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First time buying an altcoin, bought an 12k stack at $0.13 so still in profit but wondering wtf to make of today's movements. Is this normal for altcoins? Shall I hold my bags?

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I dumped mine for PPAY anon, wish i did sooner. RBC might be good longterm but buying in early on solid low mc projects is an easy way to make money this run and RBC is dumping and crabbing too much in the meantime

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Its over frens?

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Rubic is on sale. Buy more.

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>Is this normal for altcoins? Shall I hold my bags?
Yes to both. Ignore the ppay shill spamming in every rubic thread

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During the AMA someone asked about the leaked fiverr stuff and Vlad got really cagey for the rest of the stream. Around this time some mass sell-offs started happening and we think the """team""" was exit scamming before the leaks spread much further.

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Good ol’ fashioned Slavic rugpull

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Yeah it's pretty normal unfortunately.

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>Whales accumulate while it's below 5c
>Start shilling on /biz/ HARD

It's been shilled/manipulated a lot. It's a good product but anything above 40c is overvalued until more is delivered.

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coordinated dump & discord fud.

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someone from the matic team farted on stream during todays AMA and it caused an insane price crash
i wish i was joking that fart has cost me $160k so far

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RBC is consolidating right now. Sell but risk having to buy in higher. Right now whales are just shaking paper hands before we go back to try .80. Just last night it was back to .6. Some of you anons arent patient enough

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It's true
all of it

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This shit already peaked. Have fun bag holding

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friendly reminder unironically believing in "muh whales fud the coin to drive the price down and accumulate!" is the equivalent of thinking the government is spying on your porn habits or your /pol/ posting
nobody cares about you. and nobody will ever care about you until you stop being some lazy, uninteresting fatass who sits at home, watches anime, browses telegram/twitch/onlyfans
there is no qt gf waiting for you at the end of the line when you waste day after day on pointless shit
chainlink, nano, grt, rubic, cardano, bitcoin sv, polkadot, who the fuck cares. hold some of them, hold all of them, hold your chuck e cheese tokens as long as you want
you've built a world of delusion around your loneliness. there's nothing easier to fix than loneliness, literally go and talk to people. but you'd rather go deeper into pretend dumbshit fantasies there's some evil conspiracy against you than to meet people who would end up genuinely caring about you
retards. stupid fucking retards

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Take profit, sell the rest at $4, thank me later.

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sounds like bullshit.

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>leaked fiverr stuff
please elaborate

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nice pasta I'm saving it

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nobody asked for a sermon faggot. If you dont like rubic dont buy it. Im not here to take financial advice from you.

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kek this is meme

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pajeet burped too announcing sell signal.

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i noticed this too, i doubt they're actually fiverr actors but he didn't help his case by being so weird about it...

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so much fud adn the top holders dont change

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It's fake lol. Fudders are saying that the devs were hired from fiver as a front for a pajeet pump and dump scam. C'mon now, at least dyor...

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there's a rumour (backed by screenshots but idk the validity of them) that vlad and alexandra are hired actors and the actual team are pajeets. alexandra actually worked acting roles before doing crypto stuff which is a little strange but i doubt they're actually paid actors, not 100% sure though

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big fud right now so its definitely a buy signal

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this makes me hard. member the link fud. people stink think that link is a scam. which of course it is, but that's another issue.

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imagine fiverr actors fudding this to 10$ lel

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I'm ready to sell desu. My GRT has tripled and asko has quadrupled/quintupled in the past two days, this is up 10 percent from where I bought.

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is this the newest fud?

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It’s fake. Original screenshots had spaces in the usernames. Can’t do that on Fiverr. We corrected our resident FUDmaker and have since created a very effective weapon.

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No skin in this game but the chart looks bad.

If it's wild run continues you will hate yourself if you sell everything. I would probably sell 2/3rd and move them into safer projects.

Unfortunately, altcoins often never recover.

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I have 2K in this shitcoin that should have been in any other fucking coin, I bought at .29 and the at .60 thinking it would be ok but yeah, I'm down like $500 bucks and I just want to get my money back and move the fuck on already

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See: >>28543288
God I hate you pnd niggers. Fuck off and go for your new coin zen-whatever.

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Basically it's the next LINK. It will moon eventually but it's going to be a little time before it really takes off. Long term hold, have patience. Project is still in its infancy and the team is trying to work out the flaws and get the major features and functionality up and running.

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Noticed this too... Top wallets just continue to grow their stacks or never sell.

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An underwhelming AMA caused it to shoot up and back down, its massively undervalued long term but i can see it crabbing at 40-60c for quite a while. It's a good buy but wont be your quick 5-10x everyones after for now. Next pump likely for a probably binance listing late month or early march

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This. I see it doing like a 40 or 50x over the long run

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>An underwhelming AMA caused it to shoot up and back down
No, it was underwhelming but look at etherscan, it was a coordinated dump by ~5 addresses with huge amounts of RBC. Coordinated Whale dump.

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LMAO, that is actually hilarious. People watching the stream and the slightest incident is an instant sell.

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what do you expect when /biz/ is like 90% of the holders?

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>slightest incident
it wasn't the slightest at all. he farted in India, but it was heard around the world. Alexandra got scared. Alex was upset when he saw her shaking. that fart was epic.

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sorry sir it is taking me a while to process all of the transactions
>pic is proof I went into work today

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he's joking you tard

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Just finished watching the entire ama, not a single burp or fart fudding retards lmao

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Rubic is a scam
Pajeet Pump and Dump
Devs are anonymous
Russian team are paid actors
Actually headquartered in Mumbai
Scam Scam Scam

Plasma Finance is where it's at
Top tier devs
Proven track record
Great white paper
Terrific roadmap
Plasma is going to the Moon

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Is Rubic the most fudded coin ever in the history of biz for an actual legit project? Was it this bad for early link bros? I wasn't around back then.

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oh boi. if you fall for this you should sell, ngmi

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that dude shits a schizo wall of text to call you a schizo, unironically

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early link fud was worse....but I'd place rubic as the 2nd most fudded coin, not even rsr was fudded like this, imagine the effort

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i;ve seen statera being fudded a lot every now and then

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They had an AMA
Coins always, always dump through the floor after an AMA

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Extremely bullish

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Only when it hits $200

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Loled irl

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nigga dont you remember the 7c dump? this is nothing

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Yeah but Statera genuinely sucks

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Fake and Gay
Friendly reminder that a McFraudster whale in the Comma Rubi Chad telegram group chat wrote this.
They know we are on to them
They fud and swing Rubic. They are trying to do damage control. After coordinated dumps the last few days
They sold you McScam. Now they're are schizo posting because of their guilty conscience
Get Rekt McFaggots

If you want a real
Based and Rubicpilled Telegram
Join here: @rubichads

-No Fud Faggots
-No Swingers
-No Schilling Scam Shit Coins

Just Rubic
Simply Rubic

My Rubic Stays Cubic

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