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Why should you buy $TRDL, anon?

1) Strudels are delicious
2) This is a project with potential to contain all of Bitcoin within it. It could go beyond the Solar System and to the stars.
3) It's trustless, which makes it Vitalik's wet dream.
4) It's not delivered by random pajeets, the team is all white and has some well-known, successful people on it.
5) Sub 4M Mcap, closest competition has an 800M Mcap with a much a worse product.

Of course, it would be better if you used the bridge to transform your BTC (and gotten a shitton of $TRDL in return as an early adopter), but I'm not asking you to trust me that far, anons. You can still get on the rocket the normal way.

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How is the peg maintained?

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lmao imagine not buying a 4m mcap project coded by a core sushi dev

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through the underlying asset, in this case BTC.

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Picked up by bag yesterday, already up nice. Price discovery imminent

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fucking discord trannies

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Can’t wait for this moon

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i done bought frend, will i finally make it?

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Price is irrelevant for me at this stage, if this can fullfill its promises, and i believe in the devs, they made great projects in the past, always on time, always delivered, then this bad boy will errupt violently on the scene and everybody will talk about it, its going to be beautiful, i love these new DeFi protocols, its gonne be massive.

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why do you sound like a pajeet shill to me

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Got a small bag, thanks OP
retarded eth maxis are gonna POOOMP EEET for sure

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Sorry brainlet here where tf do I buy strudel need to grab a bag when it dips

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buy on uniswap sirs

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Its there where all the moonshot start, and all the other crap, Uniswap. Get yourself a metamask account, go over to uniswap, connect your wallet and go for it.

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Maybe you've read one too many pajeet shills on here, this however is literally supported by Vitalik

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Not true, he wants a product like this but I doubt he is aware.

not fud

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Yeah the tweet in the post is real, this shit tries to combat that. Not selling mine until daddy vitalik acknowledges us.

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I hope you are not scamming me, /biz/
just put in $1k

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Fuck ok im gonna buy

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Join the strudel PnD tg

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im in fuck u

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put all my life savings in this, hope it goes well

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gtfo this isn't a pnd

also Keno in the tg right now if you want to bogger him with questions

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I want to buy but I can't afford 200 Gwei gas fees.

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There twitter is banned and discord is dead, could moon but prepare for whale dumpers

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They just made a new twitter. Its up, you're probably looking at the old one.

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wait I dont get it so do I need btc or eth for this ?

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ETH for the actual STRDL. The team are the people who actually burn the BTC to creat the vBTC, all publicly done.

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I got a stack and paid alot of gas. It's moon or rope for me

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Ether is enough, you dont have to cross the bridge from BTC to ETH to participate in the protocol or benefit from it. Its also a governance token for future decisions on new implementations etc. so that will be huge in the next few weeks and months.
They are updating to V2 right now, everything will be in check next week, its very early in the project,which makes me bullish on it, if everything would already be in place for mass normie influx, then this would be an 500mil mcap project already.

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no worries, get familiar with the devs, they always deliver.

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yo im doin something wrong it doesnt look right. whats the ticker ?

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found it, now my question is whats better doing it on meta or uni ?

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$453 eom

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I would check both and see which ones cheaper, but uni is usually the cheaper one over all, gas fees and all included. And I know its a weird ticker. You have to look up $TRDL on Dextools not STRDL or TRDL.

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Meta checks uni (and other services) then charges you a fee ontop of whatever is the cheapest.

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Nobody can read this. Who are the devs? Their website is kind of sparse.

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I mean does it make that much of a difference? I'm ready to roll !

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the new website is coming out next week with the marketing start and some partnership announcements right after that.

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I mean the picture is kinda blurry but you can still totally read it. Wish it was a bit clearer though. If you google it you can find the actual pdf online.

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now why do I keep getting error undefined now ? holy shit I feel like im working too hard just to get scammed lol

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Any low volume coin is like this, ASKO was like that bad when I bought at under a cent. What you have to do is up your slippage under settings on uniswap. 2.5% usually always goes through, it’s what I keep mine set at.

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thanks man appreciate all the help. hehe

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Yeah its definetly worth learning. These low volume coins shoot up crazy fast compared to the bigger Mcap ones especially when youre this early.

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so now its pending.. is that normal ? first time seeing that

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Selling when it hits $50 unless it looks like it will rocket to $100

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also what else should I get? I was looking at asko, sentinel, algo ...

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I heard CryptoWendy is coming on board and she got CONNECTIONS. Sushi dev ties and matic partnership. Yeah I’m comfy. Big comfy.

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After research :

Very low cap 4m
No shill yet on Twitter reddit and YouTube
Very good project
Legit team and stars dev
No pajeet

It's the next x100 mini

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ASKO is extremely oversold right now, I dumped all mine at 40 cents., I wouldn't buy it for anything more than 15 cents, and even then its a risk. The team at ASKO is very sketchy, they literally did an ama on 4chan. Bot Ocean and AXIAV3 are both very much worth looking into, neither has really taken off yet. Try and invest in stuff with a marketcap between 2-5m, that has a really good team, good fundamentals and public. You're almost guaranteed a 3-4x every time doing this method.
Just don't buy the top of something thats done a 5000%, 100-500% previous is fine. Thats nothing in the world of shitcoins.

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yeah, uniswap shit is usually very risky but this is comfy

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ok thanks, what about rlc? parsiq? I'm just trying to remember all the shitcoins ive been meaning to research lol

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devs in tg are pretty based

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Kek same thing was said with Asko stay seething.

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PRQ and RLC have both already left the station. Not worth the risk for a potential 2-3x when you could take the same amount of risk for a potential 5-20x. Just don't diversify much, I went all in one RBC at 3 cents, then all in at ASKO at 1 cent, now all in on Strudel at 5$. Turned $1000 into 32k and climbing, just be early and you'll legitimately make it. I usually don't give people on /biz/ this good of advice, its usually more fun to fuck with them lol.

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Parsiq is very goof, but higher mcap as Strudel, and price movement in the comings weeks not as good as with the upcoming V2 update on Strudel and their partnership announcements. I am bullish on both, Strudel super bullish this and next month, if Parsiq delivers it could fly mid summer.

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$100 will put it at a 64M marketcap, that’s literally nothing

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Yeah 100$ is legit very likely. God, I am excited.

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You had 4 days anon

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It has been consistently pumping for like 3 days anon, and it pumped as you typed this post as well. WAGMI, patience fren

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Hop in the Strudel. Partnership with Badger and Ren coming soon. This project is still under the radar

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Crazily under the radar. This pump is gonna be yuge.

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Give me a smoothbrain rundown on how to buy
>buy eth from coinbase
>transfer to coinbase wallet
>link wallet to uniswap
Then what?

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Actually use metamask wallet, link it to uniswap, set your slippaget to 2% in settings, and for token contract adress use this. https://etherscan.io/token/0x297d33e17e61c2ddd812389c2105193f8348188a?a=0xfd52480b14b611619a863bcc66f14269e45d17e1
And you should be good to go.

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fuck coinbase wallet, use metamask

Transfer eth to your wallet,
Go to uniswap, connect your wallet and trade your eth for trdl or vbtc.

You'll need the contract of the token you want to purchase which you can get in the official telegram, don't trust random people giving you the contract addy, seen a lot of people getting rugged because some jeet gave them the contract to a fake token.

>> No.28569919

Yeah this too, you can google the contract yourself, never just trust a lin, only posted that so you know what to look for.

>> No.28570083

Yeah that's the real contract, but I really hope a lot of bizlets do their own research. Worst case I saw was in summer when the Axia devs didn't mute their tg and some jeet posted a fake presale link and ran away with 150 eth or something lmao.

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Pump time

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>just be early
How do you find shitcoins before the pumps even begins though?

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threads like this

>> No.28570758

Everysingle time you see a thread shilling something that hasnt been shilled before (like this one) do a ton of research on. If its legit with good fundementals, a good team who can deliver, and a useful product youll always make really good gainz

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this has a 10x in it from here. at the LEAST

>> No.28570843

Sir I literally shilled this at the dip to $1 and got called a jeet scammer

>> No.28570873

this probably isnt the right thread for it but someone mentioned Bot Ocean along with Strudel to invest in, does anyone know if BOTS is a good long term invest?

>> No.28571002

newfaggot here how can I be sure liquidity is safe, surely there's a way to check right?
also why do you think badger partnership

>> No.28571246

What do you mean "liquidity is safe"?

>> No.28571247

I have to slip in that AMP is worth looking into for these reasons

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Well this + some ADA is my tiny portfolio. Thanks, /biz/

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>missed your first thread
>saw this one, but had to go out
>opened thread to read later (since assumed it'd be archived after a bit)
>4 hours later get back, STILL up.
>quick dyor
>fomo and set ath

still think it's worth it. 10x from here near term

>> No.28571644

Youll have a nice lil 1300$ profit by the end of the month just from the $trdl

>> No.28571701

like is there any way to be sure they won't rugpull IDK

>> No.28571888

I hope so. I'm really banking on long-term for AMP. I've made minor profits on other stuff (I'm up from 3k to 4.3k in about two weeks), but I'm still learning so I made a few mistakes earlier on.

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I dont think you need to worry about this being a shitcoin if thats what you're afraid of, the team is legitimate and named

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price discovery, comfy

>> No.28572108

Team is pretty well known, if this shit rugs sushi will fucking kick Keno out of the team probably.

Also liquidity can't be removed by the team because it's community provided.

>> No.28572385

This is made by well established people in the crypto community, sushiswap devs as well as other projects, they would lose all credibility and all their other jobs if they did that. My advice for you as a new fag is always check on etherscan what percent the top 25 holders hold, excluding the exchange wallets of course. If more than 60% is in the top 25 a rug pull is possible, this isnt the case with $TRDL

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fml i wish i saw your threads
would be loving it if i bought in at $1, I'm even happy I got in at $5

>> No.28572410

Why do you fags always shill this after it pumps

>> No.28572421

Yeah the annoying thing is that the initial first thread usually doesn't last long because it just gets some people calling you a jeet and then it dies.

>> No.28572461

>Shill it before it pumps
>get called a pajeet
>shill it after it pumps
>get called a pajeet

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Still early at anything below $10. This shit is going to 60$ in the short term, 200$ in the long term.

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>> No.28572561

You think this is the pump? Get ready for this shit.

>> No.28572755

Im not buying too rong didnt lead = TRDL

>> No.28572792

tfw i paid off credit card debt off instead of grabbing a bag of strudel

>> No.28572822

sick, thanks
is telegram the only place to view the team? I couldn't find anything on the website

>> No.28572856

I only have 500 left to invest. Is this it? Is this how I get my foot in the door?

>> No.28572866

>clearing debt when debt jubilee is coming

>> No.28572950

$20 is just $14M mcap fyi

>> No.28573072

Just found this. Put in $1500 feelin good

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V2 site coming out very soon

>> No.28573380

This is giving me $snow vibes

>> No.28573540

Thats literally insane dude. like. am i dreaming right now, i just got in with 10% of my folio FUCK ME APING IN RIGHT NOW FFUUUUUUUU

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I got 95% of my shit in there go big or go home nigga

>> No.28573649

Yeah there's some bot commands there that shows you future plans and stuff, I think it was #deck.

Someone posted it in one of the earlier threads but I didn't save the image. Should be still up on the archives if you don't want telegram.

>> No.28573681

Ill have to check out amp too, cheers man.

>> No.28573715

>1) Strudels are delicious
ha ha yes this is how i plan my financial future
good call op, i'm putting my kids college fund in (selling the youngest born lol) and taking out a third mortgage for today's awesome new shittoken

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File: 172 KB, 1395x835, Webaufnahme_13-2-2021_45010_www.dextools.io.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

crazy, glad to be early for once frens, glad to be here.

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I just nutted in my pants

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>> No.28574194

i need this after i sold 150k pbr's for 4c and 7 sfi's for 400

>> No.28574206

what does the strudel coin itself actually do?

>> No.28574289

Governance and farming. Plus more.

>> No.28574344

TRDL will do Pickle run to 100$ after some influences scoope it in coming days, and only 700K circulating supply..

>> No.28574393

it looks like cool tech but i have a hard time seeing what the coin itself actually does here. seems arbitrary.

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isnt that just a month?

>> No.28574850

without being to excited here, this has revolutionary disruptive potential written all over it.
The sphere waited for years on a solution to the multi sig fiasco, if $TRDL delivers, this will be the most violent moon mission in Q1/Q2.

>> No.28574995

but are you even able to make it fren? weak hands wont make it you know that right?

>> No.28575250


>> No.28575344

Through whole reserving a concept foreign in the third industrial revolution, i.e. real rehypothecation.
And from there obviously arbitrage. What does a whole reserve without kyc set up? An easily arbitragable peg

>> No.28575445

unironically already made it by most /biz/ standards fren. missing out on that 85k gain is an annoying loss. swung those too soon into other projects, and i want to get back to winning is all.

>> No.28575482

Very low cap 4m
No shill yet on Twitter reddit and YouTube
Very good project
Legit team and stars dev
No pajeet

It's the next x50-100x

>> No.28575574

based bro

>> No.28575703

You already posted this and then deleted it. You're giving me strong shill vibes.

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File: 125 KB, 1200x900, 1613188393097 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


That is of course if you buyed.

You buyed right anon?

>> No.28575949


Its a legit very good project

Heres the whitepaper since nobody has posted it in here yet.

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File: 65 KB, 750x1000, 1613109801625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy this dip fags it might be your last chance

>> No.28576203

> Heres the whitepaper since nobody has posted it in here yet.

this isn't helping your whole shill thing

>> No.28576399

It was more for the anon who was asking for it in the other thread that got pruned. If you wanna be broke thats fine by me, just don't come crying when this hits 10$ in the next few hours, 20 this week.

>> No.28576630

Is 449 pop tarts enough to make it? Or is it just a suicide stack?

>> No.28576695

Aaaand the dips already gone.

This shit is about to explode

>> No.28576694

strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gang strudel gangstrudel gang strudel gang strudel gangstrudel gang strudel gang strudel gangstrudel gang strudel gang strudel gang

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Can someone help me, its telling me that my transaction is confirming even tho on the block explorer is been confirmed. Fuck why did I send all my btc through....Pic related is what I'm going through. Heres the transaction itself: https://sochain.com/tx/BTC/430d3226e4095753b9a399e7a2738b2088100b5e39b4d209e63104a8d9634bd2

>> No.28576721

How much for a make it stack?

>> No.28576757

Now that’s a fucking scam. Twitter dead, discord dead, telegram dead, whitepaper is kindergarten tier

Fuck you

>> No.28576785

Okay im retarded, I just didnt realize you needed 6 confirmations. sorry guys false alarm

>> No.28576877
File: 30 KB, 795x598, Screenshot_2021-02-12 Strudel Finance price, TRDL price index, chart, and info CoinGecko(2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28576904

I hope you remember this post in a couple days fucking kek. Twitter just got updated, telegram is very active, Keno was even on earlier today.
This is some weak ass easy to disprove fud. Kill yourself, you street shitting nigger.

>> No.28577048
File: 56 KB, 1045x510, Screenshot_2021-02-12 $TRDL $7 6953060 - Pair Explorer - DEXTools.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


> using the linear chart coingecko to monitor price
coingecko does not have the latest price fren, it's off by a few minutes

>> No.28577235

>25 posts
You brown abomination discord tranny

>> No.28577366
File: 32 KB, 795x598, Screenshot_2021-02-12 Strudel Finance price, TRDL price index, chart, and info CoinGecko(4).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28577440

My bitch love do cocaine

>> No.28577674

does wyre accept privacy or cashapp?

>> No.28577748

peg is one way though, how could anyone arb the difference if its wrapped version is lower... you can't buy vbtc and get btc.

>> No.28578382

Just bought a bag let’s fucking gooooooo boys.

>> No.28578398
File: 701 KB, 1195x2400, strudel go moon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28578444

Do i need to post my skin? Sounds to me like you're coping nigger.

>> No.28578533

Admin in trdl group said

"Team is working around the clock making partnerships, marketing, and developing UX"

This is going to moon

>> No.28578754

I started farming with VBTC-ETH instead of buying TRDL. Based or cringe?

>> No.28578858

Extremely based

>> No.28578944
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im brand new to crypto and out of dumb luck and lurking biz 24/7 managed to figure out the $ is in trading uniswap shitgems..got in on asko early, now all in on strudel. Providence wants me to become a millionaire and never have to wageslave for zog again

>> No.28579064

Lmao fucking keked at that pic.

>> No.28579508

Holy fuck this thing just keeps pumping. I might actually make it

>> No.28579642
File: 10 KB, 338x264, allgainsaregoodgains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since there are new Anons in here, a word of warning. Sundays tend to be dip days for most things. It's probably temporary.

If you are an American, I recommend taking the time to set up Kraken. You're basically going to be out of luck investing for three days, but afterwards you'll be able to buy the main cryptos on that exchange and then export them to your wallet and buy. Their fees are lower than other providers. I have liked their services so far.

Use Dex tools or kek tools.

>> No.28579647

This killing me, thing keeps pumping but my transaction won’t go through. My slippage is at 2% wtf is the problem

>> No.28579720

What's your error, bro? If there's a lot of shifting, I've had to pump it to 5% before.

>> No.28579742

its just a percent or two in the long wrong, dont sweat it and increase slippage

>> No.28579744

Is kek tools actually legit? I always just assumed it was a scam cause the name lol

>> No.28579811

It finally went through idk what the deal was, thanks for the reply’s anyway

>> No.28579915

Anyone have any price predictions?

>> No.28579924

Yes. I don't know why those fucks picked that name. I actually prefer it to dex tools in a lot of ways. It loads faster, doesn't have ads, the devs seem cool, etc. I was going to invest in them, but maybe because of the retarded name or whatever it's been a rollercoaster for their token (that and it doesn't really provide anything for anyone). I still use their website and recommend it to others. It's far newer though, so it isn't quite as option-heavy as dex.

>> No.28580304


I think you mean next week, but okay. This is not a bear market.

>> No.28580392

I think you mean tomorrow!

>> No.28580520

It's already at 850, so I've made 120 in profits already, roughly. Cray cray

>> No.28580551

Yeah its been picking up crazy momentum. Honestly could hit 20$ by tomorrow easily.

>> No.28580575

VBTC is a one way bridge that uses dutch auctions to maintain the elastic supply. They do this by minting $TRDL and burning vBTC. So they are literally burning up the bitcoin supply and forever diluting the $TRDL token supply. It's a horrible concept.

Will it pump? Looks like it's started, but I wouldn't back something like this. Could dump at any minute given
The awful economics.

>> No.28580614

im on the train now boys

>> No.28580622


>> No.28580727

How tf do i swap it from uni to meta mask

>> No.28580801

Weak ass FUD, its a much better system than those already out there. Its completely trustless, in something like renBTC or wBTC a group of colluding signers could steal the underlying value. This system completely gets rid of that issue. If you would like to ask technical questions ask Keno, he comes on almost everyday, was even answering questions earlier today

>> No.28580848

Its a scam.

>> No.28580930

I don’t understand what you’re asking? You have to connect your metamask wallet to uni then just swap in uni, might be a good idea to set your slippage to like 2% too

>> No.28580943

Nvm I’m retarded

>> No.28581003

Nah i got it, it just wouldn’t send the confirmation to my meta at first

>> No.28581006

Damn crazy that their willing to burn digital gold for a scam, even crazier this scam has nearly doubled my money since I bought this morning.

It’s almost like you want to stay broke.

>> No.28581027

What's the mcap?

>> No.28581140


>> No.28581242

Around 6 million right now.

renBTC has a market cap of 800m.

>> No.28582244

Holy shit its not stopping. $15 by tomorrow for sure

>> No.28582275

You're going to love when we hit 20 tomorrow.

>> No.28582344

Do you think we’ll hit 10 tonight?

>> No.28582400

just picked up some more on the dip, regret not buying more earlier
I'm feeling confident as fuck now

>> No.28582527
File: 56 KB, 500x500, 159912D5-47F8-4AA4-A765-7B80EC3A71E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28582539

What I want to know is... how is the peg maintained if VBTC drops below BTC?

>> No.28582615

Maybe so. I'm used to seeing the ups and downs, so I'll be happy if it even stays above 9 for right now.

>> No.28582624

Got me another bag, thx for answering all the questions fags

>> No.28582648

I just put my 1INCH airdrop into this kek.

>> No.28582677

what were the criteria for that fren

>> No.28582742
File: 284 KB, 512x512, 1613154026043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28582819

They mint $TRDL and sell it for vBTC on a third party site. KEK


What did I say that was untrue?

>> No.28582823

I have no clue anon. I never even used 1INCH yet still got it.

>> No.28582833
File: 300 KB, 929x1175, 1613070771739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry but I don't have any funds to invest as I am all in on rubic and I have a gargantuan penis

>> No.28582858

uhhh based department?

>> No.28582966

Do you have to buy eth for this?

>> No.28583066

Yes, as with all things on uniswap. Its worth getting aquainted with DEXs.

>> No.28583122

Do you have a really clear tutorial I have downs syndrome

>> No.28583127

legit question: why do you retards day in day out continually fall for these indian scam coins? you realize this entire board at this point is mostly astroturfing campaigns by scammers right? right??

>> No.28583147

Just switched from Coinbase to cock base pro, how the fuck do i convert one crypto to another? It was easy af on regular cb

>> No.28583174
File: 130 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28583218
File: 64 KB, 800x600, 1603523820794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28583236

I saw this when it was at 1M MC and passed because I thought it wasn’t trustless...FUCK is all I have to say...FUCK FUCK FUCK...I checked the Whitepaper and validated it’s indeed trustless, which os revolutionary and a huge value proposition as compared to solutions like $REN. Although I’m coming in higher, I’m content on scooping below 5M MC. Let my story act as a cautionary tale on the importance of thoroughness in reading whitepapers. All good, chart is bullish as well, easy 10x from here!

>> No.28583277
File: 30 KB, 497x538, tumblr_oo5xfqq8O81w7964eo1_500-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck all that bullshit. 0xBitcoin is the key to all of Defi's trust issues.

>> No.28583332

imagine sending your BTC into a ONE WAY SWAP for an erc-20 that wasn't accepted anywhere. this is the worst attempt at a rug I've seen in ages.

>> No.28583335

1 way bitcoin wrap.

Nobody will want the wrapped bitcoin because they cant be redeemed for bitcoin.

Enjoy your shitty IOUs you can't redeem losers.

>> No.28583379

Not trustless, fuck that shit

>> No.28583430

You know a lot of rugs where they burn digital gold? If this is a rug so is sushiswap nigger, they have the same devs

>> No.28583460

hopped on

>> No.28583484

>Not trustless, fuck that shit
Hmm, who do you think it's necessary to trust in 0xBitcoin?

>> No.28583519

Gotta say this fud is preventing me from putting in more. Thank god for the 1INCH airdrop... that's all I'm willing to risk right now.

>> No.28583630
File: 191 KB, 1074x2803, IMG_2001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitch your are so fucking dumb. It's the beyond trustless. The contract creator burned owner ship. And the coins are all locked up and you can be only rewarded through mining. You fucking make me sick with your retardness. Mining is for distribution. Ethereum protects the chain. No 51% attack is possible on 0xBitcoin. No death spiral if miners decide to fuck off.

>> No.28583667
File: 185 KB, 1698x1140, sad pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that FUD will turn into FOMO or sadness and anger as the days go on

>> No.28583699

It just doesn't have a good initial presentation, either. It feels kind of hokey.

Most people start with an exchange, like Kraken, Binance, etc. You buy ETH there and export it to your Metamask wallet. Then you go to uniswap's website and link your wallet. Go to coingecko's page for the coin you want and copy the contract. Input that contract in on Uniswap as the coin you want to convert ETH to. Make sure you go into the settings and change slippage to at least 2.5%. Click confirm. Go to your metamask wallet and confirm it then cry because the gas fees (they change on time of day). Worth noting that you'll pay a fee to extract your ETH to your wallet, a fee to use Uniswap, the gas fee, and when you want to cash out, more fees. Always keep enough ETH in your wallet for an emergency gas cash out (about 100 bucks to be safe)

>> No.28583798

It's not FUD you retard. It's facts.

This is a one-way swap. Meaning that there's no way to redeem the vBTC for BTC. Meaning the vBTC is a worthless IOU you can't redeem.

Go put your money in ASKO or something legit and not this obvious useless token that only retards would enter the ecosystem of

>> No.28583821

They do this on every coin thats made a run. BAO, RBC, ASKO, now this. I invested in every single one of those, endured fud for like a week, and then all I had to enjoy were those sweet gainz

>> No.28584014

ASKO is a legit scam that got popular through a PnD telegram. Alec Curry is a joke, dude was literally on 4chan. I sold that shit at 40 cents and never looked back

>> No.28584054

The point isn't to turn ETH into BTC its to turn BTC value into ETH, which a one way bridge is perfect for.

>> No.28584088

I saw it when it was first put out here and was like bottom floor. Everything about it was off-putting to me. I hope for everyone in it that it isn't a scam, but we'll see tomorrow, I guess.

>> No.28584163
File: 130 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20210212-225520_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why was it suspended from twitter? O_o

>> No.28584188

Seems high. Am I too late? I have a few ETH to deploy, but I hate buying pumps!

Is the REN comparison legitimate?

>> No.28584209

It's one-way? Who wants to convert their btc to an erc20 token they can never convert back? How does it retain value in that context?

>> No.28584265
File: 298 KB, 680x652, 146926167_765624604383840_1734468182198498116_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eating good right now

>> No.28584285

I bought in during the top and i dont care

>> No.28584291

You have to decide. The pump for today is likely winding down and settling. It hasn't nearly reached what it could top out at mid-long term. It's basically a baby. That said, make sure you read up on it and all that jazz. It's dipping right now, so if you do want in, wait for what you feel is a reasonable low.

>> No.28584311

Thats the old twitter account.

I got in at below a cent, just dont marry those bags anon

>> No.28584355
File: 87 KB, 680x706, 1591776110972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, they actually BURN bitcoins to accomplish this? LOL, do you guys even read about the shit you invest in? That's a literally retarded idea.

>Dude, don't bring your money to some bank to hold it for you! That's not trustless! You should just burn it instead!

>> No.28584374
File: 78 KB, 1080x608, 1567440093677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

THESE are the devs?

>> No.28584509

I set up meta mask but when I go on uniswap and hit connect wallet then metamask is just takes me back to MM download page

>> No.28584543


WEAK FUD —> check here brainlet: https://twitter.com/strudel_finance?s=21

Next time, pay attention and buy lower. This way, you don’t need to resort to weak minded FUD campaigns to lower the price!

>> No.28584600

thats the old twitter account

>> No.28584658

Nvm just had to reset chrome

>> No.28584749

>>> something legit like ASKO
Lmao had a good point until there

>> No.28584887
File: 4 KB, 125x125, 0309 - 1xxuQ5O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice dip to buy on
most traders are asleep right now, this will pump past $10 tomorrow

>> No.28584981

You just bought it and are already posting memes, discord tranny shill operation I'm out

>> No.28585040

You just don't get it do you anon

>> No.28585053

I'm in, I'm furious i missed the asko pump
I will not let myself miss out on another pump

>> No.28585139

Good, smart people are taking profit on ASKO now and putting it into this or elsewhere. Thats what I did, sold asko at 40 cents bought this at 5$ feeling mad fucking comfy rn

>> No.28585199

>implying the official strudel TG isn't just full of biztards exchanging pepes
>a dev actually tweeted one kek

>> No.28585320

I'd advise buying up this dip if you're going in.

>> No.28585403

Who the fuck cares if it's a shit project or a scam? Look at shit like hoge or shib or even fucking doge. Crypto is a game where betting on the stupidest shit leads to 10000x in a week while betting on legitimate projects leads to a 100x in 3 years

>> No.28585412

TRDL is a minuscule fraction of REN's MC. Anyone trying to FUD needs to at minimum acknowledge this point alone.

>> No.28585644

So you're saying Strudel is one of the latter? Complicated FUD, but ok.

>> No.28585717
File: 100 KB, 875x412, 0_ZSESbn4fvFI4WA0b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's really nothing not to get, anon.

The idea is to burn your BTC, take the ashes and glue them together again to some muddy pulp and expect it to retain its value because someone decided to call the result "vBTC". And then add buzzwords like "terra-farming", "balancer smart-pools" and "flash loans" to distract you from this basic fact. Anyone dumb enough to invest in this nonsense deserves to lose it all.

Ask yourself this: this basic burn logic could have been easily done since day one of Ethereum in 2015. Why did nobody do it yet?

>> No.28585737

>Comparing a legit project that needs to 50x very quickly to not be undervalued to a bunch of scams

>> No.28585901

Because the kikes and chinks control the bridges and are awaiting for insane volume to rug them, ill kek when they do and I'm comfy with my vBTC
This is nothing more than a bunch of schizo BTC burning shit but I am a schizo

>> No.28585978

This, it's like throwing your BTC down a wishing well filled with oil, doing poop, and grass clippings, the BTC sinks to the bottom never to be seen again, then pulling out the sloo in a pail

>> No.28586092

*If* vBTC can be trustlessly guaranteed to be pegged 1-to-1 to the BTC price within some small %, then why would anybody care if they can't bridge back to BTC?

The reasons to be in BTC:
1) They want to buy something with BTC they can't buy with vBTC
2) They think BTC is more secure network

#1 is not that big of a deal, considering nobody really buys anything with BTC anyways. And if you really wanted to you'd just sell your vBTC for BTC or vBTC for ETH and then ETH for BTC.

#2 isn't much of a concern these days, seeing as how Ethereum has proven itself to be just as secure as Bitcoin for many years now. The perceived risks introduced by ETH 2.0 may shift that a bit, until trust is regained.

Reasons you'd want to stay as vBTC:
1) Ethereum has faster transaction times
2) Can trade it on dexs
3) Can lock it up/collateralize it in various DeFi products to farm yields or produce interest from loans

>> No.28586155


Weak ass FUD, do you really think they didn't think of that?

>> No.28586290

It is also working, the price of vBTC + the free $trdl you get is actually currently more than the BTC you put in

>> No.28586628

That's really like saying "if people accept my glued-back-together-after-burning-dollar-note as if it was an actual dollar note, then this scheme totally makes sense!".

Not happening.

>> No.28586709

>its also like saying if people think my imaginary digital coin that I can't do anything with is worth $50,000 then it is

>> No.28586927

You're a retard. It's already happening dumbass. Just because you're too dumb to understand something doesn't mean it doesn't have value.

>> No.28587095

it's crashing like there's no tomorrow

>> No.28587117

Yeah but Vitalik is now seething that Chainlink is doing proof of reserve on wBTC, which in turn has caused a massive boom for that token

>> No.28587259

>>> Crashing
You ain't too smart is you?

Or did you mean TRDL price? Which is up 50% on the day still?

>> No.28587451

>still massively up from previous day
Have you ever heard of corrections and consolidation anon? Or are you just a newfag?

>> No.28587571

Just put in 0.5 ETH when it goes to 20M mcap I'm cashing out my initial, thanks

>> No.28587718

It’s cool but who the heck would want to irreversibly burn their bitcoin? I don’t imagine people are going to use this.

>> No.28587843

>becomes massively popular
>large portion of BTC is burned, lowering the supply and raising the price
>vBTC also raises in price to match
>true layer 2 is released, allowing native BTC<>ETH
>vBTC crashes from it's worthlessness

>> No.28587927

It would only crash if vitalik ran out of child slaves, so never

>> No.28587953

LMAO seriously this has got to be the worst project I have ever seen. I would rather buy an exit scam.

>> No.28588097
File: 42 KB, 600x600, jew_basic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes goy you're right its bad
Trust me with all your digital shekels goy

>> No.28588375
File: 3.72 MB, 750x539, 1613108698657.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We know that you missed accumulation zone... its all good, you can still look at the rocket flying from the ground...
Only few understand the real value of this project.

>> No.28588481

I would prefer it if he worried about gas fees instead

>> No.28588709

>the team is all white
are you sure?

>> No.28588738

You have to be a shill. And a dumb one at that. Most of these clowns are comparing TRDL to ren which has a 800 million market cap. In other words aren’t we already at an excellent accumulation zone?? As for the value of the project if you think people are going to burn bitcoin for a fake bitcoin token then you’re on drugs. No one is going to that. The vast majority of the entire crypto space loves bitcoin. None of them are going to burn their bitcoin meaning this platform will have no adoption and therefore no revenue.

>> No.28588822

What do you think renBTC is? There is very much a use with being able to spend your BTC on the defi ecosystem lmao

>> No.28588979
File: 8 KB, 515x73, MIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf it was down to 0.01 cents? So its 700x already?

>> No.28589051

No that shit is wrong. Lowest its been is like 1$.

>> No.28589250

Look at coingecko only been traded for less than a week and lowest is like $1.40 or something

>> No.28589268

I got in at the right time with that whales dump
Looking forward to the next week or 2

>> No.28589549

So weak it needs to be FUDed

>> No.28589678
File: 595 KB, 828x1724, 1613205868915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28590077


>> No.28590288

what is the make it stack for this shitcoin please

>> No.28590362


>> No.28590408

There is a Pajeet on the lead dev team...

>> No.28590511
File: 32 KB, 640x583, 1612328330862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No there isn't

>> No.28590574

If we both our money and then issue tokens saying we burned our money. Surely those tokens will be worth the same as our money!

R- right guys??

>> No.28590623

>Balding tranny
>Serial killer
>Gay pedophile
Hmmmmm seems legit

>> No.28590624

What’s your point faggot?

>> No.28590710

bought yesterday, glad to see other anons picking it up

i had some doubts about the whole burning thing but the SUSHI dev on board puts my mind at ease

>> No.28590751

Legit made me kek. This would make a good meme. Im scared of the serial killer. And how do you know hes a gay pedophile? He could be a straight one.

>> No.28590869

Bowties are the gayest possible thing to wear outside of black tie events
Nigga looks like Mexican Bill Nye, the only vagina he's ever touched is his mother's, when he was born

>> No.28590889


>> No.28590957

I know they look like massive nerd ass faggots. It’s what made me buy, you can’t say they don’t all look like STEM majors lmao. I would have stolen their lunch money in school but now they’re gonna make me rich

>> No.28591054

Johann is just going to rug pull them all and run with the money

>> No.28591866

lol thats just 2 people in the official group saying that
thats just fluff

>> No.28591942

Mods don't care, scammy scummy

That it's a shit project faggot

>> No.28592450

oh no, these people are promoting our project, time to ban asap

wtf are you even on about

>> No.28592575

They're spamming to "pump" on 4chan while the dev posts some info in between spam, might as well let your marketing team be a bunch of street shitter hired directly from India

>> No.28592756

Is Bitcoin "an imaginary digital coin that you can't do anything with worth $50,000". Yes, it is. Could vBTC also be that?. Yes, sure. In theory. Any coin can. In theory. You could also just create another ERC20 token, call it it "MUHBTC" and it could attain a value of $50,000, or $1M, or whatever. In theory, with enough meme power. But it won't. Bitcoin is a cultural phenomenon that you hear about daily. And this vBTC thing will just be another worthless shitcoin.

And no, the Rube Goldberg machine sketched in this >>28586155 not magically transport the value onto shitcoin. It's not designed to do this, it's designed to fool you into thinking you can create gold out of shit.

>> No.28592775

the word "pump" barely has its original meaning in crypto anymore, especially in these tgs

it's just synonymous with growth there

you're reading too much into this

>> No.28592795

You better by REEF. It is on binance.

>> No.28592864

The only one spamming bullshit is you. He posted a message I don't see spam when you keep putting out bullshit bigger than you. Stay poor filthy asshole, you must really have a sad life and be frustrated for fud on stuff where you have been given a thousand times positive answers. Go back eat your bananas dirty monkey this project is too complex for your brain

>> No.28594062

You're dad you can't tell the diff between a bot and human lol

>> No.28594308

First time on telegram? You'll always get these jeets telling people to make a biz thread once a project gets some attention.

>> No.28595353

>turning shit into gold
Well you are turning a shitty meme token with no utility into another shitty meme token but with utility
Just too bad your gonna stay poor from not seeing this project for what it really is

>> No.28595492

TRDL is making its run up to $10 and higher

>> No.28595741

Just wait till the retards fomo in at $40

>> No.28595816

Nah then they'll say it's overpumped and still not hop on the ride to triple digits

>> No.28596194
File: 22 KB, 455x510, 1613210236327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28596275
File: 74 KB, 1200x900, TRDL4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28596382

Very based and dare I say redpilled project, glad I got into it early

EOY Projection - 51-56$

>> No.28596415
File: 36 KB, 1134x896, twittertrdl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their twitter account
>doesnt exists

>> No.28596481

It's over.

>> No.28596521

Yes anon thanks for noticing the old twitter account like many others in this thread

>> No.28596544
File: 76 KB, 1638x868, strudel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their website
>looks like this

>> No.28596652

shit projection, this is gonna reach that minimum next week.

>> No.28596699
File: 128 KB, 1125x1280, TRDL3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

alright hfsp anon, please read the threads next time

>> No.28596733

If you want in now is the time in this overnight dip, not gonna see below $7 again

>> No.28596817

Yeah a bot just sold 12 eth worth, no idea how they work, checked their wallet on etherscan and they only hold eth. Seems to trade on momentum or something lol

>> No.28596877
File: 91 KB, 898x906, trdlswap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


They have no public team, no proper developers, no whitepaper, no company or anything real behind project, nothing that would even explain current valuation.

But hey, look, they even build quick copy of the now hundreds existing swap pages :D This must be billion dollar project
It's literal copy of the hundreds other swap pages, just colors and names changed

>> No.28596935

nice fud u fucking retard, dont worry if the devs rug u i will personally get revenge so u dont need to worry