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I buy crypto but I never sell because I don’t want to pay taxes or miss out if it moons

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I buy and trade constantly, I'm hoping my gas fees negate any winnings I would have paid.

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OP!! where did you go?? I want you to be rich AND avoid taxes. OP please respond!!

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OHHHHPEEEEEEEEEEE, you didn't just abandon your thread did you? you didn't make a thread for (you)s did you? I really hope you wanted to make a real thread with real discussion about tax anxiety. Otherwise I'm going to take over it and shit it up. You did this OP.

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That's how you're supposed to do it

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OP, I did some research. I'm trying to understand why you would do this to our catalog.

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ive been buying drugs with bitcoin since 2014

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How many btc have you spent?

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if you just held those drugs, you'd prolly have made like a 10x by now

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