609, 1599105615089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you (in addition to anyone who might be incentivizing your activities, if applicable) are the pawn of a memetic virus

>> No.28582938

No child yet anon, I certainly wouldn't have the spare time to post like I am now. That comes in a few years, and of course I want mama home for the kids.

>> No.28582970

White "men" may sleep with asian girls though lol

>> No.28582972

Nigga we're in the final stages of the kali yuga, we will likely live to see the end of the world. Go forth and dominate, like the Aryan conquerors of old.

>> No.28583114

Post hands. Oh they're brown? that means no white woman will ever find you attractive. Even your own women prefer white men, just looking at the stats. Go watch your jew porn for the 5th time today, subhuman.

>> No.28583186

This desu. These fetishsizers of race and what not don't realize how hard they signal as degenerate coomers to everyone else. Nobody is fooled, your brain is absolutely fried, and you probably don't talk to women. I pity them.

>> No.28583247

>post yourself on a website with multiple archives
No thanks bud
You don't know what race I am, but know this: they go for their own, unlike white girls lol!

>> No.28583263

I mean hell even black women prefer white men.

>> No.28583309
File: 60 KB, 509x571, 1491898135982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unrelated to the thread but did you guys know how many people just go missing without a trace every year? To never be found again?
Kinda wild haha

>> No.28583388
File: 13 KB, 645x770, teleports behind you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finding a good woman is impossible.
If a woman is single it's because she's trash.
Find a good girl, simple as.

>> No.28583400

Thanks for posting this. I would also add that the shills spamming this knowingly exploit freudian or low-level occult knowledge, which is the pleasure-pain complex. They break down the boundaries of this complex which unleashes inferior psychic forces on the victim. I believe the key to rectifying the rupture in the mechanism is to reinstate the "poles" through willpower and habitual, "rhythmic" thinking, as it has been destroyed by the opposite rhythm which your post describes. This is a powerful weapon used by the forces of subversion in the "occult war".

Sorry this is unclear, I could write a long essay on this to explain it properly.

>> No.28583409

post chin with timestamp

>> No.28583432

Anon, not everyone wears a hat, suit and tie these days.

Of course a woman is going to be a feminist, anon. It's basic kindergarten allegiances we have. Boys play with boys, girls play with girls. Like every other monkey. I certainly don't tolerate anti-maleness, but I expect her to at least stand up for herself in this world telling her trans women are women.

I can't realistically expect someone to be 0% sheepish, 100% original thinker, but I can communicate with people and find out if we're on the same page. That's really all I can do with other humans is communicate. I'm not really interested in searching for archetypes anon... I like getting my hands dirty.

You think me having white kids with this white woman is going to further white extinction?

>> No.28583514
File: 264 KB, 1920x1080, armstrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A woman is going to be a feminist, a girl is going to want a strong man to make her feel special. Women are broken, they're a waste of time.

>> No.28583610

>pajeet hands typed this

>> No.28583639

>posting your shit-coloured hands will dox you
Yes, the "superior" African intellect is exemplified. Your women are beasts; assuming you are even correct (lol, you aren't, because you're a simian hybrid) they only "go for their own" because nobody desires them. White women go for their own, judging by statistics, but women of all other races desire white men at alarming rates. You have nothing to support your argument so you resort to bait, which is typical. Keep basing your worldview of jewish media, you dumb animal.

>> No.28583646

We have evolved anon. There is no need to strictly dominate your woman with draconian social order, as long as you know how a woman's mind works, and know how to play the game it's easy to know and keep a woman. Women are emotional, when they're loyal and dedicated to their man then they won't stray. They only will if the man starts fucking up, neglecting her emotionally and physically, not listening, etc. If she cheats you leave and with your mind of abundance you move on, it's really that simple. There's a such thing as love without ownership which is the way to do it. If anything you should be even more worried under those circumstances because who knows if she actually does love you, or she's just scared and playing out a part.

>> No.28583651

Snap back to reality, loser. You're a perma virgin that thinks he's a video game character when he goes on his pathetic soliloquy about they're the ubermensch who's *so* beyond women

>> No.28583681

A good woman doesn't know how much a man is worth.

>> No.28583689
File: 234 KB, 887x768, 1613177872303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's like bestiality. Also pic related

>> No.28583691

And yet, anon, it is a woman who gave you this time to waste.

>> No.28583718

OP you need nofap.
Porn ruins your brain.

>> No.28583734

Nice projection. You type all these words, thinking anyone cares. I shit out words, putting in zero effort. Are ya winning son?

>> No.28583757
File: 12 KB, 258x245, laughing pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your skin is literally the colour of feces

>> No.28583780

imagine typing this. Kinda makes me curious why such a chad aryan specimen like yourself would spend his time shitposting about how da ethnic wimmin all want white dick on an anime image board instead of going out and slaying poon

>> No.28583786

>it is a woman who gave you this time
My father paid $80k to have me born through a surrogate mother, I don't know her name and I don't care. Cope.

>> No.28583825

But commercial surrogacy, you still need to find a donor egg. How do you make that choice?

>> No.28583878

>15 posts by this id
seek help
>Are ya winning son
Funny how rightoids can only speak with ready-made canned meme phrases. Is this cognitive freedom you think? Right wingers truly are NPCs

>> No.28583881
File: 133 KB, 1080x1080, 148020261_453668319093879_3241754835062016539_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also Japanese tradwives are the way.

>> No.28583901

You are the result of prostitution anon.

>> No.28583907

>he doesn't know about boating accidents that causes you to lose all your assets

>> No.28583915

ahahah holy shit
>company called mindgeek has a monopoly on porn
>forcing incest for no discernible reason
The company is called "mindgeek"....why?

btw why is the jewish founder of netflix from the same family as Freud and Edward Bernays, the CIA/corporate propaganda psychologist? that's weird!

>> No.28583926

Always hide your wealth and buy simple things.
Once you make it put it into something that will always bring in money consistently.
Make sure it isn't in your name or find a way to hide it like you are evading taxes because there is no painful tax quite like the wife tax.
Ask Bezos

>> No.28583954
File: 29 KB, 590x322, okay then.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>right wingers
I'm an atheist jew, I'm friends with republican and democrat senators, I don't give a fuck about politics other than for the sole purpose of increasing my own personal wealth and power.

>> No.28583982

My will to dominate knows no end. Get back in the barn.

See above, shitskin.

>> No.28584002
File: 83 KB, 750x599, 1605852041438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no ...

>> No.28584006

He's right, nobody worth a fuck is taking anything you say seriously. You sound stupid.

>> No.28584008

Anon, what sorts of things do you know about hiding your money or finding new identities? Would I find this onion pages?

>> No.28584056

>waahhh why do rightwingers invent all the good memes
>you NPC
nice "ready-made canned meme" you fucking stupid brown asshole

>> No.28584061

>taking words you read on 4channel.org/biz/ serious

>> No.28584070

this. I have a friend who's conservative and a chad unlike myself and every women he dates gradually go from left wing to just centrist or "mmhmmm" to whatever he says.

politics for women is about social conformity.

>> No.28584130

>t. guy who says women's "liberation" was evolution

>> No.28584149

Go back to /r9k/

>> No.28584187
File: 75 KB, 600x696, based dep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same, irreligious jew who will have whatever political belief you want me to have in the moment. easiest way to have a good first impression with someone else. I'm here to not be a wagie and make money, I don't give a fuck about babies getting aborted or niggers abusing welfare.

>> No.28584256


>> No.28584306
File: 33 KB, 675x450, bateman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no you implied i'm an incel that uses /r9k/ because you have no actual arguments and you're a low iq retard
i'm so butthurt now
based, i have a list of conversation openers that could be taken as either pro or anti biden and based on the response i pretend to agree with the political beliefs of the person i'm talking to

>> No.28584323

I have no idea I don't evade taxes it would be too much work and I would probably still get caught in the end.
My gains are low enough where I don't mind the taxes anyways and my real job gives me lots of deductions.
Im just saying find a way to hide it so even tax jews can't find it just in case the wife decides she wants to cash out.
This money would theoretically already be taxed before going into hiding so it wouldn't matter anyway.

>> No.28584332

Lmfao a whole paragraph how mad are you my man
They wont fuck you for defending them online, but they'll be fucking BBC

>> No.28584404

you want to know how i know you're a hapa?
it's because i have a high IQ
simple as

>> No.28584476
File: 31 KB, 475x476, 1612016348914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>not using a marital contract which states she has no claim to crypto gains


>> No.28584485

I'm literally not mixed or asian or black

>> No.28584503

prenuptial are usually worthless in divorce court.

>> No.28584508
File: 135 KB, 1022x1024, 1613144407145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2D for life

>> No.28584525

>black ape thinks jewish porn is reality
White women are repulsed by your barn animal lips and simian physiognomy, jamal. Not to mention rock-bottom IQ...

>> No.28584541


lol maybe in america faggot

>> No.28584550

Shit like that will just get thrown out dude because not having access to funds like that will "decrease her standard of living"

>> No.28584574

Don't date an american go to africa

>> No.28584594
File: 83 KB, 534x548, 1604687356101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I welcome the pornkikes if it keeps stormniggers off our board

>> No.28584647

>wont shut up about 'gambling' away 'our' money
fucking end me

>> No.28584677

>almost 20 posts defending white whores built for BBC
Hope she sees this bro lmaooo

>> No.28584691

>defending your race means you're a neonazi
Stop being a cuck

But you're subhuman nonetheless lmao

>> No.28584696
File: 151 KB, 827x918, 4423233222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How will you find a good woman after making it?
i already found one outside burgerland. i tasted real femininity when i left, and american women are now utterly disgusting to me. even the "10/10s" can't sway me. it should be the life goal of every american man who isn't utterly cucked, to experience real femininity just for once in his life. to see what was taken away.

>> No.28584704

How is a woman going to know my networth unless I tell her?
Also why would they get half my crypto? I'm not American.

>> No.28584742

i just want weed and to fuck sluts. im not white so im not dependent on a woman.

>> No.28584791

>defending your race when you're white is fine but enslaving and destroying the goyim in order to protect the jewish race is BAD and ZOG
nice double standard goy

>> No.28584804

fuckin retard. you can have a girl and even have a family with her and you don't need to be married ever. I've seen guys who've done it. getting married is the dumbest shit a man can do.

>> No.28584851

>not american
you're already ngmi

>> No.28584905
File: 34 KB, 507x450, 1596152308862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dude stop falling for jewish tricks!
>fell for the biggest jewish trick

>> No.28584912

In some provinces and states in North America, it doesn't matter. If you have a child with them, if you share an address with them for a specified period of time, or if you use them as common law partner for tax reasons, then upon separation, all the procedures are the same as divorce. The only right they don't get is inheritance if you die.

>> No.28584925

>What if you get married and then she divorces you 10 years down the line. That's half of your crypto gone.
anon in 10 years monero will be worth more than btc - it won't matter

>> No.28584926

>not having an Israeli passport
>not being rich enough to live anywhere in the world at any time

>> No.28584936
File: 519 KB, 396x500, 1611412899398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he believes being an american is still a privilege in the 21st century

i would quite literally rather be brazilian, cope harder el abominacion

>> No.28584971

You just need to find a keeper and not sleep with whatever slut that had a divorce.

>> No.28584972

>the right winger's only response is "no u!"
lol case in point

>> No.28584998

You do realize you can put all of your assets into a shell company and become the trustee of that company receiving a yearly wage from it right? That way you don't actually have any assets so the courts can't get anything from you no matter what.

>> No.28585033

I watch interracial but Im not a cuck

girls go nuts and cream all over my big dick, it sends me on an ego trip

its easier to find a black dude with a big cock than a white dude (except for Alberto Blanco & Chris Strokes) its the only time I see girls actually enjoying it in porn

>> No.28585045

Sure, you can do that, and I'm sure courts will look favorably on your asset ownership evasion.

>> No.28585051

They aren't doing it for protection, that's a front. They're doing it for esoteric reasons / to achieve global dominion according to their retarded religious prophecies. I would be against flooding Israel with 3rd world savages and turning their men into porn-addicted faggots who hate themselves.

Kill yourself mohamed, white women will never find you attractive.

>> No.28585081

>> How will you find a good woman after making it

at the whore-house.

>> What if you get married
cant turn a hoe into a house wife.

>> No.28585086

This theory is completely wrong and self rationalizing. Interracial BBC porn is popular because on a at least a sub conscious level it is viewed as the MOST DEGENERATE porn you can watch. It's about degrading women through vaginal destruction by giant animal penis. There is also a sperm competition to is. Research has been done that indicates that straight males get harder erections when there is another erect male present. The theory is that one more than one male fuck a bitch they are then competing for fertilization so they get bigger harder erections. By adding race to the picture the imagined sperm competition becomes more intense.

It's about defiling (white) women and sperm competition. Also about sexual arousal caused by sperm competition. And also Jews profiting off suffering.

>> No.28585134

The white girl i'm on the phone with thinks im an ubermensch tho lmaooo
>switching races
Not a muzzie but i srsly hope she sees this bro.
>omg anon ur defending me online... that's so hot

>> No.28585220

They can't prove anything if you didn't set up the shell company. You get a family member to set up the shell company and name you as the sole trustee of the trust that the company is part of. Your lawyer should be able to make them fuck off.

>> No.28585235

>its easier to find a black dude with a big cock than a white dude
Yes, that' the agenda they push. When you look at penis length by country there is virtually no difference, even in african countries where they self-report. Penis size is more strongly correlated with height than with race. Africans in the US were bread to be good farm equipment, so they tend to be bigger over here.

You did exactly what you were claiming "right wingers" do in your response, I just pointed it out, you dumb homo.

>> No.28585254

Lol I unironically agree with this post. I love you brother.

This thread can end now. This is the only post that matters.

>> No.28585283
File: 265 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-Greg_Lansky_2016_by_Glenn_Francis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this kike is also single-handedly responsible for creating blacked and the OP's pic

>> No.28585307

>Africans in the US were bread
solid kek
so this is the power of /pol/

>> No.28585363

Yeah by the time society puts 2 n 2 together. The world would be matriarchic and all the men become sex slaves.

>> No.28585379

he's solely responsible for creating man-faced whores who will suck cock for small amounts of money even though they've existed for tens of thousands of years?
really making me think

>> No.28585394

its amazing how obvious this is and how this little feminism experiment won't last
and yet progressive cucks will rail on about how everyone who disagrees with them is simply uneducated or antiquated in their beliefs

>> No.28585437

Fuck you op

>> No.28585463
File: 55 KB, 709x1024, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're a smart man anon, you will make it

>> No.28585495

retarded nigger. op's pic related is a pornstar that works for the company he made. and im talking about the recent trend in interracial. read the thread and most post you illiterate nigger.

>> No.28585544

If you weren't lying (you are, you're a shitskin) she would see you as a pet animal. You're also about 15 years old and I'm laughing at the thought of your retarded immigrant parents catching you watching cuck porn like a little freak.

>> No.28585565

And what do you think these stupid whores would do if they couldn't get a job in porn? They would suck nigger dick for crack/meth at much lower rates of pay. They're stupid worthless whores, what's wrong with schlomo making money off their stupidity and whorishness?

>> No.28585590

Ironically, Asian women date white men to avoid traditional values (among other things ofc) but it’s the traditional values that make them good women.

>> No.28585626


>really making me think
Not saying much here, nigger.

>> No.28585676

I'm gonna be honest i barely skim through ur posts cos it's really pathetic how you try to defend your sisters online for free while they get fucked by bbc. Anyway i'm gonna go on facetime now so feel free to defend them online while being a virgin LOOOL

>> No.28585688
File: 11 KB, 248x187, 1590981561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're so fucking stupid you can't even engage with his point. Women being whores is not the point, you literal fucking monkey.

>> No.28585695

I've lived this story and it ends with false rape allegations. Get the fuck out while you can

>> No.28585703

>bro who cares if it gets worse? lmao
cope. most people follow culture to the letter, they're conformists. so if the culture is at least somewhat wholesome so will they be.
you think a crackwhore is going to be the same way at any other point in history? no. yea there were always a SUBSET of women who were like this, but look around you. every other woman has an onlyfans or thinks that it's perfectly acceptable to sell their bodies on the internet.
and the ones who were always going to be whores are now somehow even worse. everything is corrupted even further under a corrupt society. you are just coping hard with this fact and thinking that nothing has changed when it clearly has.

>> No.28585739

>Asian women
They are literally part of the insect family. Asian are autistic jews. And I don't know if that makes them more or less disgusting.

>> No.28585756

checked and based

>> No.28585783
File: 170 KB, 643x537, 1526801482982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blah blah blah nigger dick

>> No.28585888

Post nose

>> No.28585891

Asians are based and I have respect for them but they need to stay in their own country and the materialism and communism really fucked them up. When I went out to clubs in uni I had some asian friends I would always try to hook up with asian girls but it usually didn't work since they were too shy.

I'm out of here lad, keep dominating.

>> No.28585946

married to woman richer than you

>> No.28586064

Find a virgin from the surrogate country and have sex with her.

>> No.28586162

yeah and what's stopping you from doing so? instead the rest of you dumb nigger larpers bitch about jews and corporate agenda dominating everything and you can't do jack shit about any of it. you are fighting a losing battle trying to defy your impending doom. thanks for playing

>> No.28586165

your dad has the right of it. you should >>>/kys/

>> No.28587450
File: 340 KB, 1500x1000, meltem-demirors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When Link hits 1K eoy, I am buying her and make her my dominatrix. we gonna do loads of kinky stuff.

>> No.28587544

You’d find one that’s either been raped or taken

>> No.28587655

Look at her dead eyes!!

>> No.28587965

You have to choose a good state, then have the pre-nup signed at least 3 months before the wedding, as well as allowing her to have her own legal counsel there with her. It's not iron-clad, and community property states like Texas and Cali will ignore it, but it's very possible to protect some assets if you're careful. Plenty of guys write a crypto exclusion in and get it upheld.

>> No.28588839

>if she actually does love you
The problem is you care about their primitive desires and urges. Take control. Humans didnt evolve fast enough and we are seeing maladaptive behaviour and genetic mismatches

>> No.28589000

More money you have the more cuntish women you will attract. Its part of the game.
If you want a good woman,maybe Japs, Koreans and muslim women would be the most loyal and family orientated.

>> No.28589311

Russian women crave for BBC. Only black kingz can satisfy Russian women.

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