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Bless Brendan

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Most indeed!

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Do you think we're going to break out again today?

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There is a chance we hit 70 cents.
No pump seens currently.

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I didn't believe before, but I believe now.

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What made you hop on?

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poooomp it

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ill miss our no-normie saturday threads

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Well sorry.
This newbie got in just before the last lurch.
Glad to help.

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>pic related (batbtc)
>huge bottom-out
>huge momentum reversal
>it's altcoin season
>BAT flipping long on the 1D chart, so it's good on every single timeframe
>BATbros have absolute diamond hands from what I can see on occasion on /biz/
>Maximum despair, stealth phase is obvious from lack of attention BAT is getting
>Fundamentals/BAT has a reasonable business model and a working product

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Nice analysis.
Now make sure to stay for the long haul.

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Why the FUCK has brave rewards on mobile give so less ads and payments now
Bros what do?

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Most of us have been holding steady since 2017. I haven't thought of selling even once. It's the only altcoin I really have 100% faith in.

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Same here. I believe in link too. But not to the same level of bat.

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The thing is, BAT hasn't even mooned. At all. And that's what excites me. I've never, ever caught a coin while it was still in its stealth phase but also showed huge potential for growth. So to me, it's like catching ADA or LINK before they even got close to being mainstream.

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yea on the diamond hands, been holding since '17 and got partially justed by the crash (1/2 my stack was FOMO in near the peak). I laughed m ass off when I saw the wsb redditors talking about *diamond hands* i will literally never sell until $40

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Yea man feels good. Look at these coins with higher market cap.
Digibyte ffs
And not dissing stuff like new stuff like grt and avax. But these coins are so far off from being anything but speculation. And same with others like xtz. Xrp. All that stuff. No one is even using the coins except for speculation
Bat has a real use right now. And will have so many more soon too

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You a fellow Digibyte holder?
I'm surprised at how no one talks about it on /biz/

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My first crypto in 2017 was dgb. Dont hold it anymore. It's fast and has a good distribution irc.
Doge kind of cornered the digibyte niche.
Biz was all about the dgb memes back in the day
You holding?

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Me too. :(

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Have a 40k stack.
I'm fine if it burns to nothing but am also convinced that it has great potential due to how well it scales.
Dogecoin's potential for growth seems a bit iffy due to how it was designed for tipping and it's inflationary scheme.
Won't deny that the gains off of whale pumps is interesting.

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I bought BAT in 2018 because it was shilled here. Instantly I understood the coin and why it could have potential value unlike any other crypto ever. I don't understand them or their use, only BAT. Maybe I'm retarded. What other coins do you fatties batties hold?

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I don't think you're retarded anon, many cryptos are just looking for a problem to solve and will never see any real adoption or they try to be just another eth killer.

Personally my main holdings are ETH, BTC, BAT with smaller amounts of VET, IOTA, and BNB. What about you?

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I sincerely hope biz doesn't miss bat. Even if they just pick up a little stack. When brave becomes a household name and my parents are unironically using brave just because it's the standard I don't want any biztard left behind because they were to proud to join now, nor wasting their time chasing shitcoin pump and dumps.

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Got 10k.
That enough?

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This coin is going to take off any day now

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That's the suicide stack. Good stuff.

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Wait did I do something wrong?

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I have like 200 BAT stuck in my fucking browser because it won't link to Uphold. Any anons know how to fix this? I just want to export to a hardware wallet to hold.

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Just realized I also have a little over 10k BAT.
Gonna be really hard to let these buggers go with such a nice 5-figure amount.
I honestly feel like you won't need to wait very long, anon. Maybe 1-2 weeks max before those gains really start to hit hard.

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>BATbros have absolute diamond hands from what I can see on occasion on /biz/

this summer will be four fucking years. Diamonds are like toilet paper to my hands by now. My hands could crush a neutron star with ease.

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I literally just hold BAT and a little bit of UNI. Bought UNI because I see everyone using the service on /biz/ and I thought they needed the coin to use it. Turns out it doesn't work like that but ended up being a profitable buy. I held onto my XLM that I earned from Coinbase in 2018 which is now $100. Kinda sick. A free $100 after two years.

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A suicide stack is named as the number you should have, so you don't end your life when they moon. It's life insurance.

this. I think i could end this dimension if I clapped my hands right now.

For all the noobies in this thread, it would be wise to not get shaken out, or be tempted to take profits too early. This is Brave's transparency page, documenting all the ad buys and campaign locations, alongside user growth.


Its a good resource to demonstrate how Brave is actually a real company. Its the safest bet in crypto, and in my opinion, potentially a very lucrative one.

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I never doubted them being a scam, and anyone who does is a fucking subhuman retard. It's one of the only cryptos with an actual product that can be used, and you literally get rewarded with BAT for doing nothing. Why don't more faggots get on this wave?

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>actual charts and data
Do you have any more intermediate/advanced info/data to help me obtain diamond hands? I'm not SUPER new to crypto but I did only enter in may 2020. I've been watching BAT since then and have also been using the browser constantly.
So, from a dolphin to a whale, any other links?

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Oh I thought it was a stack that made you want to kill yourself for some reason.
Like making you wish you did more.

Same. Tough part is going to be how to approach cashing out.
Would be nice to pay off mortgage but don't want to do it too soon.

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just read their whitepaper and understand the token economics. Also have a look at how many people accept BAT tips

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This is another one I used to use often, however it seems to be a bit bugged and not have the latest verified creator numbers - Over 1 million.

Someone else in one of these threads said 'you don't want to skate to where the puck is, you want to skate to where the puck is going'. Wise words.

We can see that people, and governments, are growing increasingly worried about big tech monopolies, alongside that of their internet hygiene.
We know that the ad models are already broken and ridden with fraud and lack of interest and banner blindness. People are now often using ad blockers especially as people become more savvy.

There have been psychological experiments demonstrating that people are more likely to be interested in something if they are being remunerated for it with real value exchange and reward playing into BAT's ad model.

The caliber of companies advertising on Brave is huge. Paypal, Amazon, you name it. If they didn't see value in it, they wouldn't bother. Brave also has native IPFS and TOR inbuilt. It's far more advanced than the competition and really is banking on the future of the web.

Creators such as Wikipedia, Mr Beast, xvideos, Infowars. All believe in Brave/BAT enough to sign up as creators you can tip right now.

Not just that, Brave has some huge pieces of the puzzle on the way:

>Publisher adverts (in page adverts like banners)
>Self serve adverts - at present, all ad campaigns are onboarded manually. You will soon be able to rock up with your zinc plating company and advertise with little human interaction.
>Potentially Brave email addresses/client
>Potentially a Brave YT client
>A long shot, but Brendan Eich has alluded to a social media engine inbuilt into Brave

All this packaged by a results driven CEO. Invented Javascript, ex CEO of Mozilla on a warpath to fix the web for all.

Stay comfy.

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I recently converted all my free shit from coinbase earn to BAT. Worth $300 now, pretty nice. Yeah as far as I know the UNI is just a governance token. I never used uniswap, kinda sad that I missed out on the airdrop

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oh almost $400, pretty nice for doing some quizzes

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It's crazy - Tesla buying Bitcoin shoots it up incredibly but Paypal, Amazon, Verizon, and other huge companies indirectly buying BAT and actually using the product to run their advertisements does nothing for the price.
Based on BAT

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Delayed slingshot?

>> No.28575558

Thats not suprising tho. Those companies are paying in flat, Brave is just converting. Its completely different from what Tesla is doing

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They can pay in BAT if they wish to. They could be accumulating enough BAT at todays prices to allow them to advertise for years.

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I'm 50% BAT
20% LTC
20% ETH
10% BTC

I was all in BAT basically and flipped a bit so I at least fell more comfortable now. Still thinking about flipping back to all in BAT

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>Would be nice to pay off mortgage but don't want to do it too soon.

I could do this now with my ETH.....I have exactly enough to pay off my mortgage but...why? The interest is so low I don't see the point.

>> No.28576084

Get's rid of an annoying payment which would then let me convert my income into an engine of financing.

>> No.28576115

Also in the bad case I lose my job somehow there'd be a lot more options for livable wages.

>> No.28576117

>Would be nice to pay off mortgage but don't want to do it too soon.
Similar thoughts for me, but instead it's finishing off my car payment. I'm already well ahead of it right now so I didn't stress it too much. Still though, those few grand do loom over my head sometimes.

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>publisher adverts
Sounds potentially incredible. I always wondered why they didn't decide to have in-page ads from time to time, so long as the page format remains identical to before, and you can opt-in or out based on your own needs as a person browsing.
>Stay comfy
Thank you, based whale. I'll remember this day.

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how does it feel bros knowing we are sitting on a fucking gold mine? by far the most undervalued project in crypto

>> No.28576468

you are making me want to double down or at minimum hold past $40

>> No.28576563

Holy shit bros my folio broke 100k for the first time today

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>hold past X dollars?
IMO, and this is just me as a youthful guy with way too much energy and time in the day, but I think swinging just a little bit to catch those obvious bubble tops does not hurt at all. Of course, I would never risk my whole stack if I truly believed there was more room to grow, but as Ben Cowen says, "Never let a good bubble go to waste." That's speaking macro, btw. Not day-to-day trades, but seasonal trades rather.

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>held 17k+ GRT at sub 0.5 for weeks before this mega pump
>Sold my stack the day before it ran at a 1k profit
Don’t make the same mistake as me BAT bros; once you pick a winner, stick to it.

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heres what interactive adverts could look like.

BAT isn't just about advertisements. Brendan has spoken about how it could underpin a vast array of the internet, through paying for goods right out of the wallet rather than using your credit card. it is also used extensively for a bunch of gala games and for buying NFT's.

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almost at .70 bros

i think i need to take a break from crypto soon, yesterday i woke up in the middle of the night and asked my gf if she ever made a trade on uniswap and if she did that she should claim the airdrop

>> No.28577438

>paying for goods right out of the wallet rather than using your credit card
I've been looking forward to this. I want to buy shit with my rewards. Rather than tipping. Buy shit from online mom and pop types. Brave devs keep talking about "BAT SKUs" but won't give any details.

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pic related

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I'm going to need to keep track of capital gains with this.

>> No.28577632

paypal integration me thinks.

>> No.28577640

>brave rewards users with anonymous and verified user wallets will be able to utilize their earned BAT toward content, offers and other goods and services

what? that sentence doesn't really make sense

>> No.28577658

imagine if you could pay online services like netflix, amazon, twitch subs and similar stuff with the browser equivalent of mobile game gems (=BAT) that you can farm also by doing internet shit like watching ads.
if brendan manages to get this kind of ball rolling with the right partnerships, the hordes of normies moving tokens around without even realizing it will be absurd. you don't even need to know what a wallet is.

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Seems like their saying you'll be able to buy stuff with BAT. Be it pay walled website content or actual products digital or otherwise. Maybe you can subscribe to an OnlyFans with you're BAT.

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Thats whats great about Brave. Its onboarding hoards of crypto illiterates, and getting them into the crypto ecosystems and they don't even know it - or better yet, even need to know how crypto works. It's all streamlined for them.

Any user with Brave Rewards enabled (aka ads turned on), whether their browser wallet is verified (connected to uphold/gemini or not) will be able to use their BAT to pay for shit.

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long ass BAT holder here. This shit is SO vindicating. THANK you.

>> No.28577898

I get that but do you need to verify yourself before you can spend your BAT? That would be unfortunate. Currently you don't need to verify your wallet before you can send tips etc

Yeah that's what I thought, wasn't sure if they meant that unverified users could also spend it or not. They should fix that sentence.

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As a guy who just bought in Wednesday, you have my respect.
Been using Brave forever and decided to risk the excess fiat on something that I actually understand and use.

>> No.28577982

I believe that there will be a difference between what verified and unverified wallets can buy however. I don't know where I read that or dreamed it, but I think that's a thing. Someone else will have to snopes that for us.

>> No.28578530

I'm in similar situation. Uphold is cancer. Think in a couple of months brave will add other wallets.

>> No.28578567

Trips and I buy a property in BATon Rouge, and invite all of my Batbros

>> No.28578638

Darn. Wanted to visit.

>> No.28578928

>The interest is so low I don't see the point.
It's just a different level of security being able to say fuck you to the bank. Not having a house payment can let you take way bigger risks in life. Change jobs to a passion project. Scale back work to what you want to do. Aggressively invest in all manner of shitcoins since you don't need your wages constantly garnished to secure a roof.

>> No.28579134

Will there be a weekend rally?

>> No.28579227

The key question is how much excess would be wise to leave in the account after it moons since buying back wouldn't be a viable option.

>> No.28579443

I fucking love this browser and coin

>> No.28579892

it loves u 2

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ETH gas fees will rape your gains. Just leave it in the exchange. It's only 200.

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I'm not even watching USD value at the moment.
BATBTC ratio is where it's at. And it looks sooo gooood.

>> No.28581510

Holy smokies its cheap.

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>$0.64 stablecoin

>> No.28582860

Hey can't lose with that.

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damn, i come back after a week and it's another 50%. kinda glad i dont trade frequently

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$40 seems a bit much for this bull cycle but I think we easily reach $4.

>> No.28583445

When do you think we hit $1 then?

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