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Shill me this project /biz/
I keep hearing about it inside threads and behind closed doors, but no mainstream chatter
Is this going up or down from here?

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has anyone heard of this project? Their TG has 11k members

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I take it the answer is "no"

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Here's the chart, why is it going up? Seriously no one knows anything about this?

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Their CTO is an absolute retard judging by his tweets

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This is their CTO's twitter, what do you mean?

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imagine thinking 4chan is everyone. Look at who invested in skale

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they keep announcing partners daily and have a month of announcements left, their chains are going live soon, maybe someone knows something.

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Yes but I am either too retarded or too high-IQ to visit websites other than 4chan
I have made like $90k since december by browsing /biz/ every day and buying shit that gets shilled here. Usually when it gets shilled here it's already like 20% up from baseline at least, hard to find real "early info" here
However, I would never know about anything if it wasn't posted on 4chan

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or a p&d who knows

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bump for interest

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on that note the weekly SKLBTC chart forms a giant N.

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Is that good or bad?

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I guess the takeaway here is "don't buy skale"

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