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>be me
>live in new york
>sign up for binance
>"sorry we're not available in your area"
>sign up for bittrexx
>"sorry we're not available in your area"
>sign up for kraken
>"sorry we're not available in your area"

how the fuck am I supposed to make it if my shit state won't even let me buy shitcoins? anyone else in NY deal with this?

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I do, it's an absolute pain. You're gonna have to stick to Gemini and Coinbase. Binance is planning to have a BitLicense by the end of this year, allowing it to operate in NY. Perhaps a VPN plus a KYC-less exchange might be a solution.

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I use uniswap but I make 50k plus trades so gas fees don't matter to me

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fuck off nigger, jew york is cucking us. I've missed out on so many moons because I cannot fucking buy shit in time.

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yet I live in kike york and buy everything.

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as if a nigger has one Bitcoin.

you use any buttlicense site you lose.
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VPN works but I can't get past the address sign up part without going to jail

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no. but I will say buy ftm.

thank me later.

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I have a normal job where I make a lot of money and I don't fuck around with taxes or the IRS. Wouldn't using a VPN be an issue when it comes time to report crypto gains/losses?

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>t. 14 year old xrp holder

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Use Gemini, get LTC, trade to other exchange using a VPN. Or use XLM from Coinbase. Basically any low fee speedy transaction coin just as a ramp onto another platform. Jew York kikes can suck a dick if they think I'll play by their rules when we all know they're buying shit while telling us we can't.

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I already have a Coinbase account, that's no issue. I just want to be able to buy shitcoins like XMR/Polkadot/etc

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as long as the exchange doesn't have your info, they can't link it back to you.

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thanks, I think I'm too much of a pussy to use a vpn when it comes to money/what's legal from the IRS's perspective

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thanks, I don't know why I didn't think of this, mainly just wanted to fund from my bank account

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yeah just dont use ur bank account or ssn and you're good. you just have to go thru extra step of purchasing crypto instead of funding directly with fiat

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