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>>Buy AVAX (but for burgers)
Is it possible pangolin is cheaper now?

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wait I'm retarded you need to buy avax to even use pangolin

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do we know when people are going to be able to deposit?

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Why isn’t it pomping? I thought thats what avax does?

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nope, you can buy AVAX with wrapped ETH or USDT on pangolin

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This is shopped. Power does not like Avax

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Zero Exchange will soon have:

- native NFT integration
- Polkadot bridge
- charting
- limit orders
- lower fees
- fiat gateways

The first DEX to launch on AVAX, with support for 3 blockchains. How the fuck can Pangolin compete?

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It’s over-priced when compared to Zero Exchange, a superior DEX that was first to launch on AVAX.

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/Zero Exchange/i;boards:biz

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aite lil nigga gibs me dat png predictions rn mufuga

>down to $2 then back up to $15 over the next 3 months

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My AVAX is still staked for a little while, but checked out pangolin just now. There's a huge amount of token pairs to pick from. Are all of these actually already available?

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Kek, stay poor, fag. Zero.Exchange is already up 230% today.

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I would be delirious if we saw low 20's

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when back to $60

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You can add any you want. The official ones give you rewards though.

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Why did Binance remove the 32% apy staking option?

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go pangolin.exchange

look at analytics -> pairs

you can see which ones have liquidity and volume

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Don't give me hope.

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Did you claim the airdrop or just have a lot of liquidity pooled?

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People are awaiting the dip

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Fuck I just want to lock in my 10x profits and bounce. Come on Binance you pos