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>she just left me

What's the point of making it when you're a selfish piece of shit that only cares about attention and emotional comfort from others but he's never willing to sacrifice anything?

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Sick gains anon

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Same.l here 15 december bro. This bullrun feels empty.

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FUCK THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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money allows you time to work on yourself and become a better person without having to piss your energy away waging. Hang in there mate, become the type of man she would be chasing rather than the other way around. God bless

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workout and get some new skills. it gets better anon.

maybe im projecting here, but think about the things that you did that you thought were funny at the time but were actually hurtful, callous, spiteful, and mean. Try to catch yourself the next time you're in that situation

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Shut the fuck up you weak beta male simp. Your problem is that you put women on a pedestal and worship their existence. Grow a pair of balls.

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They want popularity and you sit on a computer and image board all day. You don’t even get upvotes!

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Who caaaaaares

Fuck bitches get money nigger

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if you realize that then change adjust your ways and get her back bro, be the man you think you should be

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Women don't leave men who've made it. You haven't made it.

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That's just your emotions talking, they fluctuate wildly, ignore them and get yourself out of the pit financially, psychiatry/hookers can be purchased later.

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hoes are temporary breh

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I fucked my ex, I feel like my current gf knows. I don't know how but she just knows the weirdest stuff... I don't know what to do, she won't ask me without real hard proof but if she does, man I don't want to lose her. She's the first woman that I really don't want to break up with. what should I do?

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i’ve been in a few long term (<2 years) relationships
the first like 4 months suck bro
find a hobby
legit delete social media
and in like 6 months hit the dating app and get back in the game
don’t do anything stupid anon
she’s just 3 holes
there are many more out there

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You ugly incel simps are the most pathetic beta males that exist. Just give all your crypto away to some thot like the cuck that you are

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She wasn’t the right one . Find u another one. I will be so happy if my gf left me that means I’m about to get me a new pussy

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guys fucking hell, for me it was 10th jan
the bitch cheated on me, lied about it, said she wouldn't talk to him again, lied about it again, but even after all that I miss her so much

I know the feeling of emptiness guys

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The way some of your let women live in your head rent-free is truly pathetic. penis havers are inferior.

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Not your personal blog faggot

Seek professional help

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>rent free
>penis haver

fuck off zoomer twitter cunt

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damn r*eddit and discord trannies have been shilling this angle all day wtf is up

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Czekt and a thousand roasties will be throwing gash when you hit.

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You have to learn that you don't need to sacrifice anything to obtain what you desire the most, because nobody other than you can give what you desire the most.
Each time you will try to obtain from someone else what you think you are missing you will fail until you learn this lesson:
You always had everything in you and all it takes is for you to love yourself unconditionally and change your past memories to be the best version of yourself.

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OP here.

I appreciate every single one of your takes, Anons. Incelish or simpish they're all acknowledged and listened to because I belive in the value of experience.

Lockdown has me so fucked, I forget there are millions of different world out there living in the head of millions of people.

We're all gonna make it.

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That's a good point. You should take that to heart.

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that's just your paranoia

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What ever you do don’t suck dick. You will be addicted.

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“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;”
Ecclesiastes 12:1 KJV

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Of course you want her back even if she cheated. She cheated because you were boring her, found out why you were boring to her or find a girl who is too insecure to cheat on you

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Show her your huge shitcoin wallet so she'll take you back

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Get jacked and fuck at least a dozen women
Don't let them know you're wealthy, just say you work form home or something

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big brain takeaway, perspective is everything.

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Tell her you cheated, cheaters don't deserve to breath.

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26 december here, just after Christmas
Fucking bullshit even the bullrun has me feeling absolutely nothing. I just want to fix it but I can't... it's too late and I know I will NEVER find another one similar to her

>What's the point of making it when you're a selfish piece of shit that only cares about attention and emotional comfort from others but he's never willing to sacrifice anything?
How can we change? I don't want to be a selfish coward piece of shit anymore

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>think about the things that you did that you thought were funny at the time but were actually hurtful, callous, spiteful, and mean. Try to catch yourself the next time you're in that situation
actually good advice, thanks anon

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I was thinking the same as you for a while my friend
honestly mine was a way shittier partner than I was, but even so I made a bunch of mistakes that I've analysed and learned from and I can say without a doubt I've come out a better person, unlike her

Even though I miss her so much, I'm going to become a person she'll regret dumping, and when the time comes for my next relationship, I'll do it a lot better. If she left you, she wasn't the right one for you, you need to find one who will really appreciate you and stay loyal.

Be patient friend, the feelings of loneliness will fade as you start meeting new people, wagmi.

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I really don't want to end up lonely like anons here, I'm happy right now and it would hurt her too much if she new

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as someone who got cheated on (as I've explained in this thread already) you can go fuck yourself

there's a reason betrayal is the 9th circle of hell

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just let me ask, would you be happyer right now in this moment if you never new? Imagine the 10th jan beeing just another day

That's my point, I just want to forget the thing and see her stay happy and with me

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>Even though I miss her so much, I'm going to become a person she'll regret dumping,
I'm going to try to become such a person too after this bullrun is over. I will never make the same mistakes again.

>way shittier partner than I was
for me the hard part was that she was an amazing partner and person. Waited for me several years and stayed loyal while I did some bullshit scheme to pay less taxes by living in random countries. Always was supportive and never asked for anything. Handmade me gifts on every occasion and spent probably hundreds of hours on them. Never drank, smoked, partied or did anything degnerate at all. I really fucked up. I am a fuckup in every way.

>Be patient friend, the feelings of loneliness will fade as you start meeting new people, wagmi.
thanks fren, I truly hope wagmi

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Stfu simp

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I would be happy, but it would be fake
even though I would be happier, I would rather know than not, and decide where to go from there

honestly, since the 10th of Jan I have been so forgiving to her, and every time I offered my forgiveness she spat in my face. From my perspective, I can forgive cheating as long as my partner showed genuine remorse, which my ex did not do.

I don't know what kind of person your partner is friend, but if she's like me she'd be able to forgive it once. If you're genuine about your guilt - you probably don't have anything to worry about. Skeletons in the closet always find a way out, so do the right thing and tell her, she deserves to know.

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OP, it is okay that you are in pain. Give yourself time to grieve and think. Since you are here and indulging anonymously with strangers, why not write down what you hate about yourself or what you feel went wrong on your end and what went wrong on the end of your partner. Relationships are not 100% about us, or 100% about the other person, there has to be balance. That balance is hard to find and even harder to keep because it requires understanding, a lot of forethought, and even more patience and finding someone who is willing to change for you in the same ways you can meet them half way. Don’t let the callousness of this board sink in.

May you find peace.

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You pathetic whiny little pussies deserve to be ass raped and have all of your crypto stolen so you can go back to your parents basement like the little cuck losers that you are.

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Don’t let the allure of a lie being hidden forever and you avoiding consequences distract you from the fact that most do not stay hidden. It’s hard to never fuck up but some things we do when we know better and we try so hard to run from the shit we did because we know it’s going to be bad. You deserve to not be cheated on and who you are with deserves loyalty. Consideration can be hard sometimes but it is worth it.

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That’s a good set of goals. I’m glad for you. :)

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We learn from our mistakes and move on man.

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to be honest I also really don't want to get up her arse, I can't stand her crying and if I told her, I would have to walk around her on eggshells and be the extra nice boyfriend and I'm not the type of guy.
If she will still have me, the problem is, she already told me that it would hurt her especially with this one ex. She has a few issues but is the nicest and most understanding girl I ever had, I think she could forgive me but I don't want her to mistrust me for ever, you know like resorting to get into my phone and the crazy women stuff that could happen

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... so you’re not coming clean because you can’t be bothered apologizing?

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by not telling her you're being cowardly, because you seek to avoid the consequences for something you did that was wrong

you've violated her trust in ways you probably don't understand, and the consequence of that is you have to actually put in some effort to build it back up again

If you actually care about her and your relationship, actually show some effort and try and make up for your mistake.

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you don't know her guys, she wants to talk everything out for hours sometimes repeating things we already talked about. she's going to ask why when and where she can be so fucking nosy
I don'T want to waste my time on it, what happened happened but i would never tell her that directly

I just fear that telling her would be the last thing I did in this relationship, she can grow cold and distant when she's hurt. She told me how she got cheated by an ex, she deleted his number and ignored his texts. just like that he was not a part in her life anymore

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honestly, you don't deserve her

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There's billions of them. It's just a woman dude.

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But 95% of them are not wife material

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Yeah, you fucked up.
"Don't wanna lose her bros, but I cheated on her with my ex"
Sort yourself out mate, find out what you want in a women and don't fuck up next time.

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Then maybe you shouldn't have cheated on her you dumb fucking retard.

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>mfw reading this after reading Ecclesiastes earlier today
I haven't been right with God lately, and today I fix that.
We're all gonna make it, bros.

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I'm about to leave my gf for being selfish anon. Learn to love others. I used to be like you. Women aren't shit anyway. You shouldn't entertain a female until you're financially set, and then larp like you're poor to weed out the unworthy. Also, don't have sex until you're months in

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i'm so lonely bros. Decent crypto investments, I'm literally the big dog at work and will be moving from 45k to 100k salary in the next 3/4 years (government limits). But I'm 20kg overweight and I know it (down from 40kg overweight) but its crippling to know I mean nothign to anyone
help me bros, even my graphies and linkies didn't help

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Every day I come here I'm reminded that the goyim really are cattle. Your inability to take responsibility for your actions is as limited as a 5 year old, and you're supposedly a grown man. Literal cattle, barely sentient.

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where are the "fuck all women buy hookers" anons when you need them
I'm swimming in my own shit here sorry guys for bothering you I have to sleep on it and think what to do.
I don't want to whine more but it's such a bad timing with valentines coming, I cant tell her until next week anyway. Girls love this day and it would be heartless to ruin it for her

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