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Where can I learn more about everything Crypto?

I don't know what any of these coins/tokens do, and how they apply to me. I just know them as (price goes up fast).

I want to earn how to research projects, determine if a project is a good one or not, or relevant in the future.

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I like to look at tendie.org to see what everyone is chattering about, gives good insight into what is growing in popularity

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>tatted up whore

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Checked but that’s a fucked up looking bitch

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This slag HAS to be a brit

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>buying a budget whore to save extra money for more meme coins
I like your style

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Her teeth are too white and straight to be a bong.

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not even a hot tatted up whore
face busted to shit ugly ass bitch
big tits but gorss ass nipple piercings
fucking disgusting OP

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Is there a way to hide that NASDAQ shit?

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I mean, what does it do? How is it designed, why does it have any value.

Why is GRT or ALGO a good project, but a pajeet coin isnt.

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Nah I dont think so

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There are worse things than being aware of what's happening in NASDAQ anon.

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They capture keywords like btc or something and then they track how many people are talking about it across the internet

more chatter = more likely to do well. this is kindergarten shit

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this tranny didn't even bother to shave its chest hair
op you have the worst taste I have ever seen what the fuck is wrong with you crackhead

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No, not what that website you posted does, I get that.

I mean what does crypto do?

Why is GRT the "Google of blockchains" .

What is a blockchain

What does it mean to be decentralized?

What value do these tokens have to society?

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A literal bird that hangs around at open air waste centres.
The irony.

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you're never gonna get a good response until you improve your coompost quality

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This is the worst post I've seen all year long on /biz/.

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Lurk here. Binance for some basic shit. Youtube.

Same as DIY pirating back in the day or installing mods.

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Yea I've been lurking for a while.

I want learn so I can be a better investor.

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