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2/16 will be the day that changes the world and this board forever. All the time you waited will be rewarded finally.

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Nothing ever happens

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just wait an see newfag

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whoa finally broke $30 congrats
moved back to eth before it hit ~20 but glad to see you guys holding on.

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I’ve got a stacklet of 186 link, no other coins and unlikely to be able to topup much in the near future. All I’ve got are my link are these diamond hands. Am I gonna make it?

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Why that date?

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2 1 6

What the fuck don't you understand about it?

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No. But you’ll make profits and then you can invest in something else.

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That's when I get my paycheck

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You'll reach 6 figure hell

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Sergey betray

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The amount of newfags on this board is astounding. I bet Cuban wakes up to LINK around NOV this year.

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is it because linky are so stinky?

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>All the time you waited will be rewarded finally.
I bought 9 of them at 13$ right before it started going up.
I don't think I will be seeing any big payday.

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>186 link
>Am I gonna make it?
How much money do you need to make it?
You might make it to a million if you can hold on to it long enough.
2026 and behind is my guess

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tell me now what's going to happen

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>do alot of maths
holy shit 42

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You people don't understand the significance of the Hexagon.

>Hexagon shaped beacon on Saturn
>Chainlink original logo was a cube, a hexagon has 6 sides 6 cubed is 216
>216. The cube of 6; 216 years, the period of the Pythagorean Metempsychosis.
>(1) Pythagoreanism is the philosophy of the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras (ca. 570 – ca. 490 BCE), which prescribed a highly structured way of life and espoused the doctrine of metempsychosis (transmigration of the soul after death into a new body, human or animal). https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pythagoreanism/#:~:text=(1)%20Pythagoreanism%20is%20the%20philosophy,body%2C%20human%20or%20animal).
>transmigration of the soul after death into a new body, human or animal = Fourth industrial revolution. Enter the HUMAN REVOLUTION.

Chainlink is the technology that will fundamentally change what it means to be human for the rest of our races existance. We are becoming Hexagons. Isn't it strange that the race of people with the most power over humanity is the Jews? Whose symbol is a Hexagon disguised as a star?

This is the REASON why many tech companies are adopting Hexagon shaped logos. That is why Chainlink swapped to a Hexagon. What is the goal of the 4th industrial revolution?
>On the other hand the doctrine of metempsychosis with its idea that human beings were born again as animals

This Metempsychosis, this fourth industrial revolution, this HUMAN REVOLTUTION. Has the end goal of removing Humanity from the Economy. Humans will be born again as animals, we will have no say in where society will go. The Neanderthal Jews that rule the world will have successfully enslaved humanity under their technological grip.

This is the climax of a thousand year long conspiracy by the Jewish Neanderthals that pretend to be humans to enslave humanity as their cattle, as their zoo animals. And it is the Chainlink Token that is instrimental to this.

Bitcoin is a trojan horse.

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checked based and redpilled

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Thanks anon, that’s enough for me. Won’t be selling any % until mid 6 figures and even then will stay above 150 link

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>2/16 will be the day
Uhhh what day is it now? Sorry.

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This, fundaronically

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It's buttplug day?

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I miss the times, waiting at the train station, wondering which slut probably got a buttplug in right now. Good times. Fuck the corona.

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I took out a leveraged short with all the money I have in the world. 20 link.

Lost my job. Tried so fucking hard to get a job but I can't seem to find one and I have no skills at 29 and my gf has to work to take care of me.

It's a short or the bullet from my 38 special on Monday if this doesn't pay off. I'm done can't take this.

I cried and screamed for God to help but the silence was deafening. 20 link. 20 link. 20 link. At the end of my life I was worth 20 link if this doesn't pay off. 20 fucking link.

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It's also Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday) a time when religious adherents celebrate before Lent. Would this be lost on "he of Nazareth"?

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5% in 24h

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also if nothing happens on 2/16 we prolly dump

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i have 25 links :/

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These dumb schizo faggots are always wrong with their meme dates. 2/16 will be nothing special. Don't expect anything you tourists

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I have over 25k links :^)

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Imagine how the guy with 185 link feels

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It's June 21 though

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enjoy paying taxes

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I'm debating buying another 1k link before OCR on the 15th. I'm still a 7k stacklet

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you wont regret it, do it

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This is how Clif High describes "Hell"; whatever it is we endure as punishment before respawning to endure this experience again.

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I only have 4.2k LINK but I feel good, at peace with myself.

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I believe this.

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There is no such thing as coincidence in my frame of reference

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what will they announce/do?

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Wait, this is why y'all keep posing about 2/16?
Because six cubed is 216?
Fucking numerology bullshit?

Christ, I stayed up late for this?

Fucking $31 stablecoin

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Screencap this.

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probably another dumb partnership and nothing of functional value

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Don't know if you memeing but I am in the same boat and I recommend not touching that .38 one door closes the other opens that's life struggle makes you better not worse best is not to take your shit out on your girl and keep looking for a job something will come up. I am 29 and in a country that doesn't allow you a job if you are white if we can keep head above water so can you hang in there bud

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>this token on ether is gonna be yuge
Look, we all know it's over. Just sell the top whenever that is.

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>Screencap this.
Screencap you being an obvious ASL pajeet? You got it.

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its going to 100 in june but anything before that is larp.

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Great Reset Day

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how do you know?

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With all the negativity and coin vs. coin shitfuckery going on on this board I just wanted to chime in and say:
I don't hold any link, it just never was interesting to me. But I still wish you magnificient bastards all the best in the world. Here's to Link 100 EOY.
Keep holding. I hope you all are going to make it.

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>mfw crypto newfag with only $20 link bought at $25

I'm too late to the party bros... but I'm going to buy more. I believe in Link.

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Still not selling, though.

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>mfw crypto newfag with only 20 link bought at $25

I'm too late to the party bros... but I'm going to buy more. I believe in Link.

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Link is the premier jewcoin. As long as they maintain possession of Jerusalem, it can’t lose.

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Based and schizo pilled

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Lol wut

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>my gf has to work to take care of me

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I love this because it’s gonna be a massive nothingburger and newfags WILL fall for it and get demoralized hard

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you're from reddit, so no

>> No.28559634

Congrats guys. Makes me wish I was on this board earlier.

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GRT will overtake this dead project. Sir Gay doesn’t deserve you

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Retard you’ve already made it as long as /biz/ is in operation. Use your gains to ride other pumps, cash out and buy back in during the bear market, rinse and repeat and you’ll be rich this decade. Fucking faggot

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LINK is a good solid buy in crypto - long term investment type thing
but you should look into smaller marketcap projects to make faster gains of course

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>All the time you waited will be rewarded finally.
ive held since 2017 and ive already made it, nulinker fag.

>> No.28560803

He doesnt know shit. They are just guessing because muh magic number. There has been tons of shizo larps/dates like this before, and fucking every single one got btfo. Fuck these coping retards, they are worse than reddit retail investors, so dont be too disappointed if nothing but a 2% pump happens in a few days

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same here 63 right linkies around that price. sucks being late
namedrop some

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good lord checked

>> No.28561801

There is only one reason why link is mooning

It is because of defi and eth and link are at the center of it. Sergey has literally solved the oracle problem which allows defi to come into existence without flash loan attacks etc. We will start seeing some real price action once link solves the the issue with gas prices with arbitrum and ocr. Few understand the importance of these two.

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Don’t kys anon. Life can always turn around. You’re just in a funk

>> No.28561966

Link is pretty slow this bullrun for sure but if you look at what it did during the bullmarket... I feel comfy holding this with all these top signals creeping in. At least it will be around for the next bullrun. I had so many worthless shitcoins from 2017 lol

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Can we please hit $1k already? You fags told me I'd be able to retire my mom EOY 2020.

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nothing ever happens

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so.. does the founder still have 4 million link wallets he drops in the market?

>> No.28562703

I’m from /pol/

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Sirgay is trying a new tactic, instead of dumping his weekly 1.5 million linkies he will now start 10x leveraging them to pump the price. He saw all our demoralization threads and decided to take action.

>> No.28564708

Your $2 million is not making it

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You had three years.

>> No.28564920

yeah he betrayed me from a 3500 USD investment to a much much much larger amount. I think the shitty thing is that I actually care about the physical link more than the USD attached to its price. I will never sell any of them, so was it even a good investment? Yes, yes it was, because some spoiled little grandchild brat of mine will sell them to survive probably.

>> No.28564951

why no PNK?

>> No.28565097

fucking based

>> No.28565135

>still cant name a single chainlink use case
i honestly cant stop laughing at this point. i own so much of something that i feel so emotionally attached to, and i literally have no idea what it does. one day, big sirg gave a convincing enough speech in 2018 that I fomod in and knew I could never part with my precious link. how did i get here, honestly.

>> No.28565226

Don’t start ramping up the hopium. Let it happen organically

>> No.28565285

I'm so very excited for you kids

>> No.28565322

Will XYO poomp?

>> No.28565325

Oldfags know to buy the rumours, sell the news

>> No.28565391

Oldfags don’t sell you moron

>> No.28565497

you can't be this fucking stupid

>> No.28565664

dude you should see the conversations in XSG, the XRP schizo general thread. i love those faggots over there.

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PNK won't fundamentally change institutions as Chainlink does currently and is not viable to hold unless you wait for the ecosystem to be built around it which won't happen until a VERY long time.

>> No.28565781

dangerously based

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>because some spoiled little grandchild brat of mine will sell them to survive probably.
It will probably be worthless by then. The minute a state actor is capable of running Shor's algo, they can just take coins out of your wallet. The instant that happens, the value of all modern crypto will literally disappear into the aether, never to be seen again. We're talking about an event within the next 20-30 years, probably.

The real buy-in starts when we have a lattice-based signature scheme. Everything based on factorization (literally every single coin there is) has proverbial expiration date.

Also if we don't get a viable lattice-based cryptosystem before then, it doesn't matter because the financial industry is equally fucked and society will probably collapse in a storm of nuclear hellfire.

Just keep that in mind when buying in these early days.

>> No.28565877

i paid more link than that in Binance fees 2 years ago

>> No.28565993

Chainlink will solve this, you make a smart contract that just gives steaking gains to your children/ their children

They never get access to main stack

>> No.28566045

$32 for a cup of coffee

>> No.28566077

>buy swingy stack 2/15
>dump bags on newfriends for +15% on 2/16
>buy back at -30% 2/17

>> No.28566768

Based and schizopilled. Its the comfy way to sustained gains. If you know you know. Peace

>> No.28566906

you know what happens to swingies right?

they get the rope...

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>> No.28567326

>he doesn't know

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pic related, become a longchain clonedaddy

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Just sold today actually thanks.

>> No.28568369

KEK perfect pic

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>LINK price $66.6
>my portfolio $666,666
>The Great Reset begins

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>> No.28568594

you have a gf despite being a broke bum and your crying about it?

fuck you

>> No.28568609

Literally everything is mooning and has outperformed LINK severely. Anyone who bought in after $10 has seen the least amount of gain compared to all the other cryptos in the top 100, beaten only by like 10 shitcoins.

If you retards had just held ANYTHING else, you could have bought back your whole LINK stack 2 or 3 times over right now.

>> No.28568785

LINK is finally pumping
check coinmarketcap
XLM has passed us
fuck me

>> No.28568931

BTFO by stellar fucking lumens

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How do they work?

>> No.28569090

Doordash nigga

>> No.28569221

WTF! The Jews are trying to enslave us with Chainlink?

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>he doesn't know about Tetraktys or how the elites signal each other

>> No.28569706

>actually just crabbing around 26 dollars for over a month and then finally getting past 30

>> No.28569725

>diamond hands
you need to go back.

>> No.28569879

This. We’ve barely fucking mooned.

>> No.28569932

Checked, I'm fucking terrified. Will they come after us LINK bros?

>> No.28569956

well not with that attitude

>> No.28570016


>> No.28570057

Honka honka

>> No.28570107

literally dumping right now

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>> No.28570559

by 2026 there will be no point in living. dark world already

>> No.28570690

It solves the lambo problem

>> No.28570807

good thing i got a big nose
i can blend in with the joos

>> No.28570844

Underrated post

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Wait i wanted to buy more where is the correction fpr the stinky sale? Ive been waiting since sunday.

>> No.28571746

checked and pragmaticpilled

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File: 397 KB, 541x732, 8e3f4921745f4aea9717da38278b4b0f78b2d58ae1ec818dba76399620b9dd26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man, chainlink threads are comfy.
Sure, some concernfags disguised as a shill or "realist" sometimes, but they still care and visit the thread.
All frens.

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File: 375 KB, 840x859, emoji-directory-pepe-the-frog-retard-11562867960jwownu2lwe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check'd and my current comprehension
>pic related

>> No.28572254

These faggots don't understand Pythagoras. They only want to steal what he has laid out for us to absorb and ascend. Like every time, those nomad tribal bastards, that are not even human anymore, have no idea what they are doing and need to be stopped

>> No.28572262





>> No.28572313

So 15 just aint gonna cut it huh?

>> No.28572423

I love how $1,000 is the goal.
How about a liberation of humanity from the millennium-old chains and one of the small symptoms of such habbening being $1,000 $LINK

>> No.28572498
File: 76 KB, 1280x720, theholytrininabox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's really you isn't it?
You want us to be rich and take the power from the bankers?
Give me the strength to have faith. Amen

>> No.28572583

hi newfriend, welcome! you have to go back.

>> No.28572742

What the actual fuck. Post the rest.

>> No.28572744

God dammit dude, every once in a while this guy pops into my head and I just shudder

>> No.28572929

thanks for the warm welcome.

>> No.28573197

>t. Daniel linkbull

>> No.28573262

>Trips and LINK is the official coin of /biz/ for eternity across all img board and chans alike.
>Quads and Serg is confirmed as the holy spirit that links us all together.
Ends in 0 we get a $30 stable coin
Dubs swinges get the rope

>> No.28573489

Will I be able to make anything considerable in a staking pool with only 500 LINK or do I have no shot at a decent passive income?

>> No.28573603

Buying something at $30 that will be 1k within a few years is a solid investment. Link is probably the only crypto asset I have real confidence in.

>> No.28573665

you don't just get to post without lurking, faggot. you reek of reddit and nobody gives fuck about the 37 link you bought three days ago. fuck the fuck off back to wsb or stay here and become what you pretend to hate you commie piece of shit, I don't care but don't fuck up the pasta on ath day with your insufferable faggotry.

>> No.28573716

I love you

>> No.28573730

>nothing ever happens
>/biz/ only talked about chainlink for 3 years, and price went up %1000

it happened faggot

The biggest happening this board could have wished for

>> No.28573740

Faggots are hyping people up for 2/16 after years of schizo posting so they deliberating let LINK have a pretty average pump leading up to 2/16 to start the fomo. I’m expecting a huge dump after it’s confirmed 2/16 is a bit fat nothingburger. I say this as someone who has been all in since 2017. Don’t fall for these fucking retards.

>> No.28573765

listen dear we all drink from the same ganges

>> No.28573776


>> No.28573916

Who has enough money to do this?

>> No.28573925

fuck it ill roll

>> No.28573969

Alright nigger have your roll

>> No.28574089


>> No.28574121

>as someone who has been all in since 2017

>> No.28574191

>How about a liberation of humanity from the millennium-old chains
kys if you get enslaved by your own doing you deserve it

>> No.28574232

everyone knows 4chin biz was invented in 2018 by reddit user deepfuckingvalue. lie more faggot

>> No.28574361

making me nervous anon

>> No.28574566

Precisely for the number of years we will have suffered.
No coincidence.

>> No.28574802

Based and checked, but why exactly am I fighting him again? Just because he told a bunch of normies they were gonna sleep in pods and own nothing. Why do I give a shit, I think that's based.

>> No.28574900

Can someone who's been here longer than me explain bitcoin dominance and alt season? 2010 newfag but only been on biz since 2019

>> No.28575073

hi, do I take a loan out against my link to buy more link?

>> No.28575124


>> No.28575307

its happening bros.
about 75% of my holdings are in link (2017 OG)
My first gf and I's anniversary was 2/16
My second girls first date was on 2/16, not intentional.
I moved to a new apartment back in November, Unit 216


>> No.28575363

My full name is 216 in gematria

>> No.28575454

Hey it's the XRP holders that are supposed to be the schizos!

>> No.28575543


dude... SO ARE YOU
you are in every fucking thread saying the exact same shit!
>"the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"

>> No.28575571

no i think you misunderstood me.
Link back loan to buy more LINK

>> No.28575602

In the new world, it is not the big fish that eats the little fish. It is the fast fish that eats the slow fish. You will be spared if you have been holding since 2017.

>> No.28575627

craig wright court date 2/16 declaring SN = SN. its all coming together bros

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Test your might https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAwWPadFsOA

>> No.28575792

I understood you entirely. Use aave you fucking dunce

>> No.28575806

>All the money I have
Anon just open more credit cards and MAX THEM ALL THE FUCK OUT, FUCK THE BANKS AND FUCK ((THEM))

>> No.28576150

You should do that when it just went down by a bunch, not when it just went up by a bunch. Unless you feel like getting liquidated. Or at least closer to liquidation.

>> No.28576207

Elvis Aaron Presley?

>> No.28576419

Yeah max it all out into LINK. Dont even plan on paying them back with all your gains. USD and banks will be a past time that happens in this decade. We are entering the Roaring Crypto 20s

>> No.28576560

South Africa?

>> No.28576632


>> No.28576674

does it have anything to do with the boringDAO partnership?

>> No.28576705

yea i was going to wait for a big sell off then buy up with loan

>> No.28576737
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It this really a 4000 IQ move? You can't go to jail for having debt and claiming bankruptcy. Can get an easy $200,000 into crypto at least doing this. With millions of profit why would you need any new loans or a bank account when Mastercard is switching to crypto?

>> No.28576928

What is this tetrakys anonkun

>> No.28576961

I actually did this, but I won't lie, I did it FOMO style as soon as LINK hit $10. Worked out well for me, netted about 2k extra LINK. But it was risky. No way in hell I'd pull the same move now.

>> No.28577076

I have 1.5 link, what am I in for?

>> No.28577109
File: 553 KB, 1616x1274, 47ACE53D-BEA6-43E1-B9E3-A5D9FD4B32D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28577150


>> No.28577237

honestly i forgot

>> No.28577260
File: 892 KB, 820x993, based bet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hera anon

>> No.28577296

How does 0.0000000015 of the global GDP sound?

>> No.28577398

2/16 ethercats?

>> No.28577403

Is that like $8?

>> No.28577443

but if i know link is going to increase in 6 months time shouldnt i just do it?

>> No.28577659

I only had 20 link that I bought when it was around $18 but I fucking sold them today at $29 to buy some other shitcoins that I thought had potential

Should I just buy back in? I miss my linkies

>> No.28577741

Why? Is the McDonald's partnership true?

>> No.28577800

You will lose everything with cryptos but I'll give you $500 USD for that .38 special. Give it to your girlfriend so she can buy something nice for next bf

>> No.28577967

Can't they just fork

>> No.28578106
File: 218 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Always remember that you are not alone. Things are pretty hard latelly: there is no job oportunities out there due to 'rona and we need to stay inside our houses all the time. These things hits really hard on our mental health, but stay safe, dude.

>> No.28578232


>> No.28578333

I unironically think Bitcoin was created by Satan. The mystery of its beginning is no coincidence.

Although crypto is a wealth opportunity that can't be passed up, one must dance while the music is playing, and although it undermines the current jewish central banks' control over fiat with consistent inflationary policy that pushes people to spend and invest in the stock market, the end of the crypto game is one globalist currency dominated by these Satanic servants.

Crypto may undermine the way money and power are currently wielded/controlled, but it will be one of the keys that usher in a final age of global domination that will completely destroy any sovereignty that nations and peoples have over themselves.

>> No.28578437
File: 368 KB, 1312x1312, sir gay 216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sirgay betray

>> No.28578707

>It's a $.20 shitcoin
>It's a $.50 shitcoin
>It's a $1 shitcoin
>It's a $5 shitcoin
>It's a $10 stablecoin
>It's a $15 stablecoin
>Sell now $20 is it's ATH
>It will never be $20 again!
>Who cares if it had 1500% growth, it's dead
>It's a $25 stablecoin
>It's a $30 stablecoin
>It's a $40 stablecoin
>$50 will be the REAL ATH, sell now!
>$100 is a fluke!
>$300 is only because of the hype around the staking release, it will crash!
>Mass Nolinker suicide

>> No.28578753

fuggin' check'd
Told this to my lefty cousin today. Yeah, the bad guys won. The only thing to do now is to profit from all this madness.

>> No.28578816

That jpg is pretty sexy, anon, ngl

>> No.28578909


It's 9.

>> No.28579388

I’d try to hit it big elsewhere and then park the gains in LINK, you missed the boat if you only have 20

>> No.28579530

seems like the feds are planning an event 201, whats the +/- on them bringing it to reality in the next 2 years?

>> No.28579880


>> No.28579983


>> No.28580057
File: 17 KB, 399x384, E0F5A406-FD17-4A7F-8C31-5B6AB63E9975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you really think this was going to be different?

>> No.28580140

yes. put that gun up your price manipulating asshole faggot.

>> No.28580295
File: 139 KB, 470x968, 20210212_233549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, the thread reply and image count just revealed holy digits to me on the catalogue.

>> No.28580985

yes lol the quantum fud is brainlet tier

>> No.28581566
File: 21 KB, 400x554, 1b312f9564fa5a56b768ad13a49cb25b4e30d6c952fc85bb5c458b9fdd3da130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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