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Fully functional product. Lending, anonymizer, staking, governance and swap protocols. Mobile and Telcom integrations will bring mass exposure to an already developed mobile app w/ both wallets and fiat onramps. AAVE, Compound and Curve integrations. Active development and team. Mass marketing in the future. Best part is the volume is increasing every hour and mcap is still low. I can't spoonfed you much more than this but atleast check out their website and tg and make a decision. Tokens with less have been doing 20x, 30x for the last month. PLT go up.

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also a "huge" update coming soon. DYOR.

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im up 35% already since the shill post this morning, comfy

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I'm finally early

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looks like theyre trying to be fortnite. mind posting the name? I'm not reading that wall of text

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They literally have their own mixer protocol built in. TornadoCash is literally just a mixer protocol and is in the top 200-300. The more I read about this shit the more I can’t understand how we are this early holy fuck.


>Arnie Hill, founder of ADD.xyz, a startup backed by blockchain venture capital funds like NGC Ventures in Singapore and Torchlight Ventures, Nabais Capital and Goldbaum & Partners based in Europe. Changelly.com and Bitcoin.com Exchange helped ADD raise $1.5 million in their decentralized finance endeavor.

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only got a small bag, gotta wait for my wages to come through on Monday. Give it too me straight boys, am i gonna make it?

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always better to get in earlier, but monday id suspect is still a good entry. take that decision yourself on monday

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The uni price is 47 cents wtf

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any info on this? spoonfeed plz

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Why the hell is it x4 the price on uniswap tho

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okay, there has to be more too this. has plt not actually implemented this or what?

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??? I don't see it being 47 cents

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It won't connect to metamask and it's probably a piece of shit.


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Found it on the Defi page of coingecko, very impressed by its low mcap and huge potential already, devs deliver, at this price a no brainer, Sashimi style of pump coming soon. Cant fucking wait until CT finds out about this, they wont get my bags for cheap though.

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When you put 1 PLT into the swap it shows it as .47 usdt. Someone posted a screenshot in another thread

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>They literally have their own mixer protocol built in. TornadoCash is literally just a mixer protocol and is in the top 200-300. The more I read about this shit the more I can’t understand how we are this early holy fuck.

OH YEAH, he knows.

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Where is the best place to buy?

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You're right. That's strange. Seems to only happen at very low amounts

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or just use uniswap ike the rest of us fren. But MXC has lower fees.

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much much lower

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>Goldbaum & Partners based in Europe.
damn the jews are in already, fuck me, im buying a bigger bag right now, those greesy jews know how to make bank.

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Volume up 1 mil in the last 2 hrs

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Cleared for takeoff. You've got your wings... r-right /biz/?

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Why did this pump already last fall and then died?

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release hype, happens all the time on newly released coins. Just look at GRT as a recent example. Shot up to .80 then settled at .3 for some time

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To my understand it was due to a kucoin hack, and after that they delisted themselves from kucoin while kucoin fixed their shit

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Why don't people use MXC more then?
Registering now it seems great. Why use uniswap?

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Won't fuck your ass in gas fees
Costs can be laggy from the live uniswap price.

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im scared of new things. is mxc fine? is it like those old etherdelta, idex sites?

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rather pay gas fees than do KYC.

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can't that potentially be a good thing?

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do you actually need KYC on MXC?
because if so, fuck that, im tired of uploading my passport everywhere lmao

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Know Your Customer. It means they want your ID so they can claim plausible deniability if you launder drug money or some shit.

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whoops lol

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whats a makeit stack on Petroleum Laced Titties

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KYC = know your customer. you have to give up your info to withdraw.
yeah it does unfortunately. made an acct to buy some lowcaps but opted out for that solely that reason

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Is the upcoming token swap going to cost gas fees? Also, does anyone know when it's going to take place?

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can i just go in blind or am i gonna get rugged

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Look at the team and partners, you think those nerds would rug the jews?
Sometimes end of month, no gas fees, no actions from your side required.

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why would anyone buy asko over this?

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>Look at the team and partners


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I posted this in a PLT earlier, there's an old rebbit thread detailing how the devs apparently scammed people.

"Plutus Defi Got Caught Rigging Their Own Sale

Plutus Defi rigged their bonding curve sale.

The reason they delayed their sale was for this specific reason.
The site didn't work for several minutes.

Can anyone explain why did it sell out before?








Everything is on the blockchain. So it's all transparent.

You were warned about them days ago."

I dont know if its true or not and I dont care enough to dig, but any anons reading this should definately DYOR before aping.

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will i be able to buy slaves with this EOY

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>can't click "about us" at the bottom of the page


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Dang, good to know

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Team in this AMA. Good read too.


A lot of information here too the documentation is really thorough, so is the full stack explanation and roadmap here too.


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very disconcerting. gonna look into this

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Woah. So that's why there was a rebrand I guess kek.

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> Helis was the former name before it was rebranded after the original CEO Left.
Kek. This is the third rebrand already.

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thx big guy. love u

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>he actually gives sensitive personal information to random crypto websites

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KuCoin got hacked (KuCoins fault) and people who lost their tokens got mad at the team kek. They wanted PLT to refund them or do something because they lost their tokens they left sitting on an exchange. They addressed and talked about the hack and that it’s how blockchain works and they can’t roll it back (or something along those lines). If I find where I saw it I will post.

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hmm okay I'm feeling okay about not aping into this one, thanks anon

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Same. This is why I come to /biz/

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thank you very much anon. i was just about to ape in.

>red dildo forms immediately.

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This is source I found, I dont know the full story, but I came across it when I went to research the project earlier. It could still be legit, all im saying is to do some research first

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>A list of Jewish names attached to fancy-sounding firms making a big effort to look special and important
Am I supposed to give a shit about this? If I wanted to feel good about throwing money at Jews with web designers I'd go throw my money in a boomer ETF bullshit and call it a day.

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Wow look at all those posts one after the other when the detailed FUD is posted. Nice one discord, telegram, wherever you all came from

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They just made a interface for you to use another product. They are just LITERALLY a middle man.

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I think you're just paranoid

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it's okay anon
buying the ath of a rugpull can happen to the best of us

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I'm genuinely just a concerned anon looking out for others after finding this shit on the first page of google because I was interesting in putting money in earlier. If you can qrd or defend it please go ahead.

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This is true. I don't recommend buying this. It's literally a scam.

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Thanks, guys
I'm off to bed no aping today. I may well get into the coin but it will have to wait.

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you said the same about asko at 0.03

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if it's for depositing FIAT, you sort of have to. but fuck if i'm gonna let some random sketch site have my license and information.

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The same thing happened with API3 presale kek. It happens with many presales. It sucks sure. But people are just mad that someone took advantage of a bonded presale. Which sucks for everyone else, but it does just happen.

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All this fud makes me very bullish

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makes me poooooooomp

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$3 EOW

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Yeah the coin with a non-anon team and multiple high level partners and investors is a rugpull paki scam. You people are complete retards. I remember when GRT was released on fucking Coinbase people calling it an indian scam lmao.

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The most pajeet coin I've seen shilled here since MCDC. Literally infested with curry and people wanting to dump bags